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Masked Adventures

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; masks; cuffs; gag; latex; boots; hobble; public; hood; chast; nipple; toys; insert; caught; stuck; climax; denial; cons/reluct; X

A simple piece of thin plastic, the outside molded from her beautiful smiling face the inside molded over the same face but with a large ball gag inserted. It went from her hair line down below her chin and back to just in front of her ears, being hand painted to match her skin tone and lip color, it even had the small mole on her left cheek. An artist friend had made several for her, indulging her request even though he didn’t understand why she wanted them, each one showed a little different emotion with some being painted with sultry make up, dark lips and eyes, others were made more natural all were cut tightly around her crystal blue eyes and once she slipped the two narrow bands of elastic behind her head you would have to look very close to notice the masks.

The reason was simple for Linda, she loved gags, she craved public bondage and to her no bondage was complete without a gag. Since she worked from home as a data entry clerk she wore her gags twenty four seven, removing them only when she ate her one solid meal a day. Her collection had grown over the years and lately she had been wearing complete hoods made of many different materials, leather, latex, plastic and her latest purchase was a steel hood that was cast from a mold of her head and fit her tightly, unlike the fabric or plastic hoods she had to stuff her mouth with either a foam ball or strap a gag on before clamping the metal hood on and locking it.

The others had internal gags of various sizes and shapes but the metal only had her mouth covered and allowed her to wear whatever gag she wanted, it and even though it was heavier than even her metal head cage and had a full collar that went down past her shoulders and locked at both sides near her collar bones, she had worn it daily since she got it even sometimes slipping the eye covers into it and going all day blind as well as mute.

The first thin plastic mask she got was from a costume store and with the right amount of makeup she could make it passable for wearing out at night, but just barely. After receiving the first properly made mask she had tested it at night then even went out in the daylight and no one seemed to notice, just walking around in the mask made her pussy drip with arousal and she knew she had found the solution to her problem of being gagged in public. Her favorite game was being dropped off at the mall while wearing her most restricting clothes and tall heels, being either strapped on or boots that she could not remove, sometimes she would add uncooked rice in her shoes just to make it more interesting but no matter what she would bind her hands and have to locate and retrieve her keys that were located thoughout the mall before she could release her hands and catch the bus home.

She had increased the amount of wrong keys in her search and find games and had now started to strap her thighs tightly together making walking much more strenuous, her last test she had worn a poncho type cape and cuffed her elbows together behind her back almost touching before catching the bus and cuffing her hands together while on the bus, her nipples had been savagely clamped and she had a large vibrator humming slowly inside her, her latex panties and two thick bands of rope tied tightly around her thighs keeping it deep inside her as she rode to the largest mall in the area to retrieve her keys before heading home to remove the remaining restraints. Over these she had worn a tight pencil skirt and her six inch heels that were strapped tightly around her thin ankles before she slipped small padlocks through the last hole in the straps to keep her from removing the ever more uncomfortable shoes.

Linda had not worn a shirt under her poncho and each sway made it rub her nipples and if she turned to fast or a gust of wind blew just right her bound arms and clamped nipples could be exposed so she was careful in her movements as she walked to and from the bus, after finding her second to the last key she noticed the lower leg bindings had slipped and were now close to her knees, she had no choice but to keep moving even as they continued to slip and make her steps much shorter. Linda knew that if they slipped any further they would be seen poking out from under the hem of her leather skirt and the game would be up.

Almost to her last key, and luck holding the one she needed, the ropes slid down below her skirt. Linda panicked and went into the rest room to hide and figure out what to do. She stood in the stall and looked down and could clearly see the white rope below her dress and wanted to scream but decided to try and kick the ropes off. Flexing and twisting her legs for thirty minutes before the ropes finally slid over her knees and dropped around her ankles, the upper thigh ropes were holding fast and not allowing much movement of her upper legs so Linda couldn’t just lift her feet out of the ropes. Linda now stood in a bathroom stall her hands and elbows drawn tightly behind her back with a wide band of rope around her ankles stuck on the straps and locks holding her shoes on.

She almost laughed, she knew she could always ask for help since she had not been able to wear a gag on this adventure but the embarrassment prevented her from that, the large vibrator was still humming away inside her and every move and twist she made the poncho rub her tortured nipples and aroused her even further. Linda decided to sit down and hoped she could kick the ropes off her feet, sitting on a toilet was difficult with her hands and arms pinned behind her and the tight skirt holding her firmly making her balance on just her ass as she raised her feet and tried to kick the ropes off them.

