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By now I had experienced enough "selfbondage" to know what really feels good and what it takes to really "get me off".  I try to go a little farther each time, pushing my limits, and adding that special kinky something to make my ordeal last longer and hurt a little more.

I couldn't stop thinking about what was going to happen to me Friday night into Saturday morning.  If  I didn't chicken out, I was going to take selfbondage to the next level and I shivered when I thought of my plans.

Lucky me.  I was extremely busy at work and Friday morning came rather quickly.  Getting ready for work, I invoked my first rule.  No panties, no perfume and no deodorant.  I want all my senses to come into play tonight and the smell of sex is as important as the rest of my ordeal.

Finally.  Paycheck in my hand.  Stop by the bank.  Drive carefully home.  Don't need a driving ticket now.  Home at last.  Feed the cats.  Lock the door.  Answering machine will pick up any calls.  Eat a bite.  It is going to be a long night.

And now with a big sigh, I get down to business.  First I strip off all my clothes, including my watch and jewelry.  Then I get out my box of goodies.  I screwed a small eye hook between the corners of the old ceiling tiles directly over the middle of a fold out sofa bed.  Then I screwed another eye hook to the ceiling off to the side away from the bed.  I threaded a small nylon cord through both eyelets and fastened a weight to the cord dangling away from the bed.  I used a pair of old antique ankle cuffs for the weight, just to keep with the theme of the evening.  I tied a knot in the other end of the cord dangling above the bed so the cord won't slip out of the eye hooks.

I had previously modified a medium size plastic funnel, adding a wire loop for hanging at the top and fastening a 3-foot piece of one quarter inch flexible plastic tubing to the spout along with a 2-foot nylon cord hanging down, to be used later.  Now with the funnel tied to the cord from the ceiling it was time to make up my bed.

Using two ropes, one for each side of the bed, I proceeded to thread the ropes through and around the steel frame.  One end of the ropes would be tied to my leather ankle cuffs.  Then a loop of the same rope would pull my legs apart at the knees and finally the other ends of the same ropes would be tied to the D-rings on my waist belt.

I wrapped short choke chains around the metal bed frame, right at the corners, at the foot of the bed.  Then threaded the shackle of the combination locks through the rings at the end of each chain.  I then proceeded to attach the middle of a long rope to the middle of the foot end of the bed frame.  At the same place where I had just tied the long rope, I also tied a nylon cord about 2-feet long.  Now I added two more cords, about a third of the way in from the corners, again to the foot end of the bed frame.  I tied more 4-foot ropes that would come up from each side of the bed that would eventually attach to my chest belt and to the D-rings on either side of my collar.

Now with the bed preparations completed, I went to work setting up my power source and timer that has a cord jack for my vibrating dildo to plug into.  I adjusted the knobs for the power to come on every 15 minutes but stay on for only about 2 minutes.  Next I plugged a table lamp into a 60 minute timer that would ensure I would be plunged into darkness one hour after I turn the spring wound knob.

I had previously drilled holes in the back of 2 clothes pins and threaded a small cord through the holes and tied a knot in each end of the 18-inch cord.  I also drilled 2 smaller holes through the pincher ends of the clothes pins.  I now tied the center of the cord from the nipple clamps to the cord hanging down from the funnel.  I stuck 2 needles in the knot to be used later.

By now it was almost 8:30.  I would wait till 11:00 to begin securing myself into complete bondage.  That should allow one hour to complete everything, knowing the light timer would put me in the dark almost exactly at midnight.  I would be trapped and forced to suffer until dawn, when enough light would allow me to work the combination locks securing my wrist chains.

To pass the time, and to stay worked up, I began looking around the internet at various bondage sites.  I popped into bondage chat rooms and tried to fit into the conversation, being carefull not to touch myself when the topics got too hot.

About 10:30 I couldn't wait any longer.  I put on my collar and secured it in place with a small brass padlock.  Then I fastened on my locking waist belt and a belt that goes around my chest, under my arms, and above my boobs.  Next I loop a rope from the back of  my waist belt down between the cheeks of my ass, through the ring on the end of a lubricated butt plug.  I insert the plug and pull the crotch rope tight forcing the thing in deep.  I twisted the ropes and tied them off to the front of the belt.  Now I insert my dildo with its dangling power cord.  To keep it from sliding out of my wet spot, I force a loop in my twisted crotch ropes around the dildo.

I tore open a package of foam ear plugs and stick them deep in both ears shutting out all external sounds.

