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Mix It Up!

by Bestlaidtrap

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© Copyright 2006 - Bestlaidtrap - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; toys; latex; basement; storage; jello; box; alginate; encase; stuck; torment; climax; cons/reluct; X

Disclaimer: This story is purely fiction. I do not condone the actions of any persons in this work of fiction. Any similarities between characters in this story and anyone, living or dead, are coincidental. Characters in this story perform dangerous acts, DO NO TRY THIS AT HOME!


To the naked eye Helen was pretty ordinary. She was a cute, petite half Japanese girl. She had always done well in school, even though she came from a broken home, and had worked very hard to put herself through university. She kept fit by playing basketball in the summer ("I may be tiny, but I'll kill you from the 3 point line" she was often heard to say at the Y where she played) and cross country skiing in the winter. There wasn't much that made her stand out in a crowd, sure the boys would hit on her, but she figured that most boys would hit on anything with breasts... even her with her smaller than average "rack". She kept her hair short and generally stayed out of the bar scene. She was a quiet, hard working, smart girl in the city.

It was 2 years since she left university and set out into the big city to make it on her own. So far all she had to show for her time was a cool loft apartment that used to be part of a factory, a job she hated and a sizable wad of money that she had diligently saved up for... well... she didn't really know... but she had some ideas about how to use that money that she wasn't quick to admit to anyone.

Her only real friend Jillian was always trying to set her up on dates, and she always politely refused. After a while they demurely asked her if they should stop "stetting her up... with boys... wink wink?".

"No, I'm pretty sure I'm not gay," She said, "I have just had a lot of trouble with dating... there have been issues in my past relationships and I need to figure myself out before I go charging into anything. Ok?".

"Oh yeah. Sure! I understand... control issues?" Jillian asked.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that." Helen replied and left it at that.

"Control issues?" Helen thought to herself, "that is so ironic it's almost funny... it's like something a bad author would use in a story and think they were brilliant. Ha! I wonder what Jillian would think if she knew how close she came to the truth?"

The truth. Helen didn't even understand the truth herself. She didn't know why she was so obsessed with losing control. Why she could only cum when she fantasized about being totally bound and helpless in inescapable bondage. The fact was that it was true. Dreams that had started at puberty, or maybe before, it seemed like they were always there. Dreams of being tied up, at first. Used. Helpless. Thoughts that made her feel shameful and hot at the same time.

Conflicted fantasies ran through her mind, and grew from year to year into a fetish. In university a friend bought her a vibrating dildo as a gag gift for her birthday. She hid her excitement at the party and wore out the batteries that very night alone in her room. Soon her mind began to often wander to a secret place where she was bound mercilessly with a vibrator inside of her, torturing her with unstoppable pleasure, making her cum over and over and over... screaming as they gather closer and closer together until they meld into one unstoppable inescapable orgasm without end. The men left the fantasies all together... it was just her and her vibrator trapped between her legs as she squirmed, helpless to escape it's wrath of ecstasy

She had played games before. She had never really trusted anyone enough to take her all the way to that orgasmic state that she knew she could achieve. Thanks to her parents walking out on her when she was just 5 (after harnessing her with her ponderous old fashioned name that she secretly hated), foster parents who cared more for their own children and a series of boyfriends who had all left when she started to draw them into the bondage fantasies that plagued her as they made love. No, nobody had stood out enough, been trustworthy enough to indulge her in her secret pleasure. She would have to find a way to bind herself if she was to reach that state of nirvana. That's what her fantasies had become anyway... just her. Solo and trapped. Helpless at her own hand. Master and submissive.

Helen would often fantasize about her ultimate and terrifying dream. It scared her and thrilled her at the same time. She had read a story on the internet one day that changed everything in her life. A story about a girl asking to be put in a box, tied and plugged, then having the box filled with concrete with her permanently stuck inside. "It was sick, isn't it? To want to be cast in a block of concrete..." she thought to herself "...vibrator humming away... stuck! Trapped! Forever..." But it was at that thought that she would always ramble off into a fantasy about just that. being unable to stop it, unable to resist the rise in pleasure and heat. Unable to escape the powerful vibrations, unable to even move.

