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Mr. Murphy and Me

by TS Fesseln

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My name is Melina Romero and I have been looking forward to today for what seems like forever. Ever since the idea just popped into my head I have had a hard time NOT thinking of doing it. Now that it is my day off from behind the counter of my pharmacy I can actually make my plan a reality.

My morning started early like most of my mornings. I just can’t sleep in. I am not wired that way I guess. I stripped my filmy white nightgown off and glanced at my vibrator’s charge stand. The little green light told me it was ready for hours of naughty fun. I pranced into my bathroom and took a very short shower; short for me anyway. I feel positively electric with anticipation.

I have always liked the way I looked. I am a petite Latino with long, black hair; dark eyes and a smile that would melt an iceberg. I am slender with nice sized boobs and a trimmed little love-nest of curls between my legs. My mother doesn’t understand why I haven’t caught a guy yet and I think that she thinks I might be a lesbian or something. The truth is I just haven’t found anyone into the same things I am into; mainly bondage with a capital “B”.

Only two of my friends know what I am really into and one of them doesn’t really count even though he IS my best friend and roomie. My other friend is Rosa, one of my older sisters. I always give her a heads up when I plan to put myself into a bind. She knows about today and will call me this afternoon to check up on me.

I roughly towel myself off and spend time making myself gorgeous even though the only person I am planning on displaying myself for is Murphy, my roomie. I want to look sexy not trashy. When I am happy with my face, I pull my hair into a sleek ponytail and go back into my bedroom to get into what I had planned on wearing.

The purple and black under-bust corset that I lusted to wear for today was on top of my dresser along with a matching pair of black stockings. This corset, like most of my corsets, was heavily boned and hugged my waist in a most yummy fashion. I then rolled on my nylons and fastened them to the garters. Next was my black leather collar. Another warm flush of erotic yumminess rushed through me as I buckled the collar around my throat. At this rate I won’t need any KY. I pose for myself in the mirror, happy with the effect in more ways than one; take a couple of selfies to post later before grabbing my vibe to go out into the living room where the rest of my goodies await.

I notice Murphy stretched out and passed-out asleep on the couch as usual. He’s not much for mornings and spends them mostly just snoozing away. He has with him a set of keys to the padlocks I am going to use to secure myself. Another set is frozen inside an old cottage cheese container that I am going to put underneath the sink in the bathroom in case Mr. Murphy gets difficult.

Some of the goodies on the glass-top coffee table I had planned on using seemed to have been pawed through, no doubt by Murph, but everything seems to be there: cuffs, gag, locks, spreader, plug, dildo and KY; all the toys that any pervy girl should possess.

Another wanton ripple passed through me as I began cuffing myself in front of Murphy. First thing on my agenda was to fasten my black leather thigh cuffs which I made sure were as tight as I could safely make them. I then locked the 12 inch spreader bar between them. This would keep my thighs wide open and movement around the apartment tough. Next were my ankle and wrist cuffs. I strapped them on but I did not attach them yet. That would be my last step in my plan.

Now for the hard one: the anal plug.

It took a LONG time to find just the right one both in color and size. It had to be purple and it had to be small. Ain’t no way I was going to cram one of those huge mothers into my ass my first time round. I found one online finally and have tried it a couple of times to get the feel but today is only the second time I have tried it in bondage.

I coated the plug liberally with the KY and took a few long breaths trying to relax myself before easing it inside myself. It took a little effort but I felt it slip into place.

My vibrator is really my prize possession. I know, strange, right? It took time to save up for it and it works better than advertised and best of all, it’s purple.

The vibe is shaped like an ‘U’ with tiny vibrators on each end; one nestles up to my clit and the other reaches inside me and presses against my g-spot. It is handless, which is great when your hands are cuffed behind your back, and has a remote with a wide variety of settings. Best of all it has a Bluetooth app for your phone that lets you program the vibe exactly the way you want. Which, by-the-way, I did. I programmed it for a low pulsing hum on both ends to tease me until I go over the edge.

I adjusted the vibe inside of me and turned it on. It wouldn’t start humming until I started it with the app. I coated the lavender gel dildo as well and slid it in. I shivered. I love the feeling of being filled.

