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More than a Walk in the Park

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2015 - Ralph - Used by permission

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Greg grabbed his lunch off the counter and stopped to kiss his wife goodbye. It was supposed to be that easy, but he had to stop and take another look. "Wow, you're looking really dressed up today. Something going on at work?" He quickly took in the dark jacket over the snug white top. The matching dark skirt looked a bit bulky, but it was halfway up her thigh and he felt an urge to lift it up. The snug top surprised him, but also created an uncomfortable bunching in his pants.

Jamie smiled back at him, enjoying the sudden look of discomfort that told her she'd gotten to him. "Some meeting to discuss new procedures. Just trying to be ready for anything." She gave him another kiss and walked away, swishing her hips a little more than usual.

He was glad she had her back turned and quickly adjusted his pants before heading to his car. Part of him wanted to grab her and take those clothes off her, but she had to go to work. He wasn't going to work, but hadn't told Jamie. There was a special reason for that, and he found himself breathing faster as he backed the car out of the drive and into the street. He glanced back at the house and saw her looking out, smiling. Strange. She never acted like that. Greg put the car in drive and was committed to his journey as his mind began running through all the usual thoughts.

They'd been married for four years now and had a pretty good relationship. Their time in bed was especially enjoyable, except for one thing. He enjoyed a bit of bondage and she was totally against it. When the stress built up he'd sometimes resorted to self bondage, accumulating a decent cache of items, but she'd caught him twice and was clear in her displeasure. Still, what's a person to do when the desire keeps building and there are ways to fulfill them? He'd been checking the weather reports for a while and chose today. Yesterday he'd told people at the office he had some work to do around the house and he wouldn't be in, then when Jamie went out to do some shopping in the evening he'd grabbed his backpack, shoved most of his stuff into it, and got it into the trunk of the car. Now he was driving off. After three turns that matched his normal day, he made a right turn onto a major road and headed out of town. Today was going to be self bondage in the woods, and he'd already put some of the pieces in place.

As he drove the excitement was building, and the image of his wife dressed as she was kept coming back, leaving him frustrated and aroused. Perhaps that was best, since this was supposed to be a restraint time. Still, he was glad when he turned down a smaller road that led to the entrance to the state park. It had been a few months since he'd checked this out, but nothing much changed in that area. A right turn took him into the park and he followed the road all the way to the end, pulling into a dirt parking area. Good, he was the only one there. He parked the car, took a few minutes to try to get his breathing back under control, popped the trunk and got out. The sun felt good on him as he retrieved his backpack, closed the trunk, and headed to a gap in the brush at the edge of the parking area.

Once the path had been better marked. It led to a picnic area that was rarely used anymore. He didn't know why, but the times he'd been here it was always empty. He followed the path through the woods and brush for about 5 minutes before coming to the clearing. There were a half dozen picnic tables scattered around but he didn't stop at any. Instead he headed for another path at the far side, returning to the cover of the trees. A few minutes later he saw his landmark. It was a stack of 4 rocks he'd put at the base of a tree to show him where to leave the path. Greg's heart was racing now, a symptom of the excitement that never failed to arrive. His new route took him up a small incline then over the top and down to an animal trail at the bottom of a shallow ravine. From here he had protection from view from anybody on the main paths on the other sides of the low crests. Somebody would need to explore to see him, which gave him the security he needed. He dropped the backpack and began pulling out items.

The plan was simple. This was his third time here and he had already set up one key. That was at the far end of his route. For now he pulled out the lock that went with the preset key, a small lock, and set it on the ground. Next came two 15 feet pieces of rope, his collar, a ball gag, and his handcuffs. He had mixed feelings about the cuffs, but felt overall they were better than his leather cuffs for what he wanted to do. He took off his shoes, pulled sandles out of the backpack, and put his shoes into the pack. Next came all his clothes, loosely folded and added to the backpack. Now naked, he considered adding a plug but decided against it. Looking again to make sure he had everything he needed, Greg picked up the small lock, zipped up the backpack, and used the lock to secure it.

Picking up one length of rope he tied it to his right ankle, ran out about 18 inches and set his left leg against it. The rope was quickly looped around his ankle and tied, leaving him with a foot and a half hobble. He ran the rope back and forth a few times before looping the remainder around the ropes between his ankles and tying it off. Picking up the other rope he stood, carefully looking around, and tied it around his waist using a larks head in the front, then down between his legs, one rope on each side of his cock and balls, and up between his ass cheeks. He tied off the ropes behind him, grabbed the handcuffs and tied them to the waist rope, then brought the rope back to the front. He tied off the ends and wrapped the extra around the ropes leading down, ending with a loop tied off around his manhood. His cock, already firm with anticipation, suddenly became much harder.

Now he took another look around, determined not to make any mistakes. He removed the key from the handcuffs. It already had about 5 feet of string attached and this he tied to a limb close to a tree so it was hanging to about waist level. He wished the white string wasn't so obvious, but hadn't thought of getting a darker line. He put his hand in the small of his back to check the height and was satisfied it was in reach. Almost ready. The ball gag was next, slipping it into his mouth and quickly buckling it behind his head. Finally he buckled on the collar, just for an added feeling of helplessnes. One last look, though he realized it was now too late, then he cuffed each wrist behind his back and looked down the path.

