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My Friday Night

by Memyselfnaye

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© Copyright 2001 - Memyselfnaye - Used by permission

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Glad you liked my story.  Thanks for the words of encouragement.  Here's another one you may publish.  I just did this last weekend.

My Friday Night.
Just a couple of minor problems to overcome.

I have been planning an experiment with a long-term bondage session in my basement.  I took a couple of test runs to make sure I could handle it physically and that I hadn't overlooked any "safety" details.  Then, last Friday, I gave it a try for real.

Here's the scenario - my basement is divided into four large rooms with a stairwell in the middle.  I put my handcuff and leg cuff keys in a pile of women's panties in the far corner of the storage room.  I mixed the pile all up so the keys were good and buried inside the pile, no key rings, just loose keys, stuck inside panties and not lying on the floor.  I was going to have to hunt for them.  (just a note about panties - I'm really into them - I have been saving them for years and have tried to keep a pair from many of the women I've been with.  I have about 30 pairs of really "cute" ones - I have dated women who had teenage girls and I "snatched" a few of their pairs too - usually out of the hamper in the bathroom.)

Anyway, I then closed and latched the door between my office and the storeroom so that I would have to go all the way around the basement - past the stairs and some outside windows - to get to the keys.  I rearranged a few "obstacles" so I wouldn't be able to take a shortcut. Then, I went to my office and got ready - I laid my wrist watch on the floor beside me.  I put a leather strap with a slip-loop around my cock & balls and pulled it tight enough to stay on.  I put on a pair of "tight" nylon panties, ran the leather strap out one side of the crotch, and tied it to a 4 foot rope hooked to a 1 pound weight.  I had never tried this before, but I really wanted to, and I figured a 1 pound weight wouldn't get me into too much trouble.  The floor is concrete and the weight should drag easily behind me.

Then I cuffed my legs using standard leg cuffs with a 16" chain.  I hooked one end of a pair of handcuffs around the middle of the leg chain.  Then I put in my new ball gag - it's a little smaller than my other one, but I thought it might be more comfortable for a "long" adventure, plus, I could breath around it.  I locked that with a padlock and put that key on the floor of my office so I would have to come back there to unlock it and take it off.

Then I took another set of handcuffs and put one end on my right wrist. I laid over on the floor and rolled onto my stomach.  I reached back and locked the other cuff onto my left wrist.  Then I bent myself back as far as I could while bending my legs until I could reach the cuff dangling from the leg chain.  I slipped that cuff around the chain on my handcuffs and relaxed, and there I was - hog tied on the cool basement floor, a gag in my mouth, a one pound weight tied to my balls, and nothing on but a pair of very tight white panties.  I took a look at my watch to check the time - 7:30pm.  It should be dark at 9.  I have an hour and a half  before it gets really dark in my basement.

Now the fun begins.  I began to squirm across the floor to the door of my office.  With every move, the weight tugged on my balls as it dragged along behind me.  This was going to take a while.  When I got to the door I realized my first problem.  It's difficult to squirm straight ahead so it takes awhile to get through the doors but as soon as I did I felt a tug on my balls and I stopped.  The weight had lodged against the door jam and I was not interested in pulling any harder than necessary, so I had to squirm backwards and move it with my knees to the center of the doorway, and then crawl forward again.

This was taking longer than I expected.  I wanted to rest, but I didn't want to be searching for the keys in the dark so I kept moving.  The weight was not sliding as easily as I had hoped.  The strap was pretty snug, so I would have to stop for a while and let the circulation get going.  At one point, the weight snagged on a floor drain and I had to back up and move it with my knees.

By the time I got to the stairs, I was tired.  My shoulders hurt from all the squirming and there was a stream of drool coming out of my mouth around the gag.  I had never thought of this as much of a turn on before, but right then, it started to get me hot.  As difficult as it was to move, I was really starting to enjoy myself.  I hurried past the stairs as quickly as I could just in case one of my kids came home unexpectedly.  I didn't want to be lying at the bottom of the stairs just in case they looked down.  Once I got around the corner and into the door of the store room, I relaxed a bit to catch my breath.  I figured I still had a good hour of daylight left.  It had taken me about a half hour to crawl that far and I was pretty tired, so I just lay there and closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the bondage for a few minutes.  I only had to go another 30 feet past some basement windows and find my keys, so I was in no hurry now. 

