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A Memorable Trip

by Thrillski

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© Copyright 2002 - Thrillski - Used by permission

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Hi!  Below is a story that I think belongs on your SB website.  Thrillski is an appropriate nick to use.

A Memorable Trip

I've enjoyed Gromet's site for awhile and have one of my own: or assuming things are working properly.  In any event, I think that I should relay something that occurred to me recently.  [email protected] is my email addy if you wish to send comments.

Some background: I work in the field and only visit the office about twice a year.  I communicate with the office through email and they snail me paperwork.  On occasion, I am to give training sessions whenever the opportunity arises and those they schedule for me.  I had not given a training session in over two (2) years and on this particular one, they scheduled me to go to Atlanta, GA and I am based in Miami, FL.

This is the only time that I am really accountable during my job and since I like my job, I wanted to make a good impression, be all professional and the sort.  As such, I was a little nervous the night before and I couldn't sleep.  Normally I tend to go to sleep around 2AM and my flight was for 8:20 AM.  I thought I would try a little scene to tire me out and hopefully I would go to sleep. 

The session itself wasn't particularly exciting.  I placed some handcuffs around my balls, put some clothespins on my nipples and cock and jacked off to some slideshow that my computer randomly decided to place on the screen.  It took a fairly long time, but I did manage to get to sleep.

I was awakened by my backup alarm clock.  It runs on batteries and is extremely loud and annoying and I had placed it on the other side of the bedroom to force me out of bed.  It is also set to a drop-dead time when I am super-exhausted and I want to get the maximum amount of sleep.  Unfortunately, it does give me a minimum amount of preparation time.

Fortunately for me, I had everything I needed was all packed up and ready to go.  Unfortunately, I needed to be dressed and out the door within five minutes.  I got dressed in typical suit attire and was out the door in exactly five (5) minutes.  I was mumbling and cursing as I was trying to get to the airport on time while trying to deal with Miami rush hour traffic, which qualifies as being a contact sport.  I broke quite a few traffic laws, but managed to make up about ten (10) minutes of time during the drive and thought I was going to make my flight with a few minutes to spare.  I had totally forgotten about the new airline security measures post September 11th and the handcuffs around my balls until I saw the lines at the security stations.  Then my heart skipped several beats.

If I miss my flight, I most likely will be fired and I didn't like the concept of job-hunting in this market.   Try explaining the reason for termination is one question I would like to avoid.  Naturally, I had to get on this flight.  However, there is a pair of handcuffs around my cock and balls and while some Dom/mes like the concept of embarrassing their subs/slaves, I am not among the types that enjoy humiliation stunts.  How do I explain the situation, calmly and yet with urgency, this is what was running through my mind for the twenty minutes I was waiting in line.

Looking back, I am certain I stood out like a sore thumb.  I was sweating, my heart rate was about 150 beats per minute and I'm certain I looked nervous.  I mean, when I was asked how I was doing that day, I barely stuttered something that I am sure was unintelligible.  The alarms going off in the airport and awakening the dead didn't help matters either.  Everyone was staring at me and I am certain I would see men with jackets with alphabet soup letters on them rushing in to see what the matter was.  I can see the headlines now: "Pervert sets off alarm, becomes national joke."

While I was standing there, with my arms raised to the sky and my eyes were closed, I could hear a woman ask what was going on.  The security guard, who was a black man, about 6 foot 4 inches tall told this woman that I had set off the alarm and it was no way a false alarm.  There was a pause and I decided to open my eyes.  This white woman was about 5 foot 2 inches tall, I'd guess weigh about 210 pounds, was looking me up and down and appeared to be the manager on duty.  Then she told the security guards that she would handle the situation and to get the passengers to their flights.

"Follow me Sir." she told me, which I dutifully obliged, thankful just to get out of that embarrassing situation. 

"Are you sure you can handle it Lisa?" asked this security guard.

"Don't worry Mark.  If I get in trouble, you'll know."

I followed her through some restricted areas and into a private room.  Cameras were visible on each hallway and there was one in this room.  This was a room about 15 foot by 15 foot and had a metal detector in it as well as a desk and two chairs.

"WHERE IS IT?" she screamed.  I was stunned by the sudden change in the tone of her voice and promptly froze up.  She noticed and pressed further, clarifying her intentions.  "WHAT IS SETTING OFF THE DETECTORS AND WHERE IS IT?"

"It's attached to my penis."  I weakly replied, looking at the floor in utter embarrassment.


"Handcuffs Ma'am"

"Show me."

As you can imagine, I was shocked by this request, after all, we don't do things like this in the 21st Century, do we?  But images of a nasty job hunt entered my mind and if I wanted to even have a chance of salvaging my job, I better comply.  Plus, I did think at some point I would have to show someone that they were there and I did feel relieved that I was stripping for a woman instead of a man.  I was also hoping that she'd have enough experience doing this and hopefully, I wasn't the first person to do something like this, intentionally or not.

"Are you a SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE?"  Something about the way she said it, the tone of her voice and the way it inflected promptly made me feel at ease.  Maybe it was just the thought, the tension breaker, maybe that she wasn't totally flabbergasted.  Whatever it was, I felt relief, hopefully this embarrassing ordeal will soon be over and I may yet salvage the situation.

"Yes Ma'am" I replied.  Quietly, as calmly as I could make it.

"Spread your legs, hands on your head and close your eyes!"

I complied.  I was a bit stunned by the quickness and the firmness of the order.  But I really wasn't in the position to resist.  Hearing such decisiveness from a woman also had an effect on me as my penis started waking up from its slumber.

"Do not move."  I heard some sounds from the desk and some rustling of metal, possibly keys.  I felt her go towards my cock and figured that she was unfastening the handcuffs.  This was a bit of relief and a bit erotic as you can imagine.  While I was enjoying the moment, I felt something wrap itself around my cock and balls.  Then I heard it click.

"Even if I let you onboard with that, you wouldn't be able to get on your return flight."

"How'd you know I have a return trip?"

"Easy.  If you had been in the middle of your travel plans, you would have gotten it off, even if it meant buying another pair of handcuffs.  You didn't do something like this for a laugh or a dare.  If you had a key, you would have simply removed it as soon as you discovered you were wearing it.  If you had a Mistress, you wouldn't have been so nervous as well as embarrassed.  So, I can conclude that you did this to yourself and honestly forgot that you have it on.  Now get dressed or you'll miss your flight."

I have to admit, she is quite good.  While I was getting dressed, I noticed that she replaced the handcuffs I put on with a pair of plastic pink handcuffs.

"I assume that you will enjoy this little reminder of this experience.  I would not recommend trying to use a hacksaw to remove it.  It is made by a friend of mine and it takes him about three (3) hours to cut through with a hacksaw.  I wouldn't even imagine trying to remove it while it is still on a person.  Here is a card with the name and number of a Mistress friend of mine.  She'll charge you $50 to remove it properly and you'll get your handcuffs back then and hopefully, you can get the relief that it is obvious that you need.  Now, follow me so I can get you on your flight."

I was so bloody relieved.  I was have followed this woman off the face of the Earth and I would have willingly paid $500 to have things turned out so well so far.  I quickly got dressed and took a look at the camera in this room.

"Don't worry about the cameras.  This one is broken and we've been told not to use this room.  So, I use it whenever I get someone who is in your shoes.  This Mistress is training me to become one so that when I retire in two (2) years, I will have a profession to enter and make money at my leisure and draw on my pension."

I dressed quickly, went through the detectors with no problems at all, and she escorted me to the flight, even delaying them for two (2) minutes so that I can get on that flight.  I must get that woman a wonderful present.


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