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Motel Room Meeting 8

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2006 - Ralph - Used by permission

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Part 8 - Sunday Morning

By the time we got back to my motel room, I had my plan.  First, I had all three women strip from the waist down and kneel in front of the sofa.  Starting with Fran, I tie a loop of rope around her left ankle, let out about a foot of slack, then tie her right ankle.  Measuring off another foot of rope, I tied Julie’s left ankle, then some slack, and her right ankle.  I repeated to process with Barb so all three women were tied together at the ankles. 

The next step was to have them remove the rest of their clothes and lean over the sofa with their hands behind their backs.  Again I started with Fran, tying her wrists together, then extending the rope to Julie and tying her wrists, and finishing with Barb.  Stepping back, I admired the three nude women, asses presented to me, legs slightly spread revealing their obviously damp mounds.  I was glad I had multiple gags.  Fran got the ball gag, Barb got the dribble gag, and Julie got a strip of duct tape.

Now I had to decide which flogger to use.  I had mine, but they had brought some along over the weekend.  I decided on one of theirs, since it would cover more area.  I picked it up and swished it a few times, making sure I had the girls’ attention, then in rapid succession I brought it down across each girl’s ass.  After the long weekend of torment, it was nice hearing each one squeal at the pain as they tried to jerk away.  I had a thought, hesitated briefly, then decided to go ahead.  Swirling the flogger in a circle perpendicular to the floor, I swatted each girl up between her legs, smacking the leather against her sensitive slit.  This time they really made some noise, but since none tried to move away I got the feeling it was also enjoyable.

I flogged them a while longer, catching their arms, legs, assess, and mounds in random order.  Now I knew the strikes between their legs weren’t too bad.  I could see liquid running down the inside of Barb’s thighs.  Time to move on to the next phase.

Helping them, I had them stand up and face each other.  With so little slack in the rope between them, they were pretty much pressing breasts and hips together.  I tied off the ends of the ropes so they were now tied in a circle by the ankles and wrists.  They hadn’t given any indication they had lesbian tendencies, but I was out for revenge and they were going to rub.  I picked up the flogger again and began smacking it against their legs, asses, and arms.  With each “CRACK” of against their skin, the victim flinched, causing the girls to press against each other in a variety of ways.  There was a lot of breast rubbing, legs were in almost constant contact, and hips bumped frequently.  Sometimes I would act as if I were going to strike, just to watch the supposed victim try to squirm away.  Needing a bit of variety, I added my hands to the mix, sometimes squeezing a cheek or breast, sometimes running a finger along a wet slit, sometimes just giving a swat.  In a while, the girls were flushed and breathing harder, a sure sign that they were finding this very arousing.  I certainly was.  Good, time to stop for a while.

The look in their eyes when I stepped away and sat down was extremely gratifying.  They wanted to cum.  They wanted to cum badly and they were at a point where they didn’t really care what or who put them over.  I just wasn’t going to help them right now.  Facing each other, hands behind their backs, they were helpless to do anything themselves.

I let them cool down for a while, then untied the connecting knots, turned them around, and tied off the ankle rope again.  With their hands all behind their backs, however, I decided to just join their wrists by looping the excess rope around them and tying it off.  Now I could appreciate the front of each woman.  Deciding the flogger could wait a little while, I began running my hands over their exposed bodies.  The nipples got tugged and squeezed, I indulged in a few slaps on their breasts, and I ran my hand up their thighs, never getting quite as high as they’d like.  Finally, I stood in front of each in turn, pressed myself against them and reached around their hips to pull them against me while squeezing their buttocks. 

Barb was feeling the effects of the excitement and the dribble gag.  Her chest was wet with her saliva.  That gave me another idea, but first the flogger.  Now I set about administering painful lashes totheir bellies, breasts, and legs.  I held back a bit when I got them around their pubic region, but they were responding once again in a pleasurable way.  Finally, their fronts were glowing with a slight reddish hue, Barb’s chest was shining with saliva, and their eyes were once again begging for sexual release.  It was time to stop. 

