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Mina 5: 24 hours

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2013 - Mikel - Used by permission

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story continues from part four

Part 5: 24 hours

Mina was furious as she pulled at the locks and cursed her friend, but secretly loved the idea of someone controlling her completely. Removing the locks she could remove and taking off her toe boots Mina got into the steaming water, the heat making all the places that had been whipped scream with renewed pain, she rinsed herself off and relaxed as the pain faded and laid back in the tub. Mina thought about if she could take another 24 hours in her gag and collar but figured if she couldn’t she would cut the thick leather straps from both.

After washing her hair she dried herself and patted dry the wet leather and got dressed for bed, her waist was feeling better and her ribs still ached but the pain had faded as she put on her thigh high toe boots lacing then tightly around her thigh straps then pulling on her long leather gloves, after forcing some water and sports drink past her gag Mina wrote a note to Anna explaining she could tease her all she wanted but under no circumstances was Mina allowed to climax and she had to be home by midnight and putting the note in her coat pocket.

As she lay on the bed to set her restraints for the night, looking at the clock she set the timer for nine hours. Locking her ankles in the cuffs attached to her chains she laid back and made sure the wrist cuffs were close by and pulled her blindfold down over her eyes and pulled the straps tight blocking all light. Reaching above her head she stretched her left arm and locked the cuff to the chain, after adjusting her body Mina stretched again and locked her free cuff to the chain and relaxed, enjoying the feeling of slightly being stretched. After getting used to her position Mina felt around and found a rope she had hung near her right hand and began tugging on it. This rope had been an idea she had about making herself a little more uncomfortable while sleeping and possibly helping to stretch her back under her corset, she had double wrapped the rope through the links in the chain of each arm, and ran the rope high over the bed and attached a fifty pound weight to it close to the ceiling.

When she had pulled enough slack from the rope she thought about if she wanted to do this know or wait until later but as tired as she was she thought she would be able to sleep anyway she pulled on the rope. Mina was not expecting the weight to free fall the first two feet, the rope ratchet clicking as the rope fed through it, before it pulled on the ropes looped through the chains yanking them tight. Mina felt like someone had hit her as the chains quickly pulled considerably tighter, stretching her arms and body tight. Mina moaned as the pulley action of the double wrapped ropes continued to pull on her wrists and ankles almost lifting her body off the bed from the tension, she wriggled herself and found she could only move her fingers and hands, even her head was held rigidly by her posture collar, as her arms were pulled upwards it forced the collar to press roughly on her chin and the back of her neck holding it immobile.

The ropes continued to pull on her limbs as she twisted and pulled against them knowing that every inch that she was pulled would not be given back due to the rope ratchet holding it and keeping her from being able to regain any slack. Finally Mina stopped wriggling and hung in her bonds knowing she would have to wait for the chains to release before she could free herself and tried to get comfortable and go to sleep. Being aroused again and with her wrists starting to hurt she could not go to sleep and lay struggling quietly for air around the large ball keeping her silent. Awaking several hours later she could feel that the chains had tightened further as her body had relaxed and her hands and pointed feet had gone completely numb. The reason she had woke up was the uncomfortable tension of her gag strap and collar, both had been soaked during her bath and were now drying and had been slowly shrinking as she slept.

The ball of the gag was forced by the shrinking leather further into her mouth forcing her teeth to open wider and not allowing her to close her mouth around it. Even though the gag was uncomfortable the tension around her throat was making her feel like she was slowly being strangled and she began thrashing in her bonds and causing the rope to slip through its ratchet, clicking each time it took more and more of her movement away. Soon her steel covered ass was the only thing touching the bed as the rest of her body hovered just off the covers. Mina slowly faded into blackness as her struggles and lack of air caused her to pass out and hang from the chains.

When Mina awoke she was curled up in a ball on her bed, the chains had been released while she was sleeping, and her hands went immediately to her neck and began pulling on the now completely dried leather that was choking her. She stood and tried to walk to the bathroom to cut the collar but the ropes still attached to the weight yanked her hands back causing her to twist and fall to the floor. She removed the blindfold and found her keys unlocking the wrist cuffs and went to the bathroom dragging her ankle cuffs and chains. When she got there her body needed release so she flushed and cleaned herself before she dug out the scissors and looked in the mirror to cut the straps holding her collar on. As she looked in the mirror she could see the straps holding her gag on were pulled extremely tight, digging deeply into her skin and the large ball that was now forced deep into her mouth was keeping her mouth open so far it looked like she was screaming even though the ball was sealed against the roof of her mouth and had her tongue smashed against the bottom making any sound impossible.

