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Moni’s Challenge

by Anonymous

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I have been enjoying bondage since I was twenty, and have been experimenting with self-bondage off and on for the past eight years. Since first getting on the internet almost four years ago, I have discovered several sources and discussion areas related to bondage and have made several friends, a couple of which will periodically give me some ‘challenges’ to try if I so desire. This story is about an experience I had in late November of 2000 doing one of those challenges.

I live in a three bedroom apartment that I share with two roommates (both women), and seldom is there a moment during the day that one of them isn’t home. This has been a major deterrent and ‘enhancement’ to my self bondage experiences... a deterrent in that I have to be very quiet in enjoying my pleasures for fear of getting caught. Ironically this makes it even more exciting for the exact same reasons!

Some other things about me; I’m five-feet seven inches tall with green eyes and long curly red hair that I usually have pulled back into a ponytail; I have a 34C bra size, and weigh approximately 134 pounds. I have what I call ‘pasty white skin’, which is the direct result of staying out of the sun for years... it causes freckles, and I HATE freckles. Due to an accident I had in 1990, I have some rather nasty scars across my back and right arm... the result of being hit by a car and knocked through two pane glass windows into a department store. Also, I have a BSBA with emphasis in finance, and my profession centers around arranging home loans.

As I mentioned earlier, because at least one of my roommates is always home (it seems) I always conduct my self-bondage exercises in the privacy of my bedroom with the door latched shut. This evening was no exception. I had gathered all my ‘toys’ that I was going to be using. These toys consisted of a cheap orange foam ball, an Ace bandage, a pair of slightly modified clothespins, a vibrator with fresh batteries, and one long piece of white nylon rope.

After getting out of my work clothes, I pulled a black nylon bodystocking and a sheer black unitard from my bottom dresser drawer. The unitard I had recently purchased from Ujena, it was more of a long sleeved bodysuit than a unitard, (at least in my mind anyway) and had some rather daringly high cut hips and a thong back. Unlike my other bodysuits, this does not have a snap bottom. The purpose of the bodystocking and the bodysuit was twofold. First, it makes me feel distinctly sexier - covering up the nasty scars that I mentioned earlier, and second it makes struggling across the room to my ‘emergency release mechanism’ more difficult... and as we all know more difficult equals more fun.

After getting these items from my dresser, I sat down on the floor by my bed. I first pulled the bodystocking up my legs and body and pulled the sleeves up my arms and over my shoulders. After smoothing out the wrinkles, I pick up my vibrator and turned it on to its highest setting and slid it through the crotch opening in the bodystocking up into my vagina; it was clearly going to distract me as I continued my bondage. With the vibrator buzzing relentlessly inside me, I then put on my bodysuit. The crotch of the bodysuit kept the vibrator snuggly inside me, and the thong back pushed the nylon of the bodystocking between my butt-cheeks.

I now gathered the rope and began following the concept of the tie that was ‘challenged’ to me. I tied a loop in each end of the rope so that when the time came, I could put my hands in the loops and they would pull tight around my wrists. I positioned my feet inside the rope at the exact point of the fold, and began to wrap the rope around my ankles, being ever so careful to keep both ends of the rope even. When I had only a couple feet left to work with, I pulled the ‘ends’ forward between my feet and back up behind me and between my calves. I repeated this until I had only the two loops between my shins. I pulled the rope tight and pulled the loops out to the sides of my calves.

I began to hurry as the buzzing of the vibrator inside me was quickly becoming overwhelming. I stuffed the foam ball in my mouth, and began to wrap the Ace bandage around my face to prevent me from spitting it out. I had used this bandage several times and loved it because it was efficient and didn’t leave any marks on my face. I next grabbed the ‘modified clothespins’. These clothespins I had masochistically wrapped with rubber bands, and as I put them on, a white hot pain shot through my nips; the intervening nylon providing negligible protection. At this point, before I could change my mind I pulled my knees up to my chest (as close to the clothespins as possible without disturbing them) and stuck my wrists in the loops that I had pulled out beside my ankles and jerked them tight.

At this point I was still fully able to free myself... all I had to do was pull my knees up to my breasts and I could reach around my ankles and loosen the loops with my fingers. This however wasn’t my challenge. My challenge was to pull my wrists and feet back behind me, so that I would be in a wonderfully strict hog-tie.

