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Mother’s Day Gift

by Techster

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 As you know self bondage is a game that my wife enjoys. This year after paying bills and a son's college tuition ( yes, I pay for my youngest son's college i cash- neither of my children are "Stuck" with a loan to pay off it is my way of giving them more than I had.) This year we both enjoyed a most unique gift I gave her. This is long so I broke it into  chapters. 

I hope you and your webfriends enjoy reading about it as much as we in enjoyed doing it. It is our hope that more married couples learn to develope the trust, faith and caring that  only comes from placing yourself in a postion of complete helplessness and giving the keys to your independence to the one your love.

It is like to other romantic experience we know.
   the_Techster and Techie

A Neatly Wrapped Mother’s Day Gift
By Techster

Chapter 1 – The Gift

This past Mother’s Day caught me "financially embarrassed". We had just paid our youngest son’s college tuition, the property taxes on the house and both cars and I had just enough money for a pretty Mother’s Day card. This would be the first time in our many years of marriage that I hadn’t gotten her something special. Usually it was sexy lingerie, an adult toy, chocolates, or even flowers. I decided that I would be her special gift, the biggest one she’d ever gotten! I would "package" myself especially for her. I knew she enjoyed my self-bondage games. She loved coming home and finding me helplessly bound with no hope of escape except her. She would always turn it into an opportunity to tease and torment me until I agreed to do whatever she asked.

I started by borrowing the clamp that held the small oxygen bottle on my portable cutting torch. With the bolts removed it fit comfortably around my neck. Next I used the computer to generate labels for either side of my collar and a description of my "gift". The labels on the collar told the world in big 30 point bold letters that who ever wore this collar was " her pet", while the description would tell her that I was her pet, or if she desired her servant. Next I opened my bondage toy box and got out two pairs of handcuffs, a six-foot chromed dog leash, four small padlocks, four choke chain dog collars, a wiffle ball type gag and a Chastilock. 

The Chastilock is perhaps the most fiendish male chastity device ever designed. It is locked around the shaft of one’s penis just below the glans or tip. It is like a KTB, or Kahli’s teeth bracelet in the fact that it makes an erection a very uncomfortable experience, but the rest of the time it sways with every step teasing and tormenting the wearer. It constantly reminds the wearer of their captive sexuality, it prohibits masturbation. Its loops force the wearer to use a stall in a public restroom because it cannot fit through the fly of one’s trousers. I snapped it around my penis. 

I put one of the keyed alike padlocks through the metal collar slid the leash onto it and locked it. I put the collar around my neck slid the other lock in the holes with the longest dog collar and locked it. I put the keys to this lock in a small jewelry gift box. I then tried to figure the best way to "wrap" my gift. I wanted my wrists cuffed to my sides. Using a bolt cutter I cut the chain between a pair of handcuffs. Next I took the smallest of the dog chain collars and using two of the small padlocks locked a cuff to each end of the chain, then using another locked the cuff chain to the chain coming down my back from the collar at a level just above my waist. I attached the last remaining chain to the small end of the cuffs with an elastic band. When I closed the cuffs my wrists would be held securely by my sides. I would be unable to use them to shield my front or back. 

I wanted to be really bound, but could not find anything in the basement to use for a spreader bar for my feet. I decided to experiment. I cut the other pair of handcuffs apart, took one of the cuffs and put it around my balls with the loop where the chain had been facing my back. The long chain collar down my back would just reach it and after experimenting and arching my back just right I locked it to the cuff so that my balls were pulled down between my legs. Now I could not walk with my legs together I had to waddle as if I was wearing a spreader bar.

Finally her "gift" was neatly packaged.

Chapter 2- the presentation

I wrapped all the keys up in the box tied it with a ribbon and taped it to the card along with the description. Before leaving the basement I found a caribiner or shackle that is used to work rope when one is rock climbing. I sneaked up quietly to our bedroom she was still sleeping. I took the caribiner and snapped it onto the handle of the leash and then opened the snap and slid it over the upper hinge to our bathroom door. Next I put the card and the box on our vanity along with a note that read:


You are now the lucky keyholder of your very own personal convertible human pet! This gift is securely "gift wrapped" in such a way assures that he is fully exposed for your inspection and completely at your mercy. For your protection this pet has been temporarily "fixed" and you have the only key.

He is completely helpless and relies on you for care and feeding until. You can cuddle him, tease him, bathe him and enjoy your own helpless human pet. You do not have to care for him all of the time, you can leave him chained by his leash any where you wish. You are the mistress of his being. Should unanticipated guests you can hide him anywhere or put him on display. 