As he began shuffling along he thought about what lay ahead. On past visits, it took him about 15 minutes to reach where he had the key hidden. Now it would probably be closer to a half hour, maybe more. Once he had the key he would still need to get back so he could get unbound and dressed again. Of course, he could always cut this short and go back to open the handcuffs, but his clothes were still locked in the backpack. It was one thing to walk through the woods naked, and quite another to walk back to the car and then drive home that way.

A cracking sound from up the hill brought him to a stop and he ducked, looking back in the direction of the sound. He crouched for a minute, very aware of his nakedness and vulnerability, then decided it was an animal and stood up again to shuffle toward the distant key.

He had no watch, so he didn't know how long it took him. It was long enough for him to begin sweating from the effort, even though it was a fairly cool day. The key was taped to the far side of a tree, just as he'd left it. Clutching it tightly, knowing that if it fell he was in trouble, Greg began the return trip. Even though this was an animal trail, there were surprisingly few rocks and tree roots, though he did get a few scratches from branches he couldn't avoid. He tried to be careful not to walk too fast, knowing the rope constantly spinning around his ankles could leave obvious marks. This had to be like a normal day, with nothing to raise Jamie's suspicions.

By the time he could see his starting point the sun was much higher in the sky and it was warmer. He now had a light sheen of sweat on his chest and wished he'd thought to bring a towel. Slowing to enjoy the final feet of his captivity, and grateful for not being caught, he walked up to the tree with the backpack and dropped the key to its lock before moving over to recover the handcuff key. He moved behind the tree and reached back. Nothing. His hands moved back and forth, but all he felt was bark. Confused, he turned around and was shocked to see there was no string and no key. Now he began looking at other trees, but he was certain this was the right one. That's when the voice came and he froze, a sudden sick feeling in his stomach.

"I was wondering if you were ever going to get back here. I was almost ready to drop this into a hole and just go home."

He turned around to see Jamie standing next to a large tree, holding his handcuff key by the string. She was wearing the white top, which clung snugly to her ample chest, and very short shorts. Suddenly he remembered the bulky look to her skirt and it all made sense. He groaned with resignation.

"Nothing to say? Well, there isn't much you could say right now," she said as she walked toward his backpack. "So let's see what you have in here that you aren't already wearing." She pulled out his clothes and tossed them aside. "You won't be needing any of these. OHHhh, and what are you doing with THIS?" She pulled out a dildo with a suction cup base and held it up. Seeing him look down she got a surprised look on her face. "Noooo. There?"

All Greg could do was nod. He waited as she finished rummaging, pulling out and replacing the extra rope he'd brought as well as his leather cuffs. She was in no hurry and he had no place to run to. He stood uncomfortably, watching her go through his things and wondering how she'd known.

She put everything back into the bag, then dropped in the lock that had sealed it and the handcuff key and stood up. "You played this game of risking getting caught, making yourself exposed but hoping nobody would see you. Well, darling, somebody did see you and now you have to keep playing the game. " She opened her left hand and let the length of his leash drop from it. "I assume this is for that collar you're wearing. At least, I hope that's what it's for."

Jamie walked up to him and clipped the leash to his collar. "Now you have what you've wanted, don't you? I'll decide what to do about this when we get home, but I'm not happy. I've told you before I don't like you doing this. I'm angry enough that if somebody sees you and wants to play I might just let them have some fun. If that happens, it's on you." With that she turned around and begin leading him back up the hill toward the main path.

He was glad she walked slowly. It kept him from having to struggle keeping up, and it gave him a nice view of her backside. She had a very sexy walk, and the shorts barely covered the roundness of her ass. Realizing his cock was getting hard again, he tried to stay focused on walking and avoiding branches. Even with that, some branches snapped back after Jamie walked past, on purpose he thought, and caught him at various places on his naked skin.

Sooner than he would have liked they were back on the main path and she was leading him toward the open field. He was really hoping it was still empty. He'd never seen anybody, but sometimes there were signs people had been there, and the grass was still being cut. Although the exposure gave him butterflies in his stomach, he really didn't want to be seen and reported or abducted. He tried to listen for people, while at the same time struggling to keep up with his wife pulling the leash and trying to watch for obstructions on the path. A few minutes into their walk, he heard it and his heart started pounding.

Jamie heard it too. "It sounds like you wish of being caught in bondage is going to come true."

Voices filtered through the leaves. Male and female voices. Greg looked at Jamie with pleading eyes, unable to believe she would actually drag her husband past a group of people so they could see him naked.

She stopped and turned to look at him, his eyes hopeful that this would be the end of his ordeal. "I've told you before, I don't like this bondage thing you do, but you didn't listen. Maybe this will finally knock it out of you. Right now, I'm so angry I may just sell you to them for the day."

With that she turned and once again tugged on his leash. As they moved forward the voices grew louder and soon he could see the break in the trees where the path entered the field. He tried to walk slower, hoping to show his reluctance and get Jamie to change her mind, but she gave the leash a firm tug that told him she was determined to follow through. His heart raced faster as they neared the opening and he made the mistake of watching his wife's ass swishing as she walked in front of him. As they left the woods and entered the field, his cock was standing straight out at a partial erection.