I rolled onto my side, and strained to pull my arms and feet back behind me, but with no success. I was just about ready to give up and send an email back to my friend letting her know the tie was impossible, after enjoying myself of course, when I managed to roll onto my knees. All of a sudden I felt my arms and legs pull back to the point that I knew I could finish the ‘tie’. The incredible sensations of the vibrator at this point clouded my judgment enough that I pushed my hips to the floor and my arms and legs snapped back behind me. I came instantly as I was now in the strictest hog-tie I had ever been in by my own doing. My insides quivered and shook with pleasure as I pulled at my ankles and whimpered in agony as the clothespins twisted under my weight.

I savored the moment by pulling at my hands and ankles, which accomplished nothing but make my back arch uncomfortably. As I relaxed the arch, my breasts received renewed pain from the clothespins beneath them, and all I could do is purr as the vibrator continued it’s buzzing inside me. The clothespins and vibrator combined with the unbelievable sensations of helplessness quickly started me towards another orgasm.

As I felt the orgasm building I began to realize the dangerous nature of my situation. The loops around my wrist were unbelievably tight, and I was beginning to lose circulation in them. I quickly began to actually ‘try’ to escape, but my efforts accomplished nothing. I grabbed my ankles in my hope to take some of the pressure off my wrists. The loops were so tight that it hardly made a difference. It was at this point that I concluded that I had best start wiggling my way across the room so I could cut myself loose.

In the past this wiggling consisted of me raising my butt as high as I could and pushing myself forward with my knees. This time however, every time I was unable to get my bottom more than a couple inches off the ground I was still unable to push myself forward as my nylon clad legs would just slide over the carpet allowing absolutely no traction. I had even tried to use my chin to help pull me forward, but with no success.

After about four minutes of pushing with my knees I had moved every bit of a half foot, and I had to get to the other side of the room where my ‘release mechanism’ was... well over 10 feet away. My release mechanism consists of a fine toothed saw blade. It has the advantage that if I misjudge how I handle it, it will only give me a nasty scratch instead of cutting into me like a knife would.

I noticed at this point that my efforts had partially pulled the Ace bandage down my face. I began to rub my face across the carpet, working the bandage down past my lips and I was able to spit the foam ball out of my mouth. Suddenly I realized I had made yet another serious mistake as the bandage softly slid off my chin and was now firmly wrapped around my neck. In retrospect, it wasn’t so tight that it was choking me, but it was certainly tight enough to make me very, very concerned. I began to run all sorts of horror scenarios through my mind, because if I did begin to pass out, I would HAVE to holler for my roommates to free me. Which would be awfully embarrassing provided that I lived through the experience.

Whimpering, I now began to desperately squirm toward the saw blade, trying to fight back the impending orgasm. As the orgasm tore through my body I gave up on my method of inching across the carpet. My furious struggling had not moved me any closer to freedom. I suddenly became extremely self-conscious about my heavy breathing, and wondered if my roommates could hear me from downstairs. I knew I had to find another way to get to the blade.

First I began to try to ‘walk’ my legs to the blade. My feet may have been tied together but my knees were not. I began to move my legs apart and together repeatedly, and prayed that I would be able to make at least some progress. Much to my dismay, I accomplished nothing but pointing myself in the wrong direction and enhancing the sensations from the vibrator. The turn also had managed to twist the clothespins underneath me. In the back of my mind I wished the clothespins would just snap off; the few seconds of agony would be far more merciful than the ongoing pain I was suffering now.

Realizing that moving my legs as I had was accomplishing nothing I decided to try to roll to the saw blade. I was facing perpendicular to the direction I wanted to go anyway so I thought there would certainly be no harm in trying. With my crotch buzzing and clothespins painfully biting my nips, I rolled side to side, desperately trying to get enough momentum to roll up on my back and over towards the blade. If I could get this method to work I could be across the room in a matter of a few minutes.

Finally with a slow ponderous roll I was now resting onto my shoulders and feet. Miraculously, my bottom touched the carpet and I felt the painfully familiar strain of the ropes that indicated that I could pull them forward or back behind me. I sanely pulled my feet and hands forward and within seconds I was pulling the bandage from my neck with a free hand, and after little more than a couple minutes I was completely free and collapsed on the carpet in a sweaty mess.

Staring up at the ceiling, I reflected back on what had been one the most intense sexual experiences I have ever had (at least in recent memory : ) ) I smiled to myself as I began to think of ways to improve it for next time.


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