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Mel’s Day Off

by Melissa

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© Copyright 2007 - Melissa - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/f; MM/f; MF/f; enema; bond; toys; caught; cons; X

I would like to begin this story with a description of myself. I'm a 21 year old submissive that is 5'7" with an average body size and big B cup breasts. My name is Melissa and I wasn't interested in self-bondage, and was terrified about being caught in any form of bondage until my current Master, who forced me to try things I was worried about. Now that I've tasted the fear and excitement of being caught I now crave it when I have the time and the mood is right.

My Master had read a story a while ago and made me read it as well. He started brainstorming, without letting me know, to come up with a scheme and self-bondage adventure of his own to put me through, which is why I'm writing this story: to tell you about what happened that hot day in summer.

I awoke that morning, and realized something wasn't right. I noticed my Master missing from our bed but a note in place where his head should be. It read, "Dear slave. I have been called to work early, but don't worry. I have plans for you to keep yourself busy on your day off. You must give yourself a couple of enemas to clean yourself out and then have a shower and insert the medium plug into your tight ass, and after the shower put on the outfit I have laid out for you in the play room. There will be a note there waiting for you, but don't read it until you’ve done the previous requirements." Once I finished reading the note I hurriedly got out of bed, still wearing my permanent collar with my Master’s symbol of ownership dangling from it. I got the supplies needed for before the shower and enemas.

So there I stood in the bathroom, finishing with the warm soapy enemas to clean myself out I then began to work the butt plug into myself, wincing at the slight pain and then showered quickly. After I had stepped out of the shower, I started patting down my body, stopping at my cunt and began to gently play with myself and then suddenly realized what happened the last time I masturbated without permission and stopped instantly. I walked into the playroom, playing with the symbol absent-mindedly for comfort, and I spotted the outfit lying on the table. It was a really revealing outfit. Sexy 4" wide heels, a mini skirt that hung barely an inch below my ass cheeks and pierced lips, with a slit up the one side and an overly tight tube top that made my nipple rings easily visible.

I got my clothes on and admired myself in the full-length mirror thinking I’m such a slut. Picking up the note preciously, I unfold it and begin reading as follows "If you’re reading this message slave, you either have done as you were told and are ready to play or you have skipped what you were told and deserve to be punished harshly. I have packed a day bag for what you will be doing today and you will not look at it's contents until you have gotten to the location today marked on the handheld GPS device. I know you cannot peek in the bag because the key is waiting for you with your surprise at the site. I'll be seeing you later this afternoon my little slut pet." I began to get giddy after reading the last sentence and pick up the bag quickly and grab the device from the table near the door and turn it on.

Half an hour later I notice it's beginning to warm up during the day and decide to pick up the pace, unsure of what to expect when I get to the spot. After walking for another half an hour, I reach the spot and find a structure in the middle of a shaded in clearing and a note taped to the top part and a bottle of water at the base. Eagerly I begin to suck down the water in the bottle and then pick up the note with the key to the backpack taped to it. I carefully peel the key off and the tape and read the note.

"Welcome slave to your day of pleasure and being a fuck slut. It's not guaranteed that anyone other then me will find you but that's the fun part of risk isn't it? I want you to open the bag and then take out the hair elastic and hood and put your hair into a pony tail followed by feeding it through the hole in the mask, working the mask down to cover your beautiful face and apply the supplied ring gag. Withdraw the straps from the bag and remove your top and throw it off to the side out of the way. Next, attach the straps around one ankle and above the knee and then do the same for the other leg. Followed by withdrawing the clover clamps from the bag and the attached weight and lay chest down on the structure putting your head in the center hole of the stocks and then attach the clamps to each nipple with the chain dangling below the table top. Next up, reach behind your head and grab the clip dangling from the bar above your head and work it through your ponytail. Your final step is to rest your wrists into the other 2 holes in the stocks and then reach down with your right index finger and flick the switch and then your fate for the day will be sealed."