Mina desperately tried to get the scissors under the straps but could not force them under the tight stiff leather of the collar, the gag straps were even tighter and she knew there was no way to cut them without cutting herself in the process. Dropping the scissors she began to panic and tried to pull the leather off. After several minutes Mina stopped her struggles as she leaned on the sink gasping for air. Mina stood gasping and knew the only way she was going to get them off was to get to Anna. Leaving the bathroom she grabbed her coat and wrapped the scarf around her face and headed to the car. The stiff boots being held close together by the metal bands and tight collar made getting into the car difficult and she adjusted the seat again so she could get quick breaths and still see over the seeing wheel.

Finally arriving at the store she parked in front and struggled getting out of the car and walked in the store. Anna could not be found as Mina wandered through the store still in her coat and scarf, Anna had seen her coming and snuck up behind her and grabbed and hugged her saying you came in early! As Mina turned to face Anna she started to unwrap the scarf to show her the gag, Anna saw the paper sticking out of Mina’s pocket and pulled it out and read it as Mina was unbuttoning her coat, dropping it to the floor.

Anna understood the note and told Mina she would not let her climax and loved that she came in early and pulled the desperate Mina to the spreader bar that she had used last night. Mina was still grunting and trying to point to the gag as Anna locked one wrist to the spreader bar, Mina fought to keep her free wrist out of the cuff trying to get Anna to understand her problem. Anna giggled as she was finally able to force Mina’s gloved wrist into the cuff and close it tightly and soon had the gagged girls arms pulled up over her head. Mina was still trying to plead with Anna as she worked the winch raising Mina’s arms.

Once Mina was secured Anna stopped and looked at her noticing how tight the gag was and said, "My my my you really like things tight don’t you!" as she rubbed Mina’s flushed skin that was bulging around the straps. Anna continued stroking her captives body and even noticed the steel covering her waist was tighter, when Anna got to Mina’s boots she unlaced them and had Mina step out before she disappeared into the back room. Mina stood struggling in her bonds trying to breathe around the tight gag as Anna returned and began slipping latex stocking up Mina’s legs, when she reached her thigh bands she carefully worked the thick latex under the bands and finished pulling them up to the bound girls crotch.

As Anna had been working the stockings up she had noticed that the bands seemed a little loose compared to the rest of what Mina was wearing so she reached down and squeezed hard on each band hearing multiple clicks as the bands tightened. Mina moaned as she felt them being squeezed but could do nothing to stop the young girl as Anna squeezed them again making them ratchet even tighter and causing the latex covered skin to bulge around the metal straps. "That’s better" Anna said as she pulled some pony boots on Mina’s feet and laced them tightly up to her knees. Mina felt the shoes as Anna slipped them on but noticed that her feet were at a different angle than before that made her either have to lean forward or bend her legs to stay on top of the shoes and moaned loudly as she wobbled back and forth trying to get her balance. Anna laughed at her captive and said, "That will keep you moving for a while!", enjoying Mina’s constant movement from the shoes.

"Now I have got a dress for you that will look great and make you sweat being in front of the window for about two hours before the sun goes down", and began working a transparent tube dress up her friends body. Reaching the steel globes Anna attached the wires to her stim unit and pulled the tight latex up over Mina’s heaving breasts. The dress was holding Mina’s legs tightly together and made keeping her balance even harder Mina could not see the dress and did not know that as her body warmed the latex it became more and more see thru as it became stuck to her body.

Anna raised the shade and pulled Mina’s arms higher and turned her to face the window, tying to the d-rings of her hooved feet to the wall on either side of Mina’s body making it impossible for Mina to turn back around and forcing her to face the street and the front of her body to be in the direct sunlight. Mina could feel her body heating up and was constantly moaning, she fought for balance having to continuously shift her body and move her hooved feet leaning closer to the window made her more comfortable but increased the heat she was feeling.

The dress was becoming more transparent as Mina’s body sweat and the dress clung tighter to her steel encased form. She could not look down but could feel the sweat running down her body under the latex as more and more people walked by the store front. Most of the people ignored her but some stopped and even more of those took pictures while some stopped and waved their fingers at her in disapproval. Anna had been busy with the store and had paid Mina no attention what so ever until Mina felt her breasts come alive with the shocks from the tens unit being turned on. Mina was suddenly thrashing and pulling at her wrist cuffs trying to find a way to stop the pain she was in, Anna watched her friend then she raised her arms higher pulling Mina up until her feet were barely touching the ground and Mina was grunting and moaning louder. Leaving Mina she went to handle some customers that had come in and Mina was left alone in her struggles as the heat grew worse.

Another hour had passed and Mina was no longer struggling, she hung limply in her bonds as the sweat ran down her body and puddled on the floor, Anna had been very busy and there were several people standing near Mina rubbing and stroking her latex and steel encased body. Anna gave two of them riding crops and said "See if you can wake her up!" and as the two began whipping Mina’s lifeless body Anna went into the back to change. Mina could feel the spanking starting and tried to ignore it but soon was wriggling and grunting against the cuffs holding her in place as the pain started to increase. Anna came back in the store front now wearing her thigh high ballet boots with a long hobble skirt on top of the corset she was already wearing, her head held high by a long very stiff posture collar, the customers had grown bored with Mina and made their purchases and left the store. Anna lowered Mina’s arms and untied her feet, turning her around then retied her feet and began restocking the store and cleaning the floors.