This time they made mewing sounds when they realized there would be no orgasm yet.  I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut Fran loose from the trio, making sure the other two were still tied together.  I quickly removed the ball gag, gave her a few seconds to catch her breath, then pointed at Barb.  “Her chest is too wet.  I need you to dry it off a bit.”

Fran looked at me as if I’d gone mad for a moment, then realized she had given consent without setting boundaries.  The look on Barb’s face wasn’t much different.  Good.  This wasn’t going to be especially fun for them.  I hadn’t really gotten a thrill out of being fed my own cum all weekend long either. 

With a sigh of resignation, Fran hobbled over to Barb, bent over, and began licking her from the waist up.  As I’d anticipated, they were still really hot, so when Fran began running her tongue over Barb’s large breasts, Barb sucked in her breath.  That seemed to give Fran a push, and soon she wasn’t just licking up saliva.  She spent much longer than necessary sucking on each nipple, gently drawing the sensitive flesh into her mouth and holding it.  Barb’s breathing got faster and Fran moved her tongue slowly, as if she could give her friend an orgasm simply by licking her breasts.  After a long time, she finally moved up to Barb’s neck, chin, and mouth, seeming to use her tongue to caress Barb’s lips.  I was thrilled.  I was excited by the possibilities.  And I was hard as a rock and straining against my pants.

I resisted the urge to strip and ram my tool into Fran right then and there.  Instead, since the other two were secure, I untied her completely and pulled her away from Barb.  It was time to move ahead.  I was having far too much fun and I knew I just wasn’t going to be able to keep myself in my pants as long as I might have wished.

“Ok, Fran.  There are ropes pretty much everywhere.  You’ve seen how this can be done.  I want you to tie yourself to the bed, face up, spread eagle.”

I was hoping she wouldn’t get as carried away as I had when she first found me, because that would take more time than I thought I could wait.  Happily, she opted for a much faster method.  Running a rope under the bed at the top and at the bottom, she pulled the ends up onto the bed.  She paused to give me a devlish look, determined to give back as much torment as she could, then she grabbed a vibrator and another length of rope.  I decided to let her go ahead.  She’d have her orgasm, but the vibe had new batteries and she might end up regretting that choice. 

The extra rope when around her waist, tied off in front, then down between her legs.  She paused to slip in the vibe, turned it on, set the rope over the end, and pushed it all the way into herself.  By the time she got the rope tied off in back, she was already feeling the effects of the vibrations deep inside her.  Climbing onto the bed, she quickly tied the rope ends at the bottom of the bed to her ankles, stretching her legs far apart, then lay back and used her right hand to tie off her left wrist.  Using a lot of creativity, she pulled her right arm up along the other end of the rope, managed to twist three loops around her wrist, and tied it off, pulling the rope so the knot slid down against her wrist, well out of reach of her fingers.  Not one to leave a job undone, I picked up the ball gag and put it back into her mouth.  Finally, I slipped the pillows under her head so she could watch the others.

The next one to be freed was Julie.  “Your task is to take Barb and tie her out on the other bed.  And just for fun, slip a little something up her ass.”

Barb was shaking her head and trying to sounding out, “MMM mm.  MMM mm,” as Julie led her to the bed.  Barb still had her wrists and ankles tied as Julie bent her over and picked up a butt plug.  Barb’s eyes were pleading with me, but I just said, “Relax, you’ll like it once you get used to it.”  Then Julie had the KY on it, took aim, and with a steady motion pressed it into Barb’s anus. 

The only time Barb really made a lot of noise was at the point just before the widest part slid in.  I nodded to myself.  That’s always the toughest part.  But now that it was in, it was just uncomfortable for her.  Using the same basic plan Fran had followed, Julie ran two ropes under the bed, helped Barb lay on her back, and removed the bindings I had put on.  The process was faster with somebody to help and soon Barb was stretched out on her back, her full bush glistening with wetness, the plug visible below it.  Julie turned to me, knowing she would be next for whatever was coming.  I was silent for a while, letting her wonder what I had in mind. 

Julie was the one I really wanted to get back at.  As the one with the most experience, she had been my biggest tormentress.  It wasn’t that I wanted to inflict pain, but I wanted to create some uncertainty in her before moving on.  I managed to wait until I saw two minutes pass on the clock, watching her body as she stood naked before me.

