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Miles Part 3 - The Farmhouse

by Nightguy

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© Copyright 2008 - Nightguy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; chain; cuffs; outdoors; cons; X

Part 3 - The Farmhouse

Susan had never been much of a one for swearing, but stress can bring out the worst in a person, as well as the best. She swore because she felt so stupid mistaking a farm house driveway for a regular gravel road, but the best in her at least made her whisper instead of shout. With dawn breaking slowly in the east, Susan got off the road and tried to find some cover in the trees that all but surrounded the farm yard she had stumbled into. She thought that maybe, if she was lucky, she could sneak past this family and make a break for the river which had to be back there somewhere. But images of her hobbling slowly across a plowed field in her eight inch chain were too scary to contemplate. She could hardly make a mad dash to safety!

What dash she had she used in finding a place to hide, and it was between a large oak tree and a small shed that she finally ended up. Breathing heavily and trying to control her panic, she looked carefully around to see if anyone was up yet. There was the big farm house of course, an older two story affair that dominated the yard. There was a large barn with its main front doors closed. And several other buildings and sheds, scattered about the yard. No people though… and no noise.

As Susan started to relax again, she felt puzzled. This WAS a farm yard, of that there was no doubt. But her limited knowledge of how a farm operated told her that there had to be people out and about at this time of the morning. Didn’t farmers get up early to milk cows, feed chickens, make butter or build barns or something? But there was nothing going on at all! And that’s when things started to come together for her. The reason why there was no one there, was because there was no one there!

The overgrown driveway was her first clue, a condition the entire yard seemed to have if the length of the grass tickling her butt was any measure. Then there was the fact that every building on the site had its doors closed. Then there was the condition of the place, not exactly run down, but with an air of disuse. The longer Susan hid, the more she felt sure that the place had been abandoned. Smiling now, and with a great sense of relief, she stood up and carefully shuffled into the open. Her eyes and ears were continually on watch for someone else to be there, but there was nothing to be afraid of. She was alone. Surely there had to be a place where she could hide and get some sleep! Maybe the house itself!

That turned out to be a no go though. It took her a while to check, but both front and back doors were locked. Not only that but the windows were boarded up from the inside. There might have been a chance with the storm door into the basement, there was a lock but it had been left unlocked. But Susan didn’t have the leverage to open it in her current bound state. The few inches of range her cuffed hands had, wasn’t nearly enough. That left the other buildings, so Susan decided the barn was her next stop.

Shuffling across the yard she felt a little silly, but she did like being able to walk around like this in the daytime. It was certainly easier on her feet being able to see where the rocks were. But more than that, she was tired of only being able to be naked outside at night. The barn turned out to be better luck for her than the house. The barn doors were shut, but not locked, and she was able to squeeze her way between them which was an experience in itself as her naked body brushed against the warming wood. Inside, there was a musty smell, but nothing bad which made her happy. There was enough light coming in through windows scattered here and there, so she was able to take a good look around. There really wasn’t anything to see though, the main floor was pretty empty. But there was a stairway that led up to the loft and Susan decided to take it, stepping carefully in her hobble chain. Climbing stairs was not the easiest thing to do bound as she was, but Susan felt herself an expert at getting about in restraints, so it didn’t take long for her to reach the top.

She was glad she did for what she saw almost made her cry in happiness. Hay bales and old tarps… a ready made bed! A little rearranging and she had a cozyish spot to rest for a while, and it wasn’t long before she was fast asleep. She woke many hours later, the angle of the sun having changed greatly if the dust suspended in the air was any indication. There wasn’t any sound either, which told Susan that she was still alone. Good news, because even after her long sleep, the excitement of finding such an abandoned spot still hadn’t left her. She wanted to explore, and being able to do it in bondage was only a plus!

She started to add the experience to her fantasy. Bondage slave girl on the run, hiding out in an abandoned farm while patrols are out looking for her. Maybe somewhere there would be tools so she could free herself, or even clothes! Although a woman wearing clothes in the slave zones would be strange indeed!

