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Mother/Daughter Selfbondage

by AznStefanie

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© Copyright 2007 - AznStefanie - Used by permission

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My Mom

Lets start off with a little background, my name is Courtney and I’m 18 years old, Asian, 5’5’,  108 lbs,  34 C with nice long brown hair with streaks of blond. Not too bad for an Asian chick. I currently live with my mom and younger sister in a spacious home. My mom divorced when she was quite young, however she had a successful home business of which I know nothing of and we always had anything we wanted.

Well let’s begin…..

One day recently I came home early from school. It was a quiet afternoon and I live about 3 blocks away from school. The walk was nice and pleasant with lots of sun. I notice my mom’s car was not in the space, so I assumed that she went and did her errands. I entered through the back door as usual and went through the hallway towards my bedroom. I notice my mom’s room door was closed, but I figured the cleaners came by. So I went to my room, drop my books with a loud thud and began to strip off all my clothes. I just finished cheerleader practice and I was hot and icky. I needed a shower and I needed it now. I went to my top drawer and grabbed on one of my sheer thongs with a matching bra. I wanted to make sure I had air flowing through me.

After my refreshing shower I decided to go to the kitchen and grab some juice, it’s amazing how you feel when you are almost naked, that’s when I heard the noise. I paused for a moment to locate the noise. Sure enough I heard it again, this time I narrowed it to my mom’s room.   I approached cautiously and nervous thinking someone is in the house and I’m only wearing my undies. I approached my mom’s door and that’s when I notice it was locked. Strange… She never locks her door. I went to my room and this time I put on a pair of boyshorts and my sportbra. I grabbed the keys to my mom’s room along with my can of mace and silently walked towards her door.

I quietly unlocked her door and I slowly opened it expecting someone to jump out.  Nothing…

I continued to the other side of the master bedroom towards my mom’s office. Her master bedroom was huge. She had wall to wall carpeting.  The door to her office was open and I strolled cautiously inside. Inside her office she had it tiled with one huge smooth marble that had no seams and she had a huge fur carpet in the center of the room.   That’s when I saw the most shocking image of my life.  On the floor next to the fur carpet was my mom all tied up in the tightest frogtie I’ve seen!!! 

I was about to scream when I notice something over head.  It was a knife that was hanging over the rug. I followed the string to an apparatus that was plug into the wall.  It was a timer of some sort and it had magnets that were holding the string. Looks like when the timer hit zero the magnets would release and the knife would fall down on the carpet. But the question is how would she know??  The reason I was thinking this was that, not only was she tied tight; she had on a leather hood that had a blindfold, gag and possibly ear plugs. I’ve had my shares of self-bondage (more on that later), but nothing like hers.

She really knows how to tie herself up. Let me explain….

My mom is 35 years old, 5’7”  125 lbs very attractive and she keeps herself in pretty good shape. She has 36 C Breasts, very shapely legs, tone body and beautiful face structure. She can pass for my older sister.
Her right ankle was brought up to her right thigh and several coils of hot pink rope were wrapped around it. She then cinched it tightly by added more coils of hot pink rope in between. She made it so tight that her heels were pressed into her ass cheeks. It didn’t help her that she also wore some 5 inch pink stilettos with a metal heel on it. The same was done on her left side as well. She also took the time and wrapped additional coils of hot pink rope between her right and left ankle, creating a hobble link of some sorts.  Not like she would be able to stand up anyways.

Next was her upper body, she had an amazing network of ropes that encircles the most crucial parts of her body. She had a piece of rope that wrapped around her waist and from there it went from the front to her back and it seems to connect to her wrist rope. Every time she moves her wrists I heard her moan a little. She had ropes that criss cross her C Cup breasts creating some sort of rope bra and from there it finished off into the back like a harness. She had coils of rope above and below her breast thus pinning her arms even tighter to her body. However the most amazing tie was her elbows. How was she able to get them to almost touch?  

After admiring her rope work, I began to rub my clit and pinched my nipples. Next thing I did was sat on my legs, put my hands behind my back and began to imagine myself in the same tie. I closed my eyes and started to imagine. I was a girl who was kidnapped and is awaiting her captors to have their way with me. After a few minutes that’s when I heard a thud and saw the knife on the floor.  That’s when I notice my mom was struggling. I was starting to get frighten because of her thrashing around. She barely moved due to the slippery surface of the marble and her outfit. Speaking of which was the sexiest one I’ve ever seen. She had on a full white bodystocking. It encased her whole body tightly and snuggly from neck to toes. She had on a pink corset that gave her a nice hourglass figure and some long pink satin gloves on. She was truly an image.  

After a few more minutes she got her bearings it seems and she rolled over to the fur carpet. That’s when I figured it was time for me to leave.

My Turn

The weekend was here and after seeing my mom’s experience I was really horny. My mom had a last minute business trip and left me in charge. She was going to leave early Saturday Morning and come back on Monday Morning. My younger sister decided to go spend the weekend at her best friend’s beach house so that leaves me all to myself.

I couldn’t wait for my mom to leave and when she did I began my day’s event. First off, I showered and shaved all my hair.  I actually had laser hair removal done to my body, but I wanted it to be extra smooth.

I stepped out of my bathroom in the nude and proceeded to my toy box. Inside my box, I had all my favorite toys and I began to remove what was needed. I took out my white ropes, my black ballet toe shoes, black rubber panties, corset, garter belts, long black satin gloves, blindfold, scould gag, armbinder and nipple clamps. 