“All right, you did such a good job with tying Barb down, I want you to put on wrist and ankle straps, grab some rope, and tie yourself down on top of her, with your head toward the foot of the bed.”

Her eyes opened wide as she realized what I was suggesting and she reached for the duct tape gag, but then she relaxed.  As with everything else tonight, she had given consent without boundaries and now she would pay the price.  I watched as she picked up the leather cuffs and put them on her wrists.  She bent over to put on the ankle cuffs and I felt an urge to shove my prick into her, but resisted.  That did, however, remind me of something.

“By the way, there’s another plug here somewhere.  Use it.”  She shot me another look, one that seemed to say that if she got another chance with me I would pay for that.  She looked around, found the plug, lubed it, turned her ass toward me, and bent over.  As if to say there was nothing I could do to break her, she pushed the plug into her ass as fast as it would slide, pushing it even after it had popped into place.  Then she turned to the bed and climbed over Barb’s body.

I saw Fran watching with a look of excited interest as Julie tied her ankle cuffs to the ropes holding Barb’s wrists.  All three women looked at me as if hoping I would now call it off, then Julie lowered herself onto Barb and stretched herself out.  She tied off her left wrist near Barb’s ankle, then secured the rope from her right wrist.  It seemed to me the knot was too attainable, so I grabbed the end and tied it off again out of her reach. 

Julie was a good deal taller than Barb, but when she dipped her head the two women lined up perfectly.  Now I just needed to give them some incentive.  I stepped to the side of the bed opposite from Fran, so she could watch, and began stroking both Barb’s and Julie’s mounds.  I couldn’t see, but I knew that when my fingers dove between their love lips they had a close up view of the action.  Occasionally I’d stop and give Julie a slap on her ass, but for the most part I was trying to get them excited. 

Barb responded first.  I could feel the dribble gag pressing against my fingers.  I left Julie alone for a few seconds, removed the gag from Barb, and went back to my stroking.  Soon Barb was licking my fingers and I felt pretty sure I’d gotten her past the point of no return.  Even if Julie didn’t respond immediately, Barb would keep working to try to get her to return the favor.  With a final swat on Julie’s ass, I stepped back and watched as Barb quickly moved in to fill the void, running her tongue along her friend’s slit.

That gave me an opportunity to take care of my own business.  Fran was the first one into the room, and she would be the last one I would donate my cum to.  But not too quickly.  First I found another vibe, made sure it had new batteries, and covered it with lube.  She’d pulled the rope between her legs pretty tight, so it dug into her when I pulled it slightly aside.  Good.  Set the vibe on max, slip it into her back door, and let the rope return.  Now she had a vibe in both holes and the rope running over her clit.  In a very short time, she was thrashing in her bonds. 

I grabbed my crop and slapped her left breast.  She tried to pull away, but couldn’t.  Soon she wouldn’t even have the energy for that.  Meanwhile, she had some squirming to do.  The crop danced across her breasts, belly, thighs, and tapped against her mound.  I could tell she had cum several times already, so I moved around the other bed and began slapping Julie’s ass and legs, then Barb’s legs.  I pulled the tape gag from Julie and as I’d hoped, they were busily taking care of each other.  At this point the slaps only got them hotter.  I reached between Julie’s legs and slipped three fingers into her, pumping her vagina until she came.  I enjoyed watching the juices flow out and run down her legs, with Barb trying to lick them up.  Then I used three fingers on Barb.  The bed had a huge wet spot on it already and soon she was letting loose a stream of hot juice that ran between her ass cheeks and added to the wet spot.  She was so wet, I should have put her on top and let Julie try to keep up.  Oh well, maybe there’d be a next time.

The bondage gear from the weekend was strewn across the floor and something caught my eye.  I decided to get as much of my revenge as possible, so I went over and picked up two clothes pins.  Fran’s eyes grew wide and she shook her head hard from side to side when she saw them in my hands, but she couldn’t get away.  I grabbed her left breast, squeezed it so the nipple stood tall and firm, and slowly clamped one of the pins onto it.  I watched her face as the pain sank in, waiting for the eventual acceptance.  I could tell this was something new for her.  When I moved to the other side of the bed, I noticed that Julie and Barb were watching, likely glad their breasts were smashed against each others’ body.  The right nipple rose when I squeezed and the clothes pin went on. 

