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The Metal Suit

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2016 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; chast; suits; metal; bond; total enclosure; encased; program; control; stuck; objectify; denial; cons; X

The suit lay on the bed, its new steel shining in the light daring her to put it on. Lisa stood staring knowing it had been made for her and made to be impenetrable and permanent without the key, the key she didn’t have. Lisa had been wearing chastity belts and suits for years, she was first locked up by an ex that liked to leave her frustrated for weeks and had craved to be denied touching herself ever since. She had a collection of belts each more secure and more severe than the ones before and her current belt was no excepetion. The suit she was currently wearing had been locked on four months ago and covered her lower torso, hips and ass squeezing her stomach from below her rib cage. The bra was attached by small steel rings and covered her ample breasts keeping them squeezed snugly inside the steel cups. The breast plate followed her neck line up to her chin keeping her head and neck perfectly in line with her spine. The wide thigh cuffs were connected directly to the plate covering her simmering pussy and were held closely together by four short chains keeping her legs together. Lisa craved the restrictions of the steel corset and thigh cuffs and without the steel covering her pussy would have constantly been massaging it. The constant reminder of her inability to satisfy herself made her extremely horny and kept her distracted.

Her company had gone global two years ago and when the offer to buy it came in at ten times what it was valued at she finally saw an opportunity to live her dream of being a human robot and encase herself in tight steel indefinitely. Lisa had worn tall turtle neck shirts with her long skirts since she found her first posture collar years ago. Her daily visits to her company were mostly unnecessary but the activities of her work kept her mind off the burning desires she could not quench. Also Lisa enjoyed being in public while encased in steel under the tight clothes she wore. As she worked on the final details of the buyout she had designed and commissioned the suit she had been longing for.

The company had built almost all her chastity suits and agreed to make the total enclosure suit for her even though they had asked several times her about the assembly/locking set up making sure she really wanted to make it so difficult to get into and remove. Lisa had purposely designed the suit to be a complicated and involved process with it all being locked with the final piece. Lisa had completed her sale of the company and already had everything in her life either settled or being taken care of by a management company. The company would tend to everything involving her home and properties so she would have no reason to be in direct contact with anyone unless she wanted it. Everything else she had set up accounts and had delivery services to take care of her nutrient supplies and could order anything she wanted online.

The suit had come in several boxes last week but she couldn’t do anything but stare at it since she opened it and laid out all the parts waiting for the final paper work to be delivered. She had tried on the tight body suit she had made to wear under the steel and loved how tightly the thick black material gripped her body. The material would wick all her body’s fluids away from her skin forcing them out through the small pores in the suit keeping Lisa’s body dry. Now she stood staring at the shining steel, relishing the thought of putting each piece on until the final piece sealed her fate. She reached out and touched the cold steel on the pointed toes of the boots. She had decided to force herself to learn how to walk in ballet boots and once they were closed around her feet and ankles she would have no choice but to learn. The steel all looked too small to fit around her but she knew she had asked for it to be made to compress her entire body and knew it would be very tight and she hoped she had measured everything correctly.

Lisa tapped on the steel she currently wore hoping the key would show up on time so she could clean herself and lube her body for the first time getting into the suit. Lisa heard the doorbell and pulled herself away from the suit grabbing a robe and ran to the door snatching the package from the delivery man thanking him as she slammed the door. She rushed to her room only stopping to think about removing her favorite accessory and possibly never being able to feel any part of her body again. Lisa cleaned her body stroking her pussy deciding to give herself a much deserved orgasm before stepping into the suit. Sitting down next to the suit Lisa reached for the vibrator she often stared at during her confinement, before laying back she touched the boots and couldn’t resist the urge to slip her feet into them. Lisa shimmied into the under suit sliding it up her legs before stepping into the boots.

The boots were very tight and Lisa spent several minutes working her feet into them before she could squeeze them closed almost climaxing as the small latches clicked closed. Lisa stood in the boots almost falling before she steadied herself and moaned as the tight boots were already causing her leg muscles to stretch. The calf plates were next, followed by the knee joints and thighs covers, all the pieces compressed her body exactly the way she wanted. As she latched each piece she smiled noticing how each piece fit together interlocking with the previous one.

