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Moosehunter’s Walk in the Woods Part 2: Return Challenge

by Moosehunter

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© Copyright 2010 - Moosehunter - Used by permission

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Part 2: Moosehunter’s Walk - Return Challenge

Over the next two weeks the urge to take another walk was too great to pass on and this was the last chance before the leaves change and winter.

I decided no more nettle leaves up the anus, but I wanted more of a challenge: First a way to limit my vision, this was done with a modified welders goggles, they allowed me to see straight ahead but not to the sides and any fast movement or looking up caused the shield to drop and virtual darkness. Now I could raise the shield and using both hands lock the shield in the upright position, so the blindness was only temporary and of course they locked on so I couldn’t remove them without the key. Second I decided on a one and a half pound weight for my balls, I hadn’t retrieved the allen wrench so I would take the other one with and leave it there so I would have to return there to remove the weights. Of course I could leave the weight on a day or two first. Third I really wanted to be spanked so I was leaving a note for a friend telling him where I was taking a walk and inviting him to join me. He would know what I was doing and what I was hoping for.

Friday came and as I had the day off this was to day for my walk. By noon I was on my way and by 2pm I was naked and finishing up my bondage. I decided my cock needed to be more vulnerable and I pumped it until it was hard. The wire ties holding the splint on worked like a cock ring and I knew I was staying hard until released. I was now ready for my walk.

My reduced vision made me walk farther from the trail to keep out of sight. Of course this meant more bushes and more scratches. I took an hour and half to get back to the parking lot and I wasn’t alone, several cars were in the lot and one of them looked familiar but it wasn’t my friends. I wondered whose it was but I just drew a blank.

The temp was around 50 and I was getting cold so I decided to go back to the nettles. I decided to back into the nettles so I could watch for company. I knew this would mean I would need to back farther into the nettles but with the visor this was the only way to watch for anyone. I backed into place and started feeling for the keys, I backed a little farther and found it. I struggled with the key and after several tries and raised my head and the visor closed. Before I could raise the visor my hands were grabbed and I felt tape being wrapped around my fingers.

I was pulled forward and clear of the nettles and then I felt my backpack being removed. I was led away naked and helpless and hoping it was my friend. I was taken, what seemed like a half mile when I was pushed backwards landing on gravel with my ass. I knew this wasn’t my friend and there was more than one and I thought three. I felt straps placed around my ankles and was soon hanging upside down with my legs spread wide. Just as I thought I couldn’t be more helpless I felt a post in front of me soon I was tied to the post and then I was shocked to feel my cock being fastened to the top of it.

The mystery of why my cock was tied this way was solved almost immediately. The underside of my cock was being spanked with a switch. Shortly my ass, anus and balls were feeling the switches. I was spanked long and hard and soon started to pass out from the pain when it stopped.

Soon my earplugs were removed and I recognized my spanker, it was my ex-girlfriend. I broke up with her because she didn’t believe in limits. She either would tie me up and leave me for hours on end or spank me until she was tired and sometimes take a nap and start in again.

My Ex laughed and said she was having fun and asked if I was ready for more? I shook my head no and she replied, "Too bad I’m in charge".

I felt something being inserted in my cock and then felt it being filled with liquid and then the end of my cock was taped shut. The burning started and I was in pain, my Ex and her friend were laughing.

I didn’t think it could get any worse when I felt something being inserted in my ass. This time after the liquid a strange plug was inserted and taped in place. Now my ass was burning.

My Ex was laughing and called me a big baby. "You’re squirming way too much, all we did was use a little hot sauce on you. And you did mention that you wondered what ginger root felt like". So now I knew what was causing the burning and what I was plugged with.

My Ex continued with, "I missed your birthday so it’s time for your spanking, I brought your favorite toy, wait I meant my favorite toy. Since your balls look like a little dolls ass I guess I’ll spank them". I was wondering what toy she brought when the first swat landed on my balls, it was her wooden hair brush. I passed out from the pain after the third swat.

I don’t know how long I was out but when I woke up I found myself straddling a barb wire fence with my hands tied above my head. I stood still and felt around and soon figured how to release my hands. Once I could open the goggles I figured how to get off the fence. My Ex ensured that I had many scratches from the barbed wire and the hot sauce was still burning but only slightly.

It took a few minutes to figure out where I was, I didn’t need to worry too much about being seen since it was now dark and only a quarter moon. I was about 3 miles from my car so I started walking. I was glad to see my friend when I got there since my Ex had removed all my keys.

My friend was worried and asked if I needed to go to the hospital. I said to just take me home. Once I was home I used my spare keys and released myself. When my friend was sure I was alright he left saying he would return tomorrow so we could get my car. I soaked in the tub and rinsed out my ass and cock.

After a snack and a few pain killers, the hot sauce burned again coming out, I slept.

Around noon my friend called and we agreed he’d come over around 2pm. I was checking my bruises and applying first aide cream on the scratches. My balls were black and blue and I needed to remove the weights but the wrenches were in the woods. I dressed with extra padding for my balls and was ready when my friend arrived and we left. We parked by my car and walked to the nettles. I looked at my key and saw why it didn’t work, it was covered in clear finger nail polish. I took it down and we looked around and found my backpack, we put these in my car and then walked to my starting point. Along the way I told my friend what I had done and how I hoped it would work out. He laughed and said it would have worked if your Ex hadn’t  dropped by your place before I did. He pulled out my note and showed it to me, she had changed it slightly by adding “after 8” now I knew why my friend was late. We picked up the wrenches, I removed the weights, and walked back to the cars.

My Ex was there with her boyfriend. She returned my keys and invited both of us to dinner, her treat. We decided to go. Over dinner we talked about yesterday’s adventure. During a restroom break my Ex’s boyfriend handed me an envelope and thanked me for giving him a break from her desires. I glanced at the envelope and saw it contained money and tried to give it back. He said keep it or give it away but do take my business card out of it first and read the note. I put it in my pocket. The evening ended and we went our ways.

I forgot about the envelope until the next day. I read the note and laughed.

I hope you get well quickly and don’t have any serious injuries.
The money is to cover any medical expenses if it’s not enough give me a call.  Gerald
PS She’s been begging to use that hot sauce on me for 6 months; I wonder what she will think of next.

I started laughing and looked at the business card and noticed he was the president and owner of the business, I flipped the card over and there was a second note.

Give me a call; we have need for people in your line of work from time to time.

I laughed my Ex told him what I did for a living. I counted the money, 6 fifty dollar bills.

I thought about what had happened, I started to get hard and my balls throbbed. What should I do with the money? I started surfing the internet for some new toys.

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