I flick the switch and then seconds later I feel the top of the stocks come down locking my head and hands into place and the clip attached to my pony tail being pulled up forcing me to look forward and hear something else moving, and my Master’s voice comes ringing from the machine "Welcome to your day off slave. You are now bound and helpless to whatever people want. There is a sign that was unraveled as your hair got pulled up saying "I am a horny little slut and I have been a bad girl that wants you to do everything and anything you want to me. All my holes are open for use but for you to use my asshole you will have to take my plug out and occupy another hole with it if you want. Feel free to come back with friends cause I'll be here until 5 so enjoy." I bid you good day for now slave." and with that I was left alone in my own world of helplessness waiting for whatever was to happen.

As far as I knew I only had to wait an hour or so before I got my first visitor. "Well. Well. Well. What do we have here?" came a female voice I unfortunately recognized. Liz. "How did I know she was going to show up for some reason?" I think to myself as she walks to the front of me and kneels so I am looking right into her face as she places her soft hands on the hood covering my cheeks speaking softly "Why do I recognize those eyes and that tongue?" As she then forcibly kisses my open mouth forcing her tongue into my void. "If I knew you were into this stuff Melissa I would've been obliged to take you under my wing as my own little cunt whore." She teasingly says to me as she smacks my cheek while standing up and moving around to the side where the bag is and begins rummaging through it. I can hear that evil grin of hers as she pulls more weights from the bag attaching them to the chain of the nipple clamps causing me pain making me try and clench my teeth more.

Her laugh sends a chill through my bones as she moves around behind me again then I feel the sharp snap of a harsh hand against my cunt lips causing me to moan slightly and produce juice to seep out of my lips. "Wow you really enjoy this don't you, you little cunt whore? Well I bet you will really enjoy this then." as she begins smacking my cheeks and lips more, alternating between each and then the most frightening pain I have ever felt in my life. She found the modified electric fly swatter that my Master made to resemble a cattle prod. My clit was on fire with the pain of the shock causing me to cry heavily and whimper in pain. "I guess you’re not that strong bitch. I'll just finish what I want and then leave you for the next person." she responded after tossing the fly swatter to the bag. She placed her hands on my hips and began to push the head of the largest strap-on dildo I've ever seen in real life into my lips forcing them apart causing me slight pain but great pleasure, and she began fucking me with the full length of the dildo causing me to moan like a little whore.

I've lost track of time and blacked out from the orgasm. I could still hear everything going on around me as she withdrew the dildo from me. She smacked my cunt lips hard again sending a pleasurable chill through my body causing me to shudder visibly. "Now that I took care of you it's time for you to return the favor bitch." She says selfishly as she drops the dildo on the bag and takes my ring gag out temporarily to climb up onto the structure and hangs her dripping pussy in front of my mouth and tells me to eat her out. I reluctantly stick my tongue out for the first taste of her juices and decide it's best to just do it before she gets the taser again. Moments later she moans loudly and cums all over my mask and mouth.

With a passionate kiss on my lips she then replaces the ring gag whispering, "I may be back later for your clothes." Not a heartbeat later she is gone and I am alone left in silence. I'm Guessing that by the position of the shadows that it's getting close to 11 and I think to myself, "Damn 6 hours to go of this. Where are you Master?" I hear nothing but wildlife as I figure 2 hours have passed and then there is a noise off in the distance that sounds like an ATV. "Could it just be some kids rooting around or could it be my next visitor?" scenarios start running through my head ideas of being kidnapped like this or worse. Will I be all right?

The noise fades into the distance so I figure I’m safe for now until I feel 2 hands on me. One on my cunt lips and the other on my lower back. Before I can find out whom it is a blindfold is slipped over my eyes and then a cock is shoved in my mouth. Almost too big for the ring but just barely. I get it nice and wet with saliva as he then pulls out and then moves back around behind me pulling the plug out of my ass and then places the plug in my cunt as he shoves his cock into the hilt of my ass making me moan in pleasure. Before I can even begin moaning from the anal fucking I am receiving I get another cock shoved in my mouth before I could prepare for it and gag on it as it's shoved down my throat.

