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Maybe it’s Fate

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; boots; cuffs; gag; collar; pole; straps; toys; insert; nipple; torment; stuck; F/f; bond; tease; cons/reluct; X

As she sits typing this story her only moveable body parts are her fingers and eyes, she started this adventure eighteen hours ago with the intent of spending a few hours bound while she finished a few stories she had been working on. Jan started by lacing her knee high ballet boots on over the latex leggings then locking the heavy steel cuffs around her ankles, the leggings held her vibrator and plug deep inside her while she prepared the bed for her incarceration.

Attaching a chain to the left footboard post angling it towards the right headboard post first, she then hung the ice block with her key inside it close to where her hands would be held by the wide ratcheting strap she had hooked under the bed. The strap had an eyelet secured in the center of it and Jan locked her heavy steel cuffs to it before wrapping the very firm posture collar around her neck and locked it snuggly into place. Jan stuffed her mouth with the large sphere attached to the thick leather panel and buckled it tightly into and over her mouth locking the multiple straps, with the gag now in place her head was held rigidly not allowing even the slightest movement, this she tested while trying to see how muffled her moans would be like she had done a hundred times before.

Wrapping a leather bra around her chest she drew the straps tight forcing her erect nipples through the small holes then clipped the toothed clamps to her nipples causing her to gasp as each bit hard on her engorged nipples, locking the chain to the o-ring on the collar before looping the belt around her thighs and pulling it tight seating it deeply into the latex covered skin and applying another much wider belt around her waist pulling it even tighter and locking it in place over the waist of her latex leggings making sure the latex could not be removed until the key for the belt was removed from the freezer in the garage and the ice block around it melted away.

Jan was ready for her final entrapment and sat down on the bed with her back against the post, stretching towards her toes she clipped the chain to her ankle cuffs before scooting herself back against the post pulling the chain even tighter when she wrapped the straps around her body and pulled each tight securing her firmly to the post.

Reaching over to her left Jan sat the lap desk on her thighs and turned on her computer, while it booted up she connected the leather cuffs that were already around her upper arms and had been keeping the shoulder length leather gloves on together with a thin chain that she ran behind her back, this would keep her arms held tightly to her sides once she cuffed her hands together in front. Reaching behind her head she clipped her collar to the chain wrapped around the bed post, this would keep her from being able to pull her head more than a few inches away from the post allowing her just enough room so she could look down as far as the collar would allow to be able to see the computer screen.

Jan looked around as far as she could checking her mental list to see if she had forgotten anything before ratcheting the strap that was now across her lap, pulling her deep into the mattress and pulling every restraint tighter with each click of the ratchet. Jan tested her bonds and adjusted her computer before closing the cuffs around her wrists trapping her for the duration, Jan began typing not knowing when the vibrator would turn on and hoped she could get some work done before the distractions stopped her from being able to concentrate.

Jan was concentrating on her writing while she fought the collar to be able to see the screen and sucked continuously on the ball locked into her mouth when the vibrator turned on and she realized she had forgot to reset it after the last time she used it and had left it on high. Jan grunted and moaned as she was brought to an orgasm almost immediately as she sat unable to do anything as her pussy was assaulted by the vibrations. Jan was stretching her fingers while her body involuntarily twisted and fought her bonds and began shaking badly making her nipples scream with pain as wave after wave washed over her, the lack of air beginning to make her light headed as the assault stopped and she panted in relief. “Wow, I’m glad I set it to run for only ten minutes at a time” she mumbled to herself as her head cleared and she regained control of her breathing.

For the next several hours Jan would write in between being vibrated to an orgasm, each time being driven to the brink of blacking out before the vibrations stopped, having to catch her breath and would sit moaning as the pain from her nipples faded. Jan was getting tired and tried to look up to see how much longer till the keys would drop but the collar would not let her raise her head far enough to see them.

After a few more bouts with the vibrator Jan was getting desperate knowing she had not set an “off” time for it and didn’t think she could take much more when she remembered the camera on her lap top and turned it on then strained to turn the screen towards the keys and gasped when she saw it. She sat stunned trying to figure out what had happened, how could the string have gotten tangled?

