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History shall remember me as Meg the Meticulous, she thought, pulling a check-list from the drawer. Good thing she'd printed a bunch of these - her printer had been in the repair shop a week now. She spread the paper on her heavy desk and studied it. Doors and windows locked, yes. Keys and locks matched and tried, done. Fresh batteries for the vibrator, yes. Release key, yes, in the freezer. The list went on, and Meg reached the end of it and nodded.

Walking to the kitchen, she got the ice cube with the key frozen inside and suspended it from one of the hooks on her ceiling. She undressed and folded all her clothes in a neat pile. Her parents weren't due back from their trip till tomorrow, their maid, Clare, had left for the day, and the house was hers. No one would disturb her till tomorrow. Ideal conditions to indulge herself, she thought, smiling, as she picked up the first of the padlocks.

Five minutes later, as the clock downstairs struck three, she was almost done. Her ankle cuffs were padlocked to the legs on the shorter side of her heavy desk. The vibrator was set on random activation and held inside her by a belt attached to the chain locked around her slim waist. Her new bright blue ball gag with the breathing hole was strapped securely, and she tried a few experimental "Mmmmphhs", just to feel it. The ring of her left wrist cuff was already in the padlock attached to her waist chain behind her back. She took a last look around. Her release cube was above and behind her head, right where it should be. The house was silent, her window curtains were closed. The room was warmer than usual, but she'd done that deliberately. She was naked, and besides, this was the temperature at which her ice cube released the key in four hours. Meticulous Meg.

Feeling behind her, she felt the padlock and passed it through the ring on her right wrist cuff. Closing her eyes for a moment, she clicked the lock shut. Now she was tied and helpless till the key dropped. The vibrator's first buzz hit her ten minutes later. She closed her eyes and lost herself in it...

The vibrator was giving her a rest right now, and she stood panting, recovering from her last orgasm. The clock below struck five. That was almost the only sound in the house, apart from the periodic buzzing of the vibrator, and her own moans, muffled by the ball gag. Half her time gone, she thought, and looked up. She had another two hours before Master Cube would give her the keys and freedom. She waited for the machine inside her to start again.

The sound of the front door opening and then shutting shocked her. Who...? She'd talked to her parents after lunch, and they were still at the resort. They wouldn't be back until tomorrow afternoon. The maid had gone, and she didn't have a key, anyway. Meg remembered she'd taken her key to give it to ...

"Hello!" Neil called from below. "Meg?"

How could she have forgotten? Neil, her neighbour, had offered to pick up her printer. She'd taken the key from Clare and given it to him, in case he brought it when no one was home. She struggled, uselessly, against her bonds. They were strong, and Meticulous Meg had done her usual competent job in fixing everything securely. Till the key came to her hand, she wasn't getting out of this.

"Hello?" he called again. Maybe, if he got no answer, he'd go away. But she knew he wouldn't. He'd come to deliver her printer, and he knew where it lived. On the desk behind her, to which she was tied naked, with a vibrator up her slit.

The door opened, and Neil backed into the room, carrying her printer. He stood still as he saw her, straining and red faced. Then he moved around her and placed his burden, carefully, on the desk.

"I didn't know you had a boyfriend," he said. "Is he coming back soon?"

"Mmmmpppphhhhhh," she said, shaking her head. Why did everyone assume only a boyfriend could do this? She wished the fellow would go. He'd delivered the printer, what was he hanging around for?

"Do you need help?" he asked.

She shook her head violently. She just wanted him to go. She was glaring at him, trying to convey it, when her vibrator started up again, making her buck and shake. He perched on the edge of her desk and waited politely till her moans subsided, then came and stood before her.

"How'll you get loose?" he asked. "Will some friend be coming along?"

She looked up at the ice cube hanging above her. He followed her gaze, and seemed to be assessing the arrangement. He walked all around the desk and her, looking at her bonds, and stood before her again.

"That key in the ice will come to you?" he asked. "Then you can free yourself?"

She nodded, angry now. Why didn't the silly fellow leave? Apart from the fact that she was naked, the vibe might start again anytime. She was already embarrassed enough, having an orgasm while he stood next to her.

"Suppose that ice thing doesn't work right?" he continued. "What's your Plan B?"

She glared at him and shook her head. She didn't need any other plans. Ice always melts. Gravity never takes a day off.

"Well, OK," he said, shrugging his shoulders. He put something on the desk behind her. "That's the invoice from the repair people. We can settle up later, no hurry. I'll leave you now. Sorry I walked in at a bad time."

She nodded, glad he was going. Neil was not a bad sort, just not her type. Regular hours, steady job, her parents liked him. Vanilla. Still, he was a good friend, and later, she'd tell him to keep quiet about this.

"That key arrangement doesn't look secure to me." He'd stopped at the door and come back. "It's too far away. You might need it in a hurry." Moving around her, he picked up scissors from her desk.

