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Miles Part 2 - Fear or pain!

by Nightguy

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© Copyright 2008 - Nightguy - Used by permission

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Part 2 - Fear or pain!


Susan awoke to a panic because she thought she heard voices.

The day was very bright despite the cover she was under, and that fooled her for a moment into thinking that she was completely exposed. So she froze like a frightened deer while her tired brain tried to catch up with her fast beating heart. There WERE voices, but not very close. Far enough away that Susan was able to relax and calm down a little. She lifted her head and took a careful look around, but she seemed safe in her little sanctuary which made her a little happier. The voices sounded like boys, not men. But not young boys either. Whoever they were they seemed to be having a good time, yelling and joking with each other. And there was also another sound, splashing water. Susan figured that they had to be in the river or close too it. So that meant they weren’t that far after all.

She thought about just lying there for a while to wait them out, but both her curiosity and the stiffness in her muscles got the better of her. She just had to get up and see. So she very carefully got to her knees, all the time watching out for anyone who could see her. Still no discovery, so she crawled slowly forward toward the voices as best as her eight inch hobble would let her and soon saw the source of her panic. It was boys, four of them. Fifteen, sixteen, maybe seventeen years old. They were in the river tossing a football about. Susan called it a river, but it was hardly big enough to qualify as one. Maybe twenty feet wide at the most. The road she had followed in crossed over the water using an old wooden bridge maybe four feet above the surface of the water, before climbing the bank on the other side. Across the river was parked a couple of cars, obviously belonging to the boys. But they seemed to have set up camp of sorts on Susan’s side, for there were a couple of ice chests and a lot of clothing scattered around an unlit fire pit.

Susan took all this in without really thinking about it, because her attention was on the boys themselves. They were all skinny dipping, and Susan thought that was just great! She smiled as she admired their lean teenage bodies and had a quick little fantasy as to what might happen if she was discovered. What would four young curious naked men do to a helpless naked female! Susan couldn’t help smiling. But she knew the reality would probably not be up to the fantasy. At best, they may call the police on her. At worst… well, she didn’t want to think about that or her courage for the whole trip would leave her. Besides, the longer she knelt watching the boys splashing in the water, the more pressing another need began to feel. She backed up slowly, got shakily to her feet, and shuffled behind a tree so she could pee. Of course with her feet bound she couldn’t miss herself entirely, but that also was something she had resigned herself to when planning all this.

As she slowly moved back to where she could watch the boys, she looked at the sky to try to figure out what time it was. How long had she slept? How long would she be stuck here until dark? Susan wanted to know, because now that the boys were close she couldn’t even walk through the trees to gain some distance on her journey. She had thought that if conditions were right, she might make a mile or so under cover of the tree line. But she was on the wrong side of the road, and there was no way she could cross it without the boys seeing her. It wasn’t as if she could simply run across. That meant a long afternoon and evening, from what she could tell. But at least the scenery was nice!

Susan was still watching a couple of hours later, while fighting cramps in her arms and legs from all the inactivity. She was also hungry and thirsty, but food and water lay two miles away on the highway, so that wasn’t even something to try for. She tried to block out her own discomfort by keeping an eye on what the boys were doing. They had all been in and out of the water a few times to get drinks from the ice chests. They played ball, or simply floated and talked in the slow moving water. But what changed things was the arrival of another car.


Three of them, the same apparent age as the boys. The girls got out of their car and crossed the bridge on foot, laughing and calling out to the naked boys in the water. There was a lot of good natured taunting from both sides, and the girls teased the guys by gathering up their clothes. It was evident to Susan that they were all good friends, for the boys didn’t seem all that embarrassed by being discovered, and her suspicions were confirmed when one of the boys calmly stepped out of the river and moved toward his tormentors. The girls shrieked and laughed, but Susan noted that none of them looked offended by the naked young man striding across the grassy bank toward them. And when he finally reached them he swept one of them up in his strong looking arms and carried her back screaming to the water before tossing her in.

Everyone was laughing now, and even Susan had to stifle her own laughter in case she was heard. And she watched as the other three boys dashed out of the river in pursuit of the two remaining dry girls. This worried Susan for a moment, for the chase could have come her way and she was in no shape to run. But the girls didn’t seem to be trying hard to get away and in moments all three were now in the river while the boys taunted them from the dry bank. To Susan’s astonishment, first one, then all three of the girls started peeling off their wet things, and in a couple of minutes it wasn’t just the boys that were skinny dipping. This was all the invitation the boys needed and soon there was a lot of laughter and splashing between the seven of them. And not to mention a lot of body contact. Susan watched this for a little while longer before crawling back to her little thicket. She lay back on her side and tried to rest some more while thinking about the fun group nearby… and the journey yet to come.

She must have fallen asleep, because the light was different when next her thoughts started making sense. It wasn’t dark yet, but the sun was very low and Susan knew it wouldn’t be long before she could risk getting back to the road. It was also a lot quieter, and Susan hoped that maybe the group by the river had left. But a girl’s voice made its way through the trees which told Susan that they were still there. She crawled out of her cover once more to see what was going on, and spotted the seven of them sitting about the now lit campfire. Two of the boys were now in shorts, and one of the girls was at least in bra and panties again. But the others were still nude, the girls sitting in the arms of the guys, quite comfortably.

It was an intimate scene, yet peaceful and friendly. And Susan found herself a little jealous of their closeness. To have friends like that, who you could totally relax around even naked, was an amazing thing, and Susan wished she had friends like that. She did self bondage because she found it very hard to let her guard down with anyone. No one got close to her, which was something Susan hated about herself. Yet she was unable to change anything, she knew she didn’t have the strength. Susan dwelled on this a little as the sun continued to go down, and then got up while there was still light enough for her to see by for the trip back to the road. She figured the group would stay put for a while, so once it was almost dark she would risk the walk back to the highway where she would be safe. But as she hobbled painfully down the gravel road, her thoughts stayed with the friends by the river, and how much she missed being a part of that life.

