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Mary Jane

by The West Coast Comet

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© Copyright 2009 - The West Coast Comet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; chain; gag; stuck; caught; M/f; sex; cons; X

As long as she could remember, Mary Jane was fascinated by stories of ladies in distress, bound or otherwise, in predicaments that rendered them helpless and vulnerable.  She had plenty of fantasies as she got older, and sometimes acting them out.  She was reasonably pretty, but shy.  She was curvy without any excess weight, but only had B-cup breasts.  She had red hair and that creamy skin redheads have. 

Both her parents worked during the day; so during summer break, she was usually home alone.  While at college, there were plenty of other distractions, but during the summer, she was on her own.  Mary was an only child, but found plenty of things to do to stay busy.  These were the times when she began to explore her fantasies.  After her parents left for work, she would go into the basement, where it was cooler and more private.  There was a small TV and a couch.  Over in the far end of the basement was her father’s worktable with various tools.

At first she would remove her jeans and top, and walk around in her underwear.  Later, she would strip naked and walk around.  It gave her quite a rush to be down there, naked, maybe she was being kept in the basement by someone who had kidnapped her, maybe she was not allowed to wear clothes in the harem, and so on.  This game advanced to the point where she would leave her clothes upstairs and walk around down in the basement without any thing she could cover up with.  These games usually ended in her fingering her sex to the point of a strong climax. 

After a few times, this became too tame.  Mary Jane had to up the ante to keep that tingly feeling of helplessness.  Brownie was her poodle, and he usually wore one of those choker chain collars with a small ring on each end of a short chain.  Each ring allowed a loop in which she could push her wrist.  Now, she was chained, with her hands behind her back, naked and helpless.  She nearly swooned from the rush.  The next day, Brownie had “lost” her collar, and Mom had to buy another.  Now Mary Jane had a second chain for her ankles.   Her orgasms were just incredible once she began to chain herself.

Mary Jane could pull her wrist out of the chain with little force, and then slip the ankle chain off.  While it was easy to escape, this arrangement worked for a while. However, she needed to continue the escalation to keep the same thrill.  Those small padlocks on the family’s suitcases were just the right size.  They would slip through the chain of the dog collar and through the ring, making escape impossible without the little key.  She would sit, naked and chained, watching TV or just lying on the couch contemplating her fate as a captive.  She could not bring herself to climax without her hands working their magic, so she had to wait.  She kept the keys upstairs, so she had to crawl up the stairs before getting relief.  When she did get free, the climax was incredible.  It seems the more helpless she was, the more intense the orgasm.  Sometimes she would add a gag she made from an old rubber ball and a leather bootlace.  It was crude, but effective.

One day, walking through the local big-box hardware store, she saw a collection of small padlocks on the sale table.  They were out of their packaging, but the keys were there. Some open, some closed. She tested a couple, and found they worked just fine.  However, they were too large for her dog collar chain.   Well, time to up the ante again.  She went to the aisle where chain was sold, and bought 10 feet.  She didn’t know if she could hide this, but by this time she really didn’t care if her parents found it.  She would think up some story, but after all, she was 18 and could do as she pleased.

As she checked out, a cute young man, ‘Rob’ according to his nametag, asked what she was going to do with all this chain.  She blushed, but got a little rush.  She decided to tell him the raw truth just for fun, but make it sound like a joke, “I’m going to chain myself up, because I’ve been a bad, bad girl”.  She said it with a big smile, and then watched as he scanned each item and put them in the bag. 

He smiled back, “ I hope you’re a good escape artist”. 

She walked out of the store already hot and wet.  Yes, she will add Rob to her fantasy.

She had 5 hours before her parents would arrive home.  She could not wait to get home. She was going all out on this one.  First, all clothes were left upstairs in the kitchen.  She would be naked and helplessly chained in the basement.  Even those words thrilled her as she ran them through her mind on the way into the house.  She placed the keys over by the workbench, where there was a window.  That added the thrill of potential discovery when she crawled over there to unlock the padlocks.  She put a loop of chain around the back of her neck and under her armpits, and put the first padlock on the chain.  The chain was cold and smooth to her skin.  Next she centered the lock between her shoulder blades, and wrapped a loop tightly around her waist, secured with the second lock.  She liked how it crinkled her skin just a little as she pulled it tight.

