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My Cage

by Crisium

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© Copyright 2006 - Crisium - Used by permission

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I was recently house sitting for some neighbors who have a large chocolate labrador retriever.  Their dog sleeps in a large metal kennel (cage) that is about 4 feet by 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet.  I realized that the cage would be the ideal prison for an all-night-long self-bondage session.  I was immediately aroused by the thought of being trapped, bound, in the cage, all night, unable to stretch my legs or turn over.  While Hershey (the dog) was occupied with eating, I crawled into his cage and closed the door.  It was surprisingly roomy, with plenty of space to turn around, kneel, or lie on my side.

That very evening I went and purchased my own cage.  I got one that was slightly smaller than the one my neighbors had.  Hershey's was simply too big.  I placed the cage in my garage, but had to wait for the weekend to arrive before I could try it out.  All week, I planned my adventure and made preparations.

During the week I had decided that I would use a combination lock as the release mechanism.  At night, in my garage, it is too dark to read the numbers on the dial.  Once I was locked in after dark, I would have to wait until the morning light allowed me to see and open the lock.

Most of my self-bondage sessions are 1-2 hours long, though I have done a few sessions tied to the bed overnight.  This time, I wanted to be trapped for at least 12 hours.  That would require beginning my adventure before it got dark.  I knew I did not have the discipline to wait in the cage until darkness fell, so I decided to use a hood to prevent myself from seeing the lock.  The keys to release the hood would be dropped by melting ice, and would not fall until after dark.

On Friday evening, after work, my self-bondage adventure began.  I attached the keys to my restraints to the end of a string that would reach from the ceiling to floor.  I tied the string to a beam on the ceiling directly above the cage.  During the week, I cut the top from a two liter bottle, filled the bottom 1/3 with water, and froze it. When my adventure began, I removed the ice from the bottle and dropped it into the toe of a pair of my old pantyhose.  I threaded the pantyhose through the key ring and tied them off to nail on another beam at the side of the garage.  The keys were suspended well out of reach.  Once the ice melted, the ring would slip off the end of the pantyhose and the keys would swing down against the side of the cage.  For safety, I froze identical keys in a gallon milk container and tied the string to one of the bars of the cage.  The gallon container would be just outside the cage, but until nearly the full gallon melted, I could not retrieve the keys.  The gallon container would take 10 hours to melt, the smaller ice block would only take 4-5 hours.

The bottom of the cage was covered by a thick plastic liner.  I placed a thin piece of foam, covered in an old sheet, over the plastic. Since I was planning to be in the cage until sunrise, I wanted to limit my discomfort from kneeling or laying on the hard plastic.  I stripped naked and placed my favorite (and only) collar around my neck.  It was my very first bondage toy; a leather-lined stainless steel collar from JT Toys.  I have worn it in every self-bondage session since.  I locked it on with a small brass padlock.  I placed leather cuffs on my wrists and secured them with padlocks as well.

I had never worn my leather chastity belt for more than a few hours. I was worried that the butt plug would be too much for 12 hours, so I selected a smaller than average plug.  I lubricated the dildo and butt plug and inserted them slowly.  I tightened the belt and used two brass padlocks to secure it.

I decided, on a whim, to wear a pair of 4-inch stiletto heels.  I  love to do self-bondage scenarios where I am required to stand in these heels for an hour or two while waiting for release.  I can barely stand in them, let alone walk.  I thought the heels would add an interesting nuisance in the confined space.  I wrapped a pair of  leather shoe cuffs around my ankles.  These cuffs have a small leather strap that passes under the arch of my shoes to prevent me from taking  them off.  I attached the cuffs together with a short metal chain and secured them with padlocks.  The collar, chastity belt and shoes were not coming off until I got out of the cage.

I sat outside the cage for a few minutes looking over my preparations.  Convinced that I was going to be safe, I began.  I strapped a small, soft ball gag in my mouth.  I love the feeling of a gag, however, I had never had one in for more than a few hours.  My favorite gag has a hard rubber ball which would be too much for an all night session.  I bought this gag a few months ago, and I was saving it for my next long term bondage.  I pulled the leather hood over my head.  The hood is very restrictive, with only a slit below the nose.  I tightened the three straps that hold the hood in place, one across my forehead, one just below my nose, and one below my chin.  I took a padlock and secured the bottom strap.  The hood would not come off until the keys fell, and I could not see the combination lock until the hood came off.