Mina was again struggling to stand still as she watched Anna wiggle around the store in her boots and tight skirt. Anna noticed her watching and said, "Do you like it?" Mina nodded her head yes, "I haven’t bought the skirt yet but the boots and corset are mine now."

Mina mumbled something and Anna came to her and turned off her electro-torture making Mina groan and stop shaking from the pulses. "I’m going to release your hands, don’t fight me and I’ll make you more comfortable, fight me and I make it a lot worse understand?" Mina nodded her head yes.

Anna lowered Mina’s gloved hands and uncuffed them from the spreader bar and pulled them behind Mina’s back. Mina could feel her pulling something up her arms and too late to do anything realized it was an arm sleeve and moaned again as Anna started pulling the laces, in a few minutes Anna had the leather laced tightly crushing Mina’s elbows together and pulled the shoulder straps tighter.

As Mina struggled to stand in the pony boots she twisted and pulled at her arm sleeve, but Anna had done her job too well and there was no escaping it. Anna returned to her friend and had a short steel spreader bar with two cuffs attached and slipped it on Mina’s ankles, making Mina open her legs further apart pulling hard on the now much tighter thigh bands.

Anna untied her captive’s ankles and told her that she was going to help clean up, Mina grunted as Anna showed her the new gag she was holding and began to unlock Mina’s extremely tight gag straps. After wrestling with the tight straps Anna had finally got them all loose and told Mina, "If you speak I will but this right back on and leave you gagged with it all night" Anna pulled the gag from Mina’s mouth and Mina said nothing but let out a relieved groan. Anna gave her friend a drink and a few bites of a sandwich before raising the new gag to her face. As Anna pulled the straps over Mina’s head Mina could see the feather duster sticking out in front of where her mouth should be. Anna grunted as she pulled the straps extra tight making them dig into her slaves face and scalp as Mina was adjusting to the large penis shaped gag that was pushing deep into her throat.

Mina’s head soon felt like it was in a vise from the tightness of the multiple straps encircling her head and she noticed she could not see to the sides anymore, Anna stepped in front of her and said, "OK, last adjustment, ready?" as she said this she pushed the duster further into the holder and it made the large cock in Mina’s mouth grow, Mina coughed and started to gag on it but Anna told her just swallow and it will make it easier. Mina began swallowing and soon the penis was sliding about an inch down her throat before she heard a 'click' and Anna saying, "there we are all latched in". The deep gag was making Mina lean her head back to allow it to be in her throat and now she could only see down as far as her eyes could look down and still couldn’t see out of the sides.

Anna noticed her looking sideways and said, "How do you like the blinders?, they can be folded over and used as a blindfold too" reaching up she folded one over Mina’s eye to show her. "Now get to work!" Anna said smacking Mina on her latex covered legs, "I want everything dusted and I will be checking your work and when you get it done to my satisfaction I will release you."

Anna watched as Mina moved wobbly forward only able to take tiny steps in the tight latex dress and soon Mina was rubbing the duster over the racks and displays moving slowly and gaining control of her new boots. Two hours later Mina was resting and trying to control her breathing when Anna came up beside her and began whipping her again and said, "Since you obviously want to stay my slave you deserve some punishment for stopping your work". Anna hooked up the portable tens unit to Mina’s wires and turned it on high and walked off. Mina moaned loudly and strained in her arm sleeve bending and twisting her body for some relief but found none, she was still being shocked when Anna came by and whipped her some more telling her to get to work as another customer came in.

Mina watched the woman when she entered the store and removed her coat, as she hung it on the rack Mina noticed her tall high heels and was in awe of the multitude of straps wrapping around her legs holding them on, as she followed them up she saw the tight black patent leather pencil skirt that flowed up her legs to a matching corset that pulled her waist in and just covered her massive tits. As Mina watched her tits heaving under the corset her eyes moved up to the tall collar around her neck, it had a single O-ring mounted in the front and seemed to fit her like a second skin, Mina’s eyes continued up and she saw the woman’s face, the dark red lip stick with the dark eye makeup surrounded by the black long hair hanging down to her shoulders. Mina inched backwards out of fear and tried to move away from the woman. Anna had asked if she could help her and the woman said she was looking for something new and began to roam around the store.

Mina had stayed out of sight but had moved into the back area and had nowhere else to go when the tall woman saw her and said, "What do we have here?"

Anna was close behind and saw Mina and said, "Oh that’s my helper"

The tall woman spoke saying, "How much for her cleaning services?"

