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by Mikel

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Mina had always enjoyed bondage, when she was a child she got strange feelings when she would see women tied up on TV. In her early teens she accidentally found out what an orgasm was and that it could be brought on by bondage when after losing a bet with some friends they tied her to a chair at a party and left her bound, even giving her a cleave gag, for hours. While she watched her friends having fun and dancing she felt that familiar feeling and during her struggles she had her first orgasm. Now in her mid-twenties Mina was adept in self bondage and had amassed a very large assortment of bondage gear. She wasn’t much of a party girl and spent her time either at work or at home bound in some form or fashion.

Lately she had started to dress a little more racy at work wearing tight mid-thigh length or ankle length dresses that showed her very curvy figure and that she had modified to make them very effective hobble skirts. She didn’t have to walk much at work so it didn’t affect her performance but between the tight dresses and tops that hugged her corseted waist and ample breasts she had been getting more attention at work. Her corset fetish had started from her chastity belt and soon she found herself tight lacing just to be able to have the restriction in public, that’s where the hobble skirt idea came from as well.

Now having invested in a corset lacer and multiple corsets she was really committed to them and wore one almost twenty four seven. She would compress her waist by 4 inches during work time and locked her chastity belt over it if she wasn’t wearing the chastity corset, then pull it down by 6 inches during play time, this gave her the added restriction she craved and made fighting her bonds even more difficult due to the added restriction of her abdomen and chest making it difficult to breathe normally.

Mina had been playing self-bondage games since that first time in the chair, afraid to let anyone in on her secret and now slept with her hands and feet bound by thick leather cuffs attached to electromagnets she had bolted firmly to the four corners of her heavy rod iron bed. She had boyfriends but was scared to let them know of her cravings and only one that had ever showed any interest in tying her up until the last time, that’s when she met Jack.

She remembered the last time her boyfriend tied her up he scared her by leaving her in a tight hog tie on the floor with a wadded up wash cloth taped into her mouth, her wrists and elbows tied tightly together and her wrists pulled almost to her knees, her ankles bound tightly together and pulled towards her elbows leaving her in a severe arch, before leaving the apartment he wrapped a scarf over her eyes and walked out. She struggled for a long time and enjoyed it immensely, never had she been restrained so completely and stringently. She began to worry if he was coming back and after choking on the wash cloth several times she was really scared. He returned after a few hours of drinking and began to abuse her, he lifted her to her bound knees and gripping her hair tightly to hold her erect in the tight hogtie and made her suck his cock.

When she didn’t do it to his liking he wrapped her head brutally tight in the packing tape that she was using during her current move, wrapping her entire head leaving only one nostril open for her to breathe through and then used her body for his pleasure for several hours before passing out. She had been left with her knees tied widely open to the bed posts at the foot of her bed and her ankles folded back and pulled tightly towards the head board, her wrists and elbows had been crushed together with more tape running from her shoulders down over her hands making them useless. Her wrists had been pulled tightly towards and anchored to the foot board. He had even wrapped a rope around her neck tying it to the headboard and pulled it tight enough to make her pass out several times from choking on it.

Each time he had used her he pulled so hard on her body he made her pass out from the noose around her neck, when she would struggle he would slap her face and a few times whipped her bare breasts and stomach with his belt. She woke up listening to him ranting on the phone about his bitch girlfriend and talking about leaving her where and how she was. When he finally passed out she began struggling and after causing herself to pass out several times from lack of air she managed to get her hands free and could reach the knots at her wrists and soon had her hands and ankles untied.

She worked for hours getting the tape to loosen its grip on her arms and finally was able to pull her arms out of it and untie her knees. She wobbled her way into the bathroom and gasping for air and cut the tight tape from her head. Still afraid of her "boy friend" she grabbed her robe and snuck out to her neighbor’s apartment. She had met him a few times in the hall but found his quietness disturbing and his size scared her as well, when he opened the door she was in tears and begged him to let her come in. She quickly told him what happened and could see he was very angry as his face turned red when he asked where the pussy was, and she screamed "Still in my house!"

Jack told her to go lie down and he would take care of it, stopping before he left asking "Did you want him to tie you up?"

"Not like that!" she replied surprised at her answer.

