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Monica’s Night

by ElectroPainLover

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© Copyright 2017 - ElectroPainLover - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/f; cuffs; straps; suspension; gag; hood; stuck; caught; denial; blindfold; plug; anal; nipple; clamps; revenge; cons/reluct; X

A prequel to “Amy’s Surprise Awakening

This story is written as the prequel to “Amy’s Surprise Awakening” for readers to understand why Monica put Amy in the predicament she woke to find herself in. It takes place several months prior to Monica’s revenge and she and Rick had not yet met. Here is why Monica decided to put Amy into her situation…

“Let’s see… ankle and wrist cuffs, thigh straps, chest straps, hood, gag, blindfold, padlocks, nipple clamps, labia clamps, anal hook… I think I got everything.” I said to myself as I looked at my toys lined up on the floor, basically set up in the positions they would be attached to my body when I was finished.

My name is Monica and I love to be tied up. The tighter the better. I haven’t been able to find the right person to enjoy tying me up so I practice self-bondage. I especially like suspension bondage. It is difficult to put oneself in suspension bondage but I have worked that out with a motorized hoist and a timer system. Once I have tied myself in the position I wish to be in I use the hoist to lift me and the timer will lower the hoist when my session is finished. The system works beautifully and I have had many hours of fun with it.

I am a 5’ 2” very petite girl of 22. I have waist length black hair that I usually tie into a braided bun when I practice my bondage so it will not be in the way of me binding myself. However, today, I have braided a length of rope into it to be part of my bondage. My skin is brown thanks to my Mexican heritage and looks like I have a permanent tan. My breasts are a little large for my build at 34D. They are pert and do not sag and are really quite sexy. They are topped with large nipples that are always erect and are surrounded by small dark areola’s which highlight their size. My ass is tight and shaped nicely. Like my breasts, there is no sag and is only slightly larger than my breast-line at 35”. I am shaved on my pubis with the exception of a thin line just above my slit. I enjoy the look of my body and work hard to keep it in shape.

Looking around at the items on the floor once again I noticed I almost forgot a very important item… my keys. I grabbed them from my dresser where I keep my bondage items.

I knelt down amongst the straps I had laid out and started to pick up the wide strap for my waist. For some reason, I kept thinking that I had forgotten something. Not something to do with my bondage accessories as I have assured myself they are all there, just something nagging me but could not quite place it.

I placed the four-inch wide belt around my waist and buckled it tight, making sure the heavy duty D-ring was centered on my back. The ring is one of the lifting points for the hoist. Next I placed and tightened two two-inch straps on my chest, one above and one below my breasts. These straps also had D-rings which lined up over my spine and are the other points the hoist strap will attach. Next, I placed and attached the strap that the hoist will attach to and made sure it was buckled and secure.

It was time to begin the actual bondage now that I had my lifting straps in place. I placed the ankle restraints around each ankle and lock them on using small padlocks. I placed a long thick strap behind my knees. I wrapped my thigh cuffs around each leg and locked them in place. I knelt with my feet tightly against my ass and used a strap to tighten my ankle cuffs to my thigh cuffs. I padlocked the belt and the thigh cuffs. I tried to pull my feet away from my ass but they were secured tightly against it. I bent forward and put my chest on the ground. I pulled the thick strap behind my knees up around the middle of my back and buckled it as tight as I possibly could. Once it was secured, I tried to pull my knees away from my chest. They would not budge.

I reached my arms behind my back and attached the hoists hook to the lifting strap, making sure it was fully connected and the safety catch closed. I grabbed the clamps for my labia and, with a little work, reached around my ass and got the clamps attached. As each clamp pinched my lips I felt a line of fire run through my pussy. It was both painful and erotic though I never set myself up to have an orgasm while bound. That waited until I was done. The clamps may hurt now, but my lips will really be on fire when the two-ounce balls attached to each clamp leaves the ground.

I lightly lubricated the ball on the end of the anal hook and slid it into my tight asshole. I am not an anal fan and really don’t care for things in my ass but I love the discomfort. Once the hook was full inserted, I tied the rope braided into my hair to the anal hook and pulled it as tight as I could. My head was fully cocked back and the hook was pulled tightly into my ass. I knew this would be the most uncomfortable part of my session and would drive me crazy in a very short time.

I placed the gag in my mouth and the blindfold over my eyes. Next I slipped the hood over my head and laced it tight. Lacing the hood pressed my hair against my head and pulled my neck back further and hook deeper into my ass. I locked the hoods choker around my neck. My bondage was almost complete.