After a minute or so, the look of pain left Fran’s face.  I grabbed my digital camera and took a few pics to remember the moment, then undressed.  I just wasn’t going to be able to take much more of this.  I picked up a short length of rope and tied it around Fran’s right wrist before releasing that arm from the bed.  Just because I could, I swung my leg over her to untie her left arm, letting my cock and balls run across Fran’s face.  I could feel the wet ball gag rubbing the underside as I pulled her right arm up to meet her left arm and tied her wrists together.  I couldn’t bring myself to twist the clothes pins, so moved off of her and repositioned myself straddling her abdomen.  Then I tied her bound wrists to the front of the rope around her waist, positioning her hands perfectly for my rigid cock.

As I reached behind me to stroke her clit, Fran began to stroke me with both hands.  It was awkward for her because she had little movement in her wrist, but she was skillful and was able to keep my attention.  I worked hard on her clit, trying to get her to cum at least one more time before I did.  The vibes were slowing down by now, but my thumbs caught her clit between them and slipped easily over her moist entry.  I was beginning to think my plan had failed, the familiar sensation beginning deep within me, when she suddenly held my cock tightly, closed her eyes, and gurgled around the ball gag.  I rubbed her as long as her body was rigid, then slowed as she returned to stroking me with a new vigor.

Now it was my turn to tighten my muscles.  Fran quickly brought me to the edge and slowed enough to hold me there.  The long weekend had pretty much drained me, but by keeping me at the edge it had the effect of strengthening my release.  I felt myself pumping out my cum as she helped me over the top, effectively enslaving me even while being tied beneath me.  When I finally stopped pumping and could open my eyes again I was surprised to see several long streaks of white cum across her breasts. 

I removed her ball gag while small streams ran from her breasts and down her sides.  After pulling out the gag, I removed the clothes pins, letting the burn settle into Fran’s skin, then I moved up and let her lick and suck the remains of my cum from my cock.  Her eyes were smiling at me, letting me know everything worked out as she had hoped.

Before untying any of the women, I used my fingers to scoop up some of my cum and put it into Julie’s mouth.  Barb had already tasted me, so there was no point in pressing that issue.  Barb and Julie had worn each other out so they had watched my finish.  Even when I untied their arms, they only rolled onto their sides and laid there for a while.  I took a few more pics, then untied Fran’s wrists and sat down in a chair.

The women finished untying themselves and began gathering up their bondage equipment.  Then they cleaned up and got dressed while I watched.  Everybody was smiling.  When they were all ready, they stepped up and I rose to say goodbye.

Barb was the first to speak.  “That was a very different experience for me.  I hope you come back some time and we can play some more.”

Julie stepped up, put her arms around me, and kissed me deeply.  “I’m sure you’ll be back.  And we’d love to have some play time.  You’re a lot naughtier than I expected.  I wonder what else you might have in your dirty little mind?”

She stepped aside and Fran approached.  “That was a wonderful idea you had, leaving yourself tied up for me.”  She put her arms around me and held me tightly as she kissed.  Too tightly, it seemed.  Then I felt arms from behind and something was being put against my cock.

My struggles were useless.  I heard a soft click and then they released me.  I looked down to see a chastity device locked onto my cock and balls.  I could pee and wash, but would have to cut the lock to get loose. 

“Looking for this?” Julie asked as she walked out from behind me.  She held a small key in her hand, then dropped it into her pocket. 

Fran smiled.  “It’s your choice.  Either you find a reason to come back here, or try to get the lock off yourself.  Send me an email and let me know which it is.”

With that, the three women headed to the door and back to their own lives.  I was left standing naked, except for a chastity device, with a smile on my face.  Yes, I’d find a reason to be back, and I’d find a way to get back at them for this, too.  Ideas began to swirl around in my mind.


THE END  (for now)




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