After several failed attempts she heard the announcement that the mall would be closing in fifteen minutes and knew she still had to get to the last key, she was unsure if she could slide her bus pass through the slot with her hands and elbows still cuffed or not and didn’t want to walk the 6 or 7 miles home bound as she was so she redoubled her efforts and after almost falling off the toilet she managed to get the ropes from around her ankles and struggled to stand again and moved towards her last hidden key location. Linda’s steps were much longer now and just as the security guards were making their final sweep she grabbed her key and headed towards a door while unlocking her cuffs. Getting up into the bus was easier as well and soon she was riding home enjoying every bump the bus hit and fighting off her climax until she could be alone.

Linda had now tested the mask regularly wearing a gag under it and was slowly becoming comfortable that no one would notice or care and started going out every day wearing the mask and gag along with some form of restraint. Even going to a club one evening wearing a tight latex dress with thigh high boots and long latex gloves with a tight ball gag locked in her mouth. She was amazed how easy it was to not have to speak to anyone and even danced with a few guys before heading home and sleeping in her latex and gag wearing them until late the next day. Linda was ecstatic as she knew now she could wear the gag truly twenty four seven and especially when she went out on her adventures. Linda continued to experiment for the next two weeks until the last mask she had ordered showed up and when she pulled it from the box she knew it was going to be her new favorite.

She had asked for this mask to have a small hole in between the lips and the nose tubes to go deeper into her nostrils and taper to small openings to make breathing more difficult but the main thing was the eyes, the artist had covered her eyes and painted them to match her eye color then drilled small holes right where her pupils would be allowing her a very limited field of vision. The hole in the mouth was for her feeding / pump tube from a new gag she had purchased that once it was inflated it went down her throat and allowed no sound from her and filled her mouth completely. With the new mask she could continue to wear the gag for days on end and even look like she was drinking. The mask came with a note saying he had tried a new material that made the mask stretch a little and had cut the mask to fit snugly around her ears to help keep it in place. Linda was excited again and tried on the new mask immediately and found it fit perfect and limited her eye sight exactly the way she wanted.

Linda wore the new mask and gag for the next two days not taking it off and getting used to the feeling of being completely silent, unable to even make a sound from the air not being passed over her vocal chords as the gag bypassed it being so far down her throat. The feeding tube worked perfect and she figured out she could squeeze fluids into her throat just by attaching a tube from the bottle in the small opening. Finally taking off the new mask she slipped it onto the metal hood and noticed that even though the steel hood was featureless it made it look almost human, still wearing her gag she pulled a wig over the hood and clapped her hands when it looked like her head and face sitting on the shelf. Quickly figuring out which wig covered the most steel she glued it to the steel and slipped the hood onto her head locking it closed.

Being only able to see out the small eye holes she stared at her reflection before dropping her keys on the small table and applying makeup where the steel could be seen then got very excited when she finally looked and could see no more silver and thought she looked reasonably normal. Deciding she needed a night out and having hid her keys several days before she stuck the pump attachment into the gag and pumped it until she could feel her cheeks pressing against the sides of the hood, adding a few more pumps before disconnecting the pump leaving her cheeks smashed against the inside of the steel hood and making the gag move further down her throat.

Linda quickly slid her legs into some latex leggings, replacing the batteries in her plugs and inserting them before pulling the leggings up to her waist. Feeling the steel on her head needed something to match she grabbed her medieval style chastity belt, this belt was made from heavy steel and was very thick and was never designed to be worn for extended periods of activity, the five inch wide belt pinched her waist in by 4 inches and the wide front plate connected to a steel “panty” in the back, it locked together in front with an old style padlock and was very difficult to hide under clothes.

After locking it over her latex she pulled a long rubber dress from its hanger and said this will smooth everything out, the dress had a high neck and went to her ankles and was made from rubber as thick as an inner tube and welded her thighs together making her take very small steps even though the bottom flared a little.