"Do you want to see him again?" Jack asked.

"No! Never!" Mina yelled. Jack just turned and left the apartment.

Mina heard some muffled yells and some banging then nothing for some time before she sat down on the couch and fell asleep exhausted from her ordeal. Waking the next afternoon in Jack's bed she was very sore and slowly replayed last night’s events in her head. Her pussy getting wet from the memories of being stringently bound and she was smiling at her memories of her struggles then when she remembered the rest she started crying. She staggered into the living room on her way to find out what happened when she saw Jack asleep on the couch and a pair of pants and a shirt from her place sitting on the table with her keys lying on top of them.

She went to Jack and could see his hands had been bleeding from the knuckles and he had a large bruise on the side of his face. She was still crying as she reached out to touch the bruise, he woke up and looked into her tear filled eyes and held her, letting her cry for a couple of hours before they got up and had something to eat and he told her what he had done. Mina found out not only had Jack beaten her now ex-boyfriend apparently badly, he had made him strip and wrapped his head in tape after binding his arms and hands behind him and pushed him out of the building. Finding Mina asleep on the couch he put her in bed then went back over and straightened up her place and brought some clothes over, Jack was so nice, he didn’t bring her any underwear because he didn’t want to go digging around in her stuff.

She spent the day with him, and then as Jack had to go to work he gave her a key to his place and said if he comes around or calls just come over here, he doesn’t know where I came from and my door has a real good lock on it. She curled up in Jacks apartment and slept and cried until he came home. He fed her again and then told her to go to the bed room as he was stretching out on the couch, she said good night but was scared about being alone so she moved to the couch and quietly snuggled up next to him and fell asleep.

Waking the next afternoon she was alone on the couch but soon found him in the shower and went and made their "breakfast." He came out and found her dressed and waiting for him to sit down and eat. They talked for a while and she found out he was a detective for the local police and that’s why he was so quiet when they had met and why he had such strange hours, she began to panic about missing work and he said not to worry, he had found her ID badge and called in telling them you had been attacked and would call when you were ready.

He walked her to her apartment and followed her inside. They checked the place out and found nothing missing and he told her someone had called the police and had a naked guy running around arrested and that he was still in jail for now. She smiled at the news and they laughed a bit, he said he had to go but she still had the keys if she needed it, he gave her his card and said call me if you hear from him. She thanked him and gave him a hug before he left. It took her a few months to practice bondage again but the itch had gotten to great and she was masturbating way too much. She had even started to masturbate at work!

On her way home one night she drove to a favorite fetish store and while she was walking around in an aroused daze she saw something she thought could help her and purchased it and went home. Her solution was to get a leather chastity belt and wear it at work leaving her keys at home. But as soon as she got home she would rip the belt off and bring herself to a great climax. She wore the belt every day and began to like it and the feeling of security it gave her and soon ordered two more made of steel and of different designs. She even went so far as to order the breast chastity bra that one of the companies offered.

Several weeks went by until the first belt arrived, she removed it from its box and tried it on immediately. She loved the click of the locks as she pulled the belt tightly across her waist adjusting the belt to its smallest setting and struggling to pull it closed, also adjusting the thigh bands to pull deeply into each thigh causing the skin to pucker out just a little around each, the permanence of the steel made her feel secure and safe as she walked around her apartment getting used to the feeling and the limitations of the thigh straps, 'I’ll definitely have to make the belt and thigh cuffs larger' she thought to herself. She left it on and continued to move around getting used to it when she went to see Jack, she had heard him come in and they hadn’t been able to see each other very much because of their schedules.

She had been leaving him things in his apartment, notes and some food she had made for him but they had been unable to actually see each other. Knocking on his door he soon opened it and invited her in, they talked for a while before he went and showered, while he was gone she looked at his newest project, he built small fiberglass boats for kayaking as a hobby and had one almost finished, she felt the boats smooth surface and caught herself rubbing the metal plate on her crotch. She really liked the lack of feeling she had and came up with an idea that made her giggle as she took his key ring and slid both keys from her pocket onto his ring.