Lisa got caught up in her excitement of the assembly of her dream suit and continued squeezing the steel plates over her body pulling the underwear up higher as she continued. When she wrestled the chest plate onto her breasts having to message them into the steel cups she stopped and looked at the vibrator lying on the bed. Lisa looked down at her encased body and quickly squeezed the chest plate closed forcing her breasts to be smashed inside the plate. As she listened for the latches she thought “I’ll assemble the whole suit except for the locking piece and enjoy it for awhile”. She closed the multiple pieces making up the gloves around her hands and closed the forearm parts snapping them together. Lisa found that the elbow joints were much more difficult to move in than she had thought they would be finding she couldn’t bend either one more than forty five degrees. Lisa stared at the hood that would encompass her head, the small hole at the top would allow her hair to be threaded through it making it the only part of her visible on the outside and solving the issue with her hair continuing to grow.

Lisa closed the hood over her head feeding the mouth piece into her mouth while she eased the steel tubes deep into her sinuses. She opened her eyes and smiled as she looked through the small lenses that would be her only view of the world until she could free herself. Lisa listened to the latches click closed noticing how quiet it got once she closed it and remembered the e-mail from the builder telling her about adding the insulated ear covers so with the under suit she was almost completely deaf. Lisa was covered in steel except for her shoulders and neck and staggered to her long mirror and stood staring at the creature standing in front of it. Lisa turned and posed admiring her new body shape as she panted through the small holes in the mask. The tiny waist the creature had looked too small to support the large breasts and round head with its red pony tail.

Lisa stared for almost an hour squealing behind the mask as she learned her limitations finding her knees like her elbows were much more severely limited in their motion and that bending was only possible if she bent her knees while she leaned forward. Lisa wiggled back to the bed bending her knees as she sat down enjoying the way her legs were forced by the suit to spread slightly as she sat down. Lisa picked up the shoulder plates and snapped the left on around her upper arm and clicked it into the breast plate sealing that arm completely into the steel. When the last shoulder piece was snapped into place Lisa sat gasping for air wondering if she had made the waist too small and tried to flex her cramping feet and was unsure if it was such a good idea to force herself to learn how to wear the en-point boots.

Lisa was still sitting in her silent steel world thinking about the suit as she concentrated on her breathing and decided to sleep in the suit and see how she felt about it in the morning. Before going to bed she set the program that would activate the small motors in each joint slipping a pin locking each joint in whatever position it was in for as long as it was programmed to. The idea behind it was that when she had to have people in the house she would make herself seem like a life size collector piece and also could be used to torment her and keep her motionless. Lisa lay back swinging her legs up on the bed as she turned and tried to get comfortable letting her arms relax in their not quite straight position at her sides. When she felt more than heard the small motors moving she slowly flexed the steel joints feeling each one was locked and she was now forced to lay flat on her bed only able to move her head.

Lisa lay gasping for air for a few hours, the cramping in her legs and feet were soon joined by throbbing in her breasts until she finally drifted off to sleep wishing she had vibrated herself before trying on the suit. Lisa dreamed about climaxing while being trapped motionless in her suit waking with a start still unable to move having a panic attack frightened that something had failed and she was really trapped. Lisa remembered that each pin would automatically retract if power was lost and since she hadn’t charged the suit yet she knew she could never be trapped longer than forty eight hours and calmed down realizing the time had not passed yet for the pins to be released. While she waited she shifted and flexed inside her metal skin no longer feeling anything other than a mild cramp in her legs and feet and was breathing much better. Lisa was enjoying her forced immobilization and really not wanting to remove the suit yet and have to go through the whole process again when she could suddenly move her arms and fought to raise herself to her pointed toes and hobbled into the bathroom.

Lisa fought to attach the needed hoses to the suit but finally had everything hooked up and pressed the button and felt a mild suction on her pussy while she felt the cleaning solution entering her bowels. After a few tense minutes Lisa moaned as the fluid was pulled back out of her and she could breathe easier and noted to lessen the amount of the flushing fluids for the added restriction of her waist. Wobbling back to the bedroom she turned and walked carefully to the kitchen and forced the feeding hose in her mask fighting her steel covered fingers again but managing to attach everything and sucked hard on the hose swallowing the thick fluid down her parched throat. Lisa spent the next two days in her new suit quickly adapting to her new limitations and relishing when she would be immobilized by the timer. On the third day she was ready to remove the suit and force herself to several climaxes before she decided on her final option.

