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Mary’s Selfbondage Adventure

by Linnear

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© Copyright 2006 - Linnear - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; toys; outdoors; cons; X

Standing in front of the mirror naked at home she thought to herself, what's the use of having so much sensitive parts if i'm not going to rub them, abuse them and outright fuck them!?

She admired herself in the mirror, average height, hair brown, shortcut, b cup tits – nothing that gets attention from the boys but good enough, and of course her pride....her baldly shaven pussy with big lips...she could get horny just by looking at her own pussy!

Being a vivid reader of self bondage stories, Mary had set her mind to testing it out for herself.

Mary, 22 years old worked at an electronics factory , checking circuit boards all day long. Boring job, considering she was educated for more complex jobs, but a job is a job. Her education in electronics gave her a lot of knowledge in the insides an outsides of electrical engines and devices, which she of course planned to put to use for her own enjoyment!

One thing that she never liked in those stories she read was the dull inactive parts. 'Oh , I'm tied up – lets lie here for a couple of hours doing nothing!'

Well that wouldn't cut it for her!

No she wanted action, question was how....

Designing it:

She also wanted things to feel uncertain, every experience should challenge her in some way. Like getting free, just relying on time for some ice to melt is again just boooring!

Nah, she would have to earn her freedom by some hard work!

So , after reaching the decision that yes, she actually would do this, the cog wheels in her head starting to spin.

Living outside of the small town in a countryside house gave her a lot of freedom. The nearest house was about a mile away, and the couple living there were very old and never visited her, so she could feel safe about not being visited during her “sessions”.

Even though she wanted a rough experience, she didn't see any need to get caught while playing, at least not for the moment. Besides the house that were of regular size in the area, there was a toolshed and a small barn next to the house. The barn was mostly used as garage during the winter time, in the summertime it was just empty.

Being naked outdoors always gave Mary an extra rush and since it was summer there was no problems being naked outside for her fun.

Mary's mind had strayed back and forth about being fucked by one of those fucking machines she had seen movies with, but she decided to keep that for later. She knew she wanted penetration though....lots of it and isn't sex without it!

What if she could tie the getting loose part with the penetration?

Force herself to fuck something just to get those damned keys loose...but how....?

Days passed while Mary pondered every conceivable way to solve this problem.

Being at work these days just passed by in some state of constant hornyness, her mind playing tricks on her putting her in all sorts of crazy bondage situations!

Finally she came up with an idea that actually could work, not just get her horny thinking about it!

She had kept trying to solve the situation with electronics since that was her “area” , the solution laid in hydraulics mostly though, a little electronics was necessary to keep her from cheating though!

The idea was simple in it's design, one water tank, one pump with a dildo connected to the lever. Push the dildo back and you push water in, ease up on the dildo and it pushes back out again. The electronics part of the solution was that she had an electronic “lock” on the lever that would keep it fixed in place unless she shorted a pair of connectors. 

The connectors could only be shorted by pushing on two buttons at the same time, buttons she could only reach with her feet. This ensured that for the dildo to move, she had to position her body so that the only thing that could push on the dildo, was either her ass or pussy! The dildo would also have to be close to fully inserted before her feet could reach the triggers and short circuit the dildo lock.

When enough water from the tank was in, then the key that laid on the bottom attached to a small piece of wood, would float high enough for her to reach in the tank. She calculated by working it by hand that somewhere between 75-100 pumps would be needed to get it within reach. The nice thing was that she could easily mount different dildos on the pump and get different sorts of fun!

She constructed the device in the barn on the concrete floor, it would be rough on her knees being on all four working the device, but she had a feeling her pussy was in for a lot worse! She knew her trait as a painslut and was giddy as a girl setting the device up.

Ok, so now she had the “how-to-get-the-key” issue sorted, but she needed some challenges in order to get to the device as well...can't just tie yourself up and go and get the key...

She had a homemade buttplug she knew she had to wear for the occasion, it had a little twist to it. Besides being inflatable so she could really fill her up, it had a battery inside with an ability to give her shocks! Being the electronical gizmo girl, she had worked out a remote that she could set the “sapping” on or off with. She could even set it on programs, like once every 15 secs or so! And of course she could control the size of the shocks. Normally it would make her clutch on that buttplug for a few secs and give her a little sting that hurt just enough to be nice.

Now how would she make it fit into her little adventure....?

She decided that she would need to move herself from one place to the key in the barn, and since she needed her legs and feet free to make the key device work, she had to slow her down in some other way. She decided to hang two motion detectors from her nipples, not only would they detect motion, but they would detect how much motion. The more motion the more the sensors would signal to the plug to shock her asshole.