Anna laughed and said "Well she’s not very good at it" as Mina grunted at both of them.

The woman grabbed Mina’s arms and turned her around looking at her from all angles then said, "How long has she been wearing that belt"

Anna responded, "I put her in it three months ago, along with the toe boots she normally wears"

"Impressive, three months, she must have been very bad" the woman said.

"Actually she was very good, she prefers to be like this" Anna continued, "She even ties herself up when I’m not around"

"Oh I never let my slave tie herself up unless I order it" the woman said.

As Mina tried to pull away the woman said, "Still got some spunk left in her, you know her bonds are missing one thing though, do you mind?"

Looking at Anna. Mina was trying to shuffle away from the two when Anna said, "Be my guest" and the woman took a long leather strap and attached it to the squirming Mina’s arm sleeve and pulled it down to her short spreader bar and sliding strap through the buckle pulled it tight, Mina could do nothing but grunt and moan as she kept pulling the strap until Mina was bent back slightly and unable to lean forward again. The tight arm sleeve was now anchored to her ankles keeping her arched slightly backwards.

"Now isn’t that better" the woman said to Anna as they walked off leaving Mina to struggle just to remain standing. The woman made several purchases and was leaving the store just as Mina had made her way back to the front.

The woman said good bye and rubbed Mina’s strapped head and left the store. Anna cheered as she knew she had surpassed her best sales night again and kissed Mina’s face and spun her around celebrating. Mina groaned and tugged on her arm sleeve as Anna smiled and said thank you, thank you, and scooted off towards the back room, leaving Mina standing in the store alone. Mina heard the door bell and turned to see two couples entering and staring at her wide eyed. Mina turned to go towards the office and heard her one of the girls saying look at her arms, they look like their crushed together, and another one say look at her feet they're hooves. They were following her as she hobbled slowly away from them, finally Mina could feel someone touching her as Anna came out of the office, and asked if she could help them.

One of the girls said she wanted to know what it felt like to be dressed as Mina was, "All of it!" She added, the other girl said she wanted a dress like hers and to try the shoes also. The two men groaned as the girls were talking quickly and knew they would be there for a while, Anna picked up on this and suggested they go to the bar next door and the girls could call them when they were done. The couples agreed and the men left, Anna showed the girls around and told them that her model was wearing the only pair of pony shoes in her size as well as the arm sleeve but said she would be happy to undress her and they can try hers on. The girls agreed both taking long latex dress to the dressing rooms, Anna grabbed Mina’s face and said, "Do you want to help me or do I keep you restrained till we close?" Mina indicated help and Anna quickly started unlacing the arm sleeve.

The girls both had their dresses on and came out to look at each other, when Anna saw them she scolded them and said, "You really need to be naked underneath the latex to get the full effect!"

The girls giggled and scooted back into the dressing room as Anna continued to remove Mina’s restraints. Anna got the arm sleeve off and let Mina start on her gag harness as she took the pony boots off her feet. Anna took the arm sleeve and boots to the girls stopping on the way grabbing another pair of tall shoes and two corsets telling the girls she would be there in a second. Mina had pulled her toe boots on under her skirt and was flexing her jaw muscles as Anna pointed to the second girls dressing room and handed the clothes to her. Anna said to the girls that they should have the entire treatment corsets and head gear and the girls squealed again agreeing. Mina and Anna soon had the girls gasping for air from the tight corsets and Mina laced the pony boots on the one that wanted to try it all before forcing her arms deep into the arm sleeve and lacing it up until the girl was starting to struggle and told her to wait a minute.

Walking out to the shop grabbing two large gags and as she was walking back handed one to Anna. Mina’s girl was sitting struggling in the arm sleeve and looked at Mina with uncertainty in her eyes as Mina moved in close and said, "Open up, you wanted the whole thing".

Mina forced the large ball behind the girls teeth and pulled the strap tight before ordering her to stand and turned her around trying to steady her in the pony boots. As she tightened the arm sleeve until the girls elbows were being crushed together the girl was whimpering behind the gag and gasping through her nose. Anna had her girl laced tight in her corset and slipped the tall shoes on her feet and locked the ankle straps together, as the girl struggled for balance and air Anna slid the leather penis attached to her panel gag behind her teeth and strapped it tightly around her head. The girl had stopped giggling and was starting to resist when Anna wrapped a new arm sleeve around the struggling girl’s arms and pulled the straps tightly.

This sleeve left the girls hands exposed but was made from thick leather and held her arms straight with a strap that went up to a stiff collar. Once the girls were dressed they were walked into the store and left alone with each other, they both looked scared until they saw each other then began giggling again as they moved around each other staring at the others appointment’s.