The idea of not knowing how long it would be until she was able to get the keys back excited her and made her wet. He emerged from the shower and soon excused himself saying he had to get some sleep. She went back to her apartment tingling with excitement knowing she could not remove the steel that was trapping her sex and keeping her totally isolated from it. She cleaned her apartment naked except for the belt and high heels, she had found they made walking in the belt easier with the short strides the thigh bands caused her to take, she had tried many times to find a way under the steel plate but it held her too tight and she could not find any relief from her aching pussy.

Even her big vibrator would not give enough of a sensation through the thick plate to stimulate her, she fought with the belt and her feelings for some time before she finally gave in and went to Jacks apartment and knocked quietly before sneaking in and finding he had already left. Going back to her place she struggled with the belt and could find no way to remove it, she had set the waist band to its smallest setting and it pulled her waist in by a few inches, the crotch plate was held firmly against her pussy and the cover plate kept her from touching her pouting and red lips that had slipped into the slots of the main plate teasing her with their closeness but still unable to be reached. The four thin chains going from the plate over her ass to the belt left wide lines under her clothes and the tight thigh bands made wearing pants impossible.

She searched her closet and found a few dresses and skirts she could wear that covered the deep lines made by the belt and straps. She only had one pair of high heels high enough to help so she decided to go shopping. Every step reminded her that she was locked out of touching her pussy and didn’t know for how long she would have to wait for release, the crotch plate was chafing her upper thighs and the tight belt was rubbing her raw in places. Mina had worn a thigh length skirt and only had the belt on under it, she quickly found that if she bent over the thigh bands would show so she needed to be real careful while she shopped. Her first visit was to the shoe store and the salesman helped her try several pairs of shoes before she picked out three pairs all with 5 inch or greater heels and bought them.

As she checked out the salesman smiled at her in a different way and she realized that when he was helping her try on the shoes he could see the thigh bands and the chains connecting them and possibly her steel covered pussy, she blushed slightly and smiled back and quickly left the store. After not having much luck finding any other clothes that covered her properly she found her way back to the fetish store. Walking in she stopped and enjoyed the smell of leather that permeated the store, the sales girl recognized her and asked what she was looking for this time. Mina told her she was looking for some "heavy" clothes, the sales girl said "Like leather?" Mina shrugged and nodded yes.

They both went to the back of the store and the sales girl showed her several leather dresses in her size and said lets go try them on. Mina agreed and went to the dressing room. She wiggled into the first one, it was an ankle length and hugged her body tightly down to her knees then feel straight to her ankles from there. Mina took a few steps in it and felt the dress limit her steps slightly and eyed herself in the mirror really liking how it fit. She hadn’t noticed that the belts chains could be clearly seen through the tight leather, the sales girl said, "Come out and let’s take a look".

Exiting the dressing room the sales girl said, "Oh, you need shoes for that dress" and quickly went over and picked out a pair of seven inch heeled platform shoes and slipped them on Mina’s feet. Mina was unsure of the height of the heels but with encouragement from the girl she was soon walking around the store with confidence.

After Mina walked around a little the sales girl said, "If you are going to wear that chastity belt so tight you will need to wear a heavier slip to cover it up". Mina was stunned and embarrassed and said, "how did you know?"

"I can see the chains running across your butt and the waist of the dress is so loose I can see the steel belt under it".

"Well that’s why I’m here actually, I’ve locked it on and may not be able to get it off for a while and don’t have any clothes to wear with it".

"Well go back in here and lets take a look at it and we’ll find some clothes to work with it."

Mina, now passed being embarrassed agreed and was soon standing in front of the sales girl letting her inspect her new belt. "Wow! You did put it on tight didn’t you"

"Well I didn’t know exactly how to do it so tight seemed to be correct," Mina replied.

The sales girl looked at it some more and said, "You are stuck without the key so you’ll have to make the best of it until the key gets returned to you, but you will have to be careful they can cause abrasions when they are worn this tight."

She continued, "Make sure you use a lot body lotion to let it slide and let your skin get used to the chafing, it will hurt less, and don’t wear it this tight around your waist unless you are wearing a corset under it".

Mina agreed and thanked her and said, "What can I do now?"

"Well I’ll get you one of our slips that are made to cover up things like this"

She left the room and returned a few minutes with a slip that felt heavier than the leather skirt, Mina slipped it on and it even fit tighter than the skirt, when she pulled the skirt back on the lines were gone but the added material made the leather even tighter but she thought she could manage.

