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Moosehunter’s Selfbondage Fantasy

by Moosehunter

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© Copyright 2010 - Moosehunter - Used by permission

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I like most self bondage enthusiasts dream about what could happen. I’m not talking about finding a partner who will bind us and give us that pleasure we so desire. And I’m not thinking about the disaster that is death or serious injury due to being trapped in our bindings. No I enjoy dreaming about getting caught.

Let’s face it, we all do. No matter how much care and practice we use. There is always that chance that we will get caught. Think about it, we can be daydreaming about making some sort of restraint in the hardware store and the clerk walks up and asks can I help you. What happens? Do you say something? Do you turn red?

I’m married but my Wife doesn’t enjoy tying me up. She does occasionally spank me and every once in a while she lets me tie myself up for the spanking. But she doesn’t like surprises.

So my dreams of getting caught while playing with self bondage runs three ways. The first is that my Wife catches me, yells and then leaves me alone for several days, until I apologize enough. The second is that my Wife catches me, tightens my bondage making sure I can’t get free and leaves me that way until morning. After being released I had better thank her because I have asked to be tied up for the night on many occasions.

But the third way is the one I hope for the most. I generally tie myself in some form of the diaper position. Sometimes with my balls bound, ass plugged and/or my cock and balls stretched out. I always leave one hand free because I like to spank my ass and balls. My free hand does have a cuff on it and there is a snap hook available so if my Wife would come in and want to She could quickly secure my hand. 

I have told my Wife many times that I would like to be tied up helpless and exposed. She always asked just how helpless? I would explain that not only my hands and feet need to be secured but I would want to be gagged, blindfolded and have ear plugs. I have explained that only the sense of smell and touch would be available to me. I would like to be totally at her mercy and that I really don’t want her to show me any mercy.

When I tie myself up I gag myself with a dirty pair of my Wife’s panties. I will blind fold myself and use earplugs and my IPOD with headphones. I tie myself up with the lights on and our crop, paddle and bath brush with in reach. I turn on my IPOD, playing some audio book and I’m lost in darkness and background noise. I pick up on of the spanking implements and spank until my ass and balls feel the way I want them. Then with my free hand I slip it under the ropes near the hook and pretend I’m locked in place waiting for the next round of punishment.

Normally I’ll lay there for about a half hour and then either resume spanking, release myself or both. This is where my dream begins.

My Wife comes in and is in a very special mood. She locks my wrist in place and then starts to tighten my bondage. Now that I’m going nowhere, She starts to spank me. Once I’m glowing red she takes a break. A bathroom break. She comes back removes my gag and sits on my mouth. While I tongue her to a climax she resumes the spanking of my balls. My Wife likes all sex to stop after she comes so she gets off my face and re-gags me with a different pair of her panties. A pair she used while jogging, this was something I suggested in the past. I thought she was going to leave me for a while when I felt her hands on my cock with what felt like kitchen gloves on. I felt her apply something to the head of my cock and then work, I found out latter, a cotton swab into my cock, all the way. My cock started to burn as she inserted a plug into my ass. I forgot about my cock because my ass hurt even more. My Wife had used the crop on my anus and it didn’t like being stretched one bit. My Wife tied the plug in place, a set of ropes I have on hand to do that. My mind just started to return to my cock when my ass started burning also. My Wife patted my balls and left.

It took several minutes for my mind to figure out what my Wife had done. But my nose could smell the analgesic and I could remember the feeling. I have applied analgesic to my ass and cock before and told my Wife about it. I even asked her to apply it before, but she hadn’t. I’ve even put it on my balls, but it didn’t do much, I felt it but it wasn’t uncomfortable. I knew I was going to be real uncomfortable for at least 20 minutes maybe longer if my Wife put it on thick.

The next thing I felt was a swat on my balls. I had fallen asleep and now my ass and balls were getting a spanking. Either the paddle or bath brush was being used and being used hard. Then I felt a loop around the head of my cock and it was being stretched and tied down to a board. My Wife then whipped my cock with the riding crop. I lost count after 15 but I think she stopped around 50. She released my cock and then I felt the gloved hands again and the cotton swab. My mind was racing as the heat started to build and then I felt her start pulling the plug out. She inserted the larger plug and secured it. As she left the heat started to build.

I couldn’t recognize the smell this time and it seemed to burn even more. Latter I found out it was hot sauce. I had no idea how long I had been tied up because the book I was listening to was in French. When the heat finally calmed down I dozed again and then the swat. This time my Wife unplugged an ear to tell me not to try to escape because she was moving me to a different position. She slowly released me one hand at a time and secured them again. I really had no chance for escape if I wanted to try. Then she lead me away, I wasn’t sure where and was surprised when she lead me outdoors. She had put my boots on so I wouldn’t hurt my feet and then  walked me around in circles. I knew what I was being tied to, the picnic table, but not where. The table had been standing on end and could easily been move anywhere in the yard on the two wheel cart.

I was soon back in the diaper position, only this time outdoors on the picnic table. My  boots were removed and my Wife gave me a spanking with several items and left me to think. She told me later as she went to bed. I laid there pondering my fate. I was sore and chilled, We live in a northern state and the temp is in the 50’s to low 60’s this time of year. I knew my IPOD only had a 6 hour charge but it kept playing strong. It had 50 hours or more of French books on it. I think I dosed from time to time but wasn’t sure, the book was still playing when I felt the swat. My Wife had returned. She spanked my ass and balls harder than before, at least it felt that way then she removed the plug. My mind was racing what was she going to add this time? Then she removed  my ear plugs and IPOD and replaced them with a hood and locked it in place. I could now hear but not see and I was still gagged. She asked if I was enjoying my bondage? I shook my head yes.

"I've put your collar on and your wrists are chained to it. I’m going to release one of your hands when I leave, it shouldn’t take you too long to get free of the table. The key to the locks is hanging on the clothes line but be careful because you have a 5 pound weight attached to your balls. Now to finish your spanking". It must have been at least 100 swats to my ass, balls and anus with the riding crop. Then she released my left hand and left.

I think it took 10 minutes to get free of the table. I must have walked 5 minutes in the wrong direction before I figured where I was and then it took 20 minutes to find the key and get free. We don’t have a big yard but being blindfolded makes it plenty large. I was tired and sore when I entered the house only to hear my Wife say, "You have 5 minutes to get washed and dressed you’re taking me out for dinner". I made it and my Wife drove since it was hard for me to sit making it unsafe for me to drive. We had a pleasant dinner and on the way home my Wife joked, "You’re moving pretty good, I’ll have to spank harder next time".

I looked shocked, She asked; "You do want a next time don’t you?"

I smiled and said, "Yes please."



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