Should he misbehave you can discipline him.

Should you decide that you would rather have him as your personal servant you need only release his wrists. At that point he will become your personal eunuch servant. You and only you have the key(s) to effect his release from helplessness and begin serving you.

Please go to the following page. 


You are now the lucky keyholder of your very own personal virtual eunuch servant!

When the self-imposed eunuch lock is in place you are the only person in the world who holds all of the keys you have certain rights, privileges and obligations: You have the right, privilege and obligation to enjoy a life of leisure. (Mundane chores and housework are things of the past) You have the right, privilege and obligation to be pampered. (Why bother lifting a heavy fork when you can be fed, massaged at any time, have your tired body attended to by your own virtual eunuch who adores only you) You have the right, privilege and obligation to enjoy this scene. (Relax, enjoy your own personal servant) You have the right to attach any accessories to the eunuch lock or have your eunuch wear anything you see fit. (Maybe a bell attached to the eunuch lock. Let your imagination be your guide) You have the right and obligation to exercise your eunuch. Help him get in shape. You have the right, privilege (and obligation) to tease your eunuch.  You have the right to torment your eunuch. He can massage you or bring you to an orgasm manually or orally while incapable of any sexual release himself.  You and you alone determine the duration of his eunuchdom. Is it a day? (more or less.*)  Your eunuch has certain rights and obligations as well Your eunuch has the right and obligation to enjoy this scene. (After all he put the lock on in the first place and gave you the keys) Your eunuch has the obligation to wear a collar at all times. The collar bears a label that "tag" him as your property and for your use only. Your eunuch has the obligation to remain nude in private. (This is maximize your opportunity to enjoy his efforts and tease him) Your eunuch has the obligation to, as long as their self-imposed lock is in place, to honor any and all requests you might issue. Your eunuch has the right to beg for release from his eunuchdom. (however, release is at your discretion) Your eunuch has the right and obligation to save all his sexual energy for you alone. (With the lock in place any form of sexual release, even a mild erection is impossible! He will be continually teased by the reality of the penile restraint and his eunuchdom) Both you and your eunuch have the right and obligation to enjoy the scene 

All the elements of my gift were complete so I put the gag in my mouth, buckled it tightly, and snapped the cuffs shut by rolling my wrists against the doorframe. Now I was neatly packaged and awaited her waking. This was one of those mornings that she decided to sleep late so for two long hours I could do nothing but stand there all "neatly packaged" and awaiting my presentation to her. I drooled lightly through the gag as I stood there waiting for her to wake.

At about 11 A.M. she woke and looked for me. She looked around the room and saw me, her neatly packaged gift.

Chapter 3- The acceptance

She stood up, walked over, looked at me and then saw the box, the card and the description. She turned to me and said, 
"Now that is one neat Mother’s Day gift! The biggest one I’ve ever gotten!" She unhooked the leash from the door and made a motion for me to twirl. I waddled around. She kissed me on the cheek and laughed, "Great! You’ve really done yourself very well! Now walk across the room."

I waddled across the room and back to her side. She knelt and looked at the Chastilock and tugged on my balls. 
"I’ve been dreaming of a great way to tease you beyond belief and now you’ve set the stage for your best tease ever!"
Pointing to the foot of our bed she ordered, "Kneel there!"

I obediently knelt at the end of our bed, she pushed my body forward so that my body was on the bed, my legs were on the floor and my buttocks were perfectly exposed for her pleasure. She took a belt from the dresser, dragged it down my back and said, "Let’s see how well that gag works." Three or four lashes of the belt crossed my back and buttocks. Three sharp lashes stung my exposed balls. I gasped and struggled. She laughed as she unlocked the chain that was painfully pulling my balls back. "That is what you get for ball bondage! I told you not to do it too much risk. Besides I don’t want to explain to the folks in the ER what happened."

"Now you are going to serve me." She laughed as she pulled the leash forward, unbuckled and removed the gag and lay down on the bed along the leash. She raised and spread her legs, took the handle with her left hand and pulled my lips to her warm private area. "You know what I want I want the orgasm of all orgasms."

Her right hand still had the belt and she punctuated her demand with a sharp sting across my back. The Chastilock gave me a painful reminder of my captive sexuality as I started to develop an erection. I was trapped by my bonds and the scent of her sex and began a slow deliberate teasing of her clitoris. She gave a tug on my leash forcing my face tightly into her. I started suckling her labia then stuck my tongue into her vaginal opening with a circular movement. Then I turned attention back to her moist quivering clit. She wiggled and moaned, pulling more tightly on the leash.