I reached and found the control for the hoist. I lifted myself up from the floor a few inches. I put my nipple clamps on each nipple and winced at the pinch my tender nubs received. These too had two-ounce weights and would be very painful as I was lifted and the weights left the floor.

I grabbed my wrist cuffs and activated the timer I had installed on the hoists remote. As the hoist began to lift me higher, I put the cuffs around my wrists and locked them in place. I reached down with my arms encircling my legs and locked my wrist cuffs to my ankle cuffs. I had to bend myself a little to reach my ankle cuffs which pulled my hair and anal hook even tighter.

The hoist slowly lifted me up and the weights of my nipple and labia clamps lifted off the floor sending hot pain through my nipples and labia. I wondered if I could handle the pain from them for the three hours I had set the timer for, but, if I could or I couldn’t, it was too late. I had no way to remove them. I was suspended in a very tight ball tie and had no way to get my hands anywhere near my tits or pussy to remove them.

I hung there and squirmed against my bonds. This was my favorite part… trying to get loose. I knew I couldn’t but I really enjoyed the attempt. I tried to pull my hands away from my ankles but they were secured. I played with the locks which held my ankle cuffs on, trying to get my ankles free. Each movement making my head pull the hook tighter into my ass and the balls on the ends of the chains of the clamps swing and pull against my nipples and pussy lips. It wasn’t long before my muscles and joints started to hurt from the extreme stretch against them.

As I struggled against the straps holding me in a tight ball, I could feel the fire of desire building in my pussy. I wanted so badly to be able to reach my pussy and help relieve the burn. I have only been bound here for maybe a half an hour and my body was screaming for an orgasm. Each struggle, each swing of the chains, each pull on the hook, made my desire for relief grow stronger. I was already going crazy for the need for an orgasm, but, self-denial was part of my game. I knew that orgasmic relief would have to wait until the hoist lowered me to the keys lying five feet below me.

The pain in my muscles and joints grew as did the pain my nipples and labia were in. As my pain grew in my body, so did the pain in my groin. It wasn’t long before the frustration of not being allowed an orgasm overrode all other sensations in my body.

I fought fierce-fully to try to get my hands up to my dripping sex to be able to relieve my desires, but my hands might as well have been a mile way. I could not reach even a finger around my ankles let alone up to my burning cunt. I could feel my juices dripping on my calves. I squirmed against my bonds trying everything I could to allow myself to reach. Each squirming attempt however only led to the chains from my clamps swinging more and making me need an orgasm much worse.

I had no sense of time being blindfolded and hooded. The need that my pussy was crying for made it seem like I had been tied and denied for days but I knew it could not have been that long. However, I had no idea how much longer I would have to endure this torment before my release. Even if I were not blinded I would not be able to see the timer, so, the loss of sight was really not a factor.

I hung there and tried to thrust my hips to get some relief but there was nothing for me to thrust against. I only managed to make the clamps on my pussy jump and pull harder.

I was lost in my attempts to allay my ever-building desire for orgasm when I heard the phone ring. As the phone went through its five rings before the answering machine picked up, I stopped my attempts to force myself to orgasm. I tried to listen when the machine picked up, but the hood and the doors muffled the voice and made it impossible to hear.

I hung there for several minutes wondering who might have tried to call when the phone rang again. Again, the machine picked up and again I could not tell who was leaving a message. I was helpless to hear or to answer.

During the phone calls, my need for sexual relief had waned slightly and I began to enjoy my bondage again. While in the throughs of sexual frustration my bondage was an uncomfortable hindrance but now I could enjoy the tight straps holding my body secure and denying me freedom of movement. However, it also allowed my body to realize, once again, how uncomfortable my muscles and joints were.

I tried to hang there and relax and stop fighting my bonds in hopes my body would become accustom to its uncomfortably tight position. I had been straining against the restraints and that probably made my body hurt worse. I was right. As I relaxed and just let the straps hold me and stopped fighting the pain started to subside.

I continued to hang and relax and wait for the timer to finally lower me back down to the floor so I could release my bonds and give myself the pleasure my body was aching for when I thought I heard something I could not have heard… or so I believed.

The door to my basement opened. I panicked and started to fight my restraints harder than I had during my whole session.

“Hmmm… what do we have here?” A voice asked. I could not place it due to the muffled sound the hood caused. I knew it was a female’s voice but could not be sure of whom it was.

“You better be stuck Monica.” The voice said and now I could make it out as Amy’s voice.

