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Memory Lane

by Lee and James

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Memory Lane by Lee and James
New Updated Version with Part 2

Some of this story is as told to James by Lee many years ago. Some is what happened during that time and more is the history since they left high school.  Lee’s words are in Italics 

Behind my house was a fair sized wood which covered about 3 acres wide and about 20 acres long. In the center was a deeper area that ran from the two roads at either end. Lee lived at the East end of this woods and I lived about ¾ of the way west of her. I used the woods to dig a private cave into one bank. From inside my cave I day dreamed and fantasied about captive females serving my every wish while bound. 

One Saturday while going to my cave I heard movement on the path down the center of the low area coming from the East. I hid behind two trees to see who it was. Then I saw Lee. She came almost too where I was and then turned off the path toward a large Oak tree. Once at the foot of the tree she looked around carefully to see if anyone was around. Assured that there was not she undressed. I had not realized what a fine body she had for a 15-year-old girl. Then she put on a loincloth and took a piece of rope out of her bag. Tossing one end over a limb about 4 feet over her head.  Making slip knots in the two ends she slip them over each wrist, pulled a little and did cross over loops until she was almost on her tip toes. (A cross over loop is where you make a loop, then turn it over, and then slip your wrist or ankle thru it). With the last loop on each wrist, she could stand almost flat footed.  Leaning against the tree she played the captive Indian maiden about to be whipped by a cowboy or someone else, I wasn’t quite sure. After about 15 minutes of this, I could hear her exhale quite loudly and look around startled by her own sounds. Quickly she stood on her toes and with some effort loosened the ropes on one hand using her other hand. Then she quickly freed herself, dressed and left.

I could not believe my discovery and wondered how to introduce my fantasies to her without exposing what I’d seen as I did not wish to frighten her off.  Finally, it hit me. I told one of her friends about my cave and where it was located. The next Saturday I waited to see if the cave had any visitors. It did indeed. Of course, all the bondage stuff was hidden but the detective magazines were in full view. Lee and her girl friend visited and laughed about the magazines. As I listened I heard Lee tell her friend that it was a secret and not to tell anyone at school. She promised only if Lee told her everything about her spying on me the next weekend. 

The next week went by ever so slowly. Each day in the halls of school, I would see Lee and had to pretend that I know nothing about her trips to the woods or my cave. Finally Saturday arrived and I quickly pack a bag and informed my parents (who both worked Monday thru Saturday) that I was going to go down to the library and then a movie. I ran as quickly as I could to the cave and then to the tree where I had hidden to watch Lee just two short weeks earlier. After an hour she came by, first she looked into the cave and then returned to her tree. I guess she was feeling more adventures as she tossed a long piece of rawhide over a lower branch on the other side of the Oak tree. Once over she slipped a slipknot over both ankles and did a couple of loops. Then she made another knot in the other end that was over the branch and putting her wrists behind her back she pulled somewhat tight. She tested loosing the knot and it loosened. Next she did one cross over loop after again tightening the slip knot. Testing it again, she could still loosen it. She took one more cross over loop and was almost on her toes.  Then she waited and moved her body as she was getting hot.  Then I realized that the rawhide was tightening on her wrists and ankles and was shortening as she was now totally on her toes. One more movement of her hips and her foot slipped and she lost her balance and fell forward. She let out a gasp as she found herself suspended by her wrists and ankles in a hogtie.  I knew that she was in a lot of pain and almost rushed to help her when the limb bend down and the rawhide moved along the branch and dropped her to the ground. Instantly she rolled over several times down the slope from the tree and stopped.  Slowly she moved her hands and feet but could not loosen the totally tighten rawhide as it had bit deeply into her skin. Finally she started to crawl and then getting up she hopped until she would fall toward the cave.  

Quickly I circled around her, enter the cave, and waited.  After about 10 minutes, I heard a “hello”. I answered “yes, whose there?” It’s Lee she replied so I got up and walked to the entrance to find her now without her loincloth standing very naked before me. I smiled, “it seems that you have decided to present yourself as a captive to me?” Lee simply replied that she had made a mistake and needed help.  I told her that I know about her self-bondage, planned to see her today, and had in fact planned the information about the cave.  She begged for release of her hands and feet as they were going numb. I did so only after tying her elbows close but not cutting off the blood flow and then tying this rope to one coming down from one of the beams. She was still helpless and naked.
“Now I said it is time to talk.”

