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Marti’s Weekend

by Excalibur

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She had found the ropes and the magazines by accident. They were hidden under Art’s bed, along with magazines of naked girls

The girlie mags didn’t interest her half as much as these did.

Where Art had got them from, heavens only knew. But it was easy to see why they were hidden.

As she flicked through them, she felt something strange happen. She was actually getting incredibly turned on.  She had no idea why, but it was a fact.

It wasn’t the girls. They did nothing for her, but the ropes the girls were in. that was what did it for her.

For four weeks she waited until Art went out with his mates to the pub, then she would sneak in his room, get the mags, and leaf through them, imagining it was her tied up and helpless. Every time, she found her fingers under her skirt, stroking her pussy through the thin material of her knickers.

She simply couldn’t help herself. And the more helpless she thought she was, the more intense her orgasm.

Once, she had almost been caught out. Art had arrived back from the pub early, and she had to rush into his room, and get the mags back under his bed before he came upstairs. She only just made it in time, out of breath, both from running, and from the orgasm she had back in her room, at the thought of Art catching her with them, and tying her up as punishment.

She started searching the internet in the safety of her own room. Similar pictures were easy to find, and she spent hours looking at them, her hand a permanent fixture up her own skirt. The knickers had long gone, and she spent a lot of time with her own fingers in her pussy, whilst laying on the other hand, as if it was tied there.

The more she couldn’t move, the more she thrived on it. She knew she wanted to feel the rope itself on her body. On her naked body. But she was never going to ask Art to do it for her.

That would be far too embarrassing, especially when he laughed and refused, as she was sure he would do. There had to be another way.

Her search on the internet eventually led her to a site that dealt with bondage, but self bondage. The thought of tying herself up had never dawned on her. Would it be the same? She remembered when she lay on one hand, and pretended it was tied behind her, the rush as she came. She had almost screamed out loud. Only just in time had she been able to stop the scream.

Her parents would never understand. As far as they knew, she was still sweet and innocent. And to some extent, she was. She had kissed a couple of guys, but had never gone further than that. She had even seen one guy’s cock, but had refused to touch it, and certainly refused when he asked her to kiss it.

It wasn’t that she was saving herself for Mr Right or anything, she simply hadn’t wanted to have sex with them. One day, maybe she would. But not yet.

And now, these magazines were making her feel as she hadn’t before. They turned her on more than anything at all.

She even dreamed about being tied up. She was a captured princess, tied to a ship’s mast, or tied to a wall in a cell. Where didn’t matter, as long as she was tied up and helpless. That was all she desired, craved.

And with finding the self bondage site, she now knew she could try it for herself. But first, she had to find time, space, and the rope. Not to mention the actual courage.

It was fine dreaming about it. But what would it feel like if she actually went through with it and tied herself up?

The more she looked at the site. And watched how the other girls did it, she knew she could do it to herself, given the right circumstances.

They came out of the blue, and she could hardly believe her luck.

Her parents were celebrating their wedding anniversary, and decided to go back to where they had spent their honeymoon. Art was going to keep an eye on her, and the house whilst they were gone.

But Art had other ideas. He took her to one side the night before their parents left for their second honeymoon, and told her he had plans to stay away for a few days, but would be back before their parents.

“Look, Sis. Its going to be the only time I can spend with Lucy, alone. You know what mum would say if she knew Lucy and I were fucking. She would go ape shit. When they said they were going away, I booked a hotel room for me and Lucy, so we could spend time together. So, you get the house to yourself, and can bring your mates over, as long as there is no mess. And, as long as you don’t tell mum, I will also give you twenty quid as a bonus.”

She looked at Art in disbelief. She wasn’t shocked about him and Lucy. Lucy had already told her what a great lover he was. Not that she had been interested, but Lucy had told her anyway. The disbelief was that it meant she would have the house to herself for the whole four days her parents were away. And she knew where to get the rope from. Under Art’s bed. Unless, of course, he took it with him.

She decided that if he did, she would use her old school ties, and Art’s ties that he no longer wore.

“Okay” she said, almost reluctantly, hiding her excitement. “But I want the money up front. Last time you owed me money from my birthday box, it took me months to get it back”

Art smiled at her and opened his wallet, bringing out a twenty pound note, and handing it over to her.

As she made a move to grab it, he held onto it.

“This buys your silence Sis. Remember that. And if you have your mates over, the house has to be spotless when they leave”

“Don’t worry. Mum and dad will never know about it. And I won't be having my mates over. I need to study for Uni”.

Letting go of the money, he ran his fingers through her hair and smiled.

“Deal then, Sis. They are leaving in the morning, and I will be about an hour behind them. I will be back Monday morning. The hotel kicks out about ten, so I should be back by lunchtime. If you have any problems, and by that I mean real problems, it’s the hotel on Water Street. Call me, and I will come over and see what I can do for you. You shouldn’t have any problems that I can think of, so hopefully, we won't see or hear from each other until Monday”

She couldn’t believe her luck. She must remember to buy Lucy a better present for her birthday next year. As for Art, he would only get the same as he got every year, toiletries.