Anna and Mina went to the front of the store and were chuckling to each other as they watched the girls shuffle around each other. Mina asked if Anna had a different dress she could wear and if she would re-lace her boots for her, Anna agreed and soon had the tube dress off her friend and was re-lacing her boots around her thigh bands, Mina picked out a black spandex dress that went to just below her knees and as Anna was helping her dress the girls had slowly made their way to them.

Anna looked at the girls and said, "Ready to pay for your outfits?"

The girls both whined behind their gags and turned their backs to her wanting her to release them.

Mina moved away from the girls and Anna said, "Oh they need to be adjusted, ok" and began pulling the straps tighter on the girls arm sleeve.

The girls looked scared as Anna began tallying up their items and said, "Cash or credit?"

The girls looked at each other then back to Anna as one headed to the dressing rooms and returned a few minutes later with her purse. Anna pulled a credit card out and pretended to ring up the purchases and had the girl take the pen in her trapped hands and sign the slip. Anna yelled at Mina and said, "I guess they are ready to go, since they can’t call their boyfriends I guess they will have to go next door and find them. Can you get their clothes so we can bag them up", as she led the girls to the door.

The girls were trying to fight her and whining into their gags as Mina showed up smiling at Anna and said, "I guess they want to stay, we could just leave them here until the guys come back" both the girls nodded their heads yes and Anna let them move back into the store.

Mina walked up behind Anna and grabbed her hands and wrapped a thick leather strap around them and pulled it tight, this was quickly followed by another around her elbows and tightened really tight. Anna just smiled and said, "My turn huh?" Mina smiled back as she pulled Anna backwards to the spreader bar and hooked her wrists to the bar and pulled them up behind high behind her, forcing her to bend her restricted waist.

Mina listened to Anna grunt and gasp as she fought her bonds before turning away and walked past the girls. Mina returned with a severe leather hood and pulled it roughly over Anna's head, forcing the large leather cock inside the hood into her mouth and after lacing it tightly pulled the straps that wrapped around her eyes, mouth and neck tightly. Anna was grunting as she tried to breathe through the small holes in the hood as Mina began working the leather leg binder up her captive’s legs and strapped it tightly around her waist.

Mina started lacing the binder and soon had Anna's legs pinned together tightly, Anna was leaning back and forth unable to stop swaying on top of her pointed toes, and was whining loudly under the hood. Mina turned to the girls and asked if they wanted to be released now or wait a while longer. The girls looked relieved and indicated they would wait, as they turned and walked off. Mina went back to Anna and lowered her arms, after unstrapping her hands and elbows she forced Anna's arms into a leather straight jacket and pulled the arms tightly around her body and buckled them together.

Mina pulled the strap between Anna's legs forcing her skirt deep into her pussy as she cinched it extremely tight making Anna whine under her hood, once Mina was finished she attached the spreader bar to the d-rings on the shoulders of the Jacket and pulled Anna almost off the floor, causing the crotch strap to dig into Anna's pussy making her whine louder. The girls returned and had a cane whip in their hands indicating towards Anna, Mina understood and spun Anna around and began whipping her hard with the cane.

The girls squealed as they watched Anna bounce on her hooks laughing as they enjoyed Mina whipping their tormentor. Mina started unlacing one of the girls arm sleeve and once she had it off told her to go and undress her friend and they could go. The girls shuffled to the dressing rooms and soon Mina could hear them giggling as they undressed each other and soon were carrying their purchases to the front. Mina met them behind the counter and said, "Anna had not charged them for the clothes and that she had been teasing them".

The girls laughed and both said they wanted the gear and Mina used Anna's figures and charged the girls credit cards as the girls were talking about how much the guys were going to love the outfits. Mina asked the girls if they wanted to take a turn at Anna before they left and they did so she handed them both a cane whip and said, "You have to hit hard to make it through the thick leather". The girls held back nothing and both whipped Anna hard for about two minutes before thanking Mina and leaving the store. Anna was whimpering and whining from the whipping as Mina closed and locked the front door to the store.

Returning to Anna she told her that she was going to leave her bound the way she was until her crew came in tomorrow and released her. Anna began struggling and dangling from her cable as she realized what Mina was saying. Mina went to the office and raided the refrigerator eating everything she could find and drinking several bottles of water. Looking at the clock she saw it was just now twelve o’clock and sat down to let Anna stew a while before releasing her. About an hour later Mina snuck up to Anna and slid the large vibrator down her leg binder and turned it on high. Anna immediately began to thrash and twist and as she was gasping for air raised her feet off the floor and Mina could hear her whining and gasping for air as her body twitched and tensed up. As Anna's body relaxed Mina lower her into a waiting chair and released her body from the spreader bar, Anna slumped in the chair totally spent from her exertions.