'Heaven' is the only word I can think of to describe this situation. One big cock in my ass, one long cock in my throat, I'm completely helpless and my cunt is filled at the same time. I can hear the man behind me begin to grunt as his hot cum starts spewing into my ass causing me to orgasm from the pleasure wave as I’m shocked when he pulls out right away and reinserts a large sized butt plug into me to keep the cum from leaking out. He then walks around the side of me dragging his fingertips up my spine sending shudders down my body as he pushes his buddy away from my face making a loud "POP" noise from the suction. It's not long before his relieved dick is shoved into my mouth causing me to gag from the taste and smell.

I am forced to clean his dick off before he pulls it back out and his buddy goes back to work on my face without saving any time shoving his dick to the base down my throat tickling my nose with his pubic hairs. While I was distracted by the meal in my mouth I lost track of what his friend was doing until I suddenly feel a weight getting put on one of my 6 cunt lip rings and then he continues to place one weight on each ring and then a single clover clamp with 2 weights dangling on it off of my clit hood, causing me to moan into the cock into my mouth making my throat vibrate against the cock as I breath in at the same time he cums causing me to start chocking and coughing up the cum. They both chuckle at my situation as they both pat my ass and walk off into the distance.

I lay there helpless as cum is still dribbling out of my mouth mixed with drool as I screech when I feel a cold rain coming down on my back making me shiver and my sensitive nipples react by becoming even harder in the unrelenting grip of the clamps. Half an hour later I sigh in relief as the rain stops and I hear 2 voices off in the distance. I've long lost all track of time in my pain and pleasure of the day and then I realize Liz is coming back but who is with her? I know it's a male voice but is it Master? My savior? Why would she be with him though? So many questions. No way to ask them though.

"I see you have survived the day slave. I'm proud of you. Oh and thank you for watching over her Liz." I scream with joy as I hear my Master’s soothing voice relax me. I feel his hand gently caress my buttocks and tug on the plug in me saying, "Now this isn't the plug I told you to put in this morning slave. Are you saying you disobeyed me or did someone else change it on you?" After I pointlessly garbled out a response to try and explain myself with the gag in my mouth I stop knowing I’m wasting my time. "You’ll have to be punished for this mistake slave." Master states and with that Liz takes the ring gag out and inserts a double dildo gag with a 3" dildo going into my mouth and an 8" sticking out of my mouth as my bonds begin to be undone at my legs from my Master, and Liz takes care of unlocking the stocks and the clip from my pony tail followed by the clover clamps.

I'm too weak from being immobile for so long and can't resist as I’m forced onto my knees and my hands are then bound behind my back with tape and then the blind fold is removed along with the weights on my lip rings and clamp from my clit hood. I see that Liz is naked and on all fours in front of me as I’m then forced to lean forward shoving my gag in her cunt, shoving my nose into her asshole while Master kneels behind me grabbing my pony tail shoving his beautiful big cock into my cunt and yanking me back with my hair and shoving me forward with his cock forcing the dildo into Liz we are all on the road to orgasm at a high pace with Liz moaning loudly and Master calling me dirty names that He knows turns me on.

We all orgasm in our own methods and after a second Liz cuddles up to me as I lay there spent and helpless on the ground. Master gets her to clean mine and his juices off him and then packs everything up back into the bag except for the leash. He takes it from the bag and hands it to Liz as she attaches it to my collar. Master quickly folds up the structure and attaches the carrying strap to it and loads it on his back as Liz and I stand. Master hands the bag to her as she rips my mini skirt off and stuffs it in the bag with my tube top. We walk home with me naked and in tow and thankfully didn't come across anyone along the way. My feet are killing me though from the high heels but today was soooo worth it.



I hope everyone enjoyed this story and I may write more if I get enough positive feedback. For your feedback send me e-mail at [email protected].



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