Long before you could purchase equipment in person or by mail outside of New York and just maybe a few other cities there where those of us who saw the covers and stories of bondage in detective magazines many of which had photos.

During my freshman year in high school, I found one of these magazines in the back of my father’s dry cleaning delivery truck. I put it down the front of my skirt and pulled my sweater over it.
Later that night I looked at the photo story of a female burglar who breaks in and ties up a female dressed in lingerie. After being tied and spanked, she turns the tables while the “cat burglar” is looking for what to steal. She firmly ties up the burglar and spanks her soundly before calling the police. All I can tell you is that it made me hotter than I thought possible. That is when I started to do self-bondage games in the woods. 

My game was being the captured innocent female Indian maiden, secretary, or housewife. However, after a time I stuck with the Indian as she was either naked or almost naked. Being nude is the woods and tied made me feel far more venerable to being taken sexually by whoever found me. Of course, I really didn’t want to be raped but that was part of the fantasy for me.  I found a favorite tree to play round as it had several limbs that were low and various sizes. 

Self bondage when I was young was unheard of in the mid-west and therefore I and others did not have any source for methods, materials etc.  Each time I would play and many times at home, I would look at my young body and wonder what it would look like in 5 years or so. For now, I was 5’ 1” tall about 100 lbs with 32B breasts and flaming red hair.  Not bad I though each time I looked into the mirror.  

My entire life changed the day I learned about James’ cave near where I played. I even fantasized about making noise so he would catch me tied and “helpless”. Of course, I could get loose from the bondage the way I did it. Then it hit me that after seeing his cave and the axe that was there I could push it further, a little and if I got stuck, hop over to the cave and cut myself loose. You cannot imagine how this made me feel on the arousal scale. 

The next Saturday I planned to tie myself differently using wet rawhide like we have seen in the movie “The outlaw” with Jane Russell. (Dating myself now). At first, I tested being able to release myself and then finally just went for the total helplessness and hope that I could get loose or to the cave. At a last resort, I ask my best female friend, Loretta, to come get me if I wasn’t home by 8 PM. If I had been tied until she showed up I most likely would have lost my hands and feet, stupid setup of my plan without testing anything. Finally, I was in the bondage and then I tried to loosen the knots but they would not move. Slowly the rawhide got smaller and smaller and with an orgasm from this I lost my balance and found myself in a suspended hogtie (term learned later). The pain was overwhelming and I grew sick and dizzy. Then the branch bent and I slid to the ground, thank God! However, I still could not get lose.

All I could do was crawl, hop and fall toward James’ cave and the axe. My hands and feet were going numb quickly and panic started to set in. Finally, I reached the entrance to the cave and called a “hello” hoping that James was not there as I was totally helpless and naked. On the other hand, my sex told me that it wanted him there, my sex won. James answered my call and got me inside. I soon found myself tied in another way, totally helpless and still naked.

We talked for several hours about what I like to do and why I do what I have done. James showed me many magazines of bondage and games people play. The more I saw the more I was turned on by it all and my being tied and naked.  Finally, he asked if I wish to play seriously with him on weekends, vacation time and any other time we could get together. My answer came quickly as a loud “yes”. James added “Yes Master”. I swallowed the words and then spoke them for the first time in my life “Yes Master”.

James stood up and moved toward me and before I knew what was happening I found myself tied on my knees before him. All he asked was if I had ever given a male “head” before. I shook my head no and I was afraid of being raped or used sexually for that matter. Then he asked if I have ever had sex of any kind with a male or female. Again, I replied “no master”.  I wanted him to force me but yet I didn’t, I was totally confused but I knew that I wanted to play my game seriously and that was possible with James. I leaned forward and with eyes closed opened my mouth to willing accept his cock. (You have to note that in our day rubbers could not be purchased unless you were 18). Thus, we younger people had to do with only oral and anal sex and I wasn’t ready for him to ram his cock up my ass.

His cum tasted sweet when he suddenly filled my mouth with it and I also gagged swallowing it all.  Just then, I hear hands clapping and Loretta’s voice saying Bravo.
Half turning I saw her at the cave entrance. I soon learned that she like me wanted to play and my setting the stage was a perfect excuse. She had told James about our visit to the cave the week before and he acknowledged that he knew it and was “setting me up for this weekend”. It was at that time that James learned about Loretta’s fantasies about the same subjects as mine, neither of knew about the other.