There was a threshold of course, or she wouldn't be able to move at all, she tested it out walking normally back and forth and found that she could walk slowly without getting zapped.

Now she just needed a location to start from, and some time for her adventure and she was good to go...


She had worked it all out early in the week and decided to go forth with it coming friday, that way she would have all weekend to handle any problems.

She decided on keeping a mail backup plan, if something clicks in the plan and she cannot get out of her gear, an email will be sent to a friend after 24 hours. Now being friends is one thing, being asked to help out with a bondage situation is say the least! So she felt quite motivated to see it through!

She had chosen the starting location earlier in the week, it was a small field in the woods next to her place, about a miles hiking through the woods. She would carry her gear with her to the field in a small bag, and later in the weekend go back and fetch her clothes. Before she left her house she locked the house tight and and put the key to the house on the roof of the barn. This way, she could not get in the house without getting the cuffs off, so the house was off limits until she fucked enough to get that key!

The entrance to the barn had been modified with a garage door a few years back, she pulled the carport down so only a small portion was open, forcing her to crawl under it to get inside.

And off she went...

The hike into the woods flew by in a haze of hornyness. Her heart pounded like she was running in the warm summer evening!

She wasn't running....she was horny!!

When she arrived she could feel her juices dripping between her lips, if she so much as touched that pussy it would set her off like a rocket! But no such luck...she wasn't about to give her that luxury.

She quickly removed the clothes and started to apply the stuff she brought with her.

First came the leather necklace, nothing special, just something from her fantasies....being a slave...ordered to do this...

Next up was the ballgag, designed to get her saliva flowing, making it drip all over her tits soon enough!

After that was the lovely insertion of the buttplug, after playing a little with it she inflated it far enough for it to stay in place no matter how hard she would yank on it! It would make walking a bit harder she grinned to herself!

Next she put on her clamps with the motion sensors attached. The sensors were hanging a few inches below the tits from a pair of strings. She had weighed the sensors down with some weights in order for her not to get too slow through the woods!

She grunted in her gag when she attached the clamp that bit into her nipple, and when she felt the weight of it pull on her poor tit she knew she would have to stop every now and then to let her poor tits get some rest!

After suiting both titties up with their tormenters, she quickly handcuffed herself behind her back, like she had so many times before!

But this time she could feel the difference...

When she heard the cuffs snap she almost orgasmed right on the spot!!

She drew in her breath slowly not to piss the motion detectors off, feeling her nakedness out in the woods.

God she felt nice!

Her tits kept shooting bolts of pain , her ass was stretched like never before, and god she felt great!!

A breeze of summer wind brushed past her and she decided it was time to go, this would take time.

When she walked to the field she hadn't reflected on how she walked but she sure did when she walked back! Every now and then she walked too fast and had to pay the price with an ever increasing current in her asshole! All she could do was endure it and let the sensors still themselves, all of this made her juices flow down her thighs....

She had never felt more like a slut than tonight!

As she walked slowly through the woods, branches tormented her naked body and bugs landed and feasted on her. She cursed every bug that bit down in her naked flesh!

After making several stops where she eased the motion sensors down on the ground to let her nipples rest for a short while, she stepped right on the side of an anthill. She never saw it in the dusk of the evening in the midst of the woods, and the result was that she had a great number of pissed of ants climbing her leg in search of whoever stepped on their brothers and sisters! Mary had no way of getting these angry intruders of herself and focused on keeping herself as steady as possible not to zap her asshole apart!

A couple of the ants had worked themselves up all the way to her thighs and the ones that got soaked by her juices bit in defence from this attack! After awhile she managed to get most of them off by slowly moving against branches, but by then she had red little bite marks all the way up to her bald pussy!!

After an hour of hiking she had reached the edge of the forest, she saw her dark house about a 100 yards across an open field now. Even though she knew that no one would be around, it excited her tremendously that she couldn't run over the field but instead would have to walk very slowly in order to keep the sensors from going off! She spent 5 minutes walking in that open field visible for all to see!

And what a sight she must have been she thought! Naked and sweaty, branches in her hair, tits that looked like cones by the weight on them. If they shined some light on her, her pussy juice would reflect all over her thighs down to her knees by now, she must look totally depraved....and god she loved it she chuckled to herself!