As she thought about it in her bed at night, she would get hotter and hotter. Reaching into her bedside table she would get out her vibrator, some latex panties (she had so shyly purchased over the internet the day after she got her first credit card) and a bottle of lube. After she slid her favourite vibrator right into the right spot, she would dial it up to full power and lay still imagining what it would feel like to be totally and completely helpless. "Help me, I'm trapped!" her mind would scream "Oh no! What have I gotten myself into!"

After a series of orgasms, each larger and more frequent than the last she could take it no more and would always tear off the latex panties and slide out the vibrator they held inside of her. Panting in pleasure and disappointment that she couldn't take any more pleasure. She was so close to that peak beyond the greatest peak. It haunted her but she simply couldn't handle it. Helen desperately wanted to know how it would feel to force herself over that precipice... a mix of panic and pleasure. Helplessness and joy.

For a long time she wracked her brains, searched the internet and plotted and planned. Trying to find a way to get that sensation of total bondage. "That encasement. That helplessness." She would think "There's gotta be a way to get there without... well... without going too far."

Nothing came to her for a long time and she began to worry that the fantasy would drive her to do something foolish... like try it out with real concrete. Every time this scary thought struck her she would almost cum on the spot (embarrassing at work as she dreamed by the coffee maker, knees buckling slightly). "But no... that would be crazy" Helen thought "I'm not suicidal!" She craved to be entombed, but she knew that it was just too dangerous.

After a while she started to think about alternatives. Ways to seal herself away for a while. Maybe a vacuum bed, or some other material. "How about Jello?" She thought one night, which caused a shiver to run through her body. "If I can seal myself in Jello it would feel like I was a fly in amber, but when I wanted I could just break out". That second she vowed to try it out. "Jello needs to be cool for it to set, maybe I can use my storage locker in the basement, it's pretty cold"

Every tenant in the building had a storage locker in the bottom of the old factory building. Hers was located in the sub-basement level right at the bottom of the elevator and happened to be right at the end of the long hallway. It had a large and very solid steel door on it, presumably to keep her boxes of old university notes, tax receipts from 4 years back (and counting), and abandoned ugly lamps from theft. The temperature in the room usually hovered at about 5 degrees Celsius all year round. She could see her breath down there most days. "Perfect!" She said out loud, scaring herself with her echo in the small room and letting out a small scream that echoed down the empty hallway. "Shit" She said more quietly, and thought "I wonder if my moaning will make someone come down here? I better check this door out for sound".

10 minutes later she returned with a little cd boom box that she kept in her kitchen to play music while she cooked her meals for one. Shutting herself in the small room, she cranked the volume up to full and let rip. "Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty..." howled Axle Rose. Helen covered her ears as the music almost deafened her, echoing from wall to wall in the tiny room. "O...k... let's see how much of this racket is getting out of here?" she could barely think above the din as she opened the door, stepped outside and shut it after her. Click. "oh won't you please take me home, yeah-eah--ohhh---" she heard through the door faintly. "Wow! That must be a thick door to deaden the sound that much..." a sly grin slid onto her face "Perfect!".

Research that night led her to a local bulk store where the next day she bought pounds and pounds of cherry Jello powder. "I'm having a big office party and I need to make desert for about 200 people" she said lamely at the raised eyebrow of the clerk checking her out in more than one way.

"You could make a whole lot of Jello shooters with that too" he said "Or one big huge one you could dive into!" and laughed.

"Ha ha... that would be weird eh?" she laughed back, all the while thinking to herself, "If you only knew buddy! You'd probably cum in your pants right now"

"Come back any time" he said cheerfully, obviously flirting with her, "we have more where that came from!" He laughed again.

"It depends how the party goes I guess... bye" she said trying not to lead him on by letting the excitement of her purchase show through her speech.

That weekend she tried it out. A big box lined with plastic, filled with the thickest jello mixture she could make. Her excitement building as she slid into the mixture to try it out for real. Hoping that this would relieve her of the haunting thought "what would it be like to be stuck for real?"