As she sat staring at it she remembered something hitting her head as she prepared the bed and guessed she must have bumped it and caused the string to get tangled and now was trapped, held tightly by the restraints she had applied.

Jan had very few friends and only one she had ever shared her after hours activities with and hadn’t told her about tonight’s adventure, looking at the clock on her computer she noticed it had been over five hours since she had closed the cuffs around her wrists and began struggling against them yanking and pulling trying to figure out how she would get free. Still struggling when the vibrator turned on again Jan quickly blacked out and slumped in her bonds while her body twitched and she gasped through her nose.

Waking she continued to fight her bindings until she was close to blacking out again and remembered she had her lap top and quickly sent her friend an e-mail vaguely explaining her situation and telling her where her key was hidden and asked her to come over as quickly as possible. Jan knew being Friday night that in could be late Saturday morning before she might hear back from Susan who was most likely out at her favorite club enjoying a night of drinking and dancing.

Susan had recently gotten a new cell phone and would now receive her e-mails on it, when Susan read the note in her current state of being slightly drunk and in a party mood she interpreted it as an invitation to come over for a “party” and asked the guy she was dancing with and his friend to come with her to see the friend she had been telling them about. Susan and the guys headed to Jan’s arriving shortly after Jan’s latest fight with the vibrator had left her unconscious and clumsily found the key and opened the door finding Jan’s house dark and quiet.

Susan wandered around yelling for Jan before seeing her bedroom light on and opening the door. Susan gasped at the sight of her quiet friend bound to the bed with a laptop sitting on her welded together legs. As she inspected Jan further she was stunned at the boots holding her feet en-point and chained to the bed and felt the thick leather around her neck before checking Jan’s cuffed wrists and smiling as she scooted the lap top over and began tightening every strap that wasn’t locked and ratcheting the strap across her lap much tighter. Her final act was to change the setting on the vibrator control that she had actually given Jan as a gag gift to low and making it stay on for an hour at a time and turn off for a brief five minutes.

Susan adjusted Jan’s wrist cuffs a few notches tighter along with the clamps before leaving the room and joining her dates in the living room telling them Jan wasn’t home and that she wanted to wait for her for awhile before they left. The trio raided Jan’s liquor cabinet and turned the stereo on and was enjoying themselves as Jan awoke, she could hear people in her house and tried to move but found that everything seemed much tighter. The struggling awoke her tender nipples and Jan moaned loudly as the pain was much more intense than before causing her to moan louder as she continued to struggle.

Jan felt her vibrator come on and knew Susan was the female voice she was hearing in the other room as she realized the vibrations were now on low and was thankful for her turning it down. Fighting her bonds Jan was finally able to look over far enough to see her lap top screen that had been moved out of her reach and could read the note Susan had left her, “You naughty girl, I made everything better and will release you, maybe, tomorrow when I get up, so have fun till then”

Jan knew her friend well and was unsure what exactly she would do to her when she finally remembered where and how she had left Jan but hoped she wouldn’t wait too long before letting her go. Jan sat and listened to the people laughing and dancing in her house as the vibrator seemed to run forever only making her more frustrated and causing Jan to struggle in her bonds trying to stimulate herself more and being unsuccessful. Jan could no longer see the time on her computer but noticed that the “party” had quieted down and shortly heard nothing and assumed they had all left leaving her alone with her frustrations as she sat helplessly on her bed.

Jan had been kept on the edge of an orgasm for almost twelve hours before she heard the front door open and close and saw Susan stick her head into the door and said, “Good your awake!” and walked in showing Jan her short skirt and tight top accentuating her firm ass and large breasts. Jan moaned loudly as Susan sat down next to her and rubbed her latex covered legs and explained what was going to happen.

“I’m going to tease you until you can’t take it anymore then if I feel you are worthy I’ll let you come and once that’s happened I’ll release you enough so you can make me come, after that you will write this story and then maybe I will let you go completely, if you agree to this moan now if not I will leave you with your computer and you can e-mail someone else!”

Jan thought about it for a second then moaned her agreement. Susan smiled and said, “I thought you would see it my way, we are going to have so much fun, well at least I will”.

A very tired and aroused Jan smiled under her gag thinking maybe this was fate and she would finally have someone to share everything with.

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