First, I began to wear my outfit, I put on my black rubber panties, it had a penis attach to it and so when I began to pull it up, it lightly touched the tip of my clit. I began to shudder with anticipation. I was so wet already I didn’t need to lube it up. It slid slowly and smoothly into me. I almost had an orgasm right then and there, but I held back. Next strapped on my garter belt and began to attach each garter to my black seam stockings. From there I put on my corset and walked over to my ottoman. I sat there and began to wrap coils of rope around my ankles, cinching it tight and moving on to my knees, below and above, and finishing it off by tying my thighs together, nice and tight. I now felt like a mermaid.

I was enjoying this immensely. I got up and I added on a tight crotch-rope. It took all my concentration not to have an orgasm right then and there.  I then faced my closet mirror and admired my rope work. From there, I sat back down and I slipped on my ballet toe heels and tightly strapped on the ankle strap. I reach over to my right and grabbed the scold gag. This was my favorite gag. It was pink and it was made of the softest, finest leather, it was pretty much one large rectangle piece of leather. It had a Y shape strap in the front that goes to the back of the gag where it connects onto two buckles on each side for the straps to tighten down. This prevented the gag from moving around or falling off. The very back of the gag has eyelets for lacing the gag super tight. I open my mouth wide and inserted the penis shape gag into my mouth. I had this special ordered. The penis gag was huge and the scold gag itself was small. The penis filled my mouth completely. I could speak.

Now I started to lace the gag. The higher the laces went the tighter the gag formed around my face. I then grabbed the nipple clamps and proceeded to place them on each nipple. Luckily I was gagged as I screamed as loud as I could, but only a small mmpphh came out. I was in heaven. I scanned around the room to make sure everything was ok.   I’m almost complete, thinking to myself. I stood up and hopped next to my closet door. I proceeded to setup the armbinder by looping rope over one of the straps. I then loop the loose ends over a metal clothes hanger that was attached to my closet door. The moment of truth….. 

I out on my blindfold and tighten it well. I then proceeded to take the straps of the scould gag and began to tighten each side. My world was now isolated.  I started feeling for the opening to the armbinder and from there I put in my right arm and then took the strap and placed it on my shoulder. My right hand was feeling for the loose ends of the rope that I loop over the hanger earlier. Once I had a good grip I then took left arm and placed it in the armbinder as well. Now since I couldn’t get the left strap over my left shoulder this is where the rope comes into play. I then proceeded to yank on the rope and lower my body down. This causes the left strap to tighten and from there I was able to slide my left shoulder under the strap and into the armbinder. Thus completing my bondage almost… 

I finished off my bondage by hopping over to my bed. Experience taught me some key points to finding my bed and I was used to it. The rope that I use to help me into the armbinder was also pulled out as I hopped away from the closet door. Now I was totally trapped in my armbinder. I felt the edge of my bed and from there I carefully sat on the edge and from there I rolled myself onto the mattress. I had a King Size Bed so I had a lot of real estate to play in.

I started to roll around and once I felt I was in the center of the bed I began my fantasy.

It begins with me in a false nap. I started the wake up process when I notice my legs were not moving. I notice it was still dark and my eyes were open, my arms were pinned in behind me, and what gave it all away was that something was in my mouth and I couldn’t scream. I fantasize that I was a victim of a break in or some cruel prank played on by my future sorority sisters. I started humping the mattress feeling the crotch rope rubbing me. I was thrashing in my bonds. I oragsmed tremendously and I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke from what was a long nap. I was still in my bounds. I loved it, but it was time for me to get out. Now since I was a cheerleader I’m quite flexible, all I have to do was bend my shoulder back a little and the strap would fall off. I tried this, but nothing happen. I tried it with my other shoulder and nothing happen as well. I was getting a little worried, but its ok all I have to do is roll them back a few times. Nothing, then it dawned on me. The straps were criss crossed over my breast in front of me.  How the hell did that happen?? 

My legs were no longer tied the same way. My left ankle was tied to my left thigh and vice versa on the right.  I was in a frog tie. This was freaking me out. I started thrashing around and I notice my arms were strapped above and below my breasts and my armbinder was connected to my crotch rope. Now I was really freaking out and screaming for help. That’s when it hit me. I felt a smooth soft hand touching me. I froze. Someone is in the house with me!!!

The person placed their finger on my gagged lips as to say sshhhhh.  I was startled. I didn’t know what to do. I started to cry a little, but you couldn’t tell the way I was gagged. I was turned over and leaned against their body. I noticed their body was soft and lush. I next heard a click and this buzzing noise. Within a second I felt it touching my inner thighs. I tried to squirm away, but the way I was tied all I manage to do was work myself up. The machine started pulsating and gyrating, I started to feel wet and hot inside. I wanted it in me!! 

The vibrations started getting harder as it nears my clit. I was moaning and screaming. Once it touched me I was electrified. I start convulsing and screaming from the biggest orgasm I ever had in my life.  I eventually passed out and I awoke still tied in the same way. That’s when I really started to realize the predicament I was in and started to cry. The person who had me in this bondage eventually started to caress me and kissed me on the forehead. Their lips were soft and wet. I calmed down as the hands continued to caress my shoulders.

After about 5 minutes, the gag was loosened and removed. The blindfold was still on, but at least I was able to speak now. I said "Hello!", but no response, I then pleaded for the person to untie me.

Nothing.... The person just sat there next to me, I could hear their breathing, soft and gentle, occasionally blowing on me. After 10 minutes, it all stopped, my legs were untied next. After a few more minutes, I was turned over and my armbinder was loosened. I then proceeded to work it loose and removed the blindfold. I squinted from the light, but eventually I got my sight back, I turned over and that’s when I was shocked.

There sitting on my ottoman was my Mom in the outfit she wore the other day I saw her. I'd been caught by her in my selfbondage just like I'd caught her.




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