Still, she had to look. So with growling stomach she made her way back down to ground level and took a tour. There really wasn’t much else to see. All the other buildings were locked and there was no farm equipment anywhere. But Susan felt somewhat safe hobbling about for the yard was well screened from the highway by a ring of trees. This allowed her the freedom to simply wander at will, and the afternoon sun felt SO good on her naked skin. But she was getting thirsty though, and as time passed she began to think that maybe she could make up some time finding the river and following it. Every mile she could make in the daytime, would save her time at night. Her luck continued to hold though, for there wasn’t really much of a break between the trees surrounding the yard and the trees that hugged the river. There was even an old, but well worn foot path that led all the way to the waters edge. It seemed that the family that used to live in this house may have come down to the river to swim, for it certainly was a great spot for it. There was a wide grassy bank that slipped comfortably into the water, and complete privacy.

It was so inviting that Susan decided to go in herself. She had always wanted to try swimming in bondage, although the water was hardly deep enough for that. Wading in, it came up to Susan’s chest at its deepest, but it felt really good after so long on the road. Her tired muscles melted in the cool water, and she even began to feel cleaner. Without any concern she dipped her entire body under the surface repeatedly, her footing firm on the river mud despite her ankles being chained. She drank her fill and flopped about, frustrated at times by her own bondage because she wanted to swim, yet enjoying her time being bound in the water just as much. She was happy. But she knew she had to go on, so she reluctantly climbed back out onto the bank and hoped that she wouldn’t get too eaten up by mosquitoes before she got to her next stash of bug spray. As she carefully moved into the trees though, she looked back at the farmyard down the path and vowed to make it her stop on the way back. As a hiding place it had been perfect.

* * * *

Tiny steps… one after the other… over and over and over again.

The jingle of chain… the slap of bare feet… the wheezing of labored breath.

The pain.

A small figure in the darkness, head bowed, legs moving, almost oblivious to everything as it continued on its journey. It had come a long way, farther than most would have thought it could, or even should! If anyone HAD known of its plans they would have thought it crazy, insane! Not many would have thought it that it just might succeed. But it had. Not far to go now, just a fraction of a mile left, and Susan was feeling the pain. Twenty miles, a whole twenty miles naked and chained. Even more if she counted the side trips to find places to sleep. She had almost done it, just a few steps left to where she had buried the bag with the keys to her freedom. Her feet ached from too many stones stepped on, and the rest of her body didn’t feel so great either. Bug bitten and sore from having her hands trapped behind her for days, it felt like a wreck.

But Susan’s spirit didn’t hurt at all. In fact mentally she soared! She had challenged herself to the impossible, and now the hardest part was over. She could now undo the chains that bound her and make her way back. She would still be nude of course, but without the hobble she could more than double the distance she could cover every night. And without her hands bound she was now free to protect herself in case she was spotted! But getting to the twenty mile mark was more than half the battle, and she was immensely proud and relieved when the mile marker appeared out of the darkness ahead of her and she could finally sit down.

After leaving the farm house that afternoon, Susan had spent the rest of the daylight available picking her way along the tree belt that bordered this side of the river. When darkness fell and she could risk heading to the highway, she was happy to see that she had managed a whole three miles. She was happy because not only was the twenty mile mark now within reach, but she figured that if she hustled that she could release herself and then make it all the way back to the farmhouse before dawn. So she dug in and moved as fast as she could, making each eight inch step count for ten. Her ankles ached from the constant pulling of the chains that bound them, and her shoulders and back were sore from the strain. But she didn’t even stop for food or water, figuring she could pick them up on the way back.

And now she was there, and it felt great. So just like at her other pit stops, Susan backed up to where she had hidden the bag with the keys, and after some digging pulled them out. Her fingers trembles as she fitted keys to locks, but first one hand, then the other was released and she groaned with relief as she stretched her arms out wide.