"Mmmphhh! Urgghhhh!" she tried to shout at him, shaking her head. She didn't want him to take down her key. It was too soon. She wanted him to leave, so she could have another two hours of this delicious bondage. Who knew when her parents would go away again?

He reached up and snipped the string above the ice cube, and took it into the bathroom. She heard him running the taps in the basin, and guessed he was melting the ice. She was furious at him for first catching her at her kinky game, seeing her naked and bound, and now ruining her fun by releasing her early.

He came back, holding her key with a part of its attached string. She tried to see what he was doing, but just then her vibrator kicked in again. She moaned and screamed into her gag as a monster orgasm hit her, and he waited patiently, till her moans subsided and her breathing settled.

"I can see you're enjoying this," he smiled. "But you should have the key close to you. Your system seems too risky. The key was so far - anything might go wrong." He lifted his hand, and she saw he'd made a noose in the string. Putting it around her left nipple, he gave a small, gentle tug, and the noose tightened. "Well, see you around."

"Nnnnnnnn!" she screamed in shock. "Mmmmmmpphhhhh."

But he was gone. Her door stood half open, and she heard him going down the stairs, oblivious to her muffled pleas to come back. The front door opened, and then shut, and she was alone in the house again. Naked, tied, gagged, and with her only way of escape dangling uselessly from her left nipple.

It took Meg a few minutes to recover from the shock of having her release plans blocked. She twisted around, getting a look at her wrists. The cuffs were leather, with two straps each, and all were securely buckled and threaded through the keepers. She knew that she couldn't undo her cuffs even when her hands were locked in front of her. With her hands not only behind her, but also fixed to her waist chain, there was no hope at all. The padlock that was threaded through the rings of her two cuffs and a link on the chain was new and strong. Only the key could release her.

She looked down at the key. It hung on its string from her nipple, turning slowly. It caught the light and winked at her. It was a small key, quite light, and placed no strain or pain on her. The noose was also not painful, being just firm, instead of tight. Typical of Neil, she thought.

She tried to think calmly. If the key came to her hand, she could free her hands, and her other bonds. All the padlocks opened with the same key. But she had no way to transfer the key from her nipple to her hand. Obviously, she was trapped here till someone came to help her. That would be Clare, tomorrow morning. She groaned as she thought of it -- almost eighteen hours tied and...

The vibrator started up again, and she lost her ability to think. After it stopped and her breathing settled, she started thinking again. She'd been into self bondage for some years now, and had read a lot of stories, of course. Girls who tied themselves up were discovered by friends, enemies or burglars, and then they were teased, tortured, or raped. But she, Mel the Meticulous, had been caught by a goofy friend and was stuck as a result of his "help".

Clare would find her tomorrow morning and free her. She'd bribe her to keep quiet. If her parents found out about her weird kink, things would be terrible. The knowledge that their daughter used bondage equipment and vibrators would shock them. It would be impossible to face them after they heard about her activities.

The clock downstairs struck six, startling her. Almost simultaneously, the machine inside her started up again. It gave her a long drawn out orgasm this time, and when it finally stopped, she was weak kneed and trembling. The real fear and helplessness was enhancing the effect of the vibrator, she realised. But, she thought, the vibrator at least would not torture her till morning. Even with fresh batteries, it would run out of power in about six hours. After that, she would have to endure only the bonds, and her aches and pains till morning, when Clare would come. Six 'o' clock already, she said to herself. Only fourteen more hours to go.

Then it hit her, and she almost cried. Clare didn't have her house key. It was with Neil temporarily. Clare would come tomorrow at eight, as usual, and ring the bell a few times. When no one opened the door, Clare would go away. She would not be released till her parents came back, tomorrow afternoon. She would spend almost a whole day in bondage, and then be discovered by her mother, her father, or both. The thought made her sick.

Another hour passed. The vibrator started up and shut down on its own whims, delivering orgasms. Between those times, she sweated and struggled, trying to get free. Somehow, anyhow, by some miracle. But her bonds did their job. She was trapped and helpless.

The clock struck seven. Meg didn't bother to calculate the hours left. Getting released would be no pleasure, once her parents learned about her kink. Then she heard the front door opening and gasped. Who was it this time?

"Hey, Meg," she heard Neil's voice. "You decent yet? The pizza place delivered me a large pizza by mistake, so I thought you might like to share."

Her heart jumped. Her muffled replies could not be heard downstairs, she knew. Please, please, please come upstairs, she thought. Come into my room. Read my eyes. Please.

Her door opened wide and he strode in. Seeing her just as he'd left her, he smacked his forehead with his palm.

"Fun glutton, aren't you? But listen, you have to take a break. You can go on with this later."

"Mmmmmmpphhh, mmmpphhhh," she said.

"Yes, I know, I know," he said. "But you can tie yourself up again after we eat. I'll even help you, if you want. But that pizza has to be eaten now. Once it gets cold, it's useless. I don't care how much fun you're having, I'm calling a break." He picked up the scissors and snipped the string he'd tied to her nipple, catching the key in his other hand. Walking behind her, he undid the padlock holding her wrists, then the one holding her waist chain, and lastly the ones at her ankles. "I'm waiting downstairs."