Mina loosened the straight jacket and pulled it from her body leaving her in her leg binder, boots and hood. Mina took the matching set of wrist cuffs from the set she had worn earlier on her ankles and locked them on Anna's wrists making sure the key holes were facing where Anna could reach to release herself. Mina loosened the leg binder and slid a half dozen small locks into the eyelets of each boot then retightened the leg binder locking it on as well, lastly she took a wide steel collar that has slave written on it in large letters and locked it around Anna's neck.

The keys to the boots and collar she had put in her coat pocket, the rest of the keys she put on a large key ring and as she walked through the darkened store dropped them and returned to Anna who had recovered from her climax and was now trying to remove the locked on hood. Mina held her hands and told her, "The keys to you restraints are lying somewhere in this store, I will tell you they are on the floor but that’s the only clue I’m giving you, you can crawl around feeling carefully for them and with any luck you will be able to free yourself before your staff comes in."

Mina continued as she stuck her hand down Anna's corset applying the stimulator pads to each nipple and ran the wires over her shoulder and attached the control box to the back of her corset. Mina took a wide leather belt and pulled it tight under Anna's arm pits and across her upper chest trapping the wires under it and compressing Anna's tits further into the corset and locked it on. "This will make it harder for you to remove the stim pads but I did want you to know how they felt" Mina said as she turned on the stim unit and vibrator on high and headed for the door.

Leaving a note for Anna in her purse saying, "I have the keys to your collar and boots, if you are lucky I will see you in a couple of days if not then it will be longer, if you need to you can cut those beautiful boots off but I’m sure they were expensive, the collar you’ll have to live with for a while, sleep tight" as Mina wrote her note she was listening to Anna squeal from the shocks and move herself from the chair to the floor and begin her slow search with that Mina set the locks and walked out of the store.


Mina hoped she would be able to get some sleep before she had to get ready for Jacks return and his surprise gift. Arriving home she put the gag back in her mouth and set the alarm and mag locks for 8 hours and climbed into bed and cuffed herself down, still dressed and wearing her thigh high boots and latex stockings since Anna had tightened her thigh bands on top of them they were not coming off. The alarm waking her before the mag locks released her she laid waiting and dreaming about what Jack would do to her when he found her. After her chains slackened she uncuffed herself and did her morning rituals and ate a light breakfast and went to Jacks place to get it set up and wait for his call. She got her bindings ready and hung her rope ratchet and set up the weight to increase the tension on her arms as she waited for him.

As she moved around his apartment she laid out the toys she was going to leave him to use on her and laid instruction sheets by each one. After completing her clean up and equipment displays she dashed back to her apartment and began getting herself ready, she hated to remove the boots because Anna had done a wonderful job lacing them over and around her thigh bands but she knew they would be too uncomfortable to kneel in for any length of time. She cleaned herself with a wash cloth and styled her hair and applied some dark eye makeup and some ruby red lipstick. The gag head harness she had picked had a clear ring gag that had a long penis insert in the middle that would slide down her throat keeping her swallowing constantly to keep from gagging on it, the center piece could be removed leaving the wearers mouth open for whatever her master wanted to use it for, this was explained in her letter to him that she had left on the table for him. The blind fold she was going to use was held with only one strap but was difficult to remove without your hands but could easily be removed by her master.

She polished the steel that covered her body and laced up and locked on her knee high ballet boots, the dark transparent latex of the stockings made her legs look toned and almost like they had a tan, she liked the way she could see the sweat pockets moving around as she got dressed. She wrapped her posture collar around her neck and locked it on leaving the keys to this, her gag and her boots in her night stand not wanting him to be able to remove them until she was ready, once she was done getting ready she sat down and waited for him to call, he knew she would not be able to speak, so he was just going to tell her he was at the airport and getting a cab.

She sat rubbing her crotch plate her pussy getting wet from her fantasizing about making love to him and him keeping her locked up as his own forever. Her phone rang and she listened to the answering machine pick up and heard him say, "I’m here getting a cab now, see you in about an hour" and hung up.

Mina squealed and darted across the hall in only her heels and gear. As she knelt in front of the pole she locked one of the steel cuffs with the short spreader bar she had borrowed from the store around her ankle and struggled to reach the other until she had it locked around her other ankle, pulling the attached chain up and looping it through the d-ring in the back of her corset, she was now trapped no matter if she went any further or not because the keys were out of her reach. She pressed her steel covered ass against the pole and wrapped a wide leather belt around her waist and pulled it tight locking her lower body to the pole, next she wrapped another belt around her chest above the bra and the pole and pulled it tight then finishing off by wrapping a strap around over her posture collar and snugging it to the pole.