Mina found two other skirts and several tops and two corsets, for when she could remove the belt, the sales girl also helped her try on some boots, Mina had noticed that would hold her feet in a en-point position, the sales girl, Anna, swore that with practice they could be walked in. Once they were on her feet she knew she had to have them, even though when she tried to walk in them she nearly fell on her face. She added up all the new clothes up and she decided she could afford them all and wore the new platforms and long skirt out. When she got home she put on her new toe boots and tried to walk in them, after fifteen minutes she had to remove them from her legs cramping and her toes hurting. She tugged on her belt some before deciding to go out and get something for herself to eat, she pulled the tight skirt up and her new platforms with multiple straps and buckled them on.

Walking to the nearest restaurant proved more difficult than she thought it would but this was the first time in months she felt safe enough to go out on her own, the belt was rubbing her roughly was also giving her the peace of mind to venture out again. She was groaning from the effort it took from walking when she arrived and was quickly seated, sitting in the skirt was more interesting with the slip on pulling up on her plate causing her to gasp. She ordered her normal meal and tried to eat it but was distracted by her belt and unable to finish her meal because of the tight restriction of her waist belt, asking for a to-go box she paid her bill and began the walk home. She was walking at a steady pace when she heard someone behind her and tried to walk faster. Getting to her building she was out of breath and scared in might have been her ex-boyfriend and quickly opened the door and struggled her way up the stairs to her apartment, changing her mind she ducked into Jacks and stood at the door panting watching out of the peep hole as her ex walked slowly by and checked the door knob to see if it was locked.

He stood there for a minute and then slowly walked out of her sight, she panicked and found Jack's card and called him, he answered and she told him what was going on and he said he was on his way. Jack sped to their building in time to catch the ex-boyfriend walking out of the building. Jack grabbed him and began to beat him when the backup he requested showed up and pulled him off the guy, they arrested the ex and held Jack while they took him away. No one had entered the building and she never saw Jack come or go but she did get a call telling her that the ex had been caught assaulting a police officer and was in custody and since he was out on bail he would most likely be going to jail for a long time.

She thanked them and asked about Jack and was told he was fine but wouldn’t be able to talk to her for a few days until they get all the facts straight. She left a note in Jack's apartment and went back to hers and removed her new clothes and pulled a large t-shirt on and went to bed. The next few days went by with her in a haze, the constant reminder of the belt keeping her from pleasing herself and her worrying about Jack and if he was ok and in any trouble. She found herself beating on the plate that covered her aching pussy alone in her apartment crying, wishing he would call or come by soon.

By the seventh day of her self incarceration she had gotten used to the belt and her body had adapted to the areas that were chafing and no longer hurt her when she walked. She was still frustrated by it but no longer focused on the belt and was able to work and even though she was wearing much more seductive clothing at work nobody seemed to notice anymore. Arriving home she found a note from him on her table and before she read it she ran to his apartment to hug him and find out what happened but he was not there. She read the note and found he was being sent to a training center for the SWAT team and wouldn’t be back for six to eight weeks, he was fine and her ex would not be returning so she would be safe from him. She screamed as she realized she would be locked up for a couple of months and she couldn’t believe it.

"Two months - I’ll go crazy" she says as she made her way to her apartment. Just as she closed the door someone knocked, she looked through the peephole and it was a delivery driver. Opening the door he smiled and said, "Delivery for you" She signed the form and he sat the large box inside her door and walked off. She went and got undressed and stared for a long time at her steel covered pussy and could feel it yearning for her touch. She laid down and fell asleep, waking she went to the kitchen and while she was getting a drink she saw the box and opened it. When she saw her chastity belt she groaned and dropped it to the floor, not again ever, she mumbled to herself.

She ate breakfast and cleaned her apartment even wearing her toe boots for almost an hour, getting ready to take them off she noticed the locking hasps on the ankle straps and put locks though them and began to get horny. She started to pull out her bondage equipment and applied her wrist and ankle cuffs and locked them on. She knew her ex was in jail but she still placed a chair in front of her door and went back to her bed room. She strapped her favorite gag head harness on and put a padlock through the buckles, taking the clover clamps and letting them bite hard on her nipples, sighing deeply as she got accustomed to the pain.