I got down on all fours and crawled, backwards, into the cage.  It was a challenge to get over the lip under the door since my legs were bound by a short chain.  I had never been this nervous; my stomach was churning.  I was kneeling in the cage facing the door.  I closed the door, slid the latch, and secured it with the combination lock.  I was now a prisoner in the cage until morning.  But I still had one last step to complete my bondage.  To make the escape more challenging, I wanted to chain my wrist cuffs together behind my back.  I easily connected the chain to my right cuff when both wrists were free.  I then threaded the padlock into the end of the chain, and tried to use my right hand to thread it through the D-ring on the cuff on my left wrist.  Since the chain was so short, the lock kept pulling out of my right hand.  After about 20 tries, I got the padlock threaded through both, and squeezed it shut.  I was sweating and breathing hard due to the effort, but it was worth it.  I was laying on my side, in a 2.5x2x3 foot cage, wearing 4 inch stiletto heels with my ankles bound, wrists bound behind my back, wearing a chastity belt with butt plug and dildo, collar, hood and gag.  I took a few minutes to savor the feeling.  I was totally trapped, with no escape until morning.

I lay still for a while enjoying the building excitement.  I tried to reach around with my hands to bring myself to orgasm, but I couldn't reach.  The dildo in the chastity belt is usually more irritating than exciting, but right now I wanted to climax.  I breathed slowly through my nose.  I knew that I must be patient.  It was going to be hours before the keys would fall and I could remove the wrist cuffs, hood, and gag.

I was too uncomfortable, and nervous, to fall fully asleep, however, I drifted on the edge of consciousness.  Every now and then I awoke with a flinch.  After a while, I realized that my right side, the side I was laying on, was getting uncomfortable.  My right arm was starting to fall asleep, and my shoulder and right leg were starting to ache. I decided to try to get to my knees, stay there for a while to let the circulation return, and then fall onto my left side.  However, in the cramped space of the cage, I had trouble getting leverage to get up onto my knees.  I pulled my knees up to my chest, as far as they would go.  Then I tried rocking to my left while pushing with my hands on the side.  I hoped to eventually rock myself upright.  However, every time I tried, my knees kept hitting the opposite side of the cage and they kept me from getting up.

I decided, instead, to try getting on my back, with my knees above me. Since I needed to roll onto my restrained arms, I was glad that I used leather cuffs instead of handcuffs.  I love the feel of the cold steel, and the restricted movement in handcuffs, but I find them to be too uncomfortable for scenes that last more than an hour.  I was more successful with rolling onto my back.  I pushed my knees off the wall and they came up above me.  I rocked them to my left side, and used my hands to scoot my body to the other side of the cage.  When I let my legs fall, I was on my left side, panting around the gag, and hot from the exertion.  I lay still, breathing deeply through my nose, and began to regret that I bought the small cage...

Again I drifted in and out of light sleep.  I was beginning to feel cramped.  My legs had been bent nearly up to my chest since I started. I really wanted to be able to stretch them out.  When I would try, my knees would hit the side of the cage and my heels would hit the back wall.  At best, I could push my head into the corner, and get a few extra inches of space.  Once again, I shifted over to my other side. I had no idea how much time had passed.  My jaw was beginning to ache from the gag, the butt plug and dildo were irritating, and my face was sweaty from the hood.  I was sure at least an hour had passed, probably two.

This time when I woke I was surprised by the feeling in my bladder. As usual, I had urinated right before the session.  Since I usually pee right before bedtime, I figured I should be able to hold until morning.  But now I had the urge to go.  If I wet myself at this point, just a few hours into the session, I would be very cold and miserable all night.  But it was becoming clear that I was not going to be able to wait until morning; I just wanted to delay the misery as long as I could.

With the feeling in my bladder, I could no longer drift in and out of sleep.  The urge to pee was getting stronger, and I was beginning to cramp.  I tried rotating back to my other side, but the pressure of having my legs above me, pressing on my bladder, made me fall back. My legs were cramped, my right side was aching.  I would have given anything to be able to stretch my legs and use the bathroom.  I pushed my head further into the corner, but found little relief for my legs. I started yanking my arms, trying to pull my wrists out of their cuffs.  At the same time, I began kicking the back of the cage out of frustration.  The butt plug was slipping into and out of my ass with little lubrication left.  The dildo was rubbing me raw.  I was beginning to panic and I was starting to cry.  How could I have done this?  I had to get out.  I had to get my arms free and stretch my legs and pee.  But the damn cage wouldn't give.  My pulling and kicking became more frantic until, exhausted and panting around my gag and breathing hard through my nose, I gave up.  I relaxed and let my bladder let go. I could feel the warm urine trickling down my legs and soaking into the sheet and foam below me.  It was then that the orgasm came on.  Until then, I hadn't been able to get very aroused, but the release and the frustration pushed me over the edge.