Jamie never hesitated, though she did have some personal misgivings. Still, as she said, she was angry, and right now his humiliation was a good way of dealing with that. She looked around, noticing some coolers near a picnic table and eight people, four men and four women, nearby. They all looked as if they were about 20 and were dressed in shorts and t-shirts. One of the men noticed them first, his eyes getting wider and his mouth opening. It didn't take long for the rest to notice and one by one turn to look at Jamie and Greg.

Jamie had never stopped walking but now one of the girls ran over and got in front of her.

"It looks like somebody did something wrong. Mind if I take a closer look?"

Jamie stopped at last, giving Greg a chance to catch his breath, though his efforts to hide himself resulted only in him turning partly to the side. The girl took her time and slowly walked around Greg, looking him up and down which resulted in an embarrassing erection which was immediately noticed. "Oh, it looks like he really enjoys being looked at."

Greg watched the girl pull out her cell phone and aim it at him, surprised that his wife did nothing to stop her. He looked at Jamie and MMppffed his disagreement, but it just made her more stubborn. "Isn't this exactly what you were risking? Probably wanting?"

The girl didn't miss the tone of voice. "It sounds like one of you likes bondage and the other doesn't agree. Do I have that right?"

The others were slowly gathering around them until a cell phone went off and one of the guys moved away to answer it. Greg wasn't sure he liked the tone of this girl. He had a feeling things were going to get much more difficult.

"That's about it," Jamie answered. "He wanted to run around in the woods naked and risk getting seen, and now he's gotten his wish."

The girl smiled. "I'm Kate, by the way. And, oh, matching rings. Your husband?" She was standing behind Greg and he could feel her holding his finger.

"Yes, husband, for now" Jamie replied.

"And you're very angry, aren't you?"


Kate had moved in front of Greg and gave him a wicked smile. He wanted to scream at Jamie to get them out of here, sensing a trap was being laid, but the mmppffff that came out of his mouth was not going to give any warnings to anybody. She reached out toward his erect cock and raised her eyebrows at Jamie, as if to ask permission. Satisfied that she had it she very lightly ran her fingertip under his cock head, bringing a sudden jump in his member and a soft groan from him. Her smile told him that was just the beginning, but again there was nothing he could do to warn his wife. "Nice tying job. It keeps everything nicely together. May I look in his pack of goodies?"

Jamie agreed and soon Kate was going through his supplies. He wished he'd been more careful and hadn't just stuffed everything handy into his pack. "Rope, locks, and ohhhh, look at these. Condoms, a dildo, some lube." She laughed softly. "It looks like somebody likes things in his ass."

Jamie had a confused look. "You guessed that right away? I should just divorce him and let him have his little ass toy."

"Oh, don't do that. I think we can fix this situation, with your permission, of course." Kate was holding his shoulders now, turning him to face the rest of the group. He could see Jamie looking over his shoulder and felt the girl, slightly taller than him, lightly brushing herself against his hands to keep his erection strong. He saw the firm resolve fade from his wife's eyes.


Kate smiled at Jamie. "Between you and us and his toys, I think we can embarrass him enough to give him second thoughts about ever wanting to try bondage without you again."

Something about that sentence caused Greg anxiety, and the long delay before his wife responded didn't help. Finally she crossed her arms, which made her breasts stand out even more, looked at the group around them, and then looked at Kate. "Ok, you seem to know something about this. What do we do?"

Before Kate could answer the guy whose cell phone had gone off ran up. "Sorry guys, that was work calling. They really need me and I just can't say no. I need to run. Have fun. It looks like you will." He hugged one of the girls, then waved and ran off toward the parking lot.

Kate walked around and put her hand on Jamie's shoulder. "That's a shame. He has the biggest cock of the four."

Greg noticed Jamie suddenly look at Kate with a curious expression and hoped she was beginning to catch on. Kate noticed and quickly added, "Not that we're going to shove a cock into your husband. But I have an idea that you might enjoy. Do you want to see him really humiliated?"

There was only a slight hesitation. "Sure. He wanted to run around handcuffed and naked for all the world to see or touch, so let's give him what he wanted to risk."

Greg MMpppffed into the gag again, surprised his wife was giving him up so easily. He had already caught on that Kate had experience with BDSM and wasn't sure his wife was aware how much Kate knew. In his position, though, all he could do was mppfff into his gag and try to show her how concerned he was by bending his knees and bouncing up and down. This just made his cock bounce, drawing the attention of all the women there.

"Ok, first thing is to get him bent over. This picnic table will do nicely." Kate called to one of the girls, a petite blond named Kris, to bring a towel and she put this over the short side of the nearest table. Taking the leash from Jamie, Kate led Greg up to the table, lining him up with the towel, then kept pulling until he was bending over the table. He was suddenly very grateful for the towel, not wanting any splinters in sensitive places.

"I'm sorry, I didn't get your names," Kate said.

"Jamie. And that's Greg."

Kate smiled. "A pleasure to meet you." One of the girls giggled and Kate shot her a look. "Jamie, would you get that piece of rope that's about 6 feet long and bring it over here?"

