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Miles Part 1 - The Journey begins...

by Nightguy

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© Copyright 2008 - Nightguy - Used by permission

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Part 1 - The Journey begins...

The last light of the day was fading from the sky when Susan pulled into the small factory parking lot forty miles from her home. She had timed things rather well, considering all the stops she had made on the drive up, and for the first time that day fully realized just what she was doing. It was madness, totally insane and dangerous, and if she didn’t end up arrested… or even worse, assaulted, she would be pretty surprised. And yet, how long had she been planning this? Three years, maybe more. Time needed to test out certain ideas, work out kinks, and get up her courage. Time needed to make sure that she was as prepared for this, her most difficult self bondage adventure ever, as she could be! It had been a long time coming and she was ready… or at least hoped so.

These were just a few of the thoughts flying through Susan’s head as she parked her car in the far corner of the nearly deserted lot. The engine off, she forced herself to concentrate and looked about carefully before making a move to the door. The factory, who’s lot she was using, was a small industrial place about five miles south of one of the small farm towns that dotted this highway like beads on a string. Why it was way out here in the middle of nowhere, with no neighbors apart from fields of corn and sunflowers, Susan didn’t know. But its isolation was a godsend and the main reason she had driven so far from home to submit to this challenge. It was the only place in farm country where she could leave her car for a few days, and not have it noticed. There were cars here all the time, even when the factory was closed as it was right now, and hers would get lost in the crowd. It was important because the last thing she needed was for her car to be noticed and maybe towed away, although that was still a risk, even here. But if Susan had learned anything at all from years of self bondage was that risks could never be completely eliminated, only managed. And parking here managed this one. So, this step complete, it was time to get on with what really mattered, her challenge.

It was quite dark where she was, the setting sun almost completely gone now, and Susan felt confident that she couldn’t be seen as she stepped out of the car. A trim young woman, a hair under five foot, she looked quite attractive in the T-shirt and shorts that she wore. Although what might have caught the eye of anyone looking at her was the metal band about her throat, and its mates around her wrists and ankles. But there was no one to see her now, Susan at least hoped, and without letting herself think about it too much she slipped out of her clothes until the five metal bands were all she wore. The clothes went on the back seat, and Susan took a moment to stretch, stepping away from the car and into the warm night. It was late summer, the forecast calling for no rain at all for at least a week, and even the night time lows for the next several days were going to be in the low 70’s at the very least. Right now it had to be at least 85f, and a warm breeze caressed Susan’s naked skin in a way she always loved.

This wasn’t her first time outside nude, oh no. She was quite used to being naked under an open sky. But these first few moments, when the clothes had just come off, were very special to her. But she knew she had little time to enjoy it like this and was content with the thought that if all went to plan, she would be nude under the stars for quite a while yet and could enjoy it then! But now, there was work to do. After first grabbing a can of bug spray and giving her body an all over coating, she reached into the car and pulled out a very carefully packed bag. She had lost count of the number of times she had checked and rechecked its contents. So much of what she had planned depended on her getting everything right. Even her life may depend on it! So she didn’t think her caution obsessive. Instead, she emptied the bag, one item at a time, on the hood of her car. Counting the few items in there and checking once more that all was as it should be. It was, and with her heart thumping hard in her chest she got to work.

The bag contained chains and locks, all with a specific purpose. It was an outfit designed to place her in inescapable bondage until she got the keys needed to free herself. The cuffs she wore on her wrists and ankles, and the collar about her neck, were already locked. And the keys for those were at home. In fact, it had been two months since she had last taken off her collar, and even the people where she worked had gotten used to her wearing it. Her collar would not be a part of her bondage tonight, but Susan couldn’t bring herself to take it off anymore. It symbolized a part of her she cherished.

But her mind was on the task ahead, and moving quickly in case she changed her mind, she took an eight inch length of chain and two locks, and fastened the chain to the rings attached to her ankle cuffs. The click of the locks closing sent a shiver of excitement through her, and Susan knew that the point of no return was fast approaching. The next chain was sized to fit about her waist with about six inches left over, and with the click of another lock this too was now securely fastened to her body. With her slim waist and wide hips, there was no way this chain was coming off without the key to the lock. The next chain was very short, only five inches, and Susan locked one end of it to the ring on her left wrist cuff. She knew that just two more locks committed her to her challenge… two more clicks.

Susan couldn’t deny she was nervous. She wasn’t worried about the bondage, she had worn this exact arrangement of chains and locks so many times now it was like putting on a familiar dress. To prepare for this challenge she had even spent a full weekend chained like this, just to get used to the difficulties of moving. What made her nervous though, was the thought that unlike those times in her own home, she would be helpless and vulnerable in a way she had only dreamed about before. Could she do it?