“I waited for an hour at Panera for our lunch date. Are you stuck or did you forget?” Amy said in a voice that thought it was more likely the latter.

“Hmmmph.” I muffled. I had forgot all about having lunch with Amy today.

“The look of the moisture you have built up on your pussy leads me to believe you’re not stuck. Looks like you are really enjoying yourself.” Amy said and then pushed my left knee, sending me spinning and making the heavy balls pull tight and clang against each other. I screamed into my gag from the pain.

“Yep… having all kinds of fun. Having fun while I’m sitting, waiting, and being stood up.” I could actually hear pain and irritation in her voice as she said this.

“Let me look around at this a little bit. You’ve really got yourself tied up good. No getting out of this, is there?” Amy said.

“What’s this… a timer? I think you are really going to wish I would have showed up about 22 minutes later. That is how much more the timer has left on it.” My friend said in a much more devious voice than I have ever heard from her.

“You really look hot tied up and hanging there Monica. I know you like your bondage. I like it too. But I would not stand you up in order for me to play. I am really disappointed.” Amy said, her voice becoming even more somber.

I tried to answer and explain to her that I had completely forgot about our lunch date, but the gag and hood made anything I said completely incomprehensible.

“Don’t bother. I can’t make out anything your saying. And that makes you even more sexy. Hell, you’re making me think I might actually be bi-sexual.” Amy said sounding even more angry now.

“Ohhh, those look like they might hurt a little.” She said as I felt the weight relieved from my nipples. I could only guess that she had pick up the weights hanging from my nipples. The pain and fire in my nipples lit higher than ever when I felt Amy drop them.

“And back here too. Wow that looks painful!” I felt the pull of clamps on my pussy lips lifted. I begged for her not to drop them through my gagged and hooded mouth but of course the words were unintelligible. Amy did drop them too and the pain made me scream loudly.

“Ahhh… did that hurt? I’m sorry.” Of course the tone Amy used was complete sarcasm and without of hint of sincerity.

“I was hurt too while I waited for you. I really don’t like when my friends stand me up. I think I am due an apology.” She said.

I tried to say I was sorry but the gag did its job again.

“I think I want my own type of apology actually.” Amy said in a voice that made me decide it was time to be scared.

“Let me look at this timer… ok, I did a little adjustment to it. Now I think it’s time to do a little more adjustment.” Amy said.

“Ahhh yes… here it is.” I heard her say from a distance now. I guessed that she was by my dresser which held my toys. I began to fight against my restraints harder than I had all morning. Amy really sounded angry and I was completely at her mercy.

“Let’s help you out a little here.” Amy said as I felt her untying the rope from my hair to the anal hook. I could not even think about what she had planned.

Once the rope was untied, she retied it to one of the straps around my chest continuing to hold my head back uncomfortably, but, no longer pulling the hook into my ass. I felt the anal hook removed from my asshole.

“Didn’t you tell me once that you didn’t like anal sex?” Amy asked sarcastically. I nodded my head emphatically.

“That’s what I thought. So why did you have this up your ass?” She asked quizzically. “Maybe you just need some training. Were you trying to train yourself? I can help you with that.” My heart started pounding so hard in my chest I could feel each beat throughout my body. I shook my head and tried to beg her not to do whatever she was planning.

“Let me just put a little lube on this.” She said evilly. Then I felt a phallus being pushed against my anus.

“Why would you have this if you’re not an anal girl?” She asked as I felt my sphincter spreading wider as she pushed. I could only guess by the feel of what she was pushing in me that it was the inflatable butt plug I got when I purchased a bondage package. I have never used it and was not looking forward to it being used now. I struggled and fought. I tried to tighten my asshole to prevent it from being pushed in. The lube and her leverage made it a losing battle and only resulted in it hurting much more as it slid in. I screamed from the pain and the indignity of its invasion. I thought I would not be able to handle anymore when I finally felt my anus close down around its base.

“There… now that wasn’t so bad now was it?” Had she have seen the tears in my eyes she would have known otherwise. I tried to push the plug out of my ass but Amy held it in.

“Now for some anal training.” Amy said as I felt the first pump. A second pump followed quickly after and I felt the bulb starting to grow in my ass. Another pump.

On the sixth pump my ass really began to hurt. I screamed into my gag and tears filled my eyes yet Amy kept pumping. She stopped at ten and my asshole felt as if it was being torn apart.

“That should be good for now. Can you push it out? Amy remarked and asked. I tried and it was not going to come out no matter how hard I pushed. I shook my head no.