Jamie went to his pile of items and bent over to pick up the rope. Kate, Kris, and the rest watched, evidently enjoying the extra skin showing at the top of Jamie's legs. Jamie stood up and blushed a little when she realized she'd been watched, giving her shorts a little tug before walking over to Kate, holding out the rope.

"Oh, no, Jamie. He's your husband. You need to be the one to tie him down." Jamie opened her mouth, closed it again, and looked at the rope in her hand. "Do you need a little help tying the knots?" Jamie nodded.

"Ok, come over here and kneel on the seat right next to me." Kate pulled her hand to her side, keeping Greg bent over but turned a little toward her. Jamie kneeled on the bench, still looking at the end of the rope with no idea how to tie it. "First thing you need to do is to thread the rope through the ring on his collar where the leash is."

Jamie leaned forward, trying to avoid rubbing her breasts on Kate's arm as she followed the instructions. This became more challenging as Kate kept moving her arm and there was a fair amount of contact despite Jamie's best efforts.

"Good, now we'll get that tied off." Kate gave the instructions for a square knot, going slowly so Jamie could follow, and when the knot was tied she had Jamie remove the leash and grab the other end of the rope. "This end we'll tie to the far side of the table, so he's held bent over. Let me help you again to make sure you've got it, because there are still a few more knots needed."

Greg was suddenly fighting an erection as he watched Jamie pull the rope snug and bend down to tie it off, Kate right behind her. He heard Kate say, "Good, but let me help you get it tighter," and saw her lean in more. For Jamie's part, it was uncomfortable having the athletic girl pressed against her back and reaching around her, but she kept focused on the end result. Actually, she was surprised she was beginning to feel slightly aroused by the idea of Greg helpless.

After tying off the rope leash, Kate had Jamie get more rope and stood by as Jamie bent down to tie the rope to on of his ankless, then around the bench and up to his knees to keep his legs apart. The second leg got similar treatment, so his legs were bowed outward. The initial hobble tie was still in place, fully stretched. He felt very exposed and when Kate suggested his wife give him a lick or two he realized those standing around were watching him. Jamie licked him once and his cock jumped. She licked again and it firmed up some more. Finally she took him into her mouth and coaxed him to a full erection before moving away.

As she turned to stand up Jamie was suddenly looking right at Kate's crotch, for the first time realizing how snuggly it covered the mound beneath. She also noticed a small wet spot, which surprised her and caused her to momentarily freeze. Kris came to the rescue by reaching under Jamie's arms and saying, "Up you go. OOoops." As she pulled Jamie upward her hands shifted and ran over Jamie's breasts, causing Jamie a bit more discomfort. She mumbled that it was ok without turning to look at Kris. If she'd turned, she might have seem the smile Kris gave Kate.

Kate looked at Greg's shaft aiming at the ground, framed in the white rope he'd tied on. "That was a very nice touch. It makes me wonder, though, is he any good with his mouth?" Jamie looked at her. "Oral sex?"

"Oh, well, uh, yes, he is pretty good. Why?" Jamie realized she had started thinking about Greg licking her and she blushed. This is getting a little too warm, she thought.

"Just a thought. Well, he looks ready for his humiliation. Shall we begin with spanking?"

Jamie looked at her a little confused. "How hard do you spank?"

Kate laughed softly. "Oh, you ARE a beginner at this, aren't you? Well, here's the idea. You don't want to break your hand, but you want him to have a nice red glow. Once you get him there, we'll move on to the next step."

Greg tried to turn his head to look, but the collar rope was too tight to get a good look behind him. He tried to brace himself, though he wasn't sure what he was expecting. The pat on his ass he finally received wasn't hard to handle at all, barely more than a good grab on him and dulled by her leaving her hand on his skin.

"You need a little more force, and mayby move your hand from bottom to top so you kind of skip off his ass. May I demonstrate?"

"Please do." There was no hesitation to that reply and it concerned Greg. He was well off being concerned because this time there was a fairly loud crack and a sharp sting as the hand glanced over his ass. His cry was muffled, bringing a giggle from the assembled women. He wondered if Jamie had been one of them.

"Now it's your turn. Let's do 5 on each side, alternating spanks."

He knew Jamie was a fast learner and his fears were soon realized as he felt her hand smack across his right cheek, followed quickly on the left, each smack becoming more accurate. By the time she hit 10 she was in a groove and he lost count as she ran it up to 30. Greg was thrashing as much as he could and mMMPppfFFfing loudly, his ass becoming more and more sensitive as the count went up. He'd never been spanked and knew now that it was not something he wanted on his fetish list.

"Well, you seemed to enjoy that," Kate said. "I think he's probably ready for the next step." She ran her nails over his red ass, making him shudder and thrash some more. "Oh yes, he's quite sensitive now. Wendy, get me the dildo and his lube bottle. Jamie, has he ever asked to put his cock in your ass? He has? Most do. Well, now you get to pay him back for those times, by putting this in his."

Greg had watched a brunette girl, short and slightly overweight with large breasts, as she ran over to his backpack and retrieved the requested items. He thought she'd look better with longer hair, but her round face was cute and her eyes seemed to have an evil twinkle.

Kate was giving instructions now. Greg couldn't see that she had positioned herself behind Jamie, pressing up against his wife while wrapping her arms around her. Jamie was a little uncomfortable as she once again felt the other woman's breasts pressing against her, but Kate was talking and Jamie was almost amazed to find herself simply agreeing to everything Kate suggested.