I was lying there imagining myself bound at the feet of a stern mistress when I heard voices outside. Then more voices.  I crawled forward a little and could see outside, my neighbor's were having guests.  Now I had a problem.  There was no way I could crawl past the windows without being seen.  They were standing in their side yard having drinks and admiring the garden. I squirmed backward a little till I was out of sight and waited.  They would have to go inside eventually.  But they didn't. The men wandered off to the barbecue, but the women stayed there and kept talking.  I suppose it might have been fun to crawl across the floor and have them see me and then they would all come into my house and use me all night long, but. that only happens in the movies.  In reality, they'd have looked at me funny for the next ten years, and probably would have told my wife.  So I stayed put.  It was exciting, but. time was running out.  I needed to remove the gag.  My arms hurt.

My balls were starting to ache.  And I really wanted to get free so I could jerk off.   And. in another half hour the sun would be going down and I would be searching for my keys in the dark. So I lay there, shifting my position occasionally, and waited.  And they stood there and talked.  Right up until dark.  Eventually, they all went away, and I could move again.  The problem was that it was so dark, I knew I was going to have a hard time finding my keys.  I crawled the rest of the way as quickly as I could until I felt the pile of undies in my face.  I slowly sorted through the pile, using my lips around the gag to pick up and check each pair.  Of course I couldn't see the keys in the dark, and I only had my lips to work with so it took a while.  Plus, after I finished checking a pair, It was difficult to set them out of the way.  I was starting to get worried and was even considering rolling onto my side and feeling through the pile with my hands when I heard the sound of a key hitting the floor. 

At last, I thought, but what if it's to the leg cuffs.  That wouldn't do me any good right now because I couldn't really reach my ankles.  I touched it with my lips but it was impossible to tell which one it was, so I just moved it to the side and squirmed forward until I could reach it with my hands.  What a relief - I felt the short, stubby handcuff key and I gratefully unlocked my left hand.  Sitting up, I set to work on the other cuffs, and then rooted through the pile of undies until I found the leg keys.  I unhooked the weight from my balls and relaxed.  What a trip.

I was just gathering everything up and getting ready to go back to my office to release the ball gag when I heard my front door open.  Girls voices.  It was my step-daughter and some of her friends.  They weren't supposed to be back from the soccer game until 10.  I'd better hurry. But then it got worse.  They came downstairs to use the stereo in the rec-room.  On came the lights, and four girls came running down the stairs, laughing and talking.  They turned on the stereo and started listening to some new CD.

I sat there in the dark in the next room and I was stuck.  My clothes were in the next room, and so was the key to my ball gag.  But I had locked the door from the other side!!! Now, all I could do was sit there in the dark and pray they didn't come into the store room.  I couldn't close the door. They would see it.  And I certainly couldn't go out there in a pair of tight undies and a ball gag.  So I just slid back into the corner and waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.  I was torn between terror and the sheer excitement of possibly being discovered by a bunch of teenage girls.  My wife was going to be home after the game and she would certainly come looking for me.  If she went in my office, she would see my clothes lying on the floor along with my bag of bondage gear (which she doesn't know about) and she would be very curious indeed.

Finally, they all jumped up and ran upstairs to get something from the kitchen and I made my move.  I ducked out the door, past the stairs and into my office and I locked the door. But when I got there, I realized that I couldn't turn on the light to find the key because my neighbors and their friends would be able to see me.  And the girls would notice the light under the door.  As I knelt there in the dark, feeling around for the key, with the gag in my mouth, the feeling came over me and I just laid back on the floor and started jacking off.  When I came, it went all over my hands.  I was a sticky mess.  I finally located the key and unlocked the gag.  I found a towel and wiped up, and put everything away.

When I came out of my office, the girls were surprised to see me.  They wanted to know how long I had been there and I said "all night".  By the time my wife got home I had rubbed the red marks off my wrists and my cheeks, and looked none the worse for wear.


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