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Memories of a Small Town

by Sammy4187

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© Copyright 2008 - Sammy4187 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; stuck; F/f; bond; cons; X

I am the original author of this story and you may use it as long as you do not charge it and give me credit for it.


(OPENING SCENE) Very tight shot of a woman's hands typing at a computer keyboard.

(Next shot) Camera pulling back. Woman sitting at a computer. The room is dark except for a light on the table where the computer is . The light is directed onto the keyboard.

As the camera pulls back you can see a large windows showing the city in the distance lit up at night.

The woman's thoughts fade in as she is typing.

My name is Samantha and I cannot begin to tell you how my life has changed since I moved to this city.

My new job was just the thing I needed to breakaway from my extremely normal and dull life in a small town. I've been here six months now, and if you had told me that my life would change as it has, I would have thought you were mad!

My dream of a good job and my own life came true straight out of college. I have it all, money, a great car and an apartment to die for. It's funny, but it seems I don't use it as much as I did. I guess I really don't have a need for it now! I'll explain.

Every thing was great with the job. The people I work with are great and I made friends quickly. There was one woman, Tina, who I became very friendly with. I found we could talk about anything together. We even would go out to dinner on occasions and our friendship grew and grew.

At work one day, Tina came in and asked if I would like to do a little lunch time shopping with her. Tina was very high in the company and for some reason took a liking to me. I really liked her and admired her for her work and beauty.

I was busy and told her I couldn't go. As soon as she was out of sight I changed my mind and I wished I had gone with her. I had not really looked around the city and I could really use the fresh air.

I grabbed my purse and hurried after her. The elevator had just closed when I reached it. I waited and took the next one to the lobby. When the doors opened, the lobby was crowded, I hurried to find Tina but she was gone. I went out to the street to see if I could catch a glimpse of her, but I could not see her anywhere.

It was sunny and warm and I really enjoyed the fresh air. I decided to take a walk and explore the area by myself. I had gone no more than three blocks when I noticed the flavor of the neighborhood had changed. It was more a merchant’s area rather than the tall glass towers that I worked in. The small shops started to remind me of the town where I grew up. People passed by with there own agenda not even noticing me as I walked along.

It was the shop at the end of the street that brought back memories of when I was a teenager. There was a pawnshop on the corner just like this one in my hometown, I stopped and looked in the window. As I looked, I had a feeling there was something in the back of my memory that would not come out. I looked at my watch and found I had about fifteen minutes to spare before I had to start back. I opened the door and a little bell attached to the door announced my arrival. This brought back more memories since the shop in my hometown had one just like it. As I walked into the shop I noticed the worn hardwood floor and how it squeaked when I stepped on a loose board.

As I walked around I thought of my teenage years and how things had changed. Suddenly I stopped and saw something in the glass case that sent a thrill through my body. What I saw brought back a flood of early sexual fantasies. I hadn’t thought about it for a long time and I thought I had out grown them, but here they were staring me in the face again.

I stood there looking down at something I had tried as a young girl to forget because good girls don't think like that!

Handcuffs, there must have been a dozen different types. I had no idea there were so many types. I got that same funny feeling. I stood there just looking. Suddenly a voice brought me out of my trance.

"May I answer any questions for you miss?”

It was the shopkeeper, he reminded me of some one's grandfather.

“No thank you, I was just looking."

He walked back to what he was doing and I wished I had the nerve to ask him to show them to me! I stood there arguing with myself. What the hell's the matter with me I'm an adult and it's none of his business why I want to look at them. I took a breath and called to the shopkeeper.

“Sir, I do have a couple of questions?"

“Could you show these to me?"

He came right over and he had a set of keys in his hand and unlocked the case and slid it open. I asked why some were bigger than others; he told me these were police quality leg-irons. He explained how the handcuffs and leg-irons could be double locked so if you rolled over on them they would not close painfully tight on your hands or ankles. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a small metal object. He reached in and removed the object; he then explained what this new item was.

“These are thumb cuffs, detectives and police women sometime use them because they aren't bulky."

As he talked my mind started to race, I just had to have these! I didn't care what he might thing; I just had to have them for my private naughty games.

“How much for all three?"

I was glad that I was the only one in the shop; I was actually starting to shake.

“Let’s see, handcuffs, leg-irons and thumb cuffs!"

Come on, come on, is he just dragging this out to make me even more nervous!

“That will be fifty dollars!”

I was a little surprised, I didn't thing they would be that expensive but I couldn't back out now. This was the closest to a long silent dream come true and it was within my reach.

