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Midnight in the Thunderstorm

by Lady Katherine

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© Copyright 2006 - Lady Katherine - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; leather; outdoors; stuck; cons; X

  Gromet, first let me say that I've been enjoying your site for many years!  I've been asked by some friends to submit some of my email reports to you and I've finally gotten the courage up to do so.  This is an actual account of a real self bondage session that I have done.  I have a few other reports already written if you'd like to use them.  Please drop me an email and I'll send them to you.  Many thanks, Katherine.

The Story that follows is true.

Last night I decided to get into a deep SB and fetish session early.  So, after prepping things I took almost an hour and a half to get dressed.  First my double dildo panties were very liberally KY'ed and slid into place, always a good feeling, penetration that moves with me.  For underwear I put on latex bermuda cut shorts, a halter top like latex bra and latex stockings.  Next I put on latex opera gloves.   

Then I struggled into my back zip latex catsuit.  Never an easy thing to get into, it was a lot tougher and a lot more fun wearing my panties.  Then after that I laced on a black latex corset.  It's boned but not really very restrictive, more for effect I think.

Now comes the next layer.  Leather opera gloves, leather catsuit, this one front zips, and a leather full corset that is double boned.  This one is very restrictive and limits my movement quite a lot, as well as severely shrinking my waist.  The true fetishist will see that I didn't remember my feet, and after the corset, boots were not something I could manage, so I went with black 2" pumps.  Not very special I know, but it was the best I could do.

So, there I was, all dressed up and feeling exceptionally good.  I went online to see who I could brag to, and found someone who has been very special to me for years.  He knows who he is, and the rest of you should thank him for sharing me.  :)

Over the years we've helped each other in "similar situations" so I wasn't surprised when he suggested something very hot that sounded fun and do-able.  I had intended to take a short walk outdoors after it got dark, but he suggested I go for a drive, perhaps to a park or something.  I knew just the right place, a scenic overlook not too far away that has a nature trail, but is seldom used.

Of course just walking would never have been enough, so we worked out some restraints and I took them along in the car.  Let me say that the garage light had me a bit worried as I backed out into the street!   When I got to the park, it's about 15 minutes from my home, the place was empty.  I parked in the back, under the trees and got out my gear from the back seat.  I had put all the keys to the locks in the trunk before I left the house.  I need to mention that other than the keys and my snow brush, the trunk was empty.  You'll understand why I say that soon.

Sitting on the picnic table I managed to bend far enough backwards to lock leather ankle cuffs on and connect them with a ten inch chain.  In the middle of that chain I locked another, I don't know exactly how long.  Around my waist I locked a chain, tightly, and the free end went between my legs and locked to the waist chain in the middle. With my waist corsetted, the chain will not slip down.  In the front I had also locked a 2" steel ring.  I passed the chain from my ankles through the ring so it could slip.

This was the time for some final decisions.  I had been asked to use a ball gag and lock it on with the key at home.  I decided that I'd be unable to remove it and just buckled it on.  Except for my hair and face, and the chains, the red ball was the only thing not colored black on me. I had also considered wearing a hood, but thought better of it, although I'm not sure why I didn't now.

Now came the one of the best times in Self Bondage.  That final lock, the last click before you are caught!  On my wrists I locked leather cuffs.  The buckles lock separately, and there are big D-rings for attaching chains.  I was shaking as I locked the final lock.  I had enough slack to walk hobbled if I let my wrists go to the belly chain, or I could reach up higher if I pulled my legs up.

I sat and watched a huge thunderstorm roll by off in the distance.   There was a lot of wind keeping me cool and keeping the bugs away as well.  Later I found out that there had been tornados and severe hail not far away, but I never felt a single drop.  I was at peace for awhile, just relaxing in my fetish, enjoying all the stimulation and some discomfort too. I won't tell you how many orgasms I had last night, I don't actually know.  They started as I was getting dressed and continued after I got home, which took longer than planned.

When I finally felt like I'd been out long enough, though not a single car had passed, I went to the trunk to get my keys.  I had kept the car and house key with me the whole time, so I knew I could get to the others easily when the time came. When I opened the trunk, the light worried me right away, but I was still very alone.  It was then that I discovered my mistake.  I knew my keys were in there, but I couldn't find them!  I used the brush to search as well as I could, but nothing I did turned up the keys.  I had a sinking feeling when I realized where they were.  Last summer I had a flat tire that a tow truck guy changed for me.  Later, at the tire store the guys put the spare back under the trunk.  Ever since then there had been a small crack under the carpet.  I stared at it awhile but I knew I could never climb into the trunk, undo the thing holding the tire down, move the tire and get to my keys.  Not here, not in this predicament!  I was sweating rivers and by now I was feeling the need to pee coming on.

I went back to the picnic tables and sat for awhile longer.  I needed to catch my breath as the realization had caused more orgasms.  By bending as far as the corsets would allow and pulling my knees up to my belly I managed to unbuckle the gag.  By there was not one thing I could do about my bondage or my outfit.  I couldn't have covered myself even if I had brought an overcoat, which I usually do on these adventures, but hadn't this time.

Now I knew what I had to do.  My only possible escape was to drive home and see if I could manage something there, or worst case, call my sister for help. If you've ever worn a corset you know that sitting up straight is the only thing you can do.  I imagine some of us have even driven a car while wearing one.  Now try it wearing double penetration panties and unable to use your hands to help yourself sit down!

I suppose driving while bound is almost as bad as driving drunk in some ways.  I had to almost let go of the wheel to reach the pedals, then I could set the cruise and drive more normally with my legs pulled up to the seat.  Luckily I saw only a couple of cars and no deer wandered out in front of me.  Perhaps I have the weather to thank for that small blessing.

Once back in my closed garage I struggled for awhile , but there was no way to get at the keys while I was bound.  I had tried to hold my bladder for awhile, but even if I had been in the bathroom with all the keys I could never have held it long enough.  I've been forced to do that before, and I still don't care for the extreme humiliation that wetting oneself brings to me.

After realizing I had no choice I went back to the house and relaxed awhile, it was about three in the morning and I had no doubt that my sister would be a bit mad when I called her.  I dozed half in and out of sleep until my bladder woke me again, then managed to wait until almost five before giving in and calling for help.

My sister is a great, forgiving and understanding person.  So is her husband.  She came right away, about 15 minutes travel for her, and got into the trunk of the car, brought the keys in to me and never asked me anything but if I was ok and if I needed help.  After she left I got free and began the long undressing ritual.  I always remove my latex in the shower, but this time it was especially nice to feel the cool water on my sweaty, itchy and just plain tired body. Once in my bed, at about 6:30 this morning, I locked the chains back on my now naked body and drifted off to a pleasant sleep.

I hope you've enjoyed my adventure, Lady Katherine.



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