I glanced over at Murphy. He was still sleeping away unaware of the half-naked girl about to make herself helpless in front of him. I turned the app on knowing there would be a delay before it would start it’s magic. I placed my phone as high as I could on the glass shelving beside the couch and scooched myself to where I wanted to start my adventure.

I had decided to bind myself in a sort-of frog tie, attaching my ankles to my thighs and my wrists to my ankles. I had practiced unlocking myself with one hand and was comfortable enough to lock both of my wrists up. But before I did that, I opened my mouth and pushed the lavender ball gag in; buckling it tightly in place. As I did, the phone switched my little purple vibe on.

Oh, God! A rush of sizzling pleasure surged through me as I knelt there on the living room carpet snapping the last lock shut. That last little action welded me into a kneeling frog tie position with my thighs held open by my spreader bar. I know I must have moaned loudly because it caused Murphy to stir causing the keys on his collar to jingle.

The music of the slow humming began to have an effect on me as I rocked my hips but my grinding had little effect. The vibrator just teased me and I knew I wouldn’t get any relief until I made my way back into my bedroom and to my nightstand where the vibe’s remote still sat plugged into its white charger stand.

I had two options now: get the keys from Murphy while he was there on the couch and free myself to get the remote or try and get the remote off the stand and finish myself up while still bound. I did not want to kill myself trying to get my phone off of the glass shelves.

There was no real decision here. I have the most mind-blowing orgasms ever while tied, so it is to the bedroom I must wriggle.

I scooted myself slowly towards my bedroom while the low buzz of my purple friend titillated me with its divine torture. The gel phallus that filled me was also doing its job. I could feel its wonderful presence with every little movement I made. I gripped the dildo as best I could to keep it from slipping out as I made my way forward. It is a game I play with myself usually with a penalty attached. If my dildo slipped out this time, I would have to eat Brussel sprouts for dinner tonight. Yech!

At my doorway it happened. A small rush of bliss flooded through me as a mini orgasm; a prelude to bigger things to come. I leaned against the doorframe and tried to ease myself onto my front. It didn’t go so well and I landed harder than I wanted to, but now I could push myself into the carpet to try to help this little orgasm along.

I struggled and I moaned and ground my needy pussy into floor. A larger orgasm was waiting there. I could feel it but I couldn’t get past the brink. I needed that remote.

Like an inchworm, I humped my way to my nightstand. By this time I was becoming exhausted and frustrated. The orgasm was all that mattered. Finally I had arrived and kicked at the table the best I could to get the charging stand to topple over and fall. It took a couple of bumps but the stand fell over and with it, the remote. I squirmed around, groaning into my gag my frustrations until my fingers reached out and rolled the remote towards me so that I could use it.

With a push of a button, my world exploded in an eruption of branding hot ecstasy. I bucked and I strained and I screamed as torrent after torrent of molten pleasure drained every drop of energy until I just lay there and turned the remote off.

Somehow I had ended up on my back, which was fine by me. I was completely drained. I closed my eyes and basked in the embers of my pleasure.

Then something tickled my inner thigh. I jumped and screamed, nearly peeing myself.

I looked down wide-eyed to see Mr. Murphy, my inquisitive Maine Coon cat, who had just been sniffing at my half-protruding phallus, now fleeing at full speed out of my room with the keys to my cuffs jingling on his collar.

“Thuck,” I cursed out loud through my ball gag.

You see, I wanted a different “timer” for my bondage; someone else to control the keys. Mr. Murphy was my “key master”. I knew he would come to me for attention and that is when I would hook his safety collar and get my keys to free myself.

However I just scared the shit out of him.

I knew where he was dashing to; the safety of his perch on top of the refrigerator. Whenever there was a sudden noise like the vacuum cleaner or a nearby clap of thunder, he would jump up on the fridge and squeeze underneath the counter. He could stay beneath there for hours. He would not budge even I offered his favorite Greenies treats.

At least I had plan B.

I rested a bit longer. Glancing at my wall clock, I had plenty of time before my sister would call and check on me. The bathroom wasn’t that far away and I was pretty sure that the other set of keys were still in their icy prison.

As I started inching my way to the bathroom, my vibe turned back on to its low, teasing buzz; the one I had programmed. The sudden buzzing sent another wanton wave of pleasure through me.