“Good… we need to spread you out nice and wide for training.” “Boy, don’t those look like they are really painful.” Amy said as she fingered the clamps tight on my labia. She flicked them back and forth reigniting the burn that had subsided while the weights and clamps remained still. I cried into my gag and shook my head violently as she continued to finger the clamps.

“Yes… very sore and painful.” Amy said. I screamed at the top of my lungs when I felt the first clamp removed and the pain shoot into my pussy lips as the blood returned. Then, again, as the second one was removed. Amy flicked my engorged lips with her finger, making the pain last longer than it normally would.

“Oh come on Monica. You wanted to play more than you wanted to meet me for lunch… so we’ll play.” I could hear the anger she still had in her in her words.

Shortly after she quit flicking my labia I heard the weights of the clamps placed into the dresser drawer.

A couple seconds later I felt another pump on the butt plug. The pain hit all over again and my asshole felt like I had to shit terribly bad. My intestines started to cramp.

SMACK! A searing pain befell my right butt cheek. SMACK! Now my left. Amy had found my flogger. Ten smacks on each cheek and my ass was on fire. I was crying heavily and begging her to stop. Another pump on the plug. I never knew how uncomfortable and painful a butt plug could be until now. The pain was excruciating.

A few seconds passed without Amy doing anything more. Then I felt her spread the skin of my thighs, spreading my pussy lips apart. Her finger probed around the top of my pussy and touched my clit. I jumped as her finger found and pushed my clit hood off of it.

“I see I found it. Your legs are so tightly together I wasn’t sure if I could.” Amy said snickering. Then I heard a soft buzz. Soon, the buzz was against my clit. My body immediately began to shudder. Amy ran the clitoris vibrator over its designed location and I felt myself growing very quickly to an orgasm. I needed one. I hoped it would help me forget about the pain in my rectum. Amy teased my clit then buried the tip hard against it then teased it again. As she played with my button she squeezed the butt plugs bulb again. The pain in my ass and the buzzing on my clit had me just about ready to explode when Amy quit.

“NNGGOO!!!” I cried into my gag. Amy laughed.

“Do you want an orgasm? I bet you do. I wanted lunch with my friend. I guess neither of us are going to get what we want or wanted.” Amy said sounding disappointed.

Amy waited probably ten minutes and put the vibrator back to my clit. Again she worked me into a fury of ecstasy and cut it off just before I fell over the precipice of orgasm. The frustration made me bawl hard. I really needed relief from the pent-up sexual frustration of my hours long bondage and the play Amy was doing to me. Each time she brought me close to orgasm, the pain in my ass subsided a little. Each time she quit, the pain came back and seemed worse than before. The cramping of my bowels was more pain than I could handle and I cried. My nose filled with snot from my crying and made breathing difficult.

Amy played with my clit four more times and each time quit just before I achieved a badly needed orgasm. I thought I was going to go crazy. Every part of my body was in pain and my rectum was the worst, but the pain of lust was a close second. I had never needed an orgasm so badly in all my life.

Amy gave me about a fifteen-minute break after the last time of playing with my clit when I felt a slicked up dildo entering my pussy. Once it was fully inserted I felt a leather belt being placed over my vulva and buckled to the belt going around my waist. She pulled the belt tight, pushing hard on the butt plug and dildo.

“How long was your timer set for? Show me with your fingers.” She asked. I flashed her three fingers.

“Ok.” She said.

I felt the vibrator she placed in my pussy come on. She put it on its lowest setting.

“I’ve re-adjusted the timer. You have yourself a very nice night! I have to go home and take care of myself now. I have had a lot of fun. I hope you do too. Good night Monica.” Amy said and within a second or two I heard the basement door close. I could only assume Amy had left.

Have a nice night? Is that what she said? It couldn’t be any later than three or four in the afternoon and she said have a nice night!?! What the Fuck!!! How long did she set the timer for?

I found out how long she set the timer for. I started my session at ten am. When I finally released myself and removed my hood and blindfold, it was 10:17 am the following morning. She left me there, hanging in a tight ball-tie with a hugely inflated butt plug in my ass and a maddeningly low-set vibrator in my pussy for what… another seventeen hours beyond my time. A total of twenty-four hours in bondage and pain.

I can hardly move. I did give myself that orgasm. Actually three very strong orgasms. My muscles and body hurt and I need to get some rest and try to recuperate.

As I lay in my bed and began to drift off, my mind thought; “Amy will pay. I love the hell out of her, but, Amy will pay!”


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