What a disaster. First it leaked out of the box, and she had to run around sealing the plastic bag with duct tape until it was under control. Then it took forever to set because it wasn't cold enough in the basement. Worst of all, it wouldn't set at all around her body because of her body temperature. After lying there for an hour soaking in Jello water half congealed around her she thought, "Fuck this..." switching her vibe off in disgust. "I just wasted $50 of jello! Back to the drawing board"

So she washed the jello down the drain in the storage room with hot water, packed her mixing supplies in a box at the back and headed back upstairs. On the way into her apartment a neighbour who she had never talked to the whole time she lived there gave her a long look and sort of smiled at her. "What a freak" she thought and locked her door.

As she passed the mirror in her front hallway a shocking sight reached her eyes! "Oh my god! I'm a tomato!" She squeaked and looked closer at her reflection. "That fucking cherry jello dyed my skin... oh this is just great!... I'm an idiot!" Helen ran to the bathroom and took a long hot shower, scrubbing every inch of her body twice over. She managed to get a lot of the red out, but in the end she had to take a couple of days off of work just to let it wear off. Even then more than a few people asked her if she had a fever, or if she'd been south for the "Long weekend" she took until Wednesday.

Helen felt like a total moron, and that was the last of her adventure for a while. That is, until she saw a special on TV over a month later.

Jillian had invited her over for dinner and survivor. They loved to make fun of the fools on the island, and pretend that they wouldn't make fools of themselves like those jerks on TV do. Afterwards they were flipping channels when Helen almost screamed out, "Stop! What's that... no flip back a channel!". "Sure" said Jillian and flipped back to the strange sight on the screen.

The TV showed a woman sitting in what looked like a dentists chair with her head back. And someone was pouring some goop all over her face and she could only breathe through straws. "What the hell is that?" said Helen.

"Oh, I've seen this before... It's lifecasting. They're making a mould of her face for a movie special effect" said Jillian, "I had to do that once for a high school play where they were going to cut off my head. It didn't work out very well though..."

"What do you mean?" said Helen, engrossed by what she was seeing on the screen as the goop solidified on the woman's face under layers of plaster bandage in time lapse and was then pulled off in one solid form, leaving a perfect negative of her face and her breathing tubes stuck in the now hardened goop.

"Well, I get sorta claustrophobic, and that stuff starts to turn solid... well mostly solid, like rubbery." Jillian continued, "I started to freak out and they took it off early. The head ended up with a twisted nose that didn't look much like me. The director wasn't pleased I can tell you."

Helen tried to play politely interested instead of the huge well of excitement (especially down below) that she was feeling, "Hmm... weird... so... what's that stuff called?"

"Abherate? Ajeron? Something like that... I dunno... I know they fill the mould they make of the face with plaster to make a positive of what you molded. The guy who was doing it had boxes of both the powders and had a team of 3 people mixing the stuff to get it ready at the right time," said Jillian starting to sound disinterested.

"hmm... neat o... ok... what else is on," said Helen, secretly thinking, "Aljeran? Alderan? I've gotta try that stuff."

A week later she had checked it out on the internet. After "Alderan" searched through google resulted in nothing but star wars sites, she eventually found it by searhing for "lifecasting". Alginate! She immediately went out to a craft store near her (as the site told her to do) and got a small kit that's used to mould children's hands. She played with the alginate, finding out how long it took to set, how it reacted with her skin, and how firm it was when it set.

"This is it!" She thought. "This stuff is perfect! It sets by chemical reaction to a rigid gel, so temperature isn't a problem. It's rigid enough to hold me snugly and make me feel trapped and entombed, but I should be be able to break out of it when I really need to. The little bit I put on my hand broke apart fairly easily. I can finally live out my fantasy without killing myself in the process. Now I just need to get a bulk order of Alginate and mix it with cool water so it'll take a bit more time to set and I can get into it.