Damn that felt good!

Before releasing her ankles, she gave her entire body a rub down, scratching itches that had been driving her crazy and simply enjoying the feel of her body again. It made her laugh and cry, her emotions a total muddle. But as she unlocked the chain connecting her ankles, a touch of regret made itself know. For despite the way she felt having being chained up for so long, she missed the feelings those chains of hers gave her, the security of their grasp, and toyed for a moment with the idea of putting them back on for the return trip. It actually made her pause. But after a minute she thought better of it, and after grabbing a bottle of water from the bag she stoop up and started dancing on the highway, reveling in the freedom of not being restrained!

She must have looked like a crazy person, dancing naked in the dark. But she wasn’t crazy, just happy!

Eventually however, she calmed down a bit and got back to her plan. While challenge wise the worst was over, distance wise she was only half way, and being caught naked without being chained up was only a little better than being caught naked and completely helpless. She still had to get back to the house if she could, or else she would be in trouble. So from out of the bag she pulled one more thing, the key to her car which she had put on a chain. This chain she locked to the ring on the front of her collar so that the key hung between her breasts. There it would stay until she reached her car, and in the mean time she could enjoy the way it caressed that sensitive area of her body.

She also grabbed some power bars, wishing she had a real meal to eat, before stuffing all her chains into the bag and burying it again. She would pick all this up again on her drive home, but now it was too much to carry. She had to travel light, very light indeed, so all she took with her when she started back down the road was another bottle of water and a couple of food bars, and all she wore was her collar and cuffs. The water and food didn’t last long, the empties tossed to the side of the road, and soon she was striding along at what seemed to her like a great speed. Each step seemed to her to equal four or five of her previous ones, and as she looked at the road ahead she couldn’t believe she had come all that way eight inches at a time. She was in such a good mood that she was even able to enjoy the night sky again, and her hands could hardly stop caressing her slick, sweaty skin.

Passing cars didn’t have a chance of spotting her, she was like a ghost. Able to run and hide with ease, she chuckled as cars drove by. She even had to stop herself a couple of times from jumping up and flashing the drivers. But her common sense kept her grounded. She stopped for food and water once more, before pressing on, and the sky was beginning to lighten when she finally made to the overgrown driveway that led to the farmyard. The driveway was just as hard on her feet as it was before, but at least this time she could take bigger steps to avoid the worst of it, and eventually she made it to the yard itself and safety.

She didn’t stop there though, instead she plowed right through to the path that led to the river, and in the quiet morning light she jumped into the water and bathed. It was a celebration, and Susan was high. High enough to wonder what she would do next, but not quite ready to plan that far ahead yet. So, wet and tired, she made her way back to the farmyard and, after making sure it was still all hers, she moved to the house’s unlocked storm door that she had spotted earlier and was this time able to open it.

Light streamed into the cellar below, and Susan felt a little wary for the first time since she released herself. It was dark down there, but there was enough light for her to tip toe slowly down the wooden steps and across the bare concrete floor. There was nothing down there, the cellar was completely empty except for a lot of dust. But there were stairs up into the house at the far corner, and after climbing them Susan found herself in a darkened kitchen. The kitchen was empty, but there was a table and a couple of chairs in the dining area. She explored further and found a very old couch in the living room, but not much else on the ground floor.

Susan felt rather naughty, walking about this place in the nude, but that was a part of the thrill for her so she eagerly pressed on to the second floor. Empty bedrooms and bathrooms… that is, except for one room. One of the bedrooms had a bed in it. Just a frame and a bare mattress, but after so many days of sleeping on the ground it looked like heaven to her. She eased onto it, not really caring about the dust. She luxuriated in its softness, and after rolling to get comfortable, she closed her eyes and fell promptly to sleep.

She was still sleeping quite soundly when, eight hours later, a police car pulled into the yard.



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