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Mitten’s Selfbondage

by Ray

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© Copyright 2005 - Ray - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; D/s; naked; chain; collar; gag; cons; X

Hi Gromet,

Well as it turns out, Mittens has been doing self-bondage since 1981, and we never really thought of it this way until seeing your pictures. Before I went to bed on Sunday night, Mit's would chain herself up in my kitchen and she would pretty much be that way until at least an hour after I got home from work Monday. When I took off one wrist chain each night and handed her the pliers, pretty much all she would do is take off her neck chain then go shower till she was again wearing her neck chain. We were pretty much too stupid to think of a collar so what she wore around her neck was an old cut-off turtleneck sweater. Pretty much most readers will be too young to know about turtle-neck sweaters but they were popular in the 1960's and 70's and both of us were alive back then (-:

Well anyway, the sweater turned out to be very durable. We cut it apart to take off the entire back and torso and almost all of both sleeves, leaving of course the entire turtleneck part and enough of the shoulders to keep it in place. Each evening after I unchained the wrist of her choice and she un-did her neck chain, she would take her wastebasket into the bathroom, jingling her ankle chain behind her with every step. There she would dump and shower out her wastebasket, rinse out or wash her turtleneck, and wash herself. This is pretty much the only laundry she ever did which was a good thing because she had no aptitude for doing laundry, hated it, and hated being dragged around helping me with my chores - which was pretty much the only time she got unchained to wear clothing.

As you might tell we had a rather rocky relationship and it was because she was a thief and I didn't trust her an inch, and, she really --really-- didn't want to get sent back to her father's, and she really --really-- didn't have any place else to go.

So we sort of fell into each other's clutches, you might say, and we have been together ever since.

So back to our story, sooner or later on Sunday night we would have gone out so she would have been wearing clothes, but more or less right after we got home she would have taken a shower and come out naked, leaving her clothes in the bathroom, with me waiting outside the door to walk with her out to the kitchen. There her turtleneck and all her sock-tops would have been sitting out to dry all day. We didn’t have any chairs in the kitchen so she would toss out the assortment she wanted (sooner or later we had three turtlenecks) and sit herself down on the floor while I used a convenient kitchen drawer to stash the rest of her stuff.

I refused to buy her tampons by the way, but we both lived thru that... Anyway, I was too cheap or too stupid to buy padlocks so what I bought was some light chain with enough opening to fit S-chain thru it, one long piece that went from her neck to the cold-water tap under the sink, and two shorter pieces that were for her wrists and ankles. I gave her a pair of needle-nose pliers to close the chains with. It helps to have two pairs to take them off with, by the way.

Mittens would sit down on the floor, sometimes putting on sock-tops and sometimes putting on real socks, then she would wrap a chain around each ankle twice. Once done she would hold the chain in place with one hand and pick up a sliver of S-chain with the other hand, both ends having an open link in a hook shape. She would loop the S-chain thru a loose link and a tight link, twice, then hook it, let go of it, pick up the pliers, use the pliers to close the hook, then move on to the next of her body parts. The last limb was the only one that was critical to get correct, otherwise she could move about pretty much anywhere her neck chain would let her go. She could pretty much put her stuff on in any sequence she wanted to also, as long as her gag was done before it came time for her last limb.

So for the last link she had to be sitting on the floor, and pretty much usually first she would have scooted as far to the end of the kitchen as she could on the length of her neck chain. There she would sit, facing the opening to the dinner nook, and pull her ankle chain taught, she would make sure that her wrist chain crossed over it at least once, then after using the pliers to close the last hook Mittens would just toss the pliers someplace out on the floor out of her reach.

The clatter of the pliers was my cue that she was ready and I would come in, make sure that her blanket and pillow were out of their cabinet (we forgot to check one night!) And I would flip out the light. Some nights we would not be done talking and I would sit down with her on the floor, the street light streaming thru the window and lighting up the ceiling. She can actually talk thru a sock gag, it is difficult, but I guess it was mostly me talking and her going uh huh, uh huh...

Monday she would get unchained when I chose, sometimes right after I got in the door but often not for well over an hour or two. On nights when I had business dinners (also dates on the side!) she would be chained up sometimes till 1:00 in the morning and only unchained for five or nine minutes, me tapping my foot on the door outside the bathroom. What a life? Well like I said, 22 years later we remain together.

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Thanks! --Ray


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