A film special effect supply warehouse in the next town had what she needed and she gave them a bogus line about casting a whole bunch of people for an art project. "Whatever lady" the guy at the shipping desk said, "just don't confuse it with concrete or your models will become statues. Har har har"

"Oh my god... I can finally do this," she thought as she got in her car, lugging the big paper bag of alginate into the passenger seat like an honored guest. She even fastened it's seatbelt so it wouldn't get knocked over by her turning and break open or spill. She was excited... and more than a little wet.

She drove home going through her list in her head again. Re-planning every detail of the night to come. "Ok... alginate, check. Box, check. Big garbage bag, check. Housecoat, towels, and the hose, check. The smaller hose, check. Vibrator, check and check! And of course my latex panties to hold that bad boy in and keep it dry, check." She screeched to a halt in the underground parking lot and went straight to the storage room with her big bag of alginate to get ready. "I've thought of everything!" she said to herself as she walked in, feeling very clever indeed.

She hooked up the hose to the water tap in the janitor's closet down the hall and uncoiled it to her storage room. She hoped nobody would come along now and interrupt her... she wasn't quite sure what to say if they did. No matter, she'd never seen another soul down here in the 2 years she lived there. Most people only go into their lockers once a decade it seemed. She had already pre-set most of what she needed. A large heavy gauge cardboard box sat in the middle of the room. It was lined with a huge plastic bag that she had bought at a furniture store for covering sofas while people moved. There was a big basin sitting on a table next to the box. Also beside the box sat a stool on which was her vibrator, a bottle of moisturizer, a bottle of lube, her latex panties and a 2 foot length of clear plastic tube from the hardware store. On the floor was a drill with a paint mixing bit hooked into it (another gift from the hardware store visit, she knew it would save her a lot of mixing time the second she saw it!). And of course, her big bag of alginate powder.

"Ok, time to mix!" she said out loud to get herself started as the butterflies started to dance in her stomach. The butterflies also started to squirm around in her lower regions too and as she worked she got wetter and wetter as her fantasy (or something like it) started to come true before her eyes.

First she filled the basin full of cool water, "There's gotta be enough room for me to displace some of the alginate..." She thought and started to giggle as the phrase "There's always room for alginate" floated through her mind remembering the jello debacle. The giggles made her feel a little bit silly and she almost considered stopping, but "No, I've gone this far, I have to find out what it feels like to be entombed in that alginate!" she thought.

Next the alginate. She poured in 1.5 times the amount needed to make normal alginate in the quantity of water she was using. She figured that would make it extra firm and hard to break out of when it set. The sight of so much powder going in made her almost have a little orgasm right there and then. Next the mixer... the drill and mixing wand made quick work of the alginate/water mix and soon it was smooth. Because of the amount of alginate she put in it was a thick gray/white liquid and totally opaque. "A fly in amber... well... a fly in concrete maybe" She thought and felt herself grow even more hot.

"Ok... it'll take over 30 minutes to set completely at this temperature I figure, so it's time for the backup plan." She said quietly to herself and took one last glance to make sure everything was in place and practically ran back to the elevator depositing the hose back in the janitor's closet as she passed.

"Hello Jillian?" Helen said into the phone.

"Hey Hell, what's up?" Jillian asked, obviously happy to hear from Helen who had seemed out of it the last few days at work.

"Oh not much... I was just wondering... could you come over tomorrow morning and help me move something from out of my storage locker? It's not heavy, It's just an awkward size and I could use a hand. Before you answer, let me say that there's wine and a video from blockbuster for us to chill out with afterwards, and it'll only take, like, 5 minutes!" Helen rambled feeling excited at what was waiting for her in the basement, but wise enough to set up an escape plan should anything go wrong.

"Geeze, you had me at 'come over tomorrow'... no need to beg, though that wine and movie deal sounds pretty good. when do you need me hun?" Jillian laughed.

"How about 10:00 am... oh and you can come right down to the storage locker and meet me there... " Helen said trying to sound nonchalant "I'll need to dig through some stuff first. You remember where it is from when I moved in?"

"Yep" said Jillian "It's down at the bottom, to the left and at the end right?"

