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Motel Room Meeting 6

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2006 - Ralph - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; FFF/m; bond; fem; toys; cons; X

Part 6 - Sunday Morning

It was still dark when the women got up on Sunday.  This time, I got the first shower, with Fran assisting again, then Barb and Julie showered in that order.  Julie helped Fran dress me and Barb helped with the makeup.  I had a bit of a knot in my stomach, sure something I wasn’t looking forward to was in store for me.  Today I was dressed in a black button-down dress, held with a black cloth belt, and so short it barely covered my ass cheeks.  It was opened to show my black bra, stuffed with the breast forms.  Sheer pantyhose, with no panties, covered me from the waist down and I once again wore the low heels.  The wig was the last detail to go on, securely stretched over my head so it wouldn’t come off.  I was once again a transformed into a man dressed as a woman, my hands were tied behind my back, and we headed for the door.

There was no real way to resist without causing a scene, so I went along with the women.  Barb hurried ahead and, I assumed, distracted the desk person since I didn’t see her or any employee staff as we walked through the lobby.  I was beginning to get my balance in the shoes by the time we reached an SUV.  Fran got into the driver’s seat, so I guessed it was hers.  Barb shared the front seat while Julie was with me in the back seat. 

As we drove along the nearly deserted streets with just a faint glow beginning in the eastern sky, Julie untied my wrists.  For a few minutes I was happy with my freedom, then my happiness turned to something approaching horror as Fran pulled into a convenience store parking lot.  A group of about 6 young men eyed our vehicle as she braked to a stop. 

Julie brought me from a mental nightmare to a real one.  “Come on, we need to get 4 coffees and some breakfast food.”  I looked at her like she was crazy, but she just smiled back and added, “unless you’d like us to let you out here and drive away.”

We got out of the SUV and walked toward the door.  I was sure I was beet red under my makeup.  It didn’t help as we reached the lights at the front of the store and I heard one of the guys call out, “Man, that is one uuuuugly woman.”  They all laughed and moved in our direction.  Julie just kept going and I tried to follow, but one of the guys got his hand on my ass before I could get through the doors. 

The clerk was giving us a suspicious look, but Julie smiled and told me to go ahead and get 4 coffees and a bunch of cream and sugar.  I heard her telling the clerk we’d made a bet and I lost.  That was actually pretty close to the truth.  As I got the coffees together, she ordered some egg and ham sandwiches, then came over to me and picked up some napkins.  The guys were standing around watching me get the coffee.  She looked at one, winked, and dropped a napkin onto the floor.  “Oh, be a dear and pick that up for me,” she told me.  As ordered, I squatted down and picked up the napkin, trying to keep my legs together.  They guys were whistling and carrying on, but kept their distance in the store.

Julie paid for our food and we went back to the vehicle.  I was just settling into the seat, feeling relieved, when Barb said, “I need two more creams.”  When all three women just looked at me I got the hint.  This time I was groped by 3 guys before I got in and then by 2 more when I came back out.  Having a guy grab my balls didn’t make me very happy, nor did the guy who lifted my hem and grabbed my ass hard.  The only good thing was that they were just tormenting me and didn’t want anything else.  As we drove away I was in no mood for my coffee.

Eventually I drank my coffee as we drove away from the city and into the brightening dawn.  After getting off the highway, Fran made a few more turns until we were on a dirt road going up a hillside.  When we finally stopped, I had no idea where we were.  We all got out of the SUV and Fran pulled a canvas bag from the rear while Julie and Barb pulled rope out of the passenger compartment and began tying me up.  My hands were tied in front of me, then the rope was wrapped around my waist to keep them there.  My leather ankle cuffs came out of the bag and my legs were tied with about a foot and a half of rope between them.  Finally, my collar was put on and a rope leash was attached to it.  A ball gag kept me silent as Fran took the leash and the women led me onto a path and into the woods. 

A few times I came close to losing my balance because of taking too big a stride, but for the most part I adjusted to the short tether between my legs.  We’d walked what seemed like quite a distance when we reached a cleared area with large rocks among a few trees.  Barb pulled out the video camera while Fran pushed me back against a tree and Julie wrapped rope around me to secure me to the tree.  Once I was secure, Fran unbuttoned my dress and spread it open, pushed down my pantyhose to mid thigh, and began stroking my cock. 

Julie pulled a butt plug from the bag, lubed it up good, and slipped it behind me.  Once she had it positioned at my ass, she began slowly working it in and out of my entrance.  The combined effect of stroking my cock and pumping my ass was quickly moving me toward an orgasm.  Fran watched my eyes and when she felt I was getting close she motioned to Barb.  Barb had prepared for this moment by unwrapping one of the breakfast sandwiches, which she now handed to Fran.  I couldn’t stop moving onward, even when I saw her open the sandwich and hold it in front of my cock.  Julie was pushing harder as I tensed up and soon I was releasing, pumping my cum onto the sandwich.  Julie let me pump a few times, then pushed the plug until it popped into place.