I awoke shivering slightly from the cold.  The urine was evaporating, and my whole right side was wet.  Even though the garage must have been 75-80 degrees, I was naked and cold.  This time, I had fallen into a deep sleep.  Whenever I have an orgasm during a self-bondage episode, it takes the thrill and fun out of the game.  I usually release myself right away.  But this time, I was stuck.  I wondered if the keys had fallen while I was asleep.  I had counted on hearing them fall to know when to try reaching for them.  I stretched my fingers between the bars, searching for the string.  I found the string for the safety and tugged on it.  It was clear that not much of the milk jug had melted.  I kept searching with no success.  I thought that either the keys were out of reach or the mechanism hung up.  I could feel my frustration rising and panic again began to set in.  I did not want to wear the hood and gag with my arms chained behind my back for another 6-8 hours cramped in this cage while the milk jug melted.  I again tried to pull my arms from the cuffs and kicked the end of the cage.  But I calmed myself.  I knew I just had to wait.  I shifted to my left side and tried again to drift off for a while.

I lay there is a disconnected state.  I couldn't fall asleep and I just concentrated on breathing and tried to ignore my discomfort.  I jumped when I heard the keys smack loudly into the side of the cage. I had to roll onto my other side to reach them.  I stretched my finger between the bars and found the string.  I pulled the string and keys into the cage.  I fumbled with the keys, trying each one in turn.  The chain was short, and it was a challenge to get the key into the lock, but finally, I released my left wrist.  I sat up slightly, euphoric with this small amount of success.  With my arms free, I was able to sit up, although I was hunched over.  I removed the hood and gag. Drool had covered the inside of the hood, and had dripped around both sides of my face and around to the back.  My hair was wet from sweat and drool.  My jaw and front teeth ached, but they were free.  I desperately wanted something to drink, and regretted not putting a water bottle or dish of water in the cage.  I removed the wrist cuffs and lay down on my back and relaxed.  Now all I had to do was wait for sunrise.

Since my arms were not bound behind my back, I could lay flat.  My knees were in the air and my feet on the bottom of the cage.  The heels caused my legs to wobble back and forth, but I was able to lean them against the edge of the cage.  Lying on my back kept the butt plug in, but my rear was sore.  The small butt plug just would not stay in.  I tried to bring myself to orgasm, but the dildo made me uncomfortable and I was in a fair bit of pain.  I was really sorry I didn't put the keys to the chastity belt in with the keys to my hood and restraints.  Although still a bit cold, I was able to fall fast asleep.

When I awoke, I had to pee again.  But now, I could see out the window that the sky was light blue.  I was determined to hold it until I could get out.  I desperately needed to stretch my painfully cramped legs.  Why did I think this was a good idea?  I was not aroused right now, I was desperate to get out.  The jug of milk looked fully  melted.  Just to make sure my safety would have worked, I tried to pull the keys out.  There was still a bit of ice frozen to the string, but it broke off as I pulled them out and into the cage.  My safety was fine.

Finally, I could barely make out the numbers on the combination lock. I rolled over so that I was again kneeling in the cage.  My legs were in agony.  I had used this lock many times before and had the number memorized.  It came open on the first try and I swung the door out.  I pushed my upper body out the door and let my legs stretch.  It felt great.  I shimmied out of the cage.  I tried to stand, but with my muscles cramped and the stiletto heels, I ended up crawling to my bedroom.  There, I went into the bathroom, turned on the bathroom tap, and gulped water right from the faucet.  I used the remaining keys to remove my chastity belt, shoe cuffs and shoes.  I took a long, hot bath with my legs stretched the length of the tub.  I went to bed, fell sound asleep and woke later that afternoon.  I put the cage in a corner of the garage and began planning my next self-bondage episode in the cage.  Why do we do this to ourselves?



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