"You've got a memory like an elephant! The code to the door is easy, it's 2831, the last 4 digits of my phone number" said Karen.

"Why do I need the code, won't you be there to let me in from inside?" Jillian inquired.

"Shit shit shit... " Helen thought... "Why the fuck would I not..." a lie popped up "Oh, yeah, I might have my I-Pod on and not hear you, just let yourself in and try not to sneak up on me k?" She smiled at her cleverness.

"Ok... sounds good... so, what are you up to tonight? Wanna go out... I could use a night of dancing at Thndrbar... remember last time we were there and those two girls were starting to..." Jillian started to ramble.

"Oh, hey Jill. Sorry to cut you off," Said Helen, not sorry at all for doing just that, "I just realized I left something on the oven... and I'm busy tonight so I'll have to do a rain check. Gotta run, see you tomorrow!"

"Um... sure... whatever... bye" Jillian hung up the phone. "That was a bit weird... she really needs to get laid!"

Helen checked her watch. "Shit" 14 minutes had passed. If that alginate was firm she was going to just sit down and cry. She blazed out of her apartment and down the freight elevator to the sub-basment again. When she got into the room she was pleased to see that the alginate was still liquid, but considerably thicker already. "No time like the present," she said double checking that the door was latched and nobody would walk in on her while she did her weird kinky experiment.

Off came the clothes, and into a pile by the towels she planned to wipe herself off with after she burst out of her cocoon god knows how long from now. She stood for a moment shivering in the cold room and wondered if this was a bad idea. Her little breasts started to grow goose bumps and her nipples stood at full attention. Half from the cold of the room and half from excitement. She had shaved her pussy in anticipation of the event... not wanting anything to be a fly in the ointment of her fly in amber experiment. "Nice and smooth... that'll feel good when I'm struggling against the alginate" she thought. It was such a great image that she stopped hesitating and got ready.

She pulled on the latex panties... white little hip huggers that fit her like a second skin. "This is it!" she thought, "God I hope it works like I want it to" and stepped into the box. The surface of the alginate in the basin was a bit tacky but underneath it was still fully liquid. "There's still time... good" she giggled to herself as she picked up her vibrator and took a glance at the bottle of lube. "No need tonight" she said to the little bottle and worked the vibrator home to it's perfect pleasure spot. She didn't dare turn it on yet... there was still time for that. She snuggled the latex panties back into place and picked up the 2 feet of hose.

"Oops... almost forgot to lube up the body so it doesn't stick to me" She thought. The alginate wasn't supposed to stick to skin, but the on-line instructions had said that a good barrier cream, vaseline, or moisturizer would help it separate especially around hair. So she squirted a huge amount of moisturizer onto her skin and spread it everywhere. Making sure to rub it into her hair and eyebrows so that they wouldn't get trapped in the alginate. It would save time breaking the rubbery stuff from her head.

"Ok... here goes nothing" she thought and slid down into the box. She then she carefully tipped basin of alginate over on the table to start it pouring down onto her. It was warm on her skin as she sunk deeper and deeper until just her head was above the surface. It was very thick and slimy and she loved the way her body felt covered in the goop. She spent a few minutes just sliding around enjoying the feel of her hands on her body, between her legs and over her breasts, down her tummy and teasing her inner thighs. She squished around in the box a bit and felt like a guppy in a mud puddle.

With the anticipation of how it would feel to be sealed in "Sealed in" she thought, "...oh god I'm getting so Horny just thinking about it! I'm going to fucking explode when it's finally true! Well, time to go down" and she double checked that the hose in her mouth was looped the end over the edge of the box so that it would stay out in the air for her to breathe through and slowly sunk her head down into the gooy liquid as the last of it poured on her head.

A silent murky world greeted her under the surface. Just the hiss of her breath through the hose to keep her company, until she heard a pounding sound coming from somewhere. "Shit, someone's coming... someone's running down the hallway!" she thought and sat up out of the liquid again splashing some of the goo onto the floor.

Silence. And then the muffled pounding again...

"OH Fuck!" She moaned, "It was my heart beating! God, I'm going nuts now" and with that she slid under the surface again.

