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Moosehunter’s Walk in the Woods

by Moosehunter

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© Copyright 2010 - Moosehunter - Used by permission

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A nice early fall day, temp 60 with a few clouds. The weatherman was predicting a chance of rain this evening. I have been planning this for a few weeks and today is the day.

Friday noon and I’m done with work. I get home and by 2pm I’m ready for my adventure. I showered after I cleaned myself out with three enemas; the last one came out clear. After drying off I super glued my special strap to my ass crack. This strap fastened together in front and when pulled tight they worked like using my fingers spreading my crack and exposing my anus.

I dressed wearing only a sweat suit and tennis shoes, then grabbed my back pack which I had already packed and headed to the recreation area. This was a wooded area with trails that wasn’t used much this time of the year but in a few weeks when the leaves started turning it would be crowded. I parked my car in the center of the lot where it could seen from everywhere in the lot. I checked to make sure my key was hanging from the mirror, grabbed the back pack locked my car and started my 2 mile walk. 25 minutes later I reached my destination.

I pulled my knife out of the back pack and started cutting my switches. My plan was simple 4 different sizes of switches the thickest being a half inch thick and the thinnest being a bundle of 6 about an 1/8 inch thick. The switches were arranged on the back pack so they were clearly visible along with instructions on how I should be spanked if caught. I emptied the pack and removed my clothes. I put the clothes and shoes in the pack and then locked my collar on.

I put a splint on my cock that will keep my cock pointing out straight and vulnerable. The splint was only as long as my flaccid cock less the head of my cock made of 2 thin plastic sticks on a base and then using plastic wire ties would hold my cock between them. Now I fasten my ass straps threading them through the base of the splint, I pull the straps tight and then line up the holes in the strap; I had to pull them tighter so I could get the lock in place. Now if I should get hard the wire ties will work like a cock ring and my cock will remain hard until released, at least that’s what happened when I practiced with it.

I put my one pound metal ball stretcher on locking it in place using an allen wrench. I put the allen wrench into a fork of a tree hiding it, this means that the ball stretcher stays on until I get home or until I retrieve the wrench since I only brought the one. I figure it is about 4pm so I hurry to finish getting ready. Cuffs on my wrists, back pack on my back and locked on and closed. Put on the ball gag and lock in place, ear plugs locked in place with a head harness and finally lock my wrists to the collar chains.

So here I am, naked and bare foot, cock sticking straight out; balls being weighted down & anus fully exposed. My hands can’t reach my waist because of the chains and the ear plugs mean I can’t hear anybody coming so I’ll have to rely on my eyes to remain unseen.

This was the challenge, to walk 2 miles and not get caught. Since I couldn’t hear I needed to stay off the trails, which meant I would be walking through and around bushes and thickets. With my cock, balls and anus exposed as they are, I would need to be careful or I could get scratches where they would hurt. Staying on the trail wasn’t an option because if I was caught and the spanking instructions were followed in the least I would be hurting.

It took an hour to get to the parking lot only to find I had company along with a few scratches. A few people were having a picnic. I had 3 choices, wait until they left, just walk to my car and hope for the best or use the back up key. Since they looked like they had just got there waiting wasn’t an answer and hoping not to be caught just walking to the car wouldn’t work, that meant the back up key.

I had placed a key locked to a tree limb, all I had to do was walk under the limb and unlock a few locks. Sounds simple except for the nettles. A 2 foot by 4 foot patch of nettles grew under the key. To use the key I would have to straddle the nettles for at least 3 feet, use the key to unlock the locks and then back off the nettles.

I thought about waiting but after 15 minutes I decided to challenge the nettles. Part on the reason for exposing my cock and anus the way they were was the nettles. With the real possibility of getting caught my cock got hard. As my cock grew my foreskin was being pulled back completely exposing the head of my cock. As I straddled the nettles my cock felt the sting of the nettles. My balls were getting numb from the weight but are now awaken with the sting of the nettles.

The key only reaches far enough to release my wrists and requires some stretching to unlock the backpack. It takes about 6 attempts’ to get it unlocked which ensures my exposed groin has been completely covered with nettle stings.

I get dressed and come across the pair of dice and my last challenge. I roll the dice, a 6 and a 3. A total of 9 which is good because an 'odd' total meant add while an 'even' meant multiply. I pulled out the latex gloves and proceeded to pick 9 leaves from the nettle bushes. I then worked a couple of fingers into my anus and inserted all 9 leaves.

I wasn’t sure this was a good idea and soon was regretting it. I put the gloves away and worked on my composure as I went to my car. I used my backpack to hide my cock which was still hard. I managed to get in my car and drive home without an incident.

I took great care cutting the plastic ties from my cock and then applied generous amounts of first aid cream to ease the sting of the nettles and the scratches. Removing the leaves was a challenge but after several enemas held for longer times I managed their removal.

I spent the rest of the weekend recovering and wondering how I could improve on this challenge. If only I would have been caught and spanked.

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