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Mary’s Self Bondage Night

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2001 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; susp; gag; caught; M/f; bond; sex; cons/nc; X

Care should be taken with the use of Candles as described in this story due to the fire hazard! Also the depiction of the type of self bondage used is intended for it's fantasy element and should not be used as it may cause injury or black outs/fainting.

Mary was into bondage, allright! She hadn't yet been tied-up by a master, but she used to practice self-bondage from time to time. Mary was 23 years old, single, blond, with firm and big tits, and a hot voluptuous body. She was very proud of it. She had been interested in bondage for many years, but hadn't shared her kinky secrets with anybody, because she was afraid to end up with the wrong guy. She was now ready for 3 hours of strict selfbondage.

Her paraphernalia was on her bed, and she had placed the big candlelight on her nightstand. To it, she had tied a cord halfway down, and up to a hook in the ceiling. In the middle of the cord, were keys tied so that when the candle had burnt down to the cord, it would set on fire and the keys would drop down on her, and after some heavy struggling, she would be free. She had done this many times, and she thought it was a safe way to practice self-bondage. Nothing could go wrong, could it? Well, she was too horny to even care.

First she put on her most sexy lingerie. Black, seamed stockings, garters and high heels. No panties for her shaved crotch. Corset with openings for her tits and elbow-length black rubbergloves; She loved the sweaty feeling they gave her. Then, she started to arrange her bondage; First she applied her harness ball-gag and locked it behind her neck with a padlock, then she roped her legs together at both ankles and knees, before she attached them to a pulley and hoisted her legs and ass up to the point where only the upper-part of her back was resting on the floor.

Now she was stuck. She wouldn't be able to move at all. Finally it was time for her arms. Her heart pounded crazily within her chest. This was the moment of truth, once the handcuffs were locked, there was no way out, until the candle had burned down to the cord and her keys dropped down on her chest. She checked everything, before she clasped the cuffs on her wrists. She tried to reach her cunt, but to no avail. 3 hours like this, she thought happily, dreaming and moaning about a strong master and real bondage...

She had been spending almost 2 hours of her session, when she thought she heard a noise coming from the hall. Probably nothing, she thought confused. Suddenly, the lights went out, only the candle flickered. Mary panicked. She "mmphhed" and thrashed about , but she was going nowhere. Then all went dark..............

Mary was so scared that she almost pissed on herself. She heard some movement coming closer, but she couldn't see anything. Suddenly a light from a flashlight came to life. The beam browsed the room, and finally it caught her legs.

"Well, what have we got here, then?" a male voice asked as the beam rested on her bound figure. "A bondage bitch! All wrapped up for me. Self-bondage, huh? I guess this night is turning out to be very interesting, after all. I was only going to rob you, but what do I find? A beautiful little damsel in distress. And the best thing; Since you have tied yourself up, I guess that there's no man around to watch out for. Am I right?"

Mary could only nod as yes, there was no use trying to lie to this maniac, because her life depended on him. If he left her like this, she would die.

The man was masked with a stocking and he loomed over her, mean and strong. "Funtime!" was all he said, as he started to rearrange Mary's bondage. He sure had some fun with her that night; Tying her up in many different ways, fucking her in both cunt and ass, whipping her and in general treating her like shit.

Mary was so exhausted in the end, that she knew she couldn't take no more. Finally, the man said, "Thank's for the fun, bitch! I guess it's time to move on, now. But, I can't leave you untied, or ungagged. So, I'm going to leave you just the way I found you. See, the candle is burning again. The only modifications I've done, is that the keys to your gag and your ankle-cuffs are hidden somewhere in your apartment, and of course the phone-lines have been cut. I'm sure you'll find the keys sometime tomorrow. And please, don't be afraid. I'll check back on you to see if you have managed to get yourself free. And, if not, well, then I guess that you have lost, and I'll tie you up in a different way. How does that sound? You like that? Well, so long, dear.." was the last thing he said before he left.

Mary was shocked! He was coming back? She turned to look at the candle. Shit! He had lighted a much bigger one than she had. She didn't know how long it would take, before it had burned down to the cord. And her gag. She would be forced to search all of her appartment for the keys on hobbled legs. Mary shed a tear in her misery, but thinking about it... he was pretty good. She resigned to her fate, cursing him for not putting the vibrator inside her before he left.

Part Two

Mary was exhausted. She had been watching the candle burn for an eternity, it was almost there, now. Finally, the cord set on fire, and the key to her hand-cuffs fell down on her chest. She uncuffed herself with trembling hands and made the pulley lowering her limp legs. She was free! Almost, that is. What remained of her bondage, were her ankle-cuffs and her harness-gag. Well, it was time to search for the keys. But, where should she start? She moaned into her gag in despair. She didn't have a clue, to where he could have placed the keys. Maybe he had lied to her. Maybe he had taken the keys with him. There were so many places to search!

She went to her bathroom first, on hobbled legs, to get some relief. As she was standing in front of the mirror, she realized that she was very thirsty. She tried to get some water into her mouth, but the ball inside of her was too huge and too tightly wedged. Only small droplets of water found her burning throat, but it was better than nothing. She was ready to start searching her apartment now. The kitchen came first, but no key was there to be found. Desperate as she was, she headed for the bedroom.

In her stocking-compartment, she felt something inside one of her rubberstockings. Yes! A key. Mary was so relieved, that she almost danced around the room, whistling, if she could have, but her gag prevented that, unfortunately.

She only hoped that it was the key to her harness-gag. And it was! She managed to ungag herself after some heavy trying, but it took quite a while to get her jaws back. She had been gagged for such a long time, that she had to massage her stiff jaws back to life. God! That felt good! She rushed into her kitchen again, to get something to drink, before searching for the key to her ankle-cuffs. Hours passed, but no key was to be found. Mary got quite desperate. He had said that he would come back for her. How long did she have?

She was about to give up, when that beautiful sound of a moving key got her attention. Inside one of her boots in the hall, was a key. Mary grasped it joyfully. She sat down on the floor to uncuff herself, oblivious to the fact that someone could be watching her. As she placed the key into the cuffs, strong, male hands grasped her from behind, forced her onto her stomach and had her wrists cuffed in seconds. Mary fought the best she could, but it was futile. The harness-gag was soon buckled in place again, and she was positioned in a tight hog-tie by expert male hands. She gave up, crying and shaking in utter despair. This is so unfair, she screamed into her gag.

"Sure, babe. You almost made it. Thank heaven, that I showed up in time! Well, I am a man to be trusted. I told you that I would look after you, didn't I? And I promised you that I'd tie you up in a new and exciting position, if you didn't free yourself before I returned. And that's what's being done now. You like this position? I'll change the cuffs with rope in a while, and maybe add nipple-clamps on your gorgeous tits. But, first things first! Food. I guess you must be starving. Mary nodded and moaned into her gag. Good! Now, you'll be a nice and quiet girl here, while I make us something to eat. We'll play later, I promise. Plenty of time for fucking and bondage-games. So, don't give me that pouty look. I know you want my fat cock desperately, but we can't have you starve to death, can we?"

He chuckled, as he left her on the floor, disillusioned and crying.......


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