In her head the thoughts charged onwards. "Ok, I took a long time on the phone, and then getting down here... playing with myself, putting the toy in, getting in... I figure there's something like 5 minutes before this really starts to harden up. I wonder when I should turn the vibrator on? Ummm... Ok... I usually warm up over about 5 minutes before I get really hot with that monster in me, so any time now... time... Oh SHIT! I've still got my watch on!"

If anyone was in the little room watching her pervy show, they would have been greeted with the sight of a hand emerging from the goop, tossing a watch towards the towels (and hitting them square on... 3 points again for Helen) and glooping back down through the surface to join the slippery woman's body below. Her alginate covered watch said 7:52 pm.

"Whoa.. the surface was really getting hard... sorta tough like leather. She tucked her whole body down into the warm goo that was getting warmer as it started to set. I wonder if I'll be able to get out at all from this... Shit shit shit... I should stop, I should get out, this is too much..." Her breathing started to get rapid and shallow. Her heart rate jumped up by almost double. "NO! I've come this far... don't panic.. yet... that's part of the fun for later. Just breathe shallow and turn on that vibrator to keep me company while this goop sets."

She slid her hand through the rapidly solidifying mass of alginate, into her latex panties and dialed the vibrator to medium "No sense in overdoing it the first time!" she thought. Her hand stayed a moment in her panties, sliding over her wet pussy lips around the protruding vibrator, and up to her clit which rested right against the knob on the vibe that always made her shudder with pleasure. A little teasing and she soon forgot about the panic of the setting material, of being trapped and was just lost in the feeling of her loins growing hotter and hotter.

"It's a lot warmer than it was before... it must be starting to set. Ok... time to get into position," she moved her arms to her sides, fingers splayed out, legs separated a little bit and lay there like a corpse. "Why not" she thought and with one last motion she moved her hand back into her panties, and turned the vibrator up to max. "Those lithium Ion batteries will last all night if I want to stay that long," and she gave a little shiver of anticipation as the vibrations more than doubled in her sensitive pussy.

"Oh yeah... I'm going to get stuck just like this!" She fantisized as the vibrator hummed away starting to work it's magic. "Oh fuck yes... I'm going to be totally helpless... nothing will stop that big huge O from dissolving my brain and torturing my body..." She grew hotter and the alginate set around her unnoticed because she lay so still. "Fuck... this is crazy... I've gotta stop or I'll be trapped... oh, that's so fucking hot... MMmmmmm.... yeahhh....." Hear breathing became ragged through the air hose. "Oh, here we go... here we go... yes..." Her first orgasm shuddered through her body and she involuntarily arched her back and felt...


"Oh, fuck!" She came again immediately on the sensation of the alginate sucking her back into the position she had been holding. "Oh god, it's not even fully firm yet and I'm barely able to arch my back. Oh god, oh god, OH GOD! This is stupid... " She started to panic, "That's it, bail out now before you get stuck! Stuck, trapped, entombed, helpless, SEALED IN"

Another orgasm was already well on it's way as the vibrator buzzed at her clit, and the solidifying alginate helped to transport the vibrations to her pussy lips, inner thighs, and right down to the crack of her tight little butt. "Ok... one more orgasm and I'm sitting up... gotta lay still and ride this one out" she thought as the alginate really started to kick in around her, heating up and becoming more and more solid. "Yes... yes... I'm going to be trapped here for the night.... yes... yes... I've gotta get out... YES YES YES... " all thought left her mind as the first of a series of orgasms rocked through her body... her breathing through the tube was ragged and short. She was feeling light headed from the heat of the alginate and her body heat from the arousal, and the short breaths and her high heart rate.

"Gotta calm down," She thought when she got her senses back as the last of the orgasm washed her back to a plateau for a brief moment. "If I sit up now I might pass out and hurt myself... no head rush, just sit up slowly and break out of this crazy crap before it's too late... I'm really scared now." A twinge of another orgasm coming at that thought... it was the fear that drove her over the edge from fantasy to reality. "Getting up... Ok... 3, 2, 1... GO"

She flexed her stomach muscles to try to sit up. Nothing... there was a sucking resistance on her back and tummy as she tried to sit up, and a weight on top of her that pushed back... HARD. The alginate had been strengthened by the solidity of the box around it... most of her force was reflected back at her from the walls of the box.