Sitting on her bed the final piece, the tall collar was sitting next to her when she reached for the button to open the shoulder piece when suddenly she felt the motors moving and she was frozen in place. Lisa sat there wondering what had happened when she saw someone enter her room and realized it was her maid and she was looking for Lisa. Lisa held her head still as the maid wondered around stopping to look at the strange statue sitting on the bed and came closer to inspect it. The maid stared at the statue even reaching out and touching it before moving out of Lisa’s sight. Lisa was getting nervous when she felt something being placed around her neck, she couldn’t hear the maid saying “I finish this for the mistress and get a good look at what this thing should look like”. The maid twisted Lisa’s head slightly as she snapped the tall collar in place sealing Lisa inside the metal suit. Lisa felt what was happening but tried to move her head too late feeling the locking pins lock her head and neck from moving and almost fainted as she realized she was now locked into the suit until she could get the keys back.

The maid then left a note on the table and left the house and as soon as the front door was closed and locked Lisa felt the motors again and felt her arm drop back to her side. Lisa turned her head and found she could only move it slightly too either side but could not move it all in any other direction. She forced herself to her toes and staggered to the kitchen table and read the note that said the maid was changing her arrival time and if there was a problem to “contact the service”. Lisa was still stunned that she had been locked into the suit and was still struggling with the tension around her throat making her feel claustrophobic and reached up and pawed at the steel surrounding her head and throat. Lisa struggled with the new piece of her prison while she staggered around the kitchen beginning to panic.

Lisa was gasping as her panic attack grew making herself gasp harder until she fell to her knees and collapsed to the floor. Lisa woke looking at the tile floor and tried to move finding the suit had locked her joints again and she cursed her stupidity for not turning off the timer. Lisa lay frozen face down drifting in and out of sleep noticing the sun was rising as the floor became lighter and finally felt the motors moving and wrestled with the steel suit to get back onto her pointed toes. She wasn’t panicking anymore and her throat felt much more comfortable but her pointed feet and compressed breasts now throbbed. She whined into the mask noticing how little sound came out of her gagged mouth and wobbled to the bedroom desperately trying to reset the timer and finding that with the filtered lenses she was unable to see the read out.

Lisa remembered that the lenses filtered certain colors and the timer was made to display in one of those colors so the detainee could not change the timer only the “master” could control it. Lisa knew if she entered the wrong instructions the timer would lock her joints until it was reset and since no one was around or knew about it she would be trapped permanently immobile. Lisa decided to leave the timer alone and go and try to get her release key sent to her faster taking note of the time so she could plan where she would be frozen in the future. Even as Lisa was realizing how screwed up everything had become so quickly she was also getting aroused by the fact that she was locked inside the suit and the aches and pains were increasing and she was now being controlled by the merciless computer timer.

Lisa limped to her computer and logged into her key holders website wishing she could rub her feet or bend her neck and sat waiting for the screen she needed to come up. As she sat there watching the screen flash she grunted noticing how many colors were blocked or changed by the lenses and thought that as soon as she could remove the head piece she was going to send it back to have them changed to normal lenses like she had asked for to begin with. When the screen finally loaded she checked on the time remaining and was able to just make out the counter saying three hundred and forty five days remain until the release was returned. She grunted again debating if she wanted to change it or not being she had exactly what she wanted and planned for but typed in her code deciding she didn’t want to be held captive by the timer for a year, yet.

The screen to change the release time came up in mostly the color she couldn’t see, Lisa sat staring at the mostly blank screen trying to decipher what she could see and carefully typed in 001 and hit enter. The countdown screen reappeared and she could see she had changed the time to one month. Lisa groaned inside her metal sphere knowing she couldn’t change the time again due to her safe lock she had chosen so she was trapped by her own devices for the next thirty one days. “Well its better than a year” she thought to herself. “Maybe by then my feet will have stopped hurting” she chuckled at the thought and checked the time to make sure she could feed herself before her lock down time came. Lisa was wincing her way to the kitchen when she felt the motors moving and she was quickly frozen in mid step on her pointed toes. Lisa stood unable to move watching her maid move about the house cleaning around her immobilized body only then realizing the maid had only left the note and today was the correct cleaning day.