Linda pulled her “mistress boots” from the shelf and laced them tightly up to her knees, the boots had three inch platforms and a nine inch heel but it was the tapered platforms that made the boots special and had caused her to buy a pair in every color and three in black, the platforms tapered sharply leaving only a small part that was actually used to walk on making them difficult to walk in but also making her legs look much longer and thinner. After lacing the black boots up tightly she wrapped a small chain under the heel and around from the back to the front of her ankle locking it in front with a small padlock, this was her standard way of making her non locking shoes be locked on and still just look like part of the shoes design.

Once her foot wear was complete, taking much longer being unable to bend her neck and only able to see a limited view Linda pulled the thick rubber up her body and zipped up the back. She walked to the mirror and felt confident the long sleeved sweater dress would finish hiding the few bumps that stood out. Linda pulled on her shoulder length leather gloves then slid into her sweater dress locking the shiny steel cuffs around her wrists then locking the matching collar around her steel covered neck before folding the turtle neck down over it ensuring that the neck would not slip down revealing the collar of the steel hood under it.

After checking herself again in the mirror she was happy with the way she looked and grabbed her special coat and headed for the bus stop. She buttoned up the coat to fight the cold wind even though the back had a slot cut in it so she could reach her cuffed hands out to get her keys it still helped block the cold a little as she stood waiting for the bus making sure the keys to her house were safely inside her coats breast pocket.

Looking through the small holes and having to turn her body to see anything that wasn’t directly in front of her she was getting wetter from knowing she was about to do her ultimate challenge, wearing her steel hood utterly incapable of any sound or removing the steel hood that kept the gag in her throat covered in thick rubber with vibrators trapped in her damp pussy and ass waiting to tease her until she could get free of her bonds.

The bus ride was uneventful as she rode quietly in the back watching what people she could see to monitor their reaction to her and none of them even noticing the pretty faced girl in the tight black dress that had fuck me boots sticking out of it. Arriving at her stop she exited and as she walked the two blocks to the mall she pinned her gloves to the coat sleeves then pinned them into her pockets to make it look like her hands were just in her pockets and pulled her arms inside the coat and blindly turned on her vibrators and locked her cuffs behind her back.

The boots were doing their job making walking difficult and the plugs were shifting back and forth under the tight metal belt that was making her walk stiffly, the tight waist band of the belt and the smaller nose holes were beginning to make her breathing difficult as she walked into the warm mall and sat down to catch her breath. While resting she noticed the holiday decorations and leaned back and twisted her body to see what else had changed and noticed that the large planters were no longer near the doors. Thinking they had just moved them she slowed her breathing and stood up and started walking, having to lean forward to see in front of her was causing her back to get a real work out holding the heavy steel hood at that angle but soon Linda would stop in her tracks as she looked out over the railing and seeing not only did the planters near the doors get moved all the planters were gone!

Linda started panting and soon got light headed as she realized that her only means or escape was now gone and she couldn’t even reach her bus pass or ask for help. She stood looking in disbelief for 15 minutes before deciding to walk the mall hoping that maybe the planters were just relocated to another area and she might still be able to get to them. She stayed up stairs stopping and bending down every so often to try and locate the planters then rode the escalator downs stairs almost tripping and the bottom from not being able to see directly in front of her. Wandering the entire mall she finally found a barricaded part and could see the hundred or so planters stuck back in a corner behind numerous other decorations that had been stored in front of them. She sighed knowing that she could never get to them in her current state and after panicking for a few minutes and fighting her cuffs and chain she resolved she would have to walk home and hope she could wrestle her coat off once there and get to her key.

As Linda exited the mall she remembered this mall was over ten miles from her house and would have hung her head but it was still being held tightly inside its metal casing. During her whole search for the planters she hadn’t noticed her vibrators going on and off and only once did she even feel them but now as she walked in silence and was stewing inside the tight rubber she wondered what happened to her vibrators. As she carefully stepped up onto a curb her question was answered as they both came on and running on high, Linda was quickly gasping through her nose as she pivoted her body back and forth looking for somewhere to sit down when they suddenly lowered to slow pulse letting her catch her breath and figure she had hit random instead of low and cursed herself for setting them in her pocket instead of looking at them.