I started sucking on her clit as well as teasing it with my tongue. She shook, screamed and moaned, released the leash. She took a few deep breaths and said, "Let me reward my pet for a great orgasm. She rose from the bed and grabbed the box of keys. She motioned for me to stand. She unlocked the cuff around my balls. Next she unlocked the Chastilock.
"Turn around and step back." She ordered.

I turned and was pushed over onto the bed. She pulled me fully onto the bed and began a slow tease of my now very erect penis with her moist sex. She knelt over me slid my erect member into her and with agonizingly slow movements that felt like they must have lasted an hour brought me to a strong orgasm. She then lay alongside me and with her hand on my now limp member and head on my chest and took a short nap. Her hand moved and quivered during her ½ hour nap. This kept me on the edge of another orgasm.

When she arose and took a shower she seized my leash and brought me into the shower stall with her. She washed me thoroughly and even licked the drips off my nipples and penis. Of course after she washed I licked her erotic and private places dry.

Back in our bedroom she toweled me dry and released my hands that I might do the same to her.

Chapter 4 – Enjoying the gift

To my surprise she stretched my penis and snapped on the Chastilock. With a devious grin she said," I think I’ll take your offer. For the rest of the day you will be my personal eunuch servant." She unlocked my hands and removed the handcuffs from the chain. She took that chain and locked one end around each ankle. "Now walk!" she ordered I was left with about an 8 inch step and with gentle little steps I walked across the room. "That’s great. Now my precious eunuch, I want my hair dried and styled and then I’d like a brunch of pancakes, sausages and coffee."

I nodded and bowed before her.

She commanded," I hate that leash dragging, take the end like a service dog does." I knelt and picked up the end of the leash in my teeth. As I rose she said, "Now unless I ask you a direct question you will hold that leash in your teeth. There is a five-lash penalty for dropping it. Do you understand?"

I nodded in agreement as I began brushing and blow drying her hair.

After her hair was dried and styled to her satisfaction and I was given the next command. "Brush my teeth." I carefully and gently brushed her teeth. At her command I placed her bathrobe upon her shoulders.
"Now, my servant I desire that brunch I ordered. Let us adjourn downstairs."

I meekly followed her down the stairs taking small careful steps. When reached the kitchen I began preparations using our best plates and crystal glasses. She sat at the table reveling in my every move. She giggled as the Chastilock wiggled with my every step and the leash and back chains rubbed my body. I enjoyed feeding her the meal, she put the plate on the floor and said," You may have the last pancake, but you may not use your hands."

I knelt on the floor and ate like a pet, when I finished I took the plate in mouth and put it in the sink. I knelt again and picked up the leash. To my dread the doorbell rang. Thank heavens she ordered, "You stay here. I’ll get the door." By the voice it was her friend Amy who came to brag about the ring she had gotten as a Mother’s Day gift. "What did you get?" she asked.

I got a 175 pound gift, my wife bragged, "Come in and I’ll show you how it works."

Chapter 5 – Show and tell

"Will my personal eunuch servant please bring two cups of coffee with Hazelnut flavored creamer into the living room. Use our best silver and china!" In about 5 minutes I brought the coffee on a silver tray into the living room. When she saw me nude wearing only the Chastilock, chains and a collar, Amy gasped," Your gift."

She looked at me and asked, "Does being dressed like this embarrass you?"

I looked at my wife, With the leash in my mouth I could not speak.

My wife ordered, " Take your leash in you hand and answer Amy!"

I held the leash in my hand and answered, "No, why should it? My dress or lack of is her decision, not mine. Why be embarrassed by what I have no control over. Today I am hers, she holds the keys to my collar, my hobbles and my sex." I pointed to my feet and penis.

"Wow! What a gift! I trade 50 of these diamonds if my husband had enough faith, love and trust to dress like that and give me the keys. He just gave me the box and card, a kiss and then it was off to the sports bar to watch a ball game with some friends." I put the tray on the table and knelt to serve them.

 My wife was talking to Amy and suddenly got a devious smile," Hold it for just a Minute, Something is missing!" She ran upstairs and returned with the key box a small lock and a sleigh bell. "Come here!" she ordered. I walked over and she locked the sleigh bell to the front ring on the chaistilock. "Now I know where my pet is. Walk."  I walked across the room, with every step the bell rang. She and Amy both giggled. "Now while I’m talking to Amy you will do the laundry and vacuum the house." I didn’t say a word, I put the leash in my mouth and began my chores.