Susan knew that she could, that she had to, or else all her planning and dreams would be for nothing. She had to go through with it. So taking a deep breath she reached behind herself and locked the other end of the short chain to her other wrist cuff. This left her hands behind her back, but she wasn’t done yet. She knew she was limber enough to pass her hands over her butt and round in front of herself. So one more lock, the final one, the one that connect that six inch of excess chain about her waist to the chain connecting her cuffs. THIS was the point of no return, for as she closed that last lock her thoughts were twenty miles away, where the keys to all her chains lay hidden next to the highway that passed right by this small factory parking lot. Twenty miles!

Her hands now locked behind her, Susan pushed closed the open car door, locking her clothes inside, and that was it. She now had a twenty mile walk, naked and chained, to find the release to her chains. Then another twenty miles, no longer chained but still naked, to get back here to her car and in turn back to her home. She could only manage eight inch steps, so she knew it would be a very long walk. But she had planned for that, planned for everything… she hoped. It would take her days to get there… well, nights really, because she could only travel by night to avoid being seen by anyone. And during the day she would have to find a hiding place where she could sleep and hopefully be safe until night fell again. For food she had placed every two miles, a small bag with power bars and water and other needed items… the stops she had had to make on the way up here. And there was nothing else to aid her. No emergency key… no safety person… nothing. Susan had no choice, she had to do this, and as scared as she was she was also excited beyond imagination. Her big challenge was now upon her, and it was time to begin. So, keeping a careful eye on the highway ahead of her, and the quiet factory behind her, Susan took the first steps of her journey.

* * * *

Stars. It’s amazing how many there are. And on a clear night it seems you can see forever. Susan loved looking at the stars. She loved driving out of town, away from the rude city lights, to find a place where she could take off her clothes, lie in the tall grass and look at the heavens. She was doing this now, long grass tickling her naked body while the night sky glowed above. But the glow wasn’t entirely due to the starry sky, for a loud rush of air raced past Susan not more than ten feet away before fading into the distance.

Susan waited a few seconds before lifting her head, knowing that cars sometimes came in groups, like some demented herd animal racing around the countryside. But the glow of headlights faded and all went quite, so she scrambled to her feet only to see tiny red tail lights shrinking in the distance. This was how it was walking the highway at night. In this flat countryside she could see cars coming a mile away, their headlights lighting them up far sooner than they could possibly see her. This gave her time, even with her feet hobbled, to find a hiding place. That hiding place was usually one of the ditches on either side of the highway. But all she needed to do was scramble down them a little way and duck. Drivers, traveling at night, seldom paid any attention to what was by the side of the road, and their headlights only lit her up for a second if they reached her at all, so no one even noticed she was there. Despite having people pass only ten feet away from her, Susan knew this to be the safest sort of encounter she would get with other people on this trip.

Back on the highway she brushed a few loose stones off the bottom of her feet, and continued on her journey. She had only made about a mile so far from the factory where she had parked her car, but she felt she was doing okay on time. She was well practiced in walking in an eight inch hobble, and even though the steps were short she could still keep up a ground eating pace. As long as she was on the paved highway, she knew walking wouldn’t be much of a problem. Her pace steadied after a minute, and her chained up body moved without much input from her mind. Her feet knew just how far to travel without jerking the chain between her ankles, while her shoulders occasionally moved and rolled in an effort to stave off the cramps that came with having your arms bound behind you. Her thoughts, while she walked, were pretty scattered.

Are there cars coming?

Why am I doing this?

Damn, I stepped on another rock!

This breeze feels wonderful.

God, I feel so naked!

I’m thirsty.

I hope no one sees me…

…and so on.

Susan also fantasized, one of her favorites being where she has just escaped from an abusive Master, and how she could gain her freedom if only she could reach a free zone where slavery was abolished. But she had to watch out, because anyone traveling in this area could capture her and take her for their own. Yes, she had fun with that one, especially when hiding from cars. Another bright light on the horizon, and Susan changed course yet again to head for the nearest ditch.