It was 7:45 when she got to the mall Linda had been steadily walking and was sweating heavily as her vibrators kept her on the edge of coming and made her pant even harder as she passed a bank clock and saw it said 11:45 pm and gasped as she counted four hours! Stopping and looking around to make sure she was still going in the right direction, she turned and could still see the lights of the malls parking lot glowing in the not too far distance and almost collapsed, realizing in almost 3 hours she had only gone a mile or two and knew right then that she needed to hurry or she would be nearing her house as her neighbors were leaving theirs to go to work.

The rubber and frustration had been keeping her warm and with the vibrators turning off and on she had been completely oblivious to the increasing cold but as the wind picked up Linda had started to feel it blowing into her jacket opening and up her flared skirt and was now the sweat trapped under the rubber was getting cold. Shivering she grabbed the opening in the back of her jacket and held it closed but there was nothing she could do about the cold air coming up her dress. She had passed several people on the side walk and actually stopped once to ask for a ride home before realizing she was incapable of even making a grunting noise and continued on.

The chastity belt had been rubbing her thighs roughly as the tight waist belt rubbed her hips and both were starting to get sore as Linda continued to walk, her pace had slowed as her legs and feet became more painful and she was having trouble feeling the sidewalk through the high platforms. Walking almost like a zombie for hours Linda finally found a bench and had to sit down. Her vibrators had her on the edge again and this time she didn’t want to fight off her climax so she sat down so she could enjoy it knowing that it would be her last chance as she could feel the vibrations growing weaker as the batteries died.

Gasping through the small tubes in her nose Linda felt the orgasm grow until wave after wave engulfed her, she sat silent on the bench twisting and pulling at the steel and rubber that held her body firmly, the only sound besides her snorting breaths was the creaking of the tight rubber holding her erect as she struggled to remain conscious.

Linda sat gasping for air for another 20 minutes as the euphoria faded she found herself leaning back against the bench and staring through her tiny openings at the stars. She thought for a moment she had fallen, unable to tell which way was up from her dizziness and the weight of the steel encasing her head made her think she was on her back. Linda was thoroughly confused and panicked stomping her feet and thrashing on the bench until she blacked out, her tight belt and steel head and neck were keeping her upright as she quietly slept. Waking she panicked again but remembered what was happening and was able to calm herself and lean forward to see where she was. Linda had no idea what time it was or how long she had been out but knew she had to get moving if she was ever to make it home before dawn.

Standing unsteadily in her boots she turned her body to look where she was and headed off towards her house stepping carefully but feeling better since her “nap” and was able to pick up the pace again. As she walked she was careful to look both ways after realizing just how much her hearing was impaired by the thick steel over her ears when she almost stepped out in front of a car when crossing an intersection, the headlights was the only thing that kept her from being hit.

As she came to an intersection a police car was parked by the corner and flashed its lights at her but she kept moving and the car didn’t follow her, she was panting hard through her nose as she approached another intersection with several men standing near it. Linda almost crossed the street but decided it was too late since she knew she had already been spotted and continued to walk right at them. Once reaching them they started yelling at her and one even grabbed her coat but she was able to twist away and swore she heard one of them say something about her face but was too scared to think about it until she was blocks away and had to stop to catch her breath.

Leaning against a light post she realized that she could now only see out of one eye, Linda tried to shake her head forgetting about the steel surrounding it and accomplishing nothing. Twisting her body trying to reach her hands to her face made her even more frustrated until she twisted once too far and banged her head against the metal post making a loud clanging noise and felt like she had been hit by a bat. Suddenly she could see clearly out of both eyes and her breathing was much easier and as she started walking again it dawned on her she had dislodged the mask and now her steel covered head could be seen.

Passing a parked car she stopped and looked at her reflection in the glass and could see that the mask had indeed come loose and now hung below her metal chin exposing her featureless steel face with two wide eyes peering out of it. She snorted through her nose as she knew now she had to get home before daylight, before the mask fell she thought she might pass in the light but now she knew with her shiny face she could never pass as normal and didn’t want anyone to see her this way.

With her breathing and seeing better she really started moving and a few times almost seemed like she was running but soon she was out of breath again and had to stop and rest and get her bearings. Panting and looking around frantically she tried to figure out just where she was but didn’t recognize anything and began to panic again as she took off walking as fast as her tight dress would allow until she walked in front of a store and she stopped to look and couldn’t believe it as she found a street sign and leaned back to read it and found she was at her street!