 In about two hours I returned, "My love, the tasks are done. What would you like me to do?"

She smiled and said, "You need some exercise. Take the ab-roller and do it right here until I say stop." I noddled in agreement, took the handles on the device, knelt and began a slow stretching movement. She and Amy talked for a long time. I stopped after about 30 minutes. She lay the belt across my buttocks, "Did I say stop?"

I took the leash from my mouth and said, "No, lover."

"Oops, I do believe you dropped your leash. What is the penalty?"

"Five lashes." I responded.

"And what is the penalty for stopping your exercise before I said to?" she queried.

 "What ever you wish? I am your slave." I answered.

"Resume your exercise." She ordered. I turned with my buttocks to her, knelt down and began the exercise, by now my stomach, legs and arms were aching. She stung my back and buttocks with the belt on every return stroke, "Saying I know he’ll be in great shape now!"

After about 15 minutes she ordered, "You can stop now." I stood up, put the leash in mouth and nodded.

Chapter 6 – Turn about is fun play

During my "exercise" I could hear my wife and Amy talking about me. Amy finally left, when she was gone, my wife sprinted upstairs and returned with the box of keys and the handcuffs. "Let me tell you what my final wish for this day is." My wife said, " I wish to be YOUR pampered pet. I have two questions for you: Number one: Where did you get that neat collar? Number two: Any chance of finding one like it for me?"

I pointed to the collar. "To answer your questions. One: This was the clamp that held the oxygen bottle on my portable cutting torch set. And Two: The clamp for the Acetylene bottle is smaller it should work for you. I’ll go get it." I scampered down to the basement and put the clamps back on the oxygen bottle and removed the Acetylene bottle clamps. I took a second and buffed then with the wire wheel on my grinder and brought then to her. She held them up to her neck, they fit perfectly, a little snug, but comfortable.

"Look what I made while you were downstairs." She held up two neatly written labels that read, "Hubby’s pet." She stuck the labels on the collar. She held the collar in place and I locked it onto her neck, first the front with the leash and the then the back with the handcuff chain. Next I locked the handcuffs back onto the small chain, then locked the handcuffs around her wrists. I experimented moving the small chain up and down her back until I got it adjusted so that when she relaxed her wrists were neatly at her side. I locked the remaining chain around her ankles and led her around. She complained, "My wrists are still too free didn’t you have another chain?" 

I went down stairs and returned with our "bondage toybox. I took two small chain dog collars and ran them tightly around her upper thigh. They rubbed against her mons. Then I locked those chains to each handcuff. Now her wrists were secured at her sides, due to the back chain she could not move them down and the thigh. She was staring to enjoy her captivity. "I still don’t feel bound enough!" She complained.

I got the remote control egg out of the toy box, lubed it and slid it into her vagina. Then I took the leash and brought it through her legs. Where it met with her clitoris I took a trash bag twist tie and attached the bell. Then I locked the leash to the chain in back. Next I pushed the button on the remote, and gave her a deep kiss and a strong hug. She beamed a big smile and exclaimed, "Now this is love. Captive of the man you love and cold steel and being teased from the inside and the outside at the same time!" 

I reached down, took the leash handle and led her around the room. The stimulation of the chain, the vibrating egg and the bell had had her walking on the edge of an orgasm. "You know this is one hell of a tease. Almost to an orgasm, but not quite. WOW!" I cuddled and stroked my pet’s hair as I did she knelt and did her best to keep my penis warm and moist. I rewarded her affection with a dinner of delivered Chinese. I bought one large order and fed her as I ate. I tipped the wine glass for her to drink and then released the center chain thus permitting her normal bathroom privileges. 

After she had gone to the bathroom I had her kneel and expose herself so I could clean and dry everything. Her arms still secured by her sides and she was still wearing the collar when I put her to bed. She did not ask to be released so I continued caring for my pet.

In the morning we awoke more in love then ever. I brought her into the shower with me and thoroughly washed every inch of her body. Then I shampooed and dried her hair. It was then I unlocked her wrists and unlocked the collar. 

Her only remark was," Can’t you lock me back up and play hookey from work for one more day."

After 30 years of marriage our mutual fantasies and interests have made us more in love than ever and we love the feel and caress of the cold steel and the care and affection that goes with it.

The Techster and Techie.


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