"Ok, lube in your left hand, dildo in your right hand. Good, now, pour a little lube onto the dildo and let it run down the shaft. No reason to rub it on. Give Wendy the lube. Ok, line up the tip and rub it around so he can feel it. Yes, see how he jumps? It's his, and this is how he uses it, but having you in control makes him nervous. Use your left hand and grab his ass real hard."

Jamie grabbed him and his spank induced sensitive ass screamed in pain, enough pain to dull the pressure from Kate holding Jamie's hand and pushing the entire dildo into him in one move. He became more aware of it when she took her hand away, wondering how she was going along with this.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," Jamie said.

"See what you can do when you want a bit of revenge? And you took something he enjoys and made it a torture. How good can it get? No, no, don't pull it out yet. I'm thinking he might enjoy a challenge, if you're willing to go along with it."

"What kind of challenge?" Greg was thinking the same thing.

"Pain with pleasure, a perfect combination. You said he was good with his mouth, right?"

"Well, yes, but ..." Jamie was sounding very unsure now. "I don't think I want him eating me in front of everybody."

Kate smiled. If she'd been looking, Jamie would have seen all the girls smiling. "Actually, I was thinking you would fuck him in the ass with that dildo. His challenge would be to get Wendy to an orgasm before you stop."

"You want me to let him eat out another woman, and actually watch it?"

"Yes, and in the meantime you can pump that dildo as hard or soft as you like. If he's doing too good a job, you can dig your nails into his nice pink ass, or spank him to redden it up again, and pound him with that shaft. Or you can go so slow he barely gets any enjoyment from it. She gets eaten, but you get to punish him for it."

There was silence. Greg shook his head furiously, trying to tell her it was a bad idea. Why didn't she just say no? What wasn't he able to see?

What he didn't see was Kate's hand, moving in thrusting motions just behind Jamie's hand that held the dildo deep inside him. And he didn't see Kate gently rocking her hip against Jamie's ass, letting her sense what she could allow to happen. Nor did he hear when Kate leaned close to Jamie's ear and whispered, "And for some real humiliation, I could have the girls help the guys come up, one at a time, and shoot a load on his back, as if that dildo that you control was a real cock used to show him how foolish he was for ignoring your wishes and running around naked in the woods."

Jamie flinched. She was torn. Kate was reminding her of why he was bound naked bent over a picnic table, but she wasn't sure about the symbolism and certainly didn't want any cocks up her husband's ass, at least not unless they were latex. Kate let her think for a while then added, "They'll never touch him. Just their cum. He wants to play with things in his ass, let him see what it's really like." Kate was gently rubbing her hand over Jamie's waist.

All Greg heard was some soft voices, leaving him wondering what was going on. His ass was feeling better, but then Jamie gave him another 20 smacks, 10 on each cheek, making him mmppfff and shake again. Jamie looked at Wendy. "Don't enjoy it too much."

Wendy squeeled with delight and unzipped her pants while Kate told Kris to get the spider gag out and put it in where the ball gag was. Greg felt relief when the ball came out and tried to beg with Jamie, turning his head to make putting in the spider gag harder, but Kris grabbed his hair and jerked his head back, making his words unintelligible and making it easy to push in the new gag and pull the straps behind his head. Soon she let his head drop again, but now his mouth was open and it didn't take long until a shaved pussy with a slight sheen of wetness was moving toward him. He glanced up at Wendy, her cute face split by a wide grin, one hand reaching up under her shirt to arouse her breasts. As the folds reached his mouth he debated what to do, but Jamie wasn't about to let him make decisions now.

She pulled the dildo back and rammed it in, setting up a hard, fast pace from the very beginning. "Eat, you bondage bastard. I'll fuck your ass until I hear her release." She dug her nails into his recently spanked ass and continued ramming the dildo into him as he opened his mouth and began licking Wendy. She had a nice taste and he was soon running his tongue over her, along her folds, and finding her button. Yet every time Wendy seemed to gasp a little more he felt the dildo pushed in harder. It was exactly as Kate had said, the better he did the more he was punished, but if he didn't do a good job he'd be punished as well.

Kate was still pressed up against Jamie, running one hand up and down her left arm while the other wrapped around Jamie's waist, holding them snuggly together. Kate's legs ran across Jamie's bare legs and in a short time Jamie was no longer resisting. That was when Kate turned to Kris and one of the guys, telling them to begin the lesson. The guy moved up and dropped his pants while Kris began stroking him. The scene wasn't as exciting for the guys and Wendy was jerking and crying out with her orgasm while Kris continued stroking.

Kate nodded to Wendy who backed up a little before rubbing her wetness on Greg's face as she giggled. Then she turned and dropped off the table to the bench, leaving Greg thinking she wasn't bad looking at all, and she tasted so good even the few extra folds of skin made her cute, but then he heard the guy grunt and wondered what was said that he'd missed. Kris moved him up until he was just a few inches from Greg's hip and took him over the top, nursing out stream after stream of gism that splashed across Greg's hands, waist, and hip. He protested loudly and physically, but there was nothing he could do to stop it and soon he felt it running off his body, just as he'd felt his own so many times when he'd masturbated.