Taking her large vibrator she used four leather straps and strapped it tightly against her thighs with it’s head against the plate covering her pussy. Pulling two more straps around her ankles and upper thighs she pulled them tight forcing her heels against her ass. She took a short chain and attached it to the d-ring on the back of the chastity belt and locked her left wrist to the chain. Lying on her side she turned the vibrator on high and quickly locked her right cuff to the chain, pulling on the chain making her crotch plate pull much tighter making the vibrations she was feeling increase as well. She was rolling around on the floor and pulling hard on her bonds and crushing her nipples into the carpet, she was keeping constant pressure on her wrists trying to keep the plate smashed into her wanting pussy. An hour later she was gasping for air and still struggling to achieve an orgasm but running out of energy, she was so frustrated that she started crying knowing that she was not going to be able to achieve the orgasm she so desperately needed.

Another hour passed and she was lying, still tightly bound on the floor with the vibrator still pressed hard and making a loud buzzing noise against her steel plate breathing deeply through her nose and bucking her hips trying to find a way to get herself off. Her arms were starting to hurt and her nipples were screaming with pain so she looked around a realized she had rolled and struggled herself across the room and far away from her keys. She grunted as she realized she was going to have to move her tied body back over to the keys. She began to fight her bonds and try to move towards the keys. Everything she tried to move her body closer to the keys seemed to scoot her further away from them, she began to panic and thrash in her tight hogtie, when she rolled over and tried to use her feet to drag herself her boots were holding her feet en-point and not allowing her to use them to help move her body.

During her struggles her frustration level rose as she pulled and twisted her tightly strapped body dragging her nipple clamps on the floor causing them to tug and pull her tortured nipples causing her to become more aroused. She was inching her way towards the keys, sweating and gasping for air around the large ball that was strapped tightly into her mouth. Grunting with each move she could feel her orgasm getting near but could also feel her anxiety climbing as she could barely move her hogtied body and was quickly tiring herself out.

The vibrator was shaking her thighs and actually making her more excited and she could even feel the vibrations in her tortured tits. Stopping she lowered her head to the floor with a loud grunt and lay still resting her sore muscles, she had been bound for over three hours and could now feel her orgasm fading. Catching her breath and beginning to move again she heard the phone ringing and laughed about how helpless she was to go answer it, when she heard Jack's voice on the answering machine she screamed and thrashed wildly trying to free herself and get to the phone. His message was brief and she didn’t hear the whole thing from her desperate struggles so she redoubled her efforts to get to the keys. Almost another hour passed before she rolled on her side and finally had the keys. She sagged in her bonds knowing she had been so close to her orgasm but once she heard the call those feelings never returned.

She unlocked her wrists and rolled over unstrapping her cramped legs and slowly raised herself to her pointed toes and gingerly walked to the answering machine, her tits hanging freely along with the chains from the clamps. Hitting play she listened to his message " Hi Mina, this is Jack had a break in my training so I thought I would call you, anyway glad you’re out and about and not hiding in your apartment I’ll try to call again if I can….Oh! by the way I found some keys on my ring that weren’t mine s….click" the message had cut him off! She grunted into her gag and wondered what he was going to say and cursed herself for deciding to try and play at the wrong time.

Stumbling back to her bed she lay down and slowly removed her clamps, whining loudly as each one released its grip on her tender nipples, she rubbed both for a few minutes before falling asleep with her gag and ballet heels still locked on. Awaking several hours later from some erotic dreams that left her even hornier than when she started the whole thing she swung her feet to the floor hitting her pointed toes and realized she was still wearing her boots and gag. She had to stand to go get her keys for the locks for her boots and gag and noticed that her feet and legs felt much better as she walked so she decided to see how long she could wear them.

Sitting at the kitchen table she kept running the message through her mind trying to figure out what he was going to say. As she sat there she began to wonder how he knew I wasn’t at his place, maybe he left a message for me there too. She rushed into her room and grabbed her large t-shirt and slipped it over her head, it just covered her down to the top of the thigh straps but she figured it was good enough to make it across the hall, not thinking about anything other than his massage.

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