"Oh FUCK!" her mind belted out at her, "WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU GOTTEN YOURSELF INTO!" The vibrator pulsed onward and she came again, HARD, at the thought of her dream and nightmare come true. She might be truly trapped now.

"Ok... big effort this time, all caution to the wind... I gotta get out of here." The orgasms were coming closer and closer together and getting larger and larger.... "Go!"

A full effort... muscles screaming as she strained her back, and neck arching, heels dug into the rubbery material below them. Arms pushing downwards and upwards to try to get the slightest bit of leverage. Nothing... solid. Almost rock solid. Just enough give to breathe and getting harder all the time.

"No... NO! OH FUCKING NO!" She totally panicked and adrenaline pounded through her body, triggering another orgasm. By now she was well past the point where she would have torn that vibe out of her pussy and lain exhausted on her sweat soaked bed in 'satisfaction'... almost a constant state of orgasm and getting more intense by the second.

Her fingers stretched out to try to move towards her crotch to at least turn off the monster inside of her that just wouldn't stop. NOTHING. Not a millimetre of flex, she bucked her hips but only managed to drive the beast against her clit even harder. The best relief she could get was to lay still and let it fuck her... vibrate her... tease and torment and torture her mercilessly.. just as her darkest fantasies had wanted it to. This fantasy was rapidly becoming a hyper erotic nightmare and each level of fear and panic only drove her to new levels of orgasmic pleasure.

"Unngg.... I've got to find a way to stop this... I'll do anything... God? Please get me out of this! Please... oh, it feels so good.. it's too much... fuck I can't move at all... I'm trapped, HELP ME!!! Somebody HELP ME! I'm totally helpless and sealed and immobilized and alone and nobody can help me!!!!!"

With that she crashed into an orgasm that just went on, and on, and on, and on... bigger than she ever imagined. So big that it scared her "what if I can't start breathing again? What if my heart explodes? What if I overheat and die here?" she thought, only adding fuel to the flames. On and on it raged... as her mind melted into the ectasy she thought. "Only Jillian can get me out of here! That's 16 hours away! FUCK NOOOOOOOoooo!!!!" and on and on and on.... "please make it stop, it's too good... it's too much...." she sobbed in her mind, and on and on it went. Her pleading eventually turning into a piercing scream of a pleasure tortured soul.

Outside the room all that was heard was a very very faint squeaking noise that was her primal scream of orgasm and panic combined... filtered through the heavy steel door with it's combo lock sealed tight it might as well have been a mouse.

Jillian sat at home watching TV and thought... "Maybe I'll go out myself tonight. Screw Helen, I don't need her... she needs me to move that thing in her basement. Yeah... maybe I'll get drunk and wake up late and make her wait. A just reward for being weird on the phone and cutting me off? Maybe I won't go at all... let her phone me first and beg a bit. I bet she'd beg for my help if I held out... well... that's not very nice. I guess I'll decide in the morning." and with that got dressed up and went outside to hail a cab to go check out the club for the night.

Back in the basement room Helen struggled and struggled for her freedom... constantly teased and tormented in her orgasmic state by the relentless vibrator and the horror of her situation. "Oh my god, what if she's not coming? It feels like it's been all night already... It must have been at least... 9 hours... at least!... I've cum so many times... I just need to get out! HELP! PLEASE HELP!" a thought which only fed fuel to her secret fantasy and horror. Only darkness and silence met her pleading thoughts... that and the vibrations, and imobility. "I can't bear any more of this... I can't... twice as long as I've been trapped here is TOO LONG!!!!"

She would have to. Her watch sitting on her clothes said 8:38 PM... it was going to be a long, LONG night for Helen.


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And of course I would love to see more stories out there of a similar nature. ;)

Bestlaidtrap 2006


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