It took me a while to get my breathing down again, but Fran waited for me, slowly milking out as much as she could.  When she finally closed the sandwich she let anything else that came out just drip onto my leg.  Julie had wiped the lube off her fingers and was eating her sandwich and Barb was almost done with hers.  Fran just smiled, removed my gag, and offered me the sandwich.  At first I refused, but when she pointed out that I wouldn’t eat again for a long time I began to eat the sandwich.  When Barb finished she came up and took over my feeding while Fran ate her food.  I could taste my cum with every bite, but still had to eat. 

We all finished up our sandwiches, then the gag was replaced, my pantyhose was pulled up, the dress was re-buttoned and put into place, and I was untied from the tree.  I was led down another path and the women continued to keep me walking for hours.  We’d rest now and again, but as the sun rose higher in the sky we walked and walked some more.  Sometimes one of the women would grab a small twig or stick and would use it on my thighs, keeping me jumping.  The plug still securely in my ass didn’t make walking comfortable, either.  At length we came to a clearing and I was told to stand still.

My leather wrist cuffs were placed on my arms and long lengths of rope were attached.  Then Fran untied my wrists while Julie and Barb pulled on opposite ropes, tossing them over branches of trees and pulling so that my arms were stretched out and up.  I could feel the skirt riding up on my ass cheeks as Fran helped tie the rope in place on each side.  After that, rope was attached to my ankle cuffs, the short tether was removed, and my legs were pulled apart toward the trees my arms were tied to.  They were very clever with this.  With my arms already held in place, this put most of my weight on my arms.  It also spread the opening at the bottom of the dress and hiked the hem a little higher.

Barb was back on the video camera while Julie and Fran stood back to enjoy the sight I offered.  They unbuttoned the skirt from the bottom and from the top until just two buttons near the belt were still holding the garment together in front.  Fran picked up a twig to use as a switch and gave me a few good whacks on the ass while Fran went to the bag of goodies.  She came back holding a roll of gauze, pressed her body against mine, and bent her head down to cover my lips with hers.  I felt some pressure on the side of my head, then around the back of my head, and across the other side.  Fran backed her head away and I saw the gauze approaching.  Unable to avoid it, I felt the soft material cross my face, covering my eyes and turning the world white.  Again and again she wrapped the gauze, forcing my eyelids shut, until she tucked the final edge into the wrap.  I was spread, blindfolded, and gagged.  And pretty much exposed.  For a short time there was nothing done to me while I listened to the women moving around.  Then I heard all their footsteps come together slightly behind me and off to one side.

“We have some things we need to take care of, so we’ll be gone for a little while,” Fran said cheerily.  “You won’t go anywhere before we get back, will you?”  A chorus of laughter faded away along with the footsteps.  It hit me that I was now alone, tied to the trees, and very vulnerable.

For a while I strained my ears, trying to hear a voice or movement to indicate that at least one of the women was just hiding.  I heard nothing.  Finally, I conceded that they must have actually gone off and left me.  I considered panic, but that wouldn’t help me.  All I could do in my position was wait.  And wait some more.  I had no way of knowing how long I’d been tied up like this.  Eventually, even the ache in my arms became just a dull throb.  My legs were stiff from trying to hold my balance.  Breathing was uncomfortable and my mouth ached from the ball gag.

Then I did hear something.  It was in the opposite direction from where the women went, but it was definitely getting louder.  I could make out voices.  Two female voices and a male.  Now I did panic a little, but my thrashings barely caused any movement between my soreness and the tautness of the bonds.

“How much farther do we have to go?”  It was one of the females.  “I hope you didn’t bring us out here just to have us wander around in the woods.”

“It’s a little farther.  I want to get to a clearing where we can stretch out on the rocks and feel the sun on our backs.”  That was the male.  “At least, you’ll have the sun on your backs.  I’ll be in the shade.”

“And what makes you think we want to be on top the whole time?”  The other female was talking.  “Maybe we want you … oh shit!  Look at that.”

“It’s a woman tied up.  Let’s check it out.”  That was the male.

“Tom, you just want to see if she’s worth a quickie.  What if someone kidnapped her and left her there.”

“Don’t worry about that, Chris.”  It was the other female.  “Look between her legs and you’ll see she’s a he.”

“Cool.  This might make the long walk worthwhile.”  That was Chris.  It helped to be able to put names to the voices, but this didn’t sound like it was heading where I wanted it to go.