She was already planning what she would do long before her parents left the next morning. She knew she would have to be careful, and not take risks, but what she saw on the internet looked so easy, and so sexy.

That night, she lay awake picturing herself tied up, and had the biggest orgasm of her life, as she told herself that she would be, in less than a day.


She waited until her brother had been gone an hour, texting Lucy to thank her for taking Art out of her hair.

Lucy wrote back that she would be too busy to text for the foreseeable future, and ended it with a smiling face.

Now, she could think about what she was planning.

She had already checked under Art’s bed, and found the ropes still there. That would save her using school ties.

She was on the internet again, looking at the self bondage pages, trying to decide what she wanted to do first. She had three clear days, and wanted to try as much as she could, before she had to stop.

She started by getting undressed, after checking that all the doors and windows to the house were locked and bolted. By slamming home the bolts, Art could not come back and surprise her, without having to knock at the door. If he said anything, she would simply tell him a girl alone at home, can’t be too careful.

She started simply by tying her ankles together with a piece of rope, and tying them to the bottom of the bed. Another piece of rope came from one corner of the headboard, with a slip knot tied into it. This was for her hand. Slowly, gingerly. She placed her hand into the loop, and pulled.

Almost immediately her body began to tingle. She had done it. She had tied herself up, even though she still had the one hand free.

Her free hand immediately went to her groin, finding the way between her legs, and locating her clit. Even as she first touched it, it was as if she had been struck by electric.

Her feeling were overwhelming, as she coaxed her clit, teasing it. She found herself pulling at the tied hand, involuntarily. She didn’t want it free, but somehow, struggling seemed to maker her even more horny.

It lasted only minutes. That she knew, but it felt like a lifetime. With no-one in the house now, she no longer had to hold back. Her fingers were driving in and out of her sodden pussy, as the orgasm seemed to rip her apart.

Still her fingers wouldn’t stop. They were already in as far as she could get them with her ankles tied, and stretched. But still she tried to get them deeper.

She had hardly noticed the pain as she had broken her own hymen, her fingers having gone so deep. The trickle of blood mixing with her own hot juices, were everything to her.

Only when she was physically tired, did she finally stop. How many orgasms she had given herself she had no idea. Each was as powerful as the one before. Her whole body shook like a volcano.

She didn’t even realise she was falling asleep. It was already dark when she woke, still tied to the bed, the smile on her lips impossible to remove.

She had done it. She had tried what she had dreamed about for so long. And it had been wonderful. Better than wonderful. It had been magical.

Slowly, reluctantly she used her free hand to released the other one, before finally releasing her feet. She needed to eat, she knew that, but more important, she knew she had to try something else. Something not so easy, something more exciting, and she knew exactly what it was.

As her dinner cooked in the oven, she went to her parents room. She didn’t even know if her mother owned one, but hoped that she did, and that they had not taken it with them.

She found it in a box on the top shelf of the wardrobe. Whether her mother actually ever used it or not, she didn’t want to know. She just wanted to use it herself.  The batteries in it were still alive, but she knew that there were always spare batteries for the remotes in the kitchen.

As she ate, she changed the batteries, remembering to keep the ones she had pulled out safe, so she could put them back in afterwards. Hopefully, her mother would never know it had been used.

It was about eight inches long, and had ribbing all around it. It didn’t feel like a cock, not that she knew what one actually felt like, but she didn’t think they felt like that.

Certainly, the one that guy had tried to get her to kiss didn’t appear to have ribbing on it.

She lay it on the table in front of her, watching the whole time she ate. Soon, very soon, she would know what one felt like.

Dinner was ate in a rush. She had better things to do, and eating was taking precious time away from her. She knew she did have to eat, but never before had she eaten so fast.

The ropes were now in the living room, where she planned to tie herself up next. The bed was fine, but one set of pictures had taken place in the living room, or a studio made up to look like one. And she did want to try to do the same, so she could tell how the girl doing it had felt.

She hadn’t dressed. There was no point in dressing, simply to undress again. And she was going to be naked every time. She did, however, take the precaution of going to the toilet. She didn’t want nature interrupting what she planned. That would have been unthinkable.

She had everything ready for what she was going to do. The curtains were closed, and with a last look at the internet site, she returned to the living room and prepared herself.

Although she had never felt one before, the vibrator was going to be the first thing. As she pressed it between her open legs, and felt it touch her pussy, she paused. She had no idea what it was going to feel like inside her. The only things ever to have been there, were her own fingers.

Slowly, gingerly, she started to press up on the vibrator. It felt strange, as if it shouldn’t be there, but at least it didn’t hurt. She had no idea how far it was meant to go inside her, but as she pressed, it seemed to go deeper and deeper. Once, she felt it touch something inside her, and stopped. But moments later, she was pressing again, feeling it slide ever deeper into her pussy.