After Cumming in my mouth, James placed some leather straps to my wrists and waist. I could tell that he had made them from an old horse harness. Once they were attached, he removed the ropes and placed a horse bit harness over my head. The bit had been widened and padded so part of it stuck out and filled my mouth when he tightened it. Tying a rope to the wrist cuffs he lifted me off the floor, my arms quickly started to hurt, but within a minute he tied ropes to the waist strap and I was firmly supported from there as well which almost removed the pain from my arms.

I grew wetter and wetter by my helplessness. I never imagined in my life that one could be so aroused. Finally, he tied my ankles again and I was totally helpless and suspended from the roof of the cave. Over the next four years, I found myself in this position at least once each weekend and several times each week during vacations.

He then turned his attention to Loretta. Ordering her to strip she did as quickly as all she was wearing just a shirt and skirt. Once naked he tied her wrists with leather straps behind her back. Spreading her ankles, he used an old wagon single tree to tie her ankles this wan. Finally, he gagged her the same way and using a rope pulled her arms high up behind her to one of the ceiling beans. Thus, she was bent over and totally exposed. I just grew hotter seeing her ass so open to be used.  James went to one side and stripped. He returned with a huge cock. My eyes almost bugged out thinking about him ripping me open with it and the thought brought me to a climax. After that as I watch I experienced so many small and large climaxes as I experienced my first true captivity. Of course, this was partly induced watching a helpless Loretta being soundly fucked in the ass by James beautiful cock.

I watched in stunted arousal as he slowly started to use her ass. Slowly slipping it in a little more and a little more. Finally, it was all the way in. Loretta just made moans and other sounds of pleasure and pain through her gag. At one point during his slow entry, she attempted to resist. He quickly used his hands to spanking her loudly and very hard on the sides of her ass. Loretta resigned herself quickly to her being a slave and ass fucked after that.

It dawned on my just how worldly James was as compared to us and most likely most of the kids in our high school. No one thought of him as bright and he kept much to himself. Later, maybe we had something to do with it; he joined the debating team and led our school to a national championship.

With a huge moan and a large blast of cum James came in Loretta’s ass. As he pulled out his cum started to leak out her ass and drip to the floor. He quickly put a towel down. After that, he released us both, except our wrists being bound behind our backs. We were still naked but we could have run out into the woods. Then he sat us down on a bench and asked us to talk to him about the future.

We both started to talk at once and then laughed. Loretta stated that since I was tied up first I should go first. I spoke openly about my fantasies of being held captive, used sexually, whipped as captives would be, bound for long periods of time, placed in positions were I could be exposed to others while tied and naked, and I needed some of these things quite often as I did some of them to myself at least twice a week.

Loretta just laughed and said that she was the same. Then we laughed at each other as we had been friends for about three years and never knew or discussed this part of our lives with each other.  

I asked James how long we could play today. After asking a few questions about excuses etc he told us until about 8 pm when it starts to get dark. Then he asked if there was anything special, we wanted to do this first day. I told him that I wanted to be ass fucked like Loretta before the day was over. Loretta stated that she wanted to be helpless and exposed.

James took Loretta just outside the cave and before we knew, what was up she was suspend about 30 feet up a dead tree that had a large pulley attached to the top. Of course, she was supported by wrists and her waist with her ankles tied and gagged.
Once he finished with her he tight me as he had done Loretta. I was confused, how could he be ready to ass fuck me so soon! I was to learn later that boys of 14 – 17 can cum and get another hard on within 15 minutes or a little longer. 

I felt his cock touch my ass hole and I just grew hotter from the thought of being helpless and ass fucked. I could feel each little part of each inch as his cock slowly worked its way into me. It seemed to fill me completely and I thought it would tear me open further once he started to pump. Once he started to pump, I totally forgot about any tearing and verbally beg him to destroy my ass with his cock. I wasn’t gagged like Loretta so I could verbally what I felt. Latter I found myself at the top of the pole for over an hour while James whipped Loretta. I could hear her crying at each blow but begging for more. The silence for a period followed by very loud moans from Loretta and finally a groan from James as he most likely came in her mouth or ass.