The store was less than a mile from her home Linda was screaming on the inside as she turned down her street almost skipping with delight, none of her aches or pains mattered anymore she was almost home and safe again. Just as the sky started to brighten she made it to her back yard gate and faced her first hurdle of gaining her freedom, the gate latch, normally she would just nudge it with her head but with the shoes making her much too tall and her head encased and unable to bend she began rubbing it with her shoulder until it lifted and she walked through and closed it behind her.

Relieved now, she knew at least she wouldn’t be seen by her neighbors leaving for work and was safe in her yard with privacy and time to figure out how to get her coat off. Her exhaustion was starting to set in as she sat down to think about the coat and caught herself drifting off as she relaxed, jumping up she stomped her feet and shook her body to wake herself up and began pulling at the coat with her bound hands.

As the sun continued to rise she was still struggling with the coat but had started to turn it around so she might be able to reach the buttons. Once the coat was backwards she quickly unbuttoned the coat as high as she could reach but still had two more holding it closed and twisted and snorted as her frustration built until she was frantic and walking around banging into her porch furniture and walls.

Calming herself she was starting to cry thinking she would have to go to her neighbor’s house who would most likely call the cops without even letting this mute and faceless creature in the door when an idea hit her. Carefully positioning herself next to a support pole she flung her head forward grabbing the pole with her bound hands to keep the momentum from making her fall forward and as her vision went black she could feel the chastity belt dig deep into her skin and the wide belt cut off her air flow and push what little air she had out of her lungs.

When light returned to her eyes she shook her body and pulled herself back up taking a deep breath before looking down and seeing her coat lying on the ground, she had managed to fling it over her head and now she can get to the key to her house. Squatting carefully she picks up the coat as the morning cold is seeping into her body and fishes the key from the pocket then backs up to the door and after feeling around a bit slips the key into the lock and opens the door. The relief she feels when she steps inside and leans against the closed door knowing her freedom is waiting in the next room and the frustration and fears that she had combined with her complete exhaustion from the entire trip made her stagger into her bedroom and collapse on her bed.

Linda slept in her rubber and steel until the next day awaking sore and confused but quickly figuring out what was happening and finding her spare key and releasing her numb hands. She had made it through her toughest adventure yet and even being as sore as she was she already started to think of her next trip as she wrestled with the cuffs and sweater trying to remove them quickly. Once Linda was free of the sweater dress she desperately wanted something to drink so she wriggled her way into the kitchen and squeezed an entire bottle of water into her throat and sat gasping from the exertion and relief.

Unzipping the thick rubber as she walked back to her bedroom, leaving it lying in the hall as she stepped out of it she searched for the correct key to the chastity belt, not finding it mostly due to her limited head movement she began searching for the keys to the helmet. They were not with the others and not on her night stand, she stopped to think where she might have left them and dashed to the kitchen and looked around bending and looking on the floor as she walked back to her room and sat down.

Linda was still wearing her latex leggings, tall boots and the chastity belt as she held up the keys then blindly one by one tried each until the lock on the belt popped open. The latex between her thighs had been rubbed through leaving her skin chafed but much better than if she hadn’t worn the latex, of course she couldn’t see this but after she dropped the belt to the floor she could feel the torn latex and how sensitive her thighs were.

Crossing her legs she repeated the key searching process until both locks holding her boots on were open and she unlaced them and slid her aching feet out of the leather that had been encasing them, snorting from the relief again she slowly peeled the latex from her legs and worked the plug from her ass and pussy before going to the bathroom and relieving herself. She needed a hot shower so she yanked the wig from the steel it had been covering and turned the shower on and climbed in. As the hot water eased her aches and pains she tried to replay the evening in her head, from when she first slid the new mask over the metal hood. Still not remembering where the keys for it were she dried herself and wrapped a robe around her body and sat down at the makeup table and stared with wide eyes and the faceless steel covering her head and neck and wondered how long she could last wearing it and being completely mute.

Going to lie down still gagged with her head and neck trapped in steel thinking maybe this wouldn’t be too bad, she was gagged and unable to remove it and since she had a computer she could still work and order supplies when she needed them. She did so much love the feeling of her mouth being stuffed and the idea of never being able to remove the helmet made her pussy wet again as she drifted off to sleep, the keys to her freedom lying ten feet away on the tiny table and with her already accepting the idea that she might never get the helmet or gag off again.