The maid only stopped to see if she could move the statue once before shivering slightly and tossing a sheet over Lisa’s metal head. Lisa was now totally in the dark unable to remove the sheet over her that was slowly making her air thinner as she began to re-breathe her exhaled air. Lisa couldn’t hear the maid for a long time and stood gasping as she desperately tried to get more air into her compressed lungs. Lisa was starting to panic again when suddenly the sheet was pulled off her then a few minutes later the door closed and she felt the motors moving again. “Damn, I would really like to deactivate the door trigger”. Lisa knew she couldn’t because this was the second time it had kept her from being discovered. Checking the clock Lisa tried to hurry to her bed so she could lie down and relax during her bed time lock down and had just sat down and leaned back when she felt the motors and was stuck half lying and half sitting. Lisa moaned at the uncomfortable position and tried to thrash and force her body to move only to be unable to do anything to change her position and screamed in her frustration.

Lisa was unable to sleep from the new aches and pains in her back legs and arms from the contorted position she was frozen in. When the motors released she fell back on the bed screaming again into the gag in her mouth as her back felt like it was breaking from the sudden movement. Lisa whined still weeping from the pain in her body but knew she had to force some more liquid into herself before lying down and forced herself to her pointed toes and staggered into the kitchen. As soon as Lisa had her fill of her nutrients she was engulfed by her exhaustion and made it back to her bed collapsing on it making sure she was in a comfortable position before falling asleep.

For the next month Lisa got on a schedule learning to keep track of time waiting for her maid in a position where she could watch her having her cover the statue almost every time but learning to enjoy when her air was restricted. Lisa had gotten used to the suits overly tight fit learning to relish it and how limited her arm and leg movement was using her limitations to arouse her when she got desperate. During her time locked up Lisa even added leather wrist cuffs with a chain that was just long enough to allow her to put the cuffs on behind her back where she could hook the chain around a bedpost or stair railing waiting on her lock down while she leaned forward essentially hanging by her steel covered wrists. The other stimuli she discovered was to hold herself in a strange position like squatting on her pointed toes with the chain around her neck holding her hands as close to her head as possible and letting herself be frozen in that position.

All the different poses were giving her more and more aches and pains while she was forced to wait to be released but at least she was feeling something. The inability to feel anything on or with her body had been the biggest surprise side effect she had found making her desperately desire to feel anything. Each day she made notes about the suit and things to change when she could, leaving directions for her maid and property manager having each adjust her environment so she would be truly ready to be locked into the suit for the full year once it was modified again. Lisa was going to have several contractors in the house for some of her changes having planned to be frozen in place while they were there scheduling them to work only during the hours she would be in lock down. All the contractors were fascinated by the apparently posable statue that they would find in different locations and positions each time they came to work.

As the day approached for Lisa to get the key she had gotten totally accustomed to her being an enforced human robot, she was now unsure if she wanted to be free or not. Her body was now fully acclimated as were her skills at moving and taking care of herself, she no longer felt like she was forced into anything but was meant to be what she was. When the small box was pushed through the mail slot she sat staring at the key all night while she was in lock down trying to decide what to do. After waiting two days before finally removing the stiff collar and began the long removal process which left her partially in the steel overnight. Lisa was surprised at herself feeling completely lost and unsure who it was in the mirror as she removed the steel.

Packing the suit was the hardest thing she had ever done even with her strictest chastity suit, ballet boots and largest gag on she still felt naked. She included her notes even though she had been in contact with the company during the last month and they knew what she was looking for and wanted done. Lisa had been told it would be several months before she would get the suit back, leaving Lisa to dream about the changes and what they would mean to her next incarceration. She never even thought about the changes possibly being too much she only dreamed about the added controls and stimuli. The suit would not only be controlled by the computer and timer but now the added controls the internet users would have when they played the “Robot Game”. Lisa had designed the game to test her limits and to add a frustrating element of the unknown and would have it ready to launch by the time she was in the suit again. The wait for the suits return would be long for Lisa and this time she would not be able to change the amount of time before she got her key back forcing herself to stay locked up for one full year this time for better or worse.

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