Then I was lowered and led into the cave. Loretta was tied hand and foot lying on the floor and fully gagged. The area around her thighs was shiny with her own juices and she was quite quiet. James lifted me to a table tied my hands over my head to a ring and then tied my ankles on either side of the table to additional rings. At first, I was frightened that he was going to fuck me in the pussy which could be me pregnant. Putting a blindfold on me, I felt his fingers and hands move up the insides of my legs. Slowly they approached and I loudly moan as one finger touch that part of me that I use to climax. Suddenly his tongue was touching it and sucking at it. The waves of arousal that washed over me were mind blowing. I wanted him to stop as I was climbing higher than I had ever done by myself before with my hand and play. I soon almost became too much to bear and then my whole body shook and shook in convulsions of orgasms that seem to just keep getting stronger and stronger. I grew dizzy from the assault and cried through the gag for relief but none came what seem like hours. Finally, I was so dizzy that I could no longer function to deny his assault. At that point, he stopped and I slipped in a semi sleep state. I awoke facing Loretta on the floor. Both of us tied and alone. James had left. Looking around we saw our clothes hanging on the wall with a note. The note had large handwriting. If you haven’t escaped and returned home by 10, I’ll come get you. Otherwise make whatever excuse you can and I will see you here again Wednesday after school as we only have a half-day schedule. Arrive naked with your clothes over your arm and the leather cuffs and locks I’ve left with your cloths. Warning no keys for the locks, I have them so don’t play with them at home. Lock your wrists together after putting on the cuffs. There is a knife on the floor across from you. You should be able to reach it and cut your ropes in 30 minutes or less.

Leaving us both in the woods, tied, gagged, naked and helpless just aroused us both again and after we had escaped. I asked Loretta what had happened to her and she told me. I told her the same happened to me. Then it struck me that if James could do that to us why couldn’t we do it to each other? First, I tied Loretta and sucked on her sex until she shuddered with a huge climax. Then she tied me and started to do the same. I asked her to whip my stomach first but not to hard. Searching around she found a riding crop and hit me solidly on the stomach. God the pain shot through my body and returned to my sex immediately. Do it again, I asked. This continued for a dozen strokes and then Loretta sucked on my sex. Again I enjoyed a huge climax but wisely she released me rather than continue like James did or we would never get home.

Over the four years, James taught us dozens of self-bondage positions and situations that we could use to wait for him to arrive at the cave. Strangely enough they involved the use of knife, combination padlocks (night bondage), frozen padlock keys, frozen knifes and string and a few other devices. All these things are now in magazines and articles on the subject decades later. The leather cuffs, harnesses, gags, straps, and other bondage items that you can buy today he made from old barn harnesses. 

One final note James, you taught me more about life than anyone in my life. It was your knowledge and willingness to experiment that made my life a success. I still remember the “slave’s day” when you would allow us to turn the tables so we could experience being on the other side. These days were especially precise as they were few and sometimes far between. However, most of all I remember the final day and night before you went off to war. We all gather at the cave in sadness until you announced that today until 9 am the following morning was to be a slave’s day. What a parting gift you gave us.

When I received Lee’s letter, descriptions of how we met and started our play along with Loretta it brought back so many wonderful memories of those years that I wish I, and they could return to that time and never leave. Endless youth and endless fun.

Lee became a much heavier player that Loretta, in my opinion, she liked to be bound helpless and whipped or flogged almost to the point of blood. However, of course we could only do that when she had at least two weeks to hide her marks and let them heal. Loretta on the other hand like medium whipping, heavy on the display side and prolonged bondage. The tighter and longer the bondage the better. I once took them to an old grain tower near Wilton junction and suspended her naked tied to the chain that ran to the top. Once up there she was about 150 feet in the air. Both Lee and I told her goodnight and left. The next morning we returned to find a very tired, wet, and cold Loretta. The wetness for climaxes. Another time we drove to Iowa City and tied her up in the back seat of the car. Once completed we stopped by a tree (it was about 9 PM and dumped her out. Then we drove to the end of the block and she had to run or walk the entire block totally naked with her wrists tied. The block was one in the area where the University of Iowa students lived. Two boys spotted her just as she enters the car. She barely made it from weak knees.

Our play continued through high school and the summer following. That is until July when I got my draft notice. I returned home 3 and half years later and looked for Lee and Loretta. Both had moved and no one knew where they had gone as they had transferred from the University of Iowa. It wasn’t until Lee’s letter that I learned that she had tried and tried to reach me and had learned at one point that I was some times in New York playing with Bettie Page and June King and she felt like I won’t be interested in seeing her again. How wrong she was then and still is wrong. Therefore, I invited her and her husband to come to Los Angeles and visit The Chateau.

