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Mistakes Can Be Easy

by Michelle Stevens

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© Copyright 2011 - Michelle Stevens - Used by permission

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This is a true story about a self bondage session that went slightly wrong.

After several nights of planning and study of some new self bondage techniques, I was ready to tie myself up, in hopefully a fantastic bondage position. One which would be hard to escape from, without a lot of struggling and squirming. This was what I wanted as I adore tight bondage.

Preparing myself, I put on a pair of nice black stockings and pulled up a pair of tight black panties, then wrapped my strict corset around me. Being alone I would have to fight to tighten the laces to my satisfaction, so I decided to put on my shoes first and strapped on the platforms with six inch spiked heels. I then used a length of rope to tie my ankles together, tightly cinched and pressed hard together. I next tied six more ropes at various places up my legs, each one as tight as the ankle rope.

Satisfied with my leg bindings I continued preparing my restraints. I had a single bed that would be my resting place while I struggled for freedom and over it I had positioned a rope with a noose in one end and the other attached to a strong fixing in the ceiling. My next move was to tie my feet to the back of my thighs and made them as secure as I could. I actually knelt down and squatted down to make it easier to get them pinned as I wanted to them. I rolled over onto my side to test the bonds and found that my legs were virtually immovable, with which I was very happy.

Then I fought with the corset laces and eventually had them tight enough to make breathing a little hard and then I pulled a black, halter top, mini dress over my head and smoothed it into place and making sure everything I needed was at hand, I continued by tying a rope through the middle of my ankle ropes with another noose on the end. I had another rope coiled to the required size to fit around my wrists in about six loops and I lay it just to the side of my feet.

Satisfied that everything was in place, I put a thick discipline collar around my throat and buckled it up tight, locking the buckles with small padlocks. The keys were out of reach, but It could be released later when I had freed myself and stood up again. Now I was getting to the serious part that I loved. I pushed a large red rubber ball gag into my mouth and fastened the strap behind my head, then the one over the top and finally the one under my chin. These were also locked on and could come off later as well. Checking around I made sure where everything was positioned and then I pushed soft wax into my ears and tied a silk scarf around my eyes, then with a vet wrap tape bandage I sealed my eyes completely behind several layers. I also taped over the ball gag, sealing that in tighter than it already was. This cut out all sight and virtually all sound except my breathing and with the huge ball sealing my mouth, speech was impossible.

The rest of my bondage would have to be completed by feel. Reaching down I took a length of rope and with difficulty, began pulling it around my elbows, looping it through the hanging noose from the ceiling. Once I had it in the right place, I pulled as hard as I could on the ends to make it as tight as possible. I managed to knot it by bringing the ends around to my front and tying them there, my hands barely able to reach. Finally I had it tied and rested for a little while.

I then reached back and grabbed the coils of rope by my feet. I fed one hand through the coils and then placed the noose from my ankles over it. I then had to really fight to get my other hand through the other side of the coils, but finally managed to wriggle it through the tight coils. Then lifting my body up, the noose tightened around the middle of the coils effectively cinching the wrist ropes. This idea is very effective and can be removed by working the noose loose again, but this time I had made the noose less easy to open. I had done this as I didn’t want to escape too soon. Not only did this bind my wrists perfectly, but it also put me in a strict hogtie and my feet were just about touching my hands. I was quite impressed by how well my wrists were tied and it felt wonderful.

Now I was ready for the final act. I thought I had positioned the ceiling rope perfectly to do what I had in mind, that was for me to fall forward to the bed and therefore tightening the ropes around my elbows. I had taken a long time to get the rope just at the right height, but what I had failed to notice was the ceiling fixing was off centre of the bed below. Also I had miscalculated its length, so when I went forward, the rope tightened to its limit, but didn’t allow me to fall all the way to the mattress. The ceiling fixing being off centre, then pulled me off the side of the bed, leaving me hanging from the ceiling rope and completely suspended by my tightening elbows. The more I struggled the tighter the ropes became, with all my weight giving them all the leverage they needed to become super tight. Because of the extremely secure leg bindings, I couldn’t reach the bed with my feet or knees and of course my arms were firmly pinned behind me.

Panic was the first reaction, when I realize the magnitude of my situation. I couldn’t see or hear and I definitely couldn’t speak or call out for help and as I was in a sleep out in the back yard, it would be at least twelve hours before anyone missed me and came looking. Even then it was likely I would not be found, the door was locked and I had no way of attracting attention. To make things worse, as I had fallen forward and been pulled off the bed, I must have strained somehow, the result being that the wrist ropes were now impossibly tight and the noose wouldn’t slacken at all. Any movement caused the elbow rope to tighten more and more and that too was unbelievably tight already. I tried to relax and access my plight, but I feared that I had done far too good a job and I was tied in an inescapable way.

The initial panic had also caused me to struggle violently and that had helped to tighten the ropes as well. The hogtie was as good as if someone else had tied me and all seemed hopeless. The time dragged on and I tried to stay as still as I could to prevent my helplessness getting worse and in that time I decide my only hope was to loosen the wrist ropes. No other rope had any chance at all of being loosened. If I could have reached the bed I would have been able to take the pressure off my elbows, but that too was impossible, it was tantalizingly just out of reach.

Eventually I tried wriggling my wrists gently and very slowly I began to feel the rope giving a minute bit at a time. Then at last it came loose and I freed my hands. This gave me a hold to pull myself over the bed and with a great I struggle managed to get my knees to touch it, which then eased the tension on my elbow rope. After that the rest was easy and after four hours of incredible bondage I was finally free. Removing the blindfold and ear plugs was excellent, but nothing like removing the huge gag from my mouth. I was a little shaky on my feet for a while and as scary as the incident had been, I was thrilled by the session as a whole. It had actually been the best bondage I had been in for a long time.

I have been involved in bondage for many years and consider myself experienced. I have performed so many self bondage positions that I have lost count, but I guess the moral of the story is, no matter how good you are, a simple mistake can be extremely dangerous. So be careful everyone and enjoy your self bondage. If not, come and see me and I will do it for you, properly.


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