Fuck it. I had time and my libido was now in full control.

I pushed my remote to full on rage.

Screaming into my gag, my world disappeared into a hurricane of blinding white ecstasy. I bucked and thrashed against my restraints as my orgasm consumed me until I just collapsed like a stringless marionette on my bedroom floor.

I don’t remember falling asleep but the insistent rings of my phone in the living room woke me up. I fought off the mist of confusion of where I was and realized that it was my sister calling to check in with me.

There was no way I was going to get to my phone in the living room before my sister hung up. I knew that Rosa would be heading over right away and she worked only 15 minutes, or so, away. I needed to get free to save myself from the embarrassment of being seen this way.

I squirmed my way the best I could to my bathroom. I got to the doorframe and my heart dropped into the pit of my stomach.

The margarine tub that I had frozen my keys into was not there.

I had forgotten to take it out of the freezer in my lust-tinged haze of my fantasy. It was the only thing I couldn’t leave out last night in preparation for this misadventure.

I cried in frustration. I knew that Murph would come out of his hidey-hole sometime and I would be able to snag the keys but that wasn’t going to happen before sis got here.

Exhausted, I just laid there in sweaty, musky glory waiting for the inevitable; unable to even close my legs for modesty’s sake.

I heard Mr. Murphy’s caterwauls at the door before hearing the click of the door lock being opened.

“Melina?” I heard my sister call out.

I just wanted to curl up and disappear.

“Mel, are you here?” she called again as I heard the door shut, “Hi Murphy baby, where’s you mom?”

What seemed like eons passed as I heard my sister fuss over Murphy as she made her way towards the bedroom and bath. She stopped cold, holding my cat in her arms, and just stared at me over her glasses as I lay bound.

A lop-sided smile crossed Rosa’s lips, “I knew someday you would get into a mess and I would have to come to the rescue.”

I just whimpered into my gag. Here I was, bound and gagged and my legs spread open displaying my half protruding purple dildo, vibrator and butt plug and looking very much like a girl very much in heat.

My sister Rosa is a taller version of me with bigger boobs and narrower hips. She was dressed in her cream-colored office blouse, off black pencil skirt and sensible office heels. She slowly shook her head at me while scratching Mr. Murphy’s head.

“I suppose you are looking for these?” she jingled Murph’s collar with the keys dangling from it.

I nodded my head and mewled again through my gag.

Rosa smiled again and unsnapped Murphy’s safety collar and let him go. She unhooked her purse from off her shoulder and dug out her phone to make a call.

“Yeah, hi Michelle, this is Rosa. Yeah, my sister is okay but I am going to have to spend the rest of the day with her... I will, thanks. Bye.”

Rosa smiled again but this time it had an evil edge to it. She aimed her phone at me and took several pictures. I could feel my blush burning all over my body as I squirmed.

My sister tucked her phone back into her purse and dangled my keys in front of me.

“Before I let you go I need you to agree to a few things,” she grinned.

Confused and flustered, I looked at her and nodded. What choice did I have really?

She smiled, “Good. So where is the remote to your fancy little vibe you told me so much about?”

I opened up my right hand where I had been clutching it.

“Toss it over here,” Rosa ordered.

I threw it over to her the best I could considering the way I trussed myself up. It landed close to her feet. She bent down, picked it up and inspected it.

“Any juice left?” she asked as she pressed one of the buttons.

The vibrator purred to life and I let out an involuntary moan as a pulse of pleasure echoed through me.

She knelt down beside me.

”I see that it’s still alive.” She reached between my legs and gently pushed my lavender dildo further inside me which caused another little wanton wave within.

“You see, Melina, I need to borrow a few things so I can package myself up for my honey for his birthday. I was going to ask you sooner but I hadn’t seen you in a while and I wanted to ask in person. I think now is a perfect time, don’t you sis?”

I nodded. The humming of the vibrator was starting to stoke the fires within me again and I am sure my sister noticed the slight rocking of my hips.

“Here’s the deal, sis, I’ll finish you up and let you out of your predicament and the rest of the afternoon you show me how to safely bind myself for Mark for his birthday, okay?”

I moaned into my gag and nodded in agreement.

“Great!” she said gleefully as she turned my vibrator on high.

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