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My Introduction

by bondagelover

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I have been enjoying stories on this web site for a good number of years. I have never contributed but now I would like to. Before I do, though, I’d like to have the opportunity to give you a little introduction first because after taking that first big step, I have several stories that I’d like to share. Most of my stories are true although I do have some stories that I have made up, but will state that in the beginning.

I am 40 year old male and married to the same wonderful woman for the last 18 years. I have two children that are growing up too fast. I love life and I try to make the most of it by giving 100% to my marriage, children and even my job as an engineer (future stories will reveal the benefits of this). A few of my hobbies are motocross, photography and of course, bondage.

My wife knows all about my fantasies. We shared many of them while we were dating and acted out several of them. I knew that I would have to find a woman that shared the same interests as me if I was going to be happy. My wife makes a great mistress but also a great slave. We love to bet each other. Instead of betting money, though, we bet time. The loser is required to be the slave for “x” amount of time. During that time, the loser must do whatever, wear whatever and be tied however the winner wants them to. I also love to be the master. There is just something about having a beautiful woman wearing sexy clothes and having to obey your every command. (Yes, I loved the show I Dream of Jeannie). 


Another benefit we share is that we wear very close to the same size. Yes, I like to cross-dress but I know that I would never pass as a woman, so therefore, I don’t try. I don’t care to wear dresses and things like that. I do enjoy wearing heels (the higher the better), nylons (either stockings or pantyhose), panties, bras, slips…you know, basically lingerie. I do have a nice satin long sleeve maid’s outfit that is a definite favorite of mine. I have never tried on a corset although I am really dying to try it. The other things that I really like wearing are tights and leotards. Almost any time I am tied up, I am tied up wearing something from that list.

I am also very much into self-bondage. Again, we hold no secrets and my wife is aware of this. If I have the house to myself, she knows I will play. Depending on how I travel, I may take along a few things to entertain myself in the hotel and she knows what I take. Sometimes, she even picks out the lingerie she wants me to wear. Many times, if I know she is coming home without the kids, I will tie myself up for her. There have been times when my wife would sense this and purposely delay her return. If I know she will be coming home, I normally do not set up a release method. Yes, I know, this is not a safe thing to do but it sure does heighten the experience of not being able to get out and nobody there to help you. On some of the more risky situations, I wait until I hear the door open to apply the last lock.

I knew early on that I had a fascination for bondage. Even as a young boy, I’d see a movie or picture of someone tied up and wish it was I. I started tying myself up with rope and nylons in my early teens. I would even take a pair of my mom’s or sister’s pantyhose and wear them. I never did tie myself in an inescapable position then for a couple reasons… I didn’t want to get caught and I hadn’t thought about release methods yet. 


During my junior and senior year, I dated a girl that shared some of the same interests as me. We would tie and tease each other but nothing real serious. She would wear some form of lingerie, but I never told her about my desire to wear it. Probably a good thing, since we broke up while I was attending college. I dated a couple other girls before meeting the woman of my dreams. We hadn’t dated long before we were telling each other about our fantasies. Shortly after that, we started tying each other up. 


Because of a very limited budget, we used mostly old pairs of her nylons and most of our bondage was done on the bed. After college, we moved in together. Shortly after that, I visited my first adult book store. You need to know that I was only 21 when I graduated from college, so it was not a place that I could get into before. My eyes were truly opened then. I had seen all the mainstream girlie magazines before but this was a whole different world. I think I bought every bondage magazine there. I was amazed at some of the positions the girls were in and even more stunned at the rope work the models were wearing. If it wasn’t the rope work, it was the leather cuffs or single arm binders. Most of the women wore gags I’d never seen before but knew I wanted to try. I knew I’d have to get some of this stuff. My girlfriend was equally amazed.

My first business trip to a big city allowed me to go to a bigger adult bookstore and make my first bondage purchase. I bought a pair of handcuffs and a ball gag. I got back to the hotel and immediately tried them on. The gag really stretched my mouth and made me drool. After just a few minutes, my mouth was hurting. I knew this would take some time to get used to. The cuffs were great and even though I could easily reach the keys, it would be great to be locked in them and have no way out. 


The next day, I went and bought a second pair of cuffs. The first night back home, my girlfriend cuffed my hands to the corner of the bed and used nylons on my ankles to complete a spread-eagle on the bed. Even though the gag wasn’t used, I came almost as soon as she touched me. Shortly after that, I had her in the same position and she had almost the same results. That was truly the start of something great.

More stories to follow!!!

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