I opened my purse and luckily I had the cash. Quickly I gave it to him and he walked to the register and rang the sale up.

“I hope you enjoy yourself, miss ".

I looked up and I swear he had a small grin on his face, which made be blush with embarrassment.

He started to place my purchase in a bag when I asked if I could just put them in my purse.

“Here’s your receipt miss.

He handed them to me and I put them in my purse. Suddenly I noticed a clock on the wall. I'm late, where did the time go.

“Thank you “I called as I hurried out the door.

I ran as fast as my high heels would let me.

When I got back to my office I put my purse in my desk drawer and closed it. I straightened myself up and started back to work. It seemed time started to slow down. About three o'clock I found my self-looking at my purse thinking about the fun I would have tonight playing with my new toys!

“I’ve got to get back to work!”

It was four o’clock, an hour to go before quitting time. I could not stand it any longer! I went to my office door and stuck my head out to talk to my secretary.

“Susan, I'm going to be working on some papers so if anyone comes, I'm busy!"

With that I closed and locked the door. I opened my desk drawer and placed my purse on the desk in front of me. I opened it to look at my new toys.

I had already decided to call them my toys from now on. I pulled the handcuffs out and squeezed them open. The sound was wonderful!

The thought of being helpless and at the hands of another person was just too wicked to imagine. All my fantasies when I was a young girl and all thru college came rushing back to me even stronger. I put the cuffs in my pocket and opened my door and walked out to Susan.

"Susan, you’ve put in a good week of work. You can leave early today. Have a nice weekend”

With that I headed to the ladies room. I checked, I was alone.

I entered a stall and locked it.

I then pulled the cuffs out of my pocket and started to play with them, the sound was just hypnotizing.

Real handcuffs, I just could not get over the fact that I now owned real police handcuffs.

As I stood there I started to think what they must feel like to have them on!

The keys were connected to the links that connected the cuffs together. I removed the keys and put them in my jacket pocket. I squeezed the first cuff open and placed it on my left wrist and closed it one click at a time.

I squeezed it till it was snug on my wrist; I lifted my hand and shook it to see what it felt like having steel locked on my body. I watched as I lifted my right wrist to meet my other hand and opened the other cuff. I closed the cuff around my right wrist and leaned against the door to the stall and held my cuffed wrists out in front of me to see the effect.

I was starting to shake with excitement; here I was a woman with position and power in this company, in the ladies room, handcuffed! It was too sexy!

Suddenly the door to the rest room opened and some one came in. I quickly sat down on the only thing available, praying she didn't try the door to my stall. As I sat there shaking, the other person entered the next stall. I could see her shoes and I wondered who it was and prayed she left quickly, which she did.

I awkwardly got the keys from my jacket pocket and opened the one cuff.

Wow, that was the most freighting and exciting thing that has ever happened to me. I was really excited now. Maybe that was the reason I had to go to the next step.

I placed the keys in my jacket pocket for safekeeping.

I looked at the one cuff still locked on my left wrist and before I chickened out, I brought my hands behind my back and closed the open cuff around my other wrist. As soon as I did I started to struggle to free myself, it was such a rush.

It suddenly hit me that it was getting late and I could really finish my game in the privacy of my big bed. I reached for the key and suddenly realized that getting the key was much harder with my hands behind me. I finally got the key and was having a hard time finding the little hole when suddenly I dropped the keys!
It was just like the movies, the key fell in slow motion and hit the rim of the bowl.

"Please don't go in there!!!!”

The key bounced and landed behind the bowl deep in the corner. I let out a sigh of relief but soon found that I could not reach the keys no matter what embarrassing gyrations I put my body into. The door of the ladies room opened and someone came in. I could tell it was Susan because she had a habit of humming to herself.

What to do, I could not let Susan see me like this! It would be all over the building.

"Susan is that you?"


"Could you run and get Tina, I have a little problem!”

"Can I help you?"

“Tina can help, could you hurry?”

I sat there cursing myself for getting into such a mess! It seemed to take forever for Tina to arrive.

"Are you all right?"

“Tina, I really need a big favor from you right now but you have to swear you'll keep it a secret!”

"If I can help you, sure!”

I reached around and opened the latch on the door.

"Tina, you'll have to come in here."

Tina entered and the look on her face showed she was concerned. As soon as she was in I closed and locked the door.

“What’s the matter dear?”

“You must swear to keep this between us!”

I turned around and showed her my cuffed hands.

"What happened?”

“The key is on the floor and I can't reach it”

Tina looked to where I was pointing but did not reach for the key; she turned and looked me straight in the eyes.