Next she put her dog collar chain on her ankles, clipped on the little suitcase locks. Her original intention was to attach the ankle chain to the heavy chain down her back so that she could shuffle around.  No, she decided.  I want something more restrictive.  Often she had intertwined her dog collars into a nice hogtie, that’s what she would do this time.  As she lay on the carpeted basement floor, she looped the heavy chain over the ankle chain and pulled her heels up to her butt. Then pulled it a little more.  This had the effect of causing her legs to spread open to accommodate the stress. She liked that.  The third lock secured this arrangement. 

She tested her bonds and couldn’t believe how little give she had.  Well, now for the final step that would render her completely helpless.  Mary Jane put the gag in her mouth and tied behind her head tightly.  Then she slipped her wrists into the dog collar behind her back.  With some effort she clipped on the small locks ensuring she could not pull her hands out of the chain.  Then came the final lock.  She reached up the heavy chain on her back as far as she could and slipped the 4th lock through the heavy chain and around her dog collar cuffs.  No turning back now.  The padlock consumed the rest of the slack in the collar chain making the whole affair tight.  She could not even touch the chain around her waist because she had pulled her hands up so far on the chain.  She was comfortable, but very well bound. 

She had never been this tightly restrained before.  It seemed like her pussy was about to jump out of body demanding attention.  Attention she could not provide.  She reveled in her chains.  First lying there, then trying to move.  That was when she discovered the first of her problems. 

Getting to the keys was going to be difficult. She began to inch over to the workbench area, rubbing her tits on the carpet, then the concrete, as she got near the keys.  The only padlock she could reach was the big one holding her hands to the chain at her back, and that was a struggle.  Which key was that one?  While she could reach the little locks, they would not free her.  The larger lock took all the slack out of he chain, and would have to be unlocked first.  Key 1 – no; key 2 – no; key 3 – no.  By now she was sweaty and hot, and ready to be turned loose to release the pent up orgasm.  The next key would do it, but it wouldn’t even fit the lock.  She tried all the other keys a second time in a panic.  She had not tested all the locks when she bought them, and now she had a problem.  There was no way she could get loose without that key.  Now she was really a captive. She would be here when her parents came home, 4 hours from now. Dear God, that would be embarrassing!  Somehow in her panic, there was a second line of emotion, a deep thrill of being actually helpless.

Just then the doorbell rang, and she jumped. Maybe they will go away.  The doorbell continued to ring and who ever it was knocked and knocked at the door.  10 minutes later she heard a tapping above her.  When she looked up at that window her heart jumped.  There was Rob.  He mouthed “Wrong key” and held a key in his hand.  Then he said, “Need help?”  She was blushing head to toe, but you couldn’t tell because she was also so aroused.  There was nothing to do.  She did indeed need help. She nodded yes, and he left the window.

Rob found the backup house key under the doormat and let himself in.  Something in that girl’s answer at the cash register had alarmed him, maybe she was really going to use that chain and padlocks on herself. Later, when he noticed that the keys had been switched, he decided to check on her.  He found her address from the check she wrote.  It’s a good thing he did check on her, however, his Boy Scout morals went only so far.  He now saw the helpless girl and thought; if she will let me, I can help her get where she wants to go, all the way she wants to go.

Once in the basement, Rob was presented with quite a sight.  A beautiful redhead chained into a tight hogtie, with her hands up high, just under her shoulder blades.  What a great looking ass too. He must have been staring too long. She looked at him and produced a “MMMPH” and wiggled her hands.   He lifted her up and put her on the couch.  He untied her gag and asked if she was okay.  Yes, she was fine, but embarrassed at her predicament.  She was looking him in the eye, and speaking breathlessly.  Her hips seemed to be moving on their own, gently rocking as though fucking the air around them.

Rob had a hard time even talking he was so turned on himself.  As he found his voice, he explained that he also like this sort of thing, and would be glad to help her if she would like.  He used his key to unlock her wrist chain from the heavy body chain.  She reached over to him with the small chain still holding her hands behind her back and touched his crotch.  She said,” Kiss me”.  Rob took her there and then.  He quickly pulled off his clothes, and holding her balanced on his lap, he entered her for the first time.  She strained against her chains and climaxed so hard she just about fainted.

For the remainder of the summer, Rob changed his work shift at the big-box store so he was off during the day.  People he worked with could not understand why he gave up the best shift, but all Rob did was smile.  He knew Mary Jane would be waiting for him in the basement as he fingered the set of keys in his pocket – the only keys to those locks.



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