Jamie watched it, oddly mesmerized. She never liked when Greg came on her, and now she was watching another man's spunk run across Greg's waist and hip. She felt warm between her legs and had no idea why. She'd been so intent on the dildo that she hadn't noticed Kate's hand rubbing from her waist to the bottom of her bra, but now she thought maybe that was the issue. That and her hips rocking from behind. Then Kate was at her ear again.

"I have a harness, and I'd really like you to use it. But your shorts would get in the way. Let me help you take them off." Kate gave Jamie's ear a little nip and a lick. If she'd known how much Jamie loved that sensation there would have been many more, but even this was enough to make her knees weak. Jamie noded and mumbled an, "ok." Kate unzipped and pulled down Jamie's shorts, helping her step out of them. "I'll be right back."

Jamie was suddenly aware of six pairs of eyes on her. She was partly pleased that the three guys were looking and noticed the one who had just unloaded on Greg was bobbing back to an erection. Blushing, Jamie covered her front with her hands, pretty well hiding the white thong she covered herself with. With a start, she touched herself and realized she was very damp. Then she saw Kate returning holding an odd set of straps.

Kate smiled and began strapping Jamie into the harness, then pulled the dildo from Greg and inserted it into the ring. As Kate pulled the crotch strap tight Jamie felt it pull between her ass cheeks and she felt something else. She gasped as she felt a rounded nub on the inside of the strap not far below the dildo ring, a nub that rested squarely against her button. She was brought back to reality by the feel of Kate's hand on her ass. Jamie turned to look into Kate's eyes and felt like she was suddenly sinking. "That was a compliment," Kate said. "You have a very nice ass. Now, go fuck him properly. Darla, you're up. Wendy, you can help Tim."

Greg watched as a skinny blond girl pulled her pants down and got up on the table. This was the girl who had gotten a hug before the one guy ran off. She wasn't quite as attractive and his jaw was beginning to tire. She spread her legs and rubbed herself for a few seconds, then scooted forward so he could reach her. He could dimly hear Kate talking to Jamie, giving her hints, then her fingers dug into his ass just before she rammed the dildo back into him. The push forward left him little choice, as his nose was suddenly pushed up against Darla's clit.

Jamie's senses were being overwhelmed. Kate was standing right behind her, thrusting in time to Jamie's own thrusts, but now it was Kate's shorts rubbing on bare skin, the thong not covering much. Her husband was licking a girl who was obviously enjoying the experience, and Wendy, whose pants were still on the ground, had decided the best way to arouse Tim was to take him into her mouth. Jamie had gone down on Greg before, but not with the kind of enjoyment Wendy was showing. Tim was thrusting back against her and both seemed intent on what they were doing. Wendy was rubbing herself at the same time, rebuilding her own arousal.

Darla was beginning to moan louder as Greg continued licking. Jamie knew he was very good and was a little jealous now. The nub on the inside of the harness was rubbing her and she knew she was embarrassingly wet, her own breathing getting louder. And suddenly a moan escaped her.

Kate didn't miss it. She didn't seem to miss anything. She gently licked Jamie's ear a few times, them moved down to her neck when there was no resistance. Jamie moaned again and began thrusting faster. Her eyes closed, so she didn't see the wicked look Wendy gave Kate, who paused to whisper, "You must be getting pretty warm by now. Let's help you cool off a bit." Completely lost in her arousal, Jamie raised her arms when she felt Kate lifting her top over her belly, letting it rise easily until Kate had it completely removed. Jamie hadn't worn a bra today and now her breasts were exposed. She was briefly self conscious about the little extra skin at her waist, but Kate's tongue on her ear, neck, and shoulder soon had her relaxed again.

"You won't want to miss this. Open your eyes," Kate told Jamie.

Blindly following orders, Jamie looked to see Darla grabbing Greg's hair and holding him tightly against her as her hips rocked, rubbing her nectar over his face. Darla was flushed and breathing hard, then suddenly tensed and a few high squeaks slipped out of her. There was a small splash of liquid flying from Greg's face onto the girl's legs and the scene seemed to freeze for a few seconds before Darla relaxed and allowed Greg to bring her down slowly. Jamie simply stared in dazed surprise. Did Darla just squirt on her husband?

Jamie felt Kate pull her back a little, so the dildo popped free, then noticed Wendy and Tim next to them, Wendy now using her hand on Tim's wet cock. He grunted as he erupted, firing the first stream up onto Greg's back near his shoulder, then a little less with each pump but still leaving Jamie amazed at the range he had. Greg once again thrashed in his bonds, unable to do anything about the unwelcome liquid that began running down his back and pooling near his wrists or running across his shoulder blades and over his sides.

"Do you want to taste it?" Kate asked.

Jamie looked at the milky puddle, then had a moment of sanity in the midst of her sexual madness. "No, I don't want to taste another man's cum."

"Ok, good for you. One more round." She looked at Greg. "I hope that tongue is ready for it. You do seem to be quite good."

She gave directions for Kris to get onto the table while Wendy pulled down the pants of a guy named Brad. Everybody was in place waiting for Kate's next move. Jamie, looking back at Greg's ass, didn't see Kate motion to Darla to bring something from Greg's backpack.