Mina was now strapped tightly to the pole and was deciding if she should finish now or wait until she heard him enter the apartment. As the anticipation built in her she decided not to wait and slid the elbow cuffs up her arms and pulled the straps tightening them firmly above her elbows. After lowering her blindfold she pulled on the cable between the cuffs forcing her arms close together then locked the loose end of the cable to the d-ring at her waist. She couldn’t even wiggle her body as she fought with the chain stuck in the d-ring finally getting it free, she found the rope from the pulley mounted above her near the ceiling and carefully pulled the chain from her ankles up until her pointed toes were pulled up and the bar between her ankles was touching the pole.

Mina locked her ankle chain to the d-ring, now she was forced to remain on her knees and the thigh straps pulled tightly against the pole as she tried to move her knees backwards, Mina started thinking maybe she might have gone too far, again as her legs had already began to cramp. She twisted her wrists as she tried to find the d-rings on her wrist cuffs and turned the lock until it had both rings captured, holding her breath she closed the lock and once she heard the "click" she knew she was now completely at his mercy as her pussy got wetter from the thought.

She looped the rope under the lock several times pulling the rope and raising her hands as high as she could hold them up and tied it off making multiple knots before wrapping it several more times tying knots in between each wrap. Mina was holding her arms up high on her back trying not to pull on the rope knowing as soon as she did the rope would pull loose at the pulley and the weights would yank her wrists higher up the pole and as they pulled higher they would also force her elbows tighter together.

As Mina twisted and flexed her body trying to find a more comfortable position she continued to swallow as the gag felt like it was growing and moving down her throat further, as she fought her gag reflex she panicked and began thrashing against her bonds, as the leather creaked and the chains rattled she pulled too hard on the rope and the weights fell yanking her wrists hard towards the ceiling causing her to squeal as they raised high up the pole almost reaching her shoulder blades and pulling her elbows close together stopping their rise and making the weight bounce as it was stopped. Each bounce tugged a little more rope through the ratchet and raised her wrists a little more and was now crushing her elbows together.

Mina was whining into her gag as she fought for air around it and gasped through her nose from the pain her bent and crushed together arms were causing her. She was now completely immobile only able to wiggle her fingers that were forced against the pole and flare her nostrils as she whined and pulled at her bonds. Mina was calming herself and tried to relax realizing she could do nothing to ease any of the pain and hoped he would get here before her tens unit kicked in. Mena had applied two more pads to her breasts right on her nipples and four on her feet under her toe boots and set the unit to come on for 15 minute intervals increasing in intensity each time until it reached maximum then starting all over again, she knew in one hour the unit would come on and even though she started at half power would be making her scream and fight her bonds even harder.

When Jack came out of the airport he was greeted by four of his friends from the police department and they had talked him into going and getting a few drinks before he headed home, he agreed but said he needed to call his girlfriend so she would not be waiting on him. Mena had just gotten calmed down as she heard the phone ring and Jack saying he would be there in a couple of hours and hoped she wasn’t planning anything too special for him and hung up. Mina was stunned and got mad at herself then at him as she began fighting her bonds again causing her chained wrists to creep up her back a little bit further as she twisted and yanked her bound body. She calmed herself again and panted into her gag as she still looked forward to him getting there and knew she would be hornier the longer she waited.

About an hour later as the majority of Jack's department had met him at the bar for his graduation party and were buying him drinks and yelling about his grades at the school, Mina who had forgot about the tens unit as she concentrated on her battle with the gag started getting shocked. The added pads on her nipples were making them jump in the steel covering them but the real problem was the pads on her feet, she had not tried them there before and thought they wouldn’t affect her much but now where making her scream as pull against the chain holding them tightly against the pole. Mina was screaming and choking on the long penis gag and she began crying from the pain of the increasing power of the tens unit. She continued her fight as Jack continued to drink and have fun with his friends for next 3 hours.

When Jack arrived home he found his apartment dark and walked right past the note as he staggered back to his bedroom. He turned on the light but didn’t notice Mina’s bound body kneeling by the pole as he went to the bathroom and relieved himself. Mina had heard someone come in but was concentrating on the gag and the powerful shocks she was receiving and hoped that if it was Jack he would soon release her. Jack came back in the room and went straight to the bed and then noticed the equipment on it. Picking up the note attached to the whip he chuckled at the explanation and said, "Like I need directions"

Mina heard this and began squealing scaring Jack making him drop the whip. Jack looked at Mina’s bound body as he walked around the pole amazed at the ingenuity she had shown to get herself into this position. He stared at her steel covered body with the wide straps holding it tight to the pole and as he walked around her he could see the short chain attached to the spreader bar holding her ankles tightly against the pole keeping her on her latex encased and severely bent knees.

As his eyes moved up her body he could see the strap holding her neck to the pole over her tall posture collar and her hands pulled into a reverse prayer position behind the pole, he stopped and stared at the elbow cuffs tied by a cable to her waist that was pulling them together and wondered how she ever able to hold that position. Mina could feel someone in the room and was whining through her gag trying to get them to help her as the pulses were increasing in strength. Jack found the control box and turned a few knobs, first making her scream then watched her calm down as her turned them the other way, Mina was very relieved as the pulses died down only to hear him say, "OH, you like it the other way" and turned them back up to high. Mina was screaming again as Jack continued to explore her bound body, feeling her tits he could feel her body squirming under the steel and watched her gasp through her flared nostrils.