* * * *

Susan didn’t know if she could go on.

Fear…or pain.

Those were her current choices.

It had taken her weeks to find the stretch of highway that she wanted to use for this challenge. A stretch that was fairly flat, fairly open but with places she could hide during the day, not too well used a night, paved, and with a starting point where she could leave her car. A heck of a tall order, and she was the first to admit that. But she lived in farm country,  so it didn’t seem that hard to do when she finally decided she was going to seriously plan for this challenge. How hard would it be to find a simple twenty mile stretch of road!

Well she did find it and it had everything she wanted. Unfortunately it also had something she didn’t. Leaving the factory parking lot gave her two choices when she got to the highway. She could head north, or she could go south. Heading north meant walking straight into a town just a few miles up the road. A fairly sizable town of over three thousand people. Walking south, however, wasn’t town free either. It wasn’t near as big as the town near the factory, only a few over a hundred people according to the sign Susan now crouched under. But the highway cut right through the center of it, and three large street lights lit up the road for about a quarter of a mile. Susan couldn’t avoid this town. When it came down to choosing her route, there was no stretch of highway twenty miles long that didn’t have a town in it, and this one was the smallest. She had to go through it, naked and chained. Hence the fear.

There was one alternative. There were plenty of farm roads that went around the town. She could get off the highway and avoid the town altogether if she wanted to. The drawback though was that it would add a couple of miles to her trip, and it would be gravel roads all the way. Being barefoot, that would be a painful journey indeed for Susan. But she had to choose, now was the time. She needed to get well clear of this town by sun up, because she figured the closer she was at dawn, the more likely she would be discovered.

Fear… or pain.

It had to be the fear. Susan felt her choice was no choice at all. She didn’t have a safety key hidden some place in case she gave up. No safety person she could call or indeed a phone to call them on. She had set this whole thing up so that the ONLY choice she had was to complete the whole challenge. Which meant…sneaking through a small farm town in the dead of night naked with her hands cuffed behind her back and her ankles hobbled by an eight inch chain. Easy, huh? Yet, it did seem quiet. There were few houses visible but no lights on in any of them. What buildings there were fronting the highway were mostly businesses. Even the one bar she could see was dark except for a Bud sign flashing in the window. There were a few cars parked next to the sidewalk for her to hide behind, and at least it would be easy on her feet!

Okay then, go!

Easier whispered than done. Susan felt that the moment she stepped into the light that the entire town would choose to look out a window at that moment and see her. Her heart was beating so fast it felt like it was about to explode out of her chest and run screaming into the night, while her legs shook so much she didn’t even know if she could stand. She felt horrible, sick, and wished she had never started this whole thing. And yet a part of her knew that no matter how she felt, it didn’t change the pure and simple fact that she had to do it. It was either that or give up, and the logical part of her mind that was still functioning told her that passing through this town only meant a chance of being seen, while giving up made that a certainty. Susan knew this, she had known this while she was planning this trip. It had been in her mind while taking off her clothes and putting on her chains. All she could do was… go.

So she stood up, and with a quick look around for approaching cars, she stepped into the light.

Never had she felt more naked than she did right then. Miles from home, miles from any clothing, bound in such a way that she couldn’t hide any of her body from anyone who cared to look, she moved as quickly and quietly as she could. Bouncing on her toes, her hobble chain jingling softly in the quiet of the night, she made her way quickly toward the first parked car she could see, her target. She made it, and she crouched down behind it, shivering with adrenaline. She was scared, but she had done it. Now she just needed to do it again!

Up she rose, the next car maybe a hundred feet down the road. As she hobbled along she wondered what she looked like to anyone watching. What would they think of this naked girl moving slowly along the sidewalk in front of the town grocery store? Would they be shocked, would they be angry? Or would they want something else! Oddly enough, these thoughts didn’t frighten her. In fact, thinking about someone seeing her while being very aware of her naked body bouncing along under the lights, made her a little horny. She tried to chase away these feelings, but she couldn’t deny that there was a thrill to this, and she almost laughed by the time she got to the next car and ducked down to rest. This wasn’t scary at all, it was fun!

At least it was until a car turned off a side street a few seconds later and passed right by her. The driver didn’t see her crouched behind the Ford, but if it had come out a few seconds earlier it would have had her dead to rights and Susan knew it. This wasn’t a game anymore. Heart pounding, she watched the car drive away and got up. This wasn’t a place to stick around enjoying herself, this was a place to fear. And the sooner she was out of there the better. This was the only thought she kept in her head as she made her way from car to car, and it wasn’t until she was back in the dark on the other side of the small town that she allowed herself to think about anything else. She had made it through safely, but her only comforting thought was that the next time she tried she would be out of her chains. Still naked, but at least able to run. But that wouldn’t be for a few days yet, there was still a long way to go.

So she kept going, pausing only to hide from the occasional passing car, or to refuel herself with power bars and water. The routine of making eight inch steps consumed her mind, and even the stars weren’t a draw anymore. Passing through the town had drained her enthusiasm, the challenge was now a chore. Susan didn’t really perk up until the sky began to lighten, and she made the first turn toward the river that she came across. This time the gravel road looked a lot less traveled, actually overgrown in places, and Susan thought she had caught a break in finding a place where no one went very much. The trees even looked closer than they had at her previous daytime stop. But as the light got better things didn’t look as good. For instead of uninhabited tree line, Susan found herself shuffling along some farmer’s driveway. There were buildings ahead of her, surrounded by a screen of trees, and it was getting too late to turn around and find some place to hide.



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