Just like that, she was free. Stunned, she took a step towards her clothes, and her legs collapsed. Five minutes she spent on the floor, whimpering and panting. Her vibrator started, but she pulled it out and switched it off. She stood up and started getting dressed. She was free!

* * *

Neil was sitting at the kitchen table, inhaling the aroma from the pizza box. He looked up and saw Meg standing at the door, her hands on her hips.

"You daft prick!" she exploded. "What did you think you were doing?"

"Well, I'm sorry," he replied. "But how was I to know? I did call out before coming up, but..."

"I nearly got into bad trouble. My parents would have found out. I might have been trapped all night and day!"

"No, no," he said. "I knew you were..."

She would not be placated. "You could have left when you saw what you'd walked into! That would be the decent thing to do."

"Have a heart, Meg. You were naked and tied up. Who can just leave? I had to make sure..."

"Yeah, I know. A girl is naked and helpless, so let's have some fun. You guys are all..." She glared at him as he opened the box.

He raised an eyebrow. "I didn't touch you."

She frowned, and replayed the two scenes in her bedroom in her mind. Her mood shifted. She'd not gone through anything ugly, and she'd got her planned four hours of bondage, half of it in real fear and helplessness. He'd made a silly mistake, the pizza guys had made a silly mistake, and the comedy of errors had ended well. She smiled and sat down opposite him.

"Mmmm, smells good. I love pizza. Lucky mistake and lucky timing."

"Oh, I saw your cube had two hours left," he said, opening the sachet of oregano. "So I ordered at 6.30."

She nearly dropped her slice in surprise. "You know something about this," she stammered. "You...?"

"Nope, I’m a dull guy," he said, cheerfully. "What you bondage people call vanilla. But I had a flatmate for a while. If his girlfriend was busy on weekends, he'd do some self-bondage."

"So you walked in on him, too?"

"No, no. He used to tell me his start and end times, and ask me to look into his room later. It kept me from barging into his sessions, and served as a backup release, in case his timer or ice release didn't work right. Chilli flakes?"

"Thanks." She thought a while. "So did he ever get stuck?"

"Mmmm, twice, in the eight months we were flatmates. Once he coiled the string into the ice cube. The cube melted, but the key was small and light. The string remained kinked and in a spiral, and didn't reach his hand. Another time the key fell, but got stuck in the crack between his head and the gag strap. I was his safety backup, as I said."

She was silent for a while. "So you know how the ice timer and release works." Her temper flared again, a little. "So when you took down the cube, it wasn't goofiness? You were deliberately sending me up when you tied the key to my, my..."

“I love nipples," he said calmly. "Just can't resist. And yours are lovely, absolutely."

"Well, thanks, I suppose." She didn't know what else to say. "Thanks for the pizza, too."

"You're welcome," he said, passing her another slice. "Do think about a Plan B. Next time you play, get a friend to check on you after your expected release time."

* * *

"My parents are away for the weekend," Meg explained, leaning on her gate. "I'll be playing in the afternoon today. Could you come check on me at six? You know, just in case? Safety?"

Neil looked at her, considering. It had been three weeks since they'd shared the pizza in her kitchen. "I thought you'd ask some old, trusted friend. A girl you've known a long time, perhaps."

"Well, you live close," she said, shrugging. "And you seem to know something about it. Last time you got me free in thirty seconds."

"I don't claim any expertise," he smiled. He reached out and took the house key she was offering. "But sure, I'll pop in and make sure your release has worked. Six pm, right?"

Trust, she mused that afternoon, as she undressed. She had many friends, of course. Who did she know who would come upon her naked and helpless, and pass up the chance to tickle or spank her? Or something worse? She was still reviewing her friend list when she had finished her self-bondage. Then her vibrator started up, and her thoughts shifted.

"Hello!" He called from outside her room. "Are you ok?"

"Mmmphhhhhh, nggggg," he heard from inside, so he pushed the door open and went in. Meg was in a spread eagle on the desk this time, her legs bent at the knee and hanging down, tied to two of the legs. The waist chain and vibrator were there, as before, and her wrists were cuffed to the other end of the large desk. Her ice cube hung from the ceiling, above her right hand. She was naked, and Neil drew in his breath at the sight.

"What went wrong?" he asked, unlocking her cuffs. "Your room's warm, the cube should have melted."

"It's a four hour cube." She was sitting and removing the waist chain, which held her vibrator inside her. "It would have released the key at seven or so."

He frowned. "Got delayed in starting? You could've called me. I would've done the check at 7.30."

"Oh, no," she said, sitting up and looking at him. "The ice is my Plan B. You are Plan A."

"I see." He looked at her thoughtfully. "Well, since I've cut your usual fun time by an hour..."

He picked up the girl with the lovely nipples and carried her to the bed.

Vanilla can be good for a change, Meg decided later.

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