"I have an idea that would make this much more intense for you, Jamie. Are you willing to try it?"

Jamie hesitated. "What is it?"

"Part of the intensity is the surprise. I just need your permission."

Jamie felt Kate's fingers on the edge of her thong pulling back, pressing her more tightly against the taller girl. Kate whispered into Jamie's ear again. "You're so wet, and that little nub is so effective. You're close to cumming aren't you?" Jamie nodded. "Then let me take you to the next level. Just say it."

Jamie took a deep breath, wondering what that meant, but she was very close to an orgasm and didn't want to risk Kate stopping things. She replied with a soft, "ok, take me to the next level."

"I'll do the work. You just enjoy the sensations." Without another word, Kate unhooked Jamie's bra, removed it, and tossed it aside. Before Jamie could cover herself or argue Kate had cupped her hands over Jamie's breasts, gently squeezing as her hips pushed Jamie forward once again until the dildo slipped into Greg. As she set up a thrusting rhythm Kate leaned forward, bending Jamie at the waist.

Greg wanted to see what was going on behind him, but Kris had her legs up on either side of his head, blocking any attempt to turn his head. Her pussy was much wetter than the others had been. His tired tongue was trying to excite her, but by now his jaw was aching. When he glanced up she looked intent on his licking, but did not have the excited look the two previous girls had shown. He would have thought she was just going through the motions if not for the wetness of her pussy.

Jamie was watching as Wendy showed off her oral skills once more, feeling Kate caressing her arms. Caught up in the action she didn't see when Kate took her right hand away and took the rope Darla was offering, already looped and ready. Darla leaned over and quickly kissed Kate, then stepped back to watch.

Jamie felt herself bent farther forward, now trying to keep her nipples from rubbing in the gism on Greg's back. Her arms were guided together, crossing at the wrists and she found it much more exciting fucking Greg like this, bent over him. The nub was doing it's job and she was breathing much harder. Soon she was gasping, then tensing as the pressure built inside her.

Kate waited patiently, guiding the hip thrusts. Pressed close as she was she felt the tension and knew the orgasm would break soon. As she felt Jamie jerk and heard her crying out she moved the rope into position. She really didn't want to ruin this orgasm, but needed to use it. As she felt Jamie pass the crest of the orgasm Kate slipped the loop over Jamie's wrists, quickly pulling it tight and looping the rope around several times before Jamie realized what has happening. By then her struggles were useless and Kate pressed her up against Greg's ass while she finished tying off the rope, leaving about a 2 foot length hanging.

"What are you doing? Let me go," Jamie was suddenly not interested in Greg any more. Now she just wanted to be released.

"I promised you a more intense time. You'll have it, if you go along with me." She smiled. "And if you don't, well, you can figure out how to get the 2 of you untied."

"This is .. that's .. you can't do this."

"It's already done. Besides, you're panties are soaked. You've certainly enjoyed bondage up to this point and you can't deny it. Now, get back to fucking him and be a good girl."

With that, Kate grabbed Jamie's hips and began moving her again. The nub in the harness was taking over again and since she was already wet and aroused it didn't take her long to forget about her arms. Kate was openly grabbing and squeezing her breasts now and Brad was grunting as Wendy worked her magic on him. Greg was also grunting, but it was more because his ass was getting sore now. His jaw was aching and his tongue was tired, but he felt Kris was getting close because her hips were beginning to move.

"Harder now," Kate whispered, followed by licking Jamie's ear. "Fuck him harder and make yourself cum too."

Kate moved her hips faster to help Jamie along and the nub did indeed work on her. Soon she was breathing harder and moaning. Suddenly Kris changed her expression and grabbed Greg's head, pulling to tightly to her as she shook in her orgasm. It came on so suddenly that Greg wasn't prepared and he found himself struggling to breath, making him jerk and shaking the nub against Jamie. She tensed, nearing an orgasm, then was pulled back by Kate. Jamie gasped as she was denied the orgasm and dragged backwards, watching Brad take her place behind Greg.

"Remember, no touching," was all the guidance Kate gave as Wendy stroked Brad and aimed him at Greg's ass from a few inches away. Soon he erupted and shot a stream directly at Greg's recently vacated hole. The following streams were higher, landing on his ass before running down his legs. Finally Brad stepped back and Jamie saw multiple streams of liquid running over Greg's hips and down his legs. There was a large wet spot on his ass and the liquid from there had run down over his balls. This was not what she had imagined, but there was no doubt that Greg had been humiliated.

Kate had been unbuckling the dildo harness and removed it. Without warning, or asking, she then pulled down Jamie's wet thong. Jamie wanted to fight back but Kris and Wendy each grabbed an arm and pulled Jamie back to the bench beside the table. Darla had gotten more rope and pulled one leg while Kate pulled the other, quickly securing Jamie to the bench with her legs spread wide open.

"This was not what I agreed to," Jamie protested. "Let me go and give me my clothes."

Kate smiled. "You agreed to let me help you humiliate him, then you agreed to let me undress you, and finally you agreed to leave your arms tied. I did all the work, coordinating how he would be humiliated and even let you use my harness to cum. I think you owe me. But as a favor, since you're so cooperative, I'll be the one to help you finish your orgasm."