The more she struggled the more his dick grew, he figured out the pulley system and gave it a quick yank watching her hands finally pass the pole and pop up to where they were almost even with her neck, her elbows parted a little until her hands stopped moving up the were drawn back together. Mina felt her arms move as the pain increased in her shoulders and now her fingers could feel the strap at her neck and she knew what had happened, Jack’s yank had caused the rope to start bouncing again and pulled Mina’s arms up another inch before stopping.

Mina was being shocked savagely and her arms felt like they were being ripped off from her shoulders but she had a sense of peace and security knowing he was there that allowed her to calm herself and moan to him. Jack had sat down on the bed and was staring at her bound form when he decided he needed another beer and walked into the kitchen. On the way back Jack noticed the envelope and sat down and read it. He read the note with a growing dick and sat back to finish his beer, his mind still foggy from the party he decided to do as she had asked and grabbed another beer and went back to the room.

Jack listened to her moaning before rubbing the cold bottle over her exposed skin getting a squeal out of her as her lowered his pants and twisted the long gag out of its locked position getting another groan from her before inserting his dick into the large opening and beginning to fuck her gapping mouth. Mina was quickly choking on his cock as he forced it deeper down her throat than the gag had been and she started swallowing and rubbing it with her tongue, she couldn’t suck very well with her mouth held open so wide but she tried and made slurping sounds as he moved it in and out of her throat.

Jack was enjoying himself and in his drunken state was not concerned if she could breathe or not and continued to force his dick down her throat until he felt himself near an orgasm at which point he thrust deep into her mouth and held it there until he had shot his load down her throat. Mina hadn’t been able to breathe for almost two minutes and was starting to pass out when she felt him remove his shrinking cock from her mouth and took a large gasping breath. Jack sat on the bed watching and listening to her gasp and moan, he had always been a man who enjoyed blow jobs immensely and now had a girl who was incapable of doing anything but blow jobs and he smiled at the idea of keeping her that way. Mina was trying to speak but Jack could not tell what she was saying and soon grew tired of hearing her babbles and slid the long plastic cock back into her mouth and twisted it locking it in place again.

Mina thrashed in her bonds as she felt it being inserted but could not stop it and had to begin sucking and swallowing again and whining trying to get him to understand the pain she was in. Jack found the whip and began to swat her everywhere he could find bare skin watching her jump in her bonds as each lick of the whip made contact with her. Mina was squealing as she felt the whip hitting her but could not move away or cover herself. Jack grew tired of the whip and got her large vibrator, reading the attached tag he took some of the rope she had left on the bed and went to her convulsing body and placed the head against her steel covered crotch and tied it tightly into place, plugging it in he watched her start to wriggle on moan louder as the vibrations increased. Jack watched her closely as he turned the knobs and the control unit until he could tell he had found a setting she enjoyed and left her alone going to get another beer. Mina was enjoying herself amazed that he had been able to manipulate the machines so well as to actually start her on her way to an orgasm.

She struggled and pulled on her arm restraints trying to find some relief from the pain in her shoulders but soon was lost in her building orgasm as Jack started whipping her again. She was nearing climax when she felt the plastic cock being turned and slid out of her mouth followed by his pulsing cock being shoved down her throat, the feeling of being bound and tortured combined with the helplessness of being fucked in her mouth made her come while she was sucking his cock, she realized she could not breath again and as the second wave of her orgasm crashed in on her body she felt him twitch and come down her throat again, he held his cock deep in her mouth to long this time and she passed out from lack of air.

Mina awoke lying in Jacks bed, her arms were free of the restraints, even her gag was gone, she felt down her body and could tell she was no longer strapped to anything but was still encased in steel and could even move her legs even though they were still locked together by the short spreader bars attached cuffs. Turning she saw Jack asleep next to her and slowly rolled on to her side wrapping her arm over him and went back to sleep. She realized she didn’t have her gag on anymore and wondered if he had gone and gotten her keys why he didn’t release her all the way but didn’t care as she felt him breathing under her and felt completely sated.

What she didn’t know was Jack had cut the gag loose when she passed out, he panicked when he couldn’t find the key to fit the lock and wanted her to be able to breathe freely, the rest of her toys he had put into a pillow case and set next to the bed for when she woke and wanted to play again. They both lay together holding one another as he felt her go back to sleep he rubbed the special key he had gotten in the mail and tried to figure out how long he could keep her pussy locked up and if he should make her his permanent cock sucking slave.

The End or the Beginning?


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