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The Mouse Will Play

by The Mouster

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© Copyright 2006 - The Mouster - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cbt; toys; cons; X

There is a saying in the UK that “Whilst the Cat’s away the mice will play.  This is a true story about the afternoon I have just had.  I hope you like it.

I have been into BDSM for some time, but being married to a lovely wife who doesn’t share my interest in the slightest the only avenues I have available are either professional dominatrix or self bondage.  Pro doms cost money, so are a rare treat…..leaving self bondage!

My wife and children are away for the bank holiday weekend visiting relatives.  I begged off citing too much work to do. 

I spend Saturday and Sunday morning getting the work out of the way…..and then it was time to play.

I have drilled some very small pilot holes in our bedroom ceiling and walls and although they  are visible they are easily camouflaged with a little filler after use.  I screw in eyelets into the ceiling and a wall.  I then go to the garage and get my toy box, which is one of those large lockable toolboxes available at DIY stores.  

I take out four ropes already made into nooses and attach them to the corner posts of the king size bed.  I lube up an inflating/ vibrating butt plug and spend a few minutes easing it into place (it is rather big!).  I give it 5 pumps just to make sure I know it is there. 

I balance 3 Kg weight on the footboard of the bed and secure one end of a cord to this and the other I slide through an eyelet screwed to the footboard.  The cord lies up the middle of the bed.  I put a string from the weight to an eyelet in the wall at the bottom of the bed and then lay the string up to where my right hand will eventually be laid.

I string a cord to a 2KG weight suspended by a detergent bag with one ice cube in it onto the side of the wardrobe and feed the cord through an eyelet in the ceiling and down to a pair of nipple clamps hanging just where my nipples will eventually be.  Times now ticking so it

I tie my backup knife to a ceiling eyelet and using a small karabiner I rig it out of the way with 2 ice cubes in a detergent bag. 

I place an MP3 player on the pillow, turn it on and use surgical tape to secure the earphone in my ears.  I put my ankles in their nooses and pull them tight.  I take the cord attached to the weights and tie this tight around my scotum, trapping both testicles in the sack.  On go the nipple clamps, boy do they sting!  They are of the clover leaf variety.  I lie back and wriggle my left hand into the noose and pull it tight.  With my right hand I pull on a blindfold and using a couple of pre applied strips of tape, ensure it is going nowhere, and I can see nothing.    I pump up the butt plug another 5 times and turn on the vibrator, and slip my hand into the noose and pull it tight before I can change my mind….

That’s it.   I am trapped, spread-eagled on the bed waiting for the ice cube to melt on the 2Kg weight that will eventually pull up on my nipple clamps, and anyone who has used clover clamps will be able to testify, they REALLY hurt when pulled!  I might as well go the whole hog, so I pulled the string attached to the 3Kg weight and they topple off the end of the bed, pulling down sharply on my testicles.  I feel sick!  That really hurts.  If I try to adjust my position my testicles scream out for me to stay still.  The butt plug is beginning to hurt as well.

How long has it been……30 minutes, 60?  I have lost track of time, and the music isn’t helping.  I feel very isolated.

I can feel the ice melting on my safely knife and know eventually it will drop into range of my hand…..perhaps it will melt quicker than the ice keeping the weight from my nipples.  One can only hope! 

Did I just hear something moving outside the bedroom door during the silence between tracks?  Am I getting paranoid!  I realise it must be the blind banging in the spare room.  I can feel the sheen of sweat on my body being dried by a breeze, so I pray that is the cause of the sound.

OUCH.  The ice has melted and my nipples are being stretched up towards the ceiling.  If I try to move the cord just takes up the slack and I am in agony when I try to relax back onto the mattress.  How much longer for that sodding knife? 

After what seems like ages I feel the knife drop onto the mattress next to my hand.  I am soon able to cut my right hand free.  I scream out loud when I release the clamps from my sore abused nipples, but what an erection I have!.  I free myself from the rest of my bonds and check the bedside alarm clock.  I cannot believe the whole episode too only 45 minutes.  I thought I had been there for hours.

I have yet to remove the butt plug, as I wanted to share the experience I have just had.  I can’t wait till the next time ;-).  Right I’m off to get rid of the butt plug and the hard on!



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