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My First Experience

by Trish

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© Copyright 2001 - Trish - Used by permission

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I have a story for your site.

My name is Trish. I am 19 years old.  I have a very active interest in bondage, especially self bondage. 
I had my first experience when I was 15.  I hope you enjoy it.

It was a Saturday and I was home alone. I had made plans with my best friend Holly for later that night.  I got bored.  I decided to try something I had wanted to for a while.  I decided to tie myself up.  It was about noon and Holly wasn't due until about seven, so I had plenty of time.

I got all the things I would need: 2 small nylon 10 inch long straps, seven of my dads old belts, 3 D-rings from my dads tools, one of my dads foam handballs, 3 small lengths of ace bandages, one small belt I wore when I was little, a 12-inch chain I used to lock my bike, a pair of handcuffs my friends gave me, two small lengths of rope, 2 old shoe laces, and 2 clothespins.

I took everything to my room and got ready.  I got the keys to the cuffs and put them on the floor, to release myself I would have to manoeuvre off of my bed and over to the keys. Since I planned to do 
a strict hogtie this would be difficult, but with Holly coming over (she knows where the spare key to the house is) I should be fine. My secret would be out, but she's my best friend she wouldn't tell. 
I closed all the curtains and removed all my clothes.  I looked at my naked figure in the mirror I have on my wall. My petite 5'5 figure looked pretty good I though. I had shoulder length, curled brown hair that i put up in a bun. my slim figure and 38 C breasts enhanced the look.

I sat on the bed and got started. I took the clothespins and put them on my nightstand.  They were supposed to go on my nipples, and I wasn't ready for that.  I cut a slit in the foam handball and slid one of the nylon straps through it. My own version of a ballgag. 
I then strapped my legs together using belts at my ankles, above and below my knees and my thighs.  I also put one of the small nylon straps around my big toes adding to my helplessness. 

I connected the the ankle and thigh strap together using one of the D-rings. This bent my legs to where my heels were almost touching my butt. I then tied one length of rope around my waist and tied the other rope to the waist rope and my back and looped it between my legs and tied it off in the front. Making a tight crotch rope. 

I could feel the rope between the lips of my pussy, I knew I would cum soon so I had to hurry.  I next attached the handcuffs to another D-ring and attached it to the one that connects my ankle and thigh strap. I then used the last D-ring to connect the small belt to the chain, I would use this later.  I put the gag around my neck loosely. I then wrapped a length of ace bandage around each wrist so the handcuffs would not dig into my wrists.  I then put a belt loosely around my waist above the crotch rope.

I then blindfolded myself with the last ace bandage.  I then put the ballgag on.  I pushed the hard, red foam between my teeth and buckled the nylon strap tightly behind my head.  I tried to speak, but all that came out was little mmphh's. I reached up and pushed my blindfold to where I see to finish. 
I took the two remaining belts and put on my body locking my arms to my body. The straps also were positioned right above and below my breasts adding pressure to them.  I then took the shoelaces and tightly wound them around each breast, they bulged like balloons. 
My nipples got rock hard that second. 

I knew I had better finish soon, the crotch rope was working its magic.  I was going to cum very soon. I found the little belt and chain.  I looped the belt around my forehead and attached the chain to the D-ring at the cuffs, this pulled my head back very far. I read on the web site this adds to the helplessness. 
I reached up and pulled the the ace bandage down cutting off my sight completely. I slipped both arms through the strap at my waist. I found the handcuffs and put one hand in. 

The moment of truth, I thought to myself. Without hesitating I put the other hand in and clicked it shut. 
I was now completely and totally helpless and hogtied all by my own hand. Pretty  good for a beginner, huh.

I was enjoying my helplessness.  I had been like this for ten minutes when the first orgasm hit me. It went through me like a rocket. My teeth clenched into the ballgag and I screamed.  Good thing I was gagged or the neighbours would have heard me.  My teenage body writhed and pulled at my bonds but they held me tight.

I experienced 3 more orgasms on my bed before I heard a car pull in the driveway.  I tried to hold still to listen but my 4th orgasm hit me and I couldn't hold still.  I heard the front door open and a voice call
out: "Trish, where you at girlfriend." 
Oh my God!!  I thought, it was Holly.

I heard her come in my room. 
"Holy Shit" she cried. "Trish, what happened?" 
She came over and tried to take the cuffs off of me. She pulled the blindfold up and ungagged me. "Where is the key?" she asked. I told her it was on the floor. 
She went and got it and got this funny look in her eye and said, "You did this to yourself, didn't you." 
I said yes and explained why. She said she had thought about bondage before but never tried it. She then said, "since you did this to your self I will let you be until tonight, OK." 
I said  OK and she suddenly slapped my ass, hard and said "Yes mistress" I knew what she wanted and I said "Yes Mistress"  She took hold of my chin with two fingers and said "That's better"

She re-gagged me and said "I think I will add on to your predicament."
She suddenly retied the crotch rope, it was twice as tight. I moaned as the rope dug into my pussy and against my clit. Holly then got the clothespins and started to put then on my still hard nipples. She saw my eyes widen and just smiled as I felt the pins pinching my nipples. She went to my closet and found another belt, she then strapped my elbows together with it. I was flexible and my elbows could touch with no strain. 

She picked up the keys and held them in front of my face and said 
"You are just going to have to stay this way till I come back" 
She re-blindfolded me and left only to return 2 hours and 10 orgasms later. She also told me before she left that I could tie her up sometime. Within minutes of when she left I was already plotting my revenge.

Hope you enjoyed it.
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