“I’m not going to release you until you tell me how you got into this fix? And you better hurry or I'll tell everyone you are sick and need help in here!”

I could not understand why she was doing this but what could I do? I basically told her my whole life story and my fantasy. When I was done Tina just looked at me and reached out and touched my face.

"Sweetheart, you may not know it but this is your lucky day!”

Tina reached down and retrieved the keys, but instead of releasing me she held the keys in front of my face and then proceeded to slowly lower them into her open blouse to be safely placed in her bra.

"I'll keep these next to my heart, for safe keeping!”

"By the way you better lock the door till I get back!”

With that she quickly opened the door and walked straight out and left the ladies room.

I was in shock!

I was a captive by my own hands. I pulled and twisted at the cuffs, I even started to cry.

Tina returned and knocked at the door.

"Are you still there? Can I come in?"

I opened the door and she entered carrying my coat. She pulled the coat around me and buttoned every button.

"Just about everyone is gone; if you make a fuss you'll cause this whole thing to blow up in your face. Just be a good girl and you might enjoy the weekend!”

"The weekend, what do you mean?”

"You are coming to my place tonight!

With that she lead me from the ladies room and out into the office area. Luckily it was deserted.

We went to her office and got her things and then to my office.

"Where's your purse and case?”

“The case is over there and my purse in my desk drawer”

‘Oh, please don’t let her find my other toys!’ I thought.

"What do you have in this thing, rocks?”

With everything in tow and that included me, we headed to the elevator. The ride down was the most frightening thing in my life. The elevator made several stops and several men got on. Luckily I was in the rear and they really didn't look at me, I kept my head down the whole time. By the time we reached our level of the parking sub-basement we were the only ones on the elevator. The doors opened and I started to move but Tina stopped me. She put the briefcases in the doorway to prevent the doors closing and pushed me to the rear of the elevator.

Tina opened the top two buttons of my coat and kissed the area between my breasts. She kissed me on the lips with such passion my knees almost buckled under me.

After the kiss, my knees were weak and I don't remember the walk to her car. I guess it was uneventful since my next memory was of Tina getting into the car beside me.

"What do you have in this bag of yours, it weighs a ton!”

As she opened my purse, my heart skipped a beat, her eyes opened wide and a big smile came to her lips.

"Well you have been a busy little shopper today, haven't we!!?”

"These are very good quality toys!! We mustn't let these go to waste!!”

She inspected the leg irons and thumb cuff. She then removed the keys and placed them in her bra with the others. Tina got out of the car and walked to my side and opened my door. She squatted down between the door and the car and closed one cuff around my ankle. She then reached under the seat and passed the other cuff around something and then closed it on my other ankle.

“There you are, we would not want you to fall out, would we!!”

She then made me lean forward and she placed the thumb cuffs on me. After fastening my seat belt she closed and locked the door she then walked around to the driver’s side.

The drive was like a dream, we would stop at traffic lights and there were people going about there business just six feet away and they had no idea that I was helpless. As Tina drove she talked as if nothing unusual was going on. I knew my last chance would be when she got me out of the car.

We finally pull into a very upper-class neighborhood, just outside of the city. As we traveled, we were passing driveways but you could not see the homes due to the trees. Finally we reach a gate and she pushes a button on the dash and they swung open. My last chance to escape passes as we drove through and they close behind us. Once they were closed I suddenly realize that I didn't want to escape! This is my fantasy come true.

(Camera shot) Fade to several scenes of the two women playing bondage games. Very soft and beautiful images. One scene fading into another. Finally we see Samantha standing in the window with her hands cuffed behind her, wearing only panties. Samantha is facing the window and if anyone was outside they could see her. Tina is sitting behind her at a distance just looking at her, sipping on a drink.

(Fade back to woman typing on computer)

Several weeks have passed and Tina has shown me such love and tenderness I gladly gave my freedom up to be with her. We still go to work and have lunch with the other girls in the office but none of them could possible guess what Tina and I now share! Sometimes Tina and I have a private lunch in my office. She will sit me on a typing chair and feed me with my hands cuffed behind me and connected to the back of the chair. That is very exciting!

Suddenly Samantha looks towards the door in their apartment, Tina comes in puts some packages down and walks to Samantha.

Samantha stands and moves towards Tina but stops. Camera changes angle and shows the two women's feet. You now see Samantha has one ankle chained and the other end of the chain is connected to a pipe. Samantha takes one step further and must hold her one foot back and in the air so she may kiss Tina because on the chain.

Tina knows how far the chain reaches and enjoys symbolism of the raised foot.

Fade to black.



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