Lee is a Grandmother now and about to be a Great Grandmother. However, she and her husband still play. Bondage games of Mastery and slavery are not just for the young. Of course, the old cock doesn’t come up quite as fast and often but when it does “LOOK OUT”. She still plays the self-bondage games while her husband is playing golf or shopping now that there are no children in the home and they still play outdoors when they go to their cabin in Northern Wisconsin each summer. It was sad to hear from her that Loretta died at a young age, never married, and alone at her cabin where she went to write. She was an excellent write of fantasy books about women. I didn’t know that because she didn’t use her real name. 

As for me, I traveled the world for almost 25 years in the service and government work. Finding girls to play with in almost every country of the world. Then I settled down in Los Angeles, opened the Chateau and found my own “Lee”. That was in 1976, we are still here, and the Chateau still is open to all who fantasize as we did and do with the exception of providing sexual contact.

Why have I chosen to share my thoughts and part of Lee’s letter with you? Because it is as fresh today as it was then. Just yesterday, a young couple called and wanted to come rent a room. When they arrived, she was a stunning redhead much like Lee. They wanted to play a game where she puts herself in bondage and he comes home to discover her secret. Their problem being the self-bondage that she could not get out of. Thus the old warhorse had to show them how to arrange the ropes, noose for the wrist rope and the pull rope to tighten the hogtie. The escape knife had to be across the room. It was OK that I stayed and watched to ensure that she got it right. What a great body, tits to die for, small waist and everything else just perfect. She did it almost right just a single help with the wrist rope while she watched in the mirror and then I stayed while she tried to escape. Not possible. Then I left and he entered to play.

This morning I got a phone call from her telling me how hot she got when I watched her totally naked and finally helplessly bound.  A person other than her husband, and it made her hotter than usual. In addition, that she had gone to the store and purchased the rings and straps needed to ensure that the only way out the self-bondage was by cutting the rope.
She was going to rig the ropes and strap after she hung up. Then she was going to undress and move her items under the window next to the back yard. The yard man shows up at 2PM and she was going to tie herself up at 1 PM, leave the knife across the room so he could see her through the window if it took her longer to get loose than one hour. Finally, just before doing the bondage she was going to call her husband. His drive time from work to home is about one hour.

He called me as well and I told him that his wife had called as well but nothing about what she planned on doing. He stated that her telling him how hot she got from my seeing her and how extra hot she got when you drove home with her hands tied and her blouse open with no bra it would not surprise him if she planned to expose herself to the yard man potentially. All he said was he was going to warn him to not pay any attention to anything in the house. Then he says that he might just fuck her on the table with the yardman going back and forth outside.

Memory Lane Part 2 (or Woods) By Lee and James

Some of this story is as told to James by Lee many years ago. Some is what happened during that time and more is the history since they left high school.  Lee’s words are in Italics 

Behind my house was a fair sized wood which covered about 3 acres wide and about 20 acres long. In the center was a deeper area that ran from the two roads at either end. Lee lived at the East end of this woods and I lived about ¾ of the way west of her. I used the woods to dig a private cave into one bank. From inside my cave I day dreamed and fantasied about captive females serving my every wish while bound.

This came true with Lee and Loretta becoming my bondage slaves. We played at least once a week during the spring and fall. Winter prevented much play as it would be to cold until I built a wall and enclosed the cave and put in an old fashioned pot belly stove to warm the cave. 

Our play progressed to the point where I would hold them captive for days and on several occasions when families were on vacation, weeks. During these times they were never totally out of bondage and always naked. Both Lee and Loretta expanded their personal desires, likes and abilities during these years. Lee became a heavier submissive in the whipping area and Loretta became more a bolder in desire for public exposure. Finally Lee asked me in the spring of our junior year to only use rope on her no matter what I was doing. I told her “OK” and immediately suspended her from a beam in the cave. She hung in this manner for over an hour before she made any sound. Thus I knew that she was not a full slave. As for Loretta she proved both her bondage desires and exposure fantasies just a few weeks later.

Lee and I were playing on a Sunday while doing some crop dusting at one of my Uncle’s farms. Since I used the back seat of the Stinson bi-plane I placed Lee in the front seat tied down low so her head did not show. Of course she was naked and helpless. Several times during the three hours of dusting I rolled the plane so she could see the ground in her helpless bound position. I knew this would get her hot. Finally I lay her down in the space between the front and back seats and while doing the final dusting had her wonderful mouth filled with my cock. Talk about off the ground fun. 

Once we returned to earth I left her in the plane until after dark and then moved her to the car for the trip to the cave. Once we arrived at my cave there was a note from Loretta. It stated that she had missed us and was going to a cabin her parents had purchased for her. We didn’t know it at the time but it was the cabin where she wrote books and later died from a heart problem no one knew about.