Instead of wrist cuffs, I use  2 short choke chains with rings at each end.  I inserted my middle finger into one ring, then with the chain hanging down the back of my hand, I loop the chain all the way around my wrist and secure it in place with a small brass padlock.  Then I do the same to the other hand.  This allows about a 6-inch tail of chain, with rings, that will be secured by the combination locks to the chains from the bed corners.

I this point I am so worked up that my breathing is erratic and heavy and I know I am drippy with wetness.

I gag myself, first with a red ball gag that slips easily behind my teeth.  I buckled the strap tighter than usual after making sure the hole that runs all the way through it is lined up for my head harness.  I slip my head harness, with it's big leather patch, over my mouth into place.  I adjust the straps on either side of my nose and on top of my head before buckling the strap in back which forces the ball gag further back in my mouth.  I now fasten the chin strap extra tight.  Now there is no way I can make a sound or push the ball out of my mouth.  The leather patch has a half inch hole that lines up with the hole through the ball gag.

It is almost 11:00 PM.  I go to the freezer and get out the special ice tray and begin filling the funnel with cubes.  The now heavy funnel falls toward the bed pulling the weight up.

No time to waste.  I turn the knob on the 60-minute light timer to maximum turning on the table lamp.  Then I turn out all other lights in the house and open the picture window curtains.  I grab my ankle cuffs and 4 black leather dog collars and very carefully get on the bed, with my feet at the head end of the bed.

Sitting up, I fasten on the ankle cuffs and tie a rope end to each cuff.  I lay back down and pull on the rope loops by my knees.  This pulls my ankles wide apart.  I put a dog collar around both knees, through the rope loops and then I pull on the end of the ropes coming towards my waist.  By pulling on the knee ropes and taking up slack at my waist, I force my ankles and knees so wide apart that it hurts.  Then I tie off the waist ropes to the D-rings on my waist belt.

I reach back over my head and feel for the 2 long ropes ends coming from the middle of the frame.  Each rope now goes over my shoulders and gets tied to my chest belt.  Now I can't raise up.  The long ends of the same ropes are tied to my waist belt and on through my crotch.  I can barely raise my butt enough to slip my hand under my bottom and pull each rope out and around me to be tied off just below my navel.  I still have about 3-feet of rope left that I twist around and around and tie off to the D-ring at the front of my collar.

I fumble around for the other 2 dog collars.  After buckling them in a 6-inch circle, I thread the ropes coming up from the sides of the bed frame through each collar and then tie the ropes to the sides of my chest belt.  Then I attach the last remaining side ropes to my neck collar D-rings.

At this point I cannot move my naked body body more than an inch in any direction.  Only my arms remain free.  I feel for the power supply cord wrapped around the bed frame and plug my vibrating dildo in to it.  Reaching back behind me I locate the the small nylon cord to tie to the top of my head harness.  As I do this I am aware that the leather patch really pulls tight against my mouth and drives the ball gag even deeper.  Again I reach back and find the other 2 nylon cords closer to the corners of the frame.  These I tie to the sides of my head harness.  Now I can barely move my head and will have trouble turning my head to open the combination locks.

I push the end of the plastic hose, hanging down from the funnel, through the hole in the leather patch and on into the ball.  Instantly I taste the bitter flow trickling down the tube from the melting cubes of frozen piss.

I grab for the dangling clothes pins and without hesitation clamp one on each nipple.  I carefully pull a needle from the knot, where it has been stored, and begin pushing it through the small hole in the clothes pin.  I take a deep breath and push it all the way through, from one side of the the clothes pin, through my nipple and out the other side of the clothes pin.  The sharp pain is intense but no turning back now.  I do the same with the other needle and now both nipples are pierced and the clamps cannot slip off.

I work my arms through the dog collars laying on either side of my chest belt.  They will keep my elbows in place.  Now, with some difficulty, I reach for the combination locks waiting for my wrist chains.  After several attemps, I get the rings from my wrist chains around the shackles and line up the shackle with the hole in the lock.  My fingers close around both locks.  The moment is here.  I'm breathing hard through my nose. I can feel sweat trickling down under my arms. 

Suddenly the vibrator springs to life and maybe by reflex action I snap both locks shut.  I can still get loose.  There is surely time to work the dials.  The vibrator is doing it's job.  I'm tied so tight.  It feels so good.  I try to move a little to feel my bonds.  I realize that eventually the funnel will be pulled up by the weight and the pull on my nipple clamps will cause intense pain.  I don't know if I can stand it.  Maybe I better work the locks.

Then the vibrator stops and with a blink I'm plunged into total darkness.  It must be midnight!


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