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More than I wished for

by Jake

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© Copyright 2005 - Jake - Used by permission

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More than I wished for by Jake
I know that most stories that are posted here are exaggerations to say the least. I thought I would share an experience that really happened to me. I have been interested in bondage for a long time and spent many an enjoyable hour on browsing the net. Gromets is my favorite site.

My wife has shown no interest in dominating me, in fact when I broached the subject with her I got an emphatic no, so I have been keeping my self satisfied with self bondage.

A few weeks ago my wife was out of town for a few days on business. As I would have the house to my self for a whole night it was a perfect opportunity to scratch my itch, so to speak. After getting home from work I grabbed a quick bite to eat and went to the basement and set up for my night. As I very seldom have this much time alone, I was going to take advantage of most of the night.

It was great to start with. There I stood with my wrists locked to a beam so I was standing on my toes. The key for the lock was frozen in a gallon jug so it would be hours before I could release my self. I had a ball gag in my mouth, clamps on my nipples and a weighted clamp on the end of my cock. The pain was just right and fantasies filled my head as I stood there. 

My guts tightened as I heard the door open up stairs and I hear my wife yell 'hello'. Her meetings had been cancelled and she was home a day early.

She called for me a couple of times and then must have figured I was out for a walk or something. I could hear her moving around and there wasn't a damn thing I could do. There was no way I could get loose until the ice melted and released the key. I felt sick to my stomach, but at the same time my cock was so hard I thought it would burst.

Then it happened. I heard her start down the stairs and there she was with a load of laundry. When she saw me she dropped the clothes and just stood there with a horrified look on her face.

All she said was "what the hell!" and she disappeared back up stairs.

I must have stood their for another hour. Now my cock was as limp as a noodle because I knew I was in deep shit. I had quite a bit of time to stand there and try and figure out what I would tell her. She knew that I was interested in bondage, but I also knew that she didn't go for that type of thing.

Finally I heard her coming slowly down the stairs. She just stood in front of me and never said a word. Saying she looked mad would be an understatement. She inspected the way I was tied and then she saw my box of "equipment", in it was extra rope,clamps etc. There was also some magazines and stories and pictures I had printed off the internet. She flicked through it a bit and then she picked it up and went upstairs again.

I could see the ice jug and it would still be hours before I could get loose and try and talk to her and apologize. This was going to take some doing to get out of this one.

Another hour went by and she came down again. She still hadn't said a word and the silent treatment was driving me nuts.

Again she inspected how I was tied and then she untied the string from my wrist that was hooked to the key. She stood there glaring at me and then she let me have it. She told me she couldn't understand how I could like this and that she was disgusted with me. I knew that she thought it was wrong and I still went ahead and did it.

All I could do was stand there and listen. With the gag I couldn't even defend my actions.

"So you want to play Mr.. Slave boy, do you? You like to be tied up and hurt? Well we'll just see how much fun this is by morning!" and she left again.

Now I didn't even have the option of releasing myself as my access to the key was gone. I guess i was going to spend at least the night here.

It wasn't long and she was back, holding one of my leather belts in her hand.

She didn't yell, but her voice was cold when she said," You probably dream about being spanked, and never let it be said that I would hold you back from your enjoyment. Lets just see how much you like it."

With that she lashed me across the ass. Even though I was embarrassed, scared and the belt hurt like hell, my cock jumped to attention immediately.

"Jesus Christ!" she yelled, "you do like it! Well I read some of your little stories and we have all night, so we'll see how much you like it by morning!"

With that she really laid into me. The belt landed on my ass more times than I could count and she wasn't just fooling around. My ass burned like fire, but my cock stayed hard as a rock. She said she was going to whip that foolishness out of me, but looking at my cock she knew it wasn't working.

She stopped whipping me and read through a few stories. I knew she was getting ideas. She got one of my work boots and loosened the laces on it and started to tie the end of one of the laces around my cock. That's when I made a major mistake, although I didn't have much control over the mater, and I came all over her hands. I don't think she could be any more pissed off, but it sure didn't help.

It was a long night, but I loved every minute of it ( I didn't let my wife know that). Janice would read some more of my stuff and then go at me again.

She taped a broom stick to my ankles so my legs were spread, which meant my feet were off the floor, and with my work boot hanging from my cock she whipped me some more. About three in the morning she put the key in my hand and with out a word she went to bed. I released myself and camped out on the couch, not daring to go to the bedroom. It was hell sitting at my desk the next day with my sore ass.

I spent a couple of frosty days before she would speak to me. Slowly things returned to normal.

That was about three weeks ago and we finally had sex last night. It is probably hopeful thinking, but I am sure that she gave my cock a good tug while she was playing with it. Could have been an accident, but I hope not. Maybe she liked it and hasn't admitted it to her self yet.

If anything happens in the future I'll pass it along.
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