It felt a little uncomfortable, but not painful. She twisted it so the switch was at the front, ready for when she had done the rest. She tied her thighs together tightly, to stop the vibrator being able to slide out as she did the rest. Another piece of rope pulled her knees together, and a third stopped her opening her ankles.

She had seen this on the site, and had wanted to try it. Another piece of rope had two slip knots, one on each end. It was long enough so that later, she could get at least one end to her mouth, so she could use her teeth to untie it. Though she would not be able to see it. She passed one slip know over her left wrist, leaving the other end of the rope free, for later. Already standing by the sofa, she picked up the scarf that she started to tie around her head, covering her eyes. She would not be able to see anything after that, but she wouldn’t need to do.

According to the site, it would heighten the experience. Lastly, she lowered herself to the sofa, feeling the vibrator move inside her. It felt a little more uncomfortable, but when she lay flat, the pressure eased again.

Her fingers poised over the switch that would start the vibrator. She didn’t know what to expect from it. She had not even turned it on in her hands. Taking her courage in her hands, she pressed the switch.

Immediately, the thing came to life inside her. It was as if her whole body was being taken on a ride to somewhere new. She flung her head back, as her hips tried to move, as if trying to push the vibrator in and out of her.

Quickly, before she lost the chance, she found the other end of the slip knot, and placed her hand inside it, pulling on the rope to tighten it, her hands now behind her.

It was like no experience she had ever had before. The vibrations inside her pussy were like nothing she had ever felt. Her whole body was reacting to it, not just her pussy. Her head pounded with the blood rushing through her body, she thought it had only been one minute, when her tightness in her stomach exploded between her legs.

She screamed as the orgasm ripped through her like an express train. And still, it wouldn’t stop. Her head was flung from side to side in wanton lust. as the vibrator continued its job, taking her further and further away from the reality she had known less than a day before.

She didn’t know if sex with a guy was the same. She didn’t care. All she cared about was the reactions her body was giving her. The darkness of the blindfold had taken the world away from her. All it had left her with, was what she could feel, not what she could see.

And feel she did. Her stomach churned again and again as the vibrator brought her to the edge of orgasm after orgasm. Not easing her over, but thrusting her headlong into them. It was incessant, unstoppable, unbelievable.

If her mother had not used the vibrator, then she didn’t know what she was missing.

She felt weak, drained. She could handle no more, but still the vibrator attacked her unmercilessly. It was pleasure, it was torture, it was all she could have wished for, and more than she could handle. And yet, still she made no attempt to bring her hand to her mouth to bring blessed relief from the onslaught.

She was hurting. She could feel the slight pain already, the incessant vibrations did not come without cost. She knew she had to stop it, to get free, but why? This was more than she could have ever hoped for, more than she could handle, and yet. And yet, it was pure agonisingly beautiful and exciting.

Only when the pain became too great for her to take anymore, did she bring her hand to her mouth. It took several painful minutes before her teeth finally released the ropes around her wrist.

Quickly, she pulled the blindfold off, and slipped her fingers between her legs, to stop the vibrator, but not before it had her screaming one last time in euphoric agony.

She lay on the sofa, too weak to complete the release, her hands were free, but her legs still tied, still holding the vibrator inside her. It had stopped, but she could still feel it, deep. She knew she had to get one of her own for Uni.

That, would be her first purchase. Long before books and bedding. It was, after this, number one on her shopping list.

Even as she fell into a deep sleep, the vibrator remained in place. She didn’t have the strength to untie her legs to release it.

It was daylight when she awoke. The sun was streaming though the curtains and she lay on the sofa, her legs still tied. It was only as she began to untie them, that she knew she had left it far too long.

The pain doubled her over as the blood began to rush back into her legs. The circulation hadn’t stopped, but it had been slowed dramatically.  And now  it returned with a vengeance.

Pins and needles in both legs. She tried to stand, but sank to her knees in agony, as the blood continued to rush back into her legs. The vibrator had slipped out as she had stood, and when it hit the floor, had turned itself on, as if to remind her of what she had done.

She remained kneeling by the sofa, hearing the vibrator rattle on the floor, unbelievable pain in both legs.

How she had let it go on for so long, was due only to her not knowing the effects the ropes would have over a prolonged period.  She didn’t know how long the girls on the sites remained tied, she assumed overnight would be okay. But now, she knew better.

For almost half an hour she knelt, unable to stand. Her legs felt cold to the touch, but she knew they were still very much alive. The pins and needles were testament to that fact.

The tears had been falling without stop since the pain began, and only now, was it starting to die down.

Her feeling were mixed. The intense orgasms she had felt, the wonderful feeling of being alone with it, and the pain of having left the ropes on for too long.

She knew she had to make choices. Either she stopped tying herself up, or she set herself time limits. As she finally. Found her feet, she sat on the sofa and looked at the ropes, and the vibrator in her hands, which she had only just stopped.

She already knew the answer. And it did not involve stopping tying herself up.

Uni was a week away. Seven days, and she could do what she wanted, in private, and not worry about her family interrupting her.

Uni was going to be fantastic. Of that, she was certain.


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