“Hey, there’s a sign here,” Tom said.  “We’ll be back for our pet in a little while.  Please don’t touch but feel free to enjoy the view.  Hey, Melissa, go take a closer look.”

“Oh yeah.”  I could hear her moving closer, then circling around me.  “Hey, he’s got a plug stuck up his ass.”

“He does, and it looks like it isn’t coming out easily.  Melissa, what are you doing?” 

“I’m getting out the camera.  They said to enjoy the view.  I plan to take it with us.”

Tom spoke up.  “Give me the camera and let me take the pics.  You can pose with him.”

I heard the camera clicking and chirping for a while, then felt a hand rubbing over my cock.  Chris spoke up.  “Tom, give Melissa the camera and come over here.  I want to see which of you is bigger.”

“Take off your shirt, baby, and give me something to grow on,” he replied.  “That’s what I like to see.  Shake those melons.”

I felt the front of my pantyhose being pulled down and a hand gripped my cock, stroking it a little to bring it to full size.  There was a pause, then Chris called out, “And the winner by a head is Tom!”

I heard a metallic rattle and thought it sounded like a belt.  “Chris, see if you can pull that plug out of him.  I feel like celebrating my victory.”  It struck me that I was right.  It WAS a belt.

“Tom, don’t you go using yourself up on him and have nothing left for us.  We didn’t come out here to watch you fuck a guy.”  I could have kissed Melissa for that.  But I didn’t care much for what Chris said.

“He’s got lots of cum for everybody.  You know that.”  I could feel her pulling down the pantyhose and tugging at the plug.  “Besides, this could be interesting.”

From somewhere I found the strength to struggle in my bonds.  I wasn’t able to get free, but maybe I could discourage them from their plans.  Chris was having trouble holding the base of the plug because of the lube, but she wrapped her arm around my waist and tried to hold me still.

Melissa spoke up.  “If nothing else, we’ll have some really good pictures.  I’m getting wet just watching him squirm.”

I felt a hand at my throat, then Tom’s voice made me stop my thrashing.  “Look, dude, you aren’t getting away, so you might as well stop trying.  I can always squeeze your throat until you pass out and take you anyway, so let’s just get this over with.  It won’t take long for me … what was that?”

“It sounds like somebody’s coming.”  Melissa lowered her voice a little.  “Maybe it’s the people who left him here.”

With the gauze around my head I couldn’t hear, but I sincerely hoped the women were returning and Tom would put his cock back in his own pants.  Chris pulled her hand away from me and added a, “Let’s get out of here,” and then there was just a faint metallic jingle before silence. 

Gradually, female voices came to me through the gauze.  “I thought I saw someone when we came over that last rise.”  It was Julie.  “His pantyhose is pulled down.”

The women gathered around me and talked about how the pantyhose was pulled down.  They pulled it back up but didn’t remove the gag or the gauze that blindfolded me.  Normally I would have been feeling pretty aroused with them putting their hands all over me, but my recent near miss had knocked the mood from me. 

“Hey, cut it out,” I hear Barb saying.  Her voice got more excited, then faded to a muffle.  I was left to wonder what was going on for several minutes before I finally felt the gauze being removed from my eyes. 

At first the light was too much for me and I couldn’t focus.  As I got used to being able to see again, I looked up and was surprised to find that Barb was about 20 feet in front of me, wearing only bra, panties, and shoes, a ball gag, and the rope that held her to a tree. 

“It was her idea,” Julie said.  “Then she tried to change her mind.  We don’t let people change their mind.”  She looked right at me.  “But you already knew that, didn’t you.”

I looked back at Barb.  She was twisting in her bonds and seemed to be trying to say something about letting her go, but there was an obvious wet spot in her crotch.  And seeing her squirming was getting me excited too.  Soon my cock, caught by the pantyhose, was sticking straight out. 

Fran began untying me from the trees.  “I’m glad you’re back in the mood.”  We have plans for you.”   Soon my arms were released from the trees and tied behind my back again.  A short time later my legs were once again hobbled.  The only difference between this time and the way I got to that spot in the woods was that Fran completely undid the front of the dress.  I felt the warm air against my skin and was actually hoping they’d take off all the clothes.

Julie had untied Barb from the tree and Barb was now in a situation similar to mine.  We looked at each other briefly, then Fran and Julie were leading us down a path going up the hillside.  They had something planned and I had a feeling we would not be waiting very long to find out what it was.  The sun, high in the sky, sent bright, warm rays through the leaves that felt good on the skin.  It could be worse.  Tom would have been worse.  Julie and Barb exchanges smiles.  Maybe it could be a lot worse.


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