Jamie tried to stand but Kate simply pushed her back down. She reached around to hold Jamie's hair and sat next to her, fingers lightly brushing over Jamie's wet pussy. Jamie sucked in her breath as the heat begin rising again.

"Tell me you want me to make you cum," Kate told her. After a short silence she stopped caressing Jamie's pussy which brought an immediate response.

"Please make me cum," she cried out. Greg groaned audibly.

Kate smiled and resumed caressing the wet pussy. "Now, ask, mmmmm, Kris to suck your tits."

Jamie hesitated just a moment before realizing she needed this orgasm. "Kris, would you please suck my tits."

Greg turned his head, but couldn't really see with her sitting on the bench. He did see Kris bend over and then heard Jamie moan. He couldn't see Kris suck the breast into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue. Nor could he see Kate slip 2 fingers into his wife's pussy, coaxing her orgasm from her within seconds. He could only see his wife shudder and hear her cry of pleasure, then she relaxed slowly as Kris moved away.

"Oh, well, let's see now. Everybody here has cum except Greg .. and me. We know how good Greg is, but he's tired. I wonder how good his wife is with her tongue."

"Oh no, that's over the limit. I don't lick girls. Ever."

Kate frowned. "Up to this point, you've had a choice. As of now, you have no more choices. We have you recorded giving permission for everything before. Nobody would believe you would stop at this point." While she was talking Kate completely undressed revealing her athletic body, petite breasts, and neatly shaved pussy. "It's time for you to thank me for all my effort."

Jamie couldn't stop her as Kate climbed up onto the bench and draped her shirt behind Jamie. When Kate moved her knees up onto the table, Jamie closed her mouth, trying to avoid the pussy shining with wetness. A signal to Kris ended with fingernails digging into Jamie's swollen nipples and a cry of pain. Opening her mouth let the nectar flow in as Kate's position pushed her head back. Jamie had tasted her own nectar before, usually on Greg's cock, but never another girl's. This wasn't too different from hers, though, and with no real choice she decided she could get through this. She began using her tongue the way she liked Greg using his on her. A soft moan from above told her that was good enough. Meanwhile, one of the others was playing sound bites from a phone, sound bites that had her agreeing to every step Kate had suggested.

Kate looked down at Greg. "It seems you are pretty good, based on what your wife is doing to me. This shouldn't take long at all, and then you both get a surprise. Get dressed, everybody."

Jamie continued licking, doing her best at this angle, feeling the wetness running down over her chin. Soon Kate was rocking her hips and then felt her legs tightening. All she could see was Kate's belly and a little bit of movement against the green out of her side vision. Then the legs clamped onto her and she felt Kate shudder. A thick flow of nectar descended into her mouth as Kate orgasmed. She shuddered again, then began to relax.

"You're actually quite good for a first time. Now it's time for your surprise."

Kate climbed off and called Kris over to help untie Jamie's legs from the bench and tie them to each other. Then they carried her about 10 feet to a grassy area and laid her on her belly. The 2 foot of lead from her wrists was quickly looped through her ankle tie and soon she was on her belly in a hogtie. Jamie protested, but Darla brought over the ball gag that had been in Greg's mouth and helped buckle it on.

The 3 girls stood up, looking down at Jamie, naked on the grass. Jamie's protests and struggles were ignored as they walked over to Greg. With Tim standing by to help if needed, they got his legs tied together, then stood him up leaving the rope dangling from his collar. He could feel the dried cum crackling on his back, legs, and sides as he stood up.

Kate looked at them both. "You know, it's dangerous to be out in the open naked and bound. Bad things can happen to you." She laughed softly. "We're going to go now. We have pictures and video of you both on our phones, especially the parts where you agree to things. We also have pictures from Jamie's purse, showing things like license, phone numbers, email, and contacts. We didn't take any money or cards. You might hear from me again, or you may not. You were both really wonderful today."

Kate walked over to the picnic table and set down the key to Greg's cuffs at the end opposite where he stood. "Call it marriage counselling. If you don't knock the key off and lose it, this will put Greg in control. Let's see if you can work this out so you both are happy. Personally, I think Jamie likes ropes as much as Greg, but she didn't know it before today. Or she was just afraid of it before she had her first bound orgasm."

She walked over to Jamie. "I wish I had time for you to do that again. You're really quite good with your mouth. Bye now. We're off. If you're careful, you might both get out of here before somebody else finds you."

Greg and Jamie watched the group walk across the field and into the treeline. They never looked back. Greg didn't know if they'd done this before, but thought it unlikely. More likely, Kate was a domme in her personal life and had her little group at her call. Either way, it was time to get back to normal life. He looked at the key, then at Jamie. He wasn't quite sure what he was going to do, but since he was the only one who hadn't cum yet today he thought that would probably change once he got his cuffs off. He began hopping over to where the key rested on the table.

Jamie watched helplessly as the group left, then watched her husband. Neither could speak, but she noticed he was suddenly getting erect just before he started hopping around the table. She felt that tingle that so often came when she saw him hard, and hoped he would fuck her before untying her. She wanted him to give back some of what she'd given him. Suddenly she wasn't angry any more, but looked forward to what might happen in bondage. Jamie smiled around the ball gag as she heard the soft click of the first lock releasing.

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