The note gave directs to the cabin which was in Northern Wisconsin and about a 5 hour trip from where we were. She informed us that she had previously visited the cabin and had constructed a self bondage spread eagle device behind the cabin. Once she arrived she intended to place herself in the device and await discovery whether or not it was I or Lee or some other person who might rape her.

Since it was night I knew that it would be cold and she most likely had already been tied for at least 5 hours since she stated that she left at 7 AM. Lee and I elected to fly, even at night, rather than drive. Hopefully being able to follow her map by flying low enough to see the highway and roads.

I again secured Lee in the front seat, only with cloths and a blanket this time. Telling my Uncle I was going to visit a sick friend and it was an emergency we took off and with some difficulty followed her map. Needless to say we made the trip without killing ourselves as this is being written.

We landed in an open pasture about a mile from the cabin and hoped we didn’t hit a ditch or cow, neither happened. Then we walked to Loretta’s cabin. Lee having a harder time with her wrists and elbows tied.

We arrived to find a very cold but horny Loretta hanging by her wrists only, no supporting belt. Once we took her down she screams from the pain in her arms and could not lift them for hours. In the morning I told her how much of a fool she had been and that our play was within limits and controlled. This was not controlled and outside normal limits. She agreed but stated that she had to do it once in a while in order to keep the play fresh and to make her hot. It seemed that she and Lee had grown in their desires at about the same pace.  

It was then that she produced the gift from the Gods, condoms. Where did she get them? We weren’t old enough to buy them? She just laughed and told us she now had a place where she could get them any time.  That day, evening, night and the next morning before we left to return and she drove back was spend with both of them in bondage, whipped, spanked, paddled, suspended, crying in pain in the wilderness where no on could heard them and then being soundly fucked for the first time in their young lives. Both lost their virginity that night.

James sent me the foregoing to refresh my memories. I had forgotten the special plane ride where I was cold, naked, bound and finally tied to his cock so I had to keep it in my mouth like a gag.

But the part where I and Loretta lost our virginity will never be erased from my mind. It was such an experience to be helplessly tied in strange woods and left, then whipped and finally fucked in what is called today “the pussy” by James. While he was fucking the helpless Loretta with her arms not even tied as she could not move them it was almost like a “rape”. I was so hot that even in my bound state managed to position myself over her face and forced her to suck my pussy while James fucked her. People say that girls never forget the first time and that person is their first true love and will remain one of their loves forever, it is all true.

I remember that after we cleaned up the mess created when we lost our virginity James tied us to a beam in the center of the room and then whipped both of us. Then he gagged us, tied and ankles and went to sleep on the couch. Each time we visited the cabin over the next two years of school this is how we spend each night. He said that he was doing this because of our increased desire for bondage and pain. Today we would be called pain sluts.

When we returned home and continued our play in the cave and woods we expanded our area of play to include another wooded area about 5 miles out of town. This was done so we could be suspended with nothing but rope and soundly whipped. I remember having to hide whip marks from my mother on several occasions. He would tie Loretta in a tree facing the highway but up in the limbs so someone would have to look at just the right time and angle to see her suspended in the tree and naked. As for me I was tied the same way in another tree some distance away so I could see Loretta and James taking a nap on a blanket between us. If anyone came around James could not have reached us in time to prevent being seen as he was about 2 blocks away on the top of a small rise.

Seeing him so positioned only got both of us hotter. After a few hours of rope suspension, exposure and pain we would return to the cave bound in the back seat of his car where he would torture us more and then use us sexually in one manner or another. Some times at night he would tie us naked in the “rumble seat” of his old Chevrolet. Basically what this is for those of you who don’t know what this is, it is the trunk of the car opening from the top to form a seat. Then he would drive us around country roads and finding a good place tied us to the back of electrical poles and painted our arms and hands with gray clay so they didn’t show as well. Thus cars could pass by us less than 20 feet and not see us at all, but what a turn on!

Finally during our senior year James would suspend us with rope over night at least once a week just to increase the level of pain being given to us.  All this did was make us a little dizzy by morning and horny beyond measure. Usually he would turn Loretta upside down so we could give each other head to relieve some of this horniness. Then he would use us sexually before turning us loose to return home.

I am, to this day, surprised that our parents never questioned us about our overnight activities at each others homes.

Pleasant Dreams 


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