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Melt Down

by sin_dy

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© Copyright 2002 - sin_dy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; gag; attic; stuck; cons; X

It all took place between my junior and senior years at college.  I was back home that summer helping mom and dad on the farm.  I already had a passion for selfbondage and was tieing myself up pretty regularly.

There was an "adult" toy/book/magazine/video store not too far from the college campus and I would sneak over there and drool over all the goodies.  Being on a very limited budget, I mostly just looked and dreamed.  Occasionally I would buy a Bondage Life magazine or some other kinky publication and devour it from cover to cover.  I lost count of the orgasms those wonderful magazines gave me, as I pictured myself all trussed up like the girls in the pictures.

One story in particular really stuck in my mind and I knew, given the opportunity, I would have to try it for myself.

Mom and dad mentioned they were planning a trip to Memphis to go shopping.  This would mean I would be left alone at the farm for the entire day.  Did I want to come along? "No thank you.  It just feels great to be home."  That cinched it.  I got weak in the knees just thinking about what I could do now.

The girl in the story was tied standing spreadeagled in a hot attic.  Beads of sweat gistened on her body.  She moaned into her gag as her captor swung the latex whip, marking her back side.  Again and again he crisscrossed her helpless body with stripes.  She drifted into sub space and collasped from multiple orgasms and exhaustion.

I got wet just thinking about that scene.  I HAD to tie myself in the attic.  I wanted it to be tight and long.  Too bad I don't have a whip yielding partner.  But maybe someday........

Early saturday morning, I was still in bed when mom and dad left for Memphis.  I threw back the bed clothes and layed there naked, my fingers finding their way to a pleasurable spot.  Hey quit that girlie.  Don't want to spoil the plan.

I jumped out of bed and opened up my suitcase of toys.  I selected a home made ball gag and four leather cuffs, some rope, some string, two padlocks and a long length of chain.  I laid everything out on the bed and went to the kitchen to eat a good breakfast.  Probably no lunch or supper for you today slave.

Back in the bedroom, I studied each item on the bed and slowly went over each step.  I realized I needed a couple of short straps to put through the cuff rings.  Something about six inches long that would hold my leather cuffs on and have holes to slip the padlock through.  This way I could grasp the lock in my fingers and work the shackle closed.  Also I could work the key back into the lock without too much trouble. 

The heavy restraint cuffs are regular hospital issue.  Where did I get them?  Lets just say a hospital volunteer spent her break time wisely.

Anyway, I cuff up an old belt and punched holes for the locks.  I took an old knee high stocking and filled it with lots of ice cubes from the freezer.  To work the "ice in the stocking trick", I already had the perfect ring to hold back the stocking till the ice melts.  Dad had an old magnifing glass holder and when you un-screwed the handle the glass came out leaving just the ring and the handle.

I proceeded to the hallway where the pull down attic ladder was located.  I climbed up to the attic with all my toys in hand and looked for the perfect bondage location.  Light came in from the two vents at each end of the house.  Not very bright but good enough.

There was just enough room to stand up and stretch my arms out.  With my ankles far apart, I would be able to have my arms up somewhat at an angle.  This is perfect, I told myself.

Having been up in the attic at christmas time, I remembered the upright boards that support the roof.  There was a walkway down the center portion of the attic and a good place to store boxes and a perfect place to stand in bondage.

I fastened ropes to the upright braces and laid them out ready for my ankles.  I put the long chain around the top of a upright board where another brace met the roof at an angle.  I did the same on the other side of the walkway.

Now with the chain hanging down on either side, I knew where the key string should be fastened.  I wedged the magnifing glass ring handle into a tight place and secured it with some string.  The key string was tied to the stocking filled with ice and suddenly everything was in place, except me!

By this time the attic was starting to warm up or maybe I am just hot from the excitement.  Time to fasten me in place.  First I inserted my ball gag and tied the cord off tightly with three knots, reminding me that someday I will own a ball gag with a buckle strap that locks.

I fastened the leather cuffs around each wrist and threaded the short pieces of cut up belt through the keeper ring of the cuffs.  Next I inserted a padlock through the holes in the belt pieces.

I spread my legs as far apart as I dare and with some effort, tied the ropes around each ankle.  Now standing up, I reached up and out to each side and hooked the shackle of the padlocks to the chain links.  I didn't close the shackle just yet.

Breathing deeply and trying to stay calm, I looked everything over.  Did I forget anything?  The ice was melting and starting to puddle on the floor.  I believe everything is ready.

After moving around a little, I decided I had too much slack in my wrist bondage.  I unhooked the shackles and stretched out my arms as far as I could. I stood on my toes and jerked towards the chains, catching the shackles in new links higher up.

I snapped the locks shut!  I did it.  I really did it.  Now I was hot.  My heart was racing.  Looking toward the stocking with it's melting ice, I could see I have a long long wait before the key swings within reach.

I repositioned my feet as best I could to get comfortable.  Very little movement there.  I am really strung up tight.  Time passed so slowly.  Beads of perspiration were popping out all over my body.  Sweat began to trickle down from under my arms and run down my legs.  Just like the girl in the story, I glistened in the dim attic light.

Oh no!  Crap.  My thumb is beginning to feel a little numb.  I frantically began to wiggle all my fingers and flopped my wrists around as best I could.  I suddenly realized the cuffs had worked their way up too far on my hand.

Each thumb was being forced inward towards my little finger.  I had put the wrist cuffs on too loose.  Instead of staying back down around my wrist, they had slid up and was pinching off the blood supply to my hand.

I tried to work the cuffs back in place but my hands were too wringing wet with sweat and the leather stuck in place like it was glued to my skin.  I was burning up.  The attic was heating up rapidly from the summer sun.  I started to panic and pulled on the chains with all my strength.  Big mistake.  My hands were pinched just that much more.

My fingers were losing all feeling.  Numbness and a dull pain at the same time.  The ache got worse and worse.  I started to see small black spots forming before my eyes.  No! No!  Don't pass out now.  I shook my head and forced myself to calm down.  Mind over matter I guess.

Eventually the key on the string came swinging over within reach.  By sheer will power, I worked the key up into my hand.  I could not feel the key at all with my numb fingers.  I used every bit of mental and physical energy I had left to work the key into the lock and turn it.

Oh why did I hook my cuffs so far up on the chains?  I was starting to pass out again.  I flopped myself to one side and managed to unhook the shackle from the chain.  I pushed the cuff against my face and worked it back down around my wrist.  Now circulation can return to my throbbing hand.  The pain was really intense.  Something I had never experienced before.

In a little while I could move my fingers and got some feeling back.  Now I leaned over and unhooked my other wrist.  I literally collasped to the floor.  My legs were still spread wide so I sort of fell back doing the split.  I don't know how long I layed on that dirty sweat stained attic floor.  Eventually my mind and body started working again.

I managed to untie my ankles and lay there thinking about what almost happened.  I had made several serious mistakes.  I should have consumed much more water before going into the hot attic to prevent dehydration.  I under estimated how rapidly the attic would heat up and just how hot it would get.  I never should have fastened those leather cuffs so loose, to allow them to slip up my hand.

Next time I will know better.  Will there be a next time?  What do you think?


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