Waking the next day and forgetting about the key to the helmet but thinking only about how far behind she was on her work she grabbed two bottles of water and sat at her computer and started working. Being mute and partially deaf her distractions were minimal so by the afternoon she was caught up with work and soon had done two more day’s worth.

Linda thought to herself as she logged off the remote desk that if I keep this up they’ll have to give me a raise. Once logged off she surfed the internet getting herself aroused with the images and stories she found until she needed to cum again. Linda leaned back in her chair and the added weight of the helmet caused her to fall backwards banging her head hard on the floor. Dazed from the impact she staggered her way to her feet holding her steel encased head and could swear she felt blood flowing down her head, still dazed she began to try and pull then twist the helmet off only succeeding in hurting her neck and hands. Linda couldn’t understand why someone had done this to her and wanted the helmet off and continued to wrestle with the hood until she calmed down and began laughing at her confusion knowing why and who had done this to her.

For the next three weeks Linda was encased in the steel hood and had become used to it and the weight and felt completely normal in it but had become restless and wanted to leave her house but was too afraid that another fiasco with the mask could happen so she waited until night fell before venturing out, looping a string around her erect nipples and pulling it tight before adding two large weights to them she donned her boots locking them on before stepping into the thick rubber dress with her chastity belt holding two large plugs inside her and with her long coat she walked around her neighborhood until she was gasping and figured she was a few miles away.

Stopping to rest and get her bearings she turned to head back home wishing she had brought her cuffs to add to her situation but she had decided that this time she would leave her hands free. Still walking well after midnight she noticed a car pass her slowly then suddenly stop and three guys jumped out, as she turned to run away the guys grabbed her and began asking her questions about why she was out so late, of course she couldn’t answer which seemed to make them angry as they began pushing her around in a circle between them before shoving her in the back of their car and speeding off.

Not going very far before the two in the back holding her had her hands taped tightly together as they wound the tape across her hands sealing her fingers under it making them useless, then as they groped her one yelled, “What the fuck!” as he pulled her coat off her. The car skided to a stop as they not only found her rubber dress and heavy weight chastity belt but had discovered her face was actually covered by a steel helmet. Linda was screaming inside the helmet but nothing could be heard from outside as one pulled the mask off and showed the others the steel faceless mass sitting on her shoulders.

They all sat staring before, “One said get rid of it” another agreed saying, “Must be pretty damn ugly for someone to have covered her face up like that!”

Linda couldn’t turn her body enough to see what the men were doing but she could feel something hit her helmet several times before she felt a huge impact on her chastity belt and was pushed out of the car her dress unzipped down to her chastity belt and her weighted nipples swaying in the cold night air she twisted and turned her body trying to see as she attempted to run away from the car.

She heard the car accelerate away and stopped and tried to see it but the mask had not been put on correctly and she could only partially see out of one eye and her breathing was severely restricted. She was grateful for the steel covering her and swore she would never go out without it again but right now she was more worried about the cold air hitting her lassoed nipples and knew they had left her dress open. She struggled with the tape around her wrists and hands finding that she could not get them free and began to worry where she was and how she was going to get home.

Calming herself she turned around slowly and figured out they had only driven a few miles before dumping her from the car so she headed towards home. Stopping at a light pole and tried to rub the mask back into place or off but had no luck so she continued to walk carefully until she saw a car coming and had to hide behind a large bush, the ground sucked her thin heels in and made her fall hard on her face but the car passed by without stopping and when she was finally able to get to her feet again she could see out of both eyes and her breathing was much easier.

She headed to her house fighting the thick tape as she walked but succeeding in only making it tighter around her wrists. Linda’s bound tits were now hurting not only from the constant pulling of the weights swinging freely but the bitter cold that they had been exposed to for almost three hours were making them feel like a thousand needles were being pushed into them.

Reaching her house she was crying from the cold and the near death experience fighting the desire to runs to her neighbor’s house for help so she opened her gate and went to her porch and sat down to gather her thoughts and fight the tape. Twisting her hands and wrists she was finally able to free her fingers and stood up and got her newly hidden key and opened the door and went in. Finding a knife in reach she quickly cut the tape holding her wrists and pulled the rubber over her chest and frozen tits and zipped it up and closed her coat and stood in front of the heater vent until she had warmed herself up.