She made her way over to the barn and eased herself down in front of the carport. Now this would be tricky. She had to move her body under the port without jerking on the strings too much. She put her tits on the ground , resting her bodyweight on the already tortured tits on the rough concrete floor made her bite down in the gag of pain! God it hurts! (She had promised herself to lie on her tits in this part )

She slowly eased herself under the carport and inch by inch moved herself inside. Of course she couldn't move without jerking in the strings a little every now and then, and she was punished every inch of the way by shocks that made her scream in the gag. When she finally made it all the way through and eased her way up slowly, she saw that her tits had been brutalized. They had a grey dust layer on them with a little prickle of blood here and there, she could feel the whole of the tits pulsing of abuse and once again they were being pulled heavily on.

She made her way over to the device and went down on all four in front of it. She rested herself with the head on the ground and ass up in air for a few minutes in order to gain her strength. It had taken it's toll just getting here. She knew it was not a good idea to wait until her body stiffened up on her though, so she slowly manoeuvred herself in position. The good thing was that the sensors would no longer be in action, they rested on the ground now.

Now, it was her pussy that would have to save her. Inch by inch she moved back until she felt the dildo press on her lips. She had chosen a medium size dildo this time, it would fill her pussy up but not stretch it, it had a rather large head though. The dildo had been greased up before she hiked off, not that she needed lubrication.

Inch by inch she welcomed her lover until she could fit both her feet into the slots and release the lock on the dildo. She gave it a little push and felt the dildo slide all in, all the way back up her cervix, god it felt good. She didn't manage to push it back much though so she lunged herself back at it and then slid back out again a bit. She heard the water sipper inside the tank and felt her lover slide back up her pussy while she waited for it to come back out.

On and on she lunged herself at it keeping count on how many times she impaled her poor pussy on her plastic lover. At the count of 18 she came with a vengeance! Stars flew before her eyes and she passed out for a second while the dildo moved back into her clutching pussy. Opening her eyelids she still felt her pussy contract around the dildo and her ass twitch around the buttplug. She breathed heavily in the summer evening and whispered into the gag - “life is good”...

When the orgasm had stopped she continued to lunge back upon it and pump that water inside, her cervix was getting the beating of her life. When she counted 75 she had come three more times was hypersensitive in her poor pussy. She knew 75 was a bit on the short side so she gave it 5 more in agony before she slid her pussy of the dildo in order to see if she could reach the key yet.

Standing up and once again feeling the weights on her tits made her feel lightheaded of pain and worried if she might pass out, but she managed to keep herself steady. Positioning herself so she could feel in the tank for the key she felt cold air up her pussy making it clutch a little. She had fucked herself on that dildo enough to keep it open sipping for air she giggled!

It turned out that she had gotten herself up a little early though, the key was there but could not be reached. So once again she slid her sloppy pussy up on the dildo and bit down in pain on the gag every time she slid it home.

“God it hurts so good...”

She wasn't taking chances this time, she went all the way to 100 before breathing heavily , she slid of her lover again. This time she could easily get her keys and got down on her knees resting her tits while working on the lock for the handcuffs. When the cuffs came off her hands just drop to the floor besides her , her shoulders aching like crazy. She lay there on her knees panting for a minute before raising her chest a bit and removing the first clamp off her tit.

The pain was unbelievable as the blood rushed into the heavily abused nipple, stars flew past her eyes again before she gained her composure and undid the second clamp with the same result. Now she just lay there kneeling on her raw knees on the cold concrete floor, feeling the tears flow down on her cheeks as her body ached. She removed her gag but not the buttplug and collar.

She opened the car door from the inside and a bit unsteady made it out into the chilling summer night. It was almost all dark and she stood naked outside the barn and felt her body be caressed by the winds. Every muscle in her body complained, her pussy more loudly than anything. Her asshole felt wonderfully numb as she felt the intruder move slightly as she walked slowly for a ladder to get the house key! God she loved must surely be gods gift to women...

She got the ladder up on the barn wall, and got up slowly just to feel the buttplug massage her insides. When she got the key she went down and entered the house, she had a full length mirror in her bedroom, she went inside and turned on the light so she could see her naked abused body.

God did she look great.

Starting from the bottom she had marks from branches and bugs that had bitten her flesh through the woods. Her knees where whitish from kneeling on the concrete floor all that time. Her pussy were in no better state, the lips were all swollen and red, some bug bite marks visible there too. The inner lips clearly visible with dried pussy juice all over, that was the sight of one abused pussy!

Moving up to her chest her tits still had concrete powder mixed with a little blood on them. The nipples still erect, looked at least half an inch longer than before. She was proud that her body could take such a beating! 

Tired as a dog she went to the computer and stopped that email from going, then she hit the shower to soap up her poor body. But the buttplug stays until the morning she thought to herself, a proper slave always sleeps with at least one lover in her she giggled!


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