Navigating the slope of a ditch with your arms cuffed behind you and your feet hobbled was an acquired skill for Susan. For several years now she had been coming out to places like this in the middle of the night, at first just to be naked in the great outdoors, but eventually to play bondage games. She knew the bruises you could get falling into a ditch rather than walking into one, and several times had taken an all over bath due to the ditch in question being full of water! But she learned how to place her feet and how to shift her weight so that for the most part she wouldn’t get into trouble. So she was easily able to duck down and hide as three cars in a row zipped past, all completely unaware that a naked and chained young woman was only a few feet away from them. And this was how her trip continued, happily uneventful even though there was a lot of traffic for her to deal with. Susan knew that as the night went on that the traffic would die down to almost nothing, so she wasn’t worried about the time she lost in hiding. Her concern at this point in her trek, was not missing a particular mile marker.

And there it was.

Susan had prepared well for her challenge. Every two miles she had placed a care package for herself. A small black bag locked to the mile marker so she couldn’t take it with her. Inside were some granola power bars, two bottles of water, some Band-Aids, a bag of wet wipes to act as toilet paper, and a small can of bug spray. The bag itself she covered in loose dirt and gravel, so hopefully it would go unnoticed by cars driving by. But as this highway wasn’t exactly a place for pedestrians, she wasn’t too worried about them being discovered. When she got to the first bag of her trip, she gingerly stepped across the gravel shoulder of the highway so she could reach it, sitting on the ground with her back to the bag while she had a rest. Two miles, not a bad start, or so she thought. But even that short distance had her legs a little rubbery, her muscles protesting the high number of short strides they were forced to do. But Susan felt happy, everything was going as planned.

From touch alone, another benefit of lots of practice and planning, Susan brushed the soil from the bag and dug out a power bar and a bottle of water. The power bar she unwrapped and balanced on end against the side of the bag, while the bottle she opened and stood nearby. Then she got up, turned around, and delicately picked up the bar in her mouth and started eating. To prepare for this trip, she fed and watered herself this way for a whole weekend once, and practice paid off. Even with her hands locked behind her, she was able to take care of herself. One major obstacle overcome. Feeling better, she reburied the bag and got back to the highway. She knew she couldn’t rest for long at these stops, not if she wanted to make the distance. Traveling at night during the summer, when there was more daylight than darkness, meant that she had a limited time to get anywhere. She had to go!

So back on the highway, the routine continued. It was shortly after she made her third stop of the night, six miles into her twenty mile journey, that Susan saw the sky beginning to lighten in the east. The sun was coming, which was bad news. Susan knew she had to find cover as soon as possible or be discovered. This was something she had also planned for, in a way, by her choice of what stretch of highway she intended to travel. Because of the things she needed, her choices had been pretty limited, and even the twenty mile section she had finally picked wasn’t perfect. But what made this highway a better choice than most, was the river. There was a small river running somewhat parallel to the highway, with a tree belt on both sides. At its closest, the river was only a quarter mile away from the road, but at its farthest it was a full mile. The trees would be a good place for a naked girl to hide during the day, but getting there would be a battle because the only paved highway in the area was the one she was now on. Every other road around was a gravel one.

Making the trip on gravel roads would have solved a lot of problems for Susan, but she knew that it would have killed her feet. She wouldn’t be able to do a mile, let alone twenty. But she also knew that she couldn’t avoid them entirely, they were her only route to safety unless she wanted to try crossing plowed fields full of sunflowers, wheat or corn. Not really an option! So she continued down the highway as fast as she could, and turned east toward the river at the first dirt road she came to.

To her dismay, this was a well traveled one. It wasn’t the traffic, but the fact that the ground was very hard packed, which meant that the loose gravel on the top had no give to it. She couldn’t move near as fast now, her eight inch hobble not giving her poor bare feet much of a choice where they could set down. Susan had thought about possibly wearing shoes for the trip, but it had never settled right with her. For Susan, to be naked meant to be barefoot as well as bare bodied. It really added to the sense of vulnerability not to have any shoes on. How could you FEEL your nudity with your feet insulated from the ground? So Susan struggled with the tiny sharp rocks that she kept stepping on.

The sky kept getting brighter, revealing to the naked girl the tree line she was trying to get to. It looked so far away but Susan was committed. There really was no place else to go! She had thought about simply sneaking into the middle of a field, the almost fully grown crops well able to hide her. But the thought of some farmer choosing to work that particular field and finding her made her shudder, not to mention the fact that the unaware farmer might find her with his tractor by running over her while she slept! So fields were out.

It was as the sun itself started peaking over the horizon that Susan made her goal, and with relief she stepped off the gravel road and onto the softer ground under the trees that bordered the river. The land sloped toward the water here, so Susan had to make her way carefully into the brush, on the look out for poison ivy and anything else that would harm her unprotected naked body. But once she was out of sight of the road she settled into a thicket, and lay down on her side. The ground felt so good to her after her long night on the road, and without another thought she fell asleep.



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