'That’s it!' she thought, 'I got to find the keys for this helmet', and she walked into her room and began tearing the place apart looking for them, for the next two hours she searched, removing her coat but leaving the rubber dress on keeping the weights from moving not ready to release them yet afraid of the pain untying them would cause.

Sitting down at her makeup table she knocked all the bottles and tissues off in a fit of anger and leaned forward slumping in the chair and started to cry. When she was done crying she wiped her eyes without sitting up and saw the keys lying near the tissue box and clapped in excitement and clawed at the zipper to gain access to the locks. Stopping when they were visible she could see that both locks were damaged and the key hole was literally gone, she stuck the key in and tried to turn it but there was nothing in the lock left to turn, frantic she began banging on the helmet and thrashing in the tight rubber before calming herself and unzipping the dress and carefully untying the nooses around her nipples, rubbing each as the pain faded she got up to get the key to her belt and tried to unlock the old style padlock finding that not only was it damaged but the cover had been driven into the lock making her key useless, this was too much and she crumpled to the floor and lay unconscious until the next evening.

Waking still in her belt, boots and hood she remembered what had happened and inspected the locks again before getting her small tool kit and trying to pull the cover out of the pad lock but could not dislodge it. She was screaming again silenced by the hood from the frustration of not being able to call anyone or explain what happened and the general situation she had gotten herself into. For the next few days she searched locks and locksmiths until she found a lock smith that specialized in unique locks and difficult situations.

She sent him an e-mail and after exchanging notes for two days finally told him about some of what happened and asked him to come over to look at her situation and see if her could help her or not. He set a time for day after tomorrow and she logged into work and got caught up again before deciding to make her place look more presentable since she had made quite a mess during her search for the key. Working steadily through the night she finally had it cleaned up and fell asleep still wearing only her boots, belt and hood.

Sleeping till the next afternoon she got up and tried to figure out what to wear that would be less freaky deciding that in her current situation nothing would be less freaky so she slipped back into her rubber dress and zipped it up also pulling her mask and wig back on and typed out the story of her attack and the answers to a few questions she thought he might ask along with a page that had yes and another that had no on it and waited for him to arrive. Every time her phone rang she tried to hear the answering machine knowing she had not been able to hear the messages since she put the hood on but still hoped as she waited next to the door so she could hear him knocking.

Finally she faintly heard a knock and opened the door carefully looking out the crack before letting him in recognizing him from the picture on the internet. He walked in and stood looking at her and her tight rubber before he said, “Hi, I’m John”. Linda waved before turning and getting her papers and handing him the top one. John stood and read the story then smiled at her and said, “Well let’s have a look, are you ok for now? Do you need any medical help?” Linda held up the paper that said, “No” she unzipped the collar and showed him the damaged locks.

John came close and was examining the locks when Linda noticed how good looking he was as he pushed and pulled on the helmet a few times before grunting and saying, “I don’t have the tools with me for these”. Linda's eyes got big so John continued, “But I do think a can open them so don’t worry, let me see the other lock.”

Linda stepped back and unzipped her dress exposing her chastity belt when John asked, “I not opening something someone else has the key for am I ?” She held up her “No” note and showed him the key, “Ok I just didn’t want to cross any lines with your partner or anything”

John had her lie on the kitchen table and set his tools next to her body and began working on the lock. Linda felt very aroused as he seemed to take this all in stride and pretty much ignored her while he worked on her belt. While he worked he moved around leaning on her in different places making her even more aroused until she felt a large thud on her stomach and he said, “There it is”

John picked up the lock and showed her and she clapped and took the lock from him and threw it against the wall. He laughed as he zipped her dress closed and helped her to stand up and said, “Same time tomorrow and well get that hood off?” She held up her sign that said “Yes” as he collected his tools and stopped to right something down before heading out her door saying, “See you tomorrow” and left.

Linda went straight to her bathroom and unzipped the dress only to find a new padlock still holding her belt closed. She shook her hands in frustration before running back into the kitchen and found his note saying “Wouldn’t want you to get into trouble before we get the hood off now would we, please have dinner ready tomorrow when I come by, thanks” she smiled under her hood and pranced off to figure out what to wear tomorrow and what to fix for dinner, thinking she might have found someone she can actually share herself with and hoping he liked his women silent.

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