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My Safety Person

by Heather

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© Copyright 2007 - Heather - Used by permission

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My safety person

When you are into self bondage, sometimes having a safety person is a good thing, as I learned last night.

I have been into self bondage since my early teenage years. Since I got married, my wife has served as my safety person and until now I have not had to rely on her to let me loose. Last night I told my wife I planned to tie myself up in our basement using ice in a stocking to drop the keys. I asked her to check on me if I was not free in 3-4 hours. My wife was planning on going to bed but she said she would check on me when she woke up to go pee (She usually does in the middle of the night).

I proceeded to get everything ready that I would need for my self bondage session:

The Curve chastity device Large butt plug Pair of black tights Long leg tank-style blue unitard 2 zentai suits, black and blue with rings through the zippers to lock them on with. Locking wrist and ankle cuffs Locking collar Locking belt Ball gag 8 pairs of keyed alike locks, all identical 6 keyed alike locks, identical to the paired ones Master keyring Backup keys Stocking and 6 ice cubes Ear plugs

I started out by locking the Curve on me and inserting a large butt plug. I just love the feeling that the Curve leaves me with when I get excited. Next I put on black tights and my blue long leg tank unitard. I then put on black opera gloves, black zentai suit (minus the hood for the moment) and the blue zentai suit (minus the hood).

I got out the locks and unlocked all of them and jumbled them up. Now I didn't know which key went to which lock. I took the loose keys and put them in a pile across the room as a backup, just in case. I took the master set which is on a keyring and hung them from a stocking using 6 ice cubes. I wanted to be tied for about 2 hours or so (or at least this was my goal).

Next I buckled the small ball gag in. I did not want to have trouble breathing just in case my nose plugged up on me. I inserted the ear plugs to further my isolation from the real world.

I attached ankle cuffs and double locked them (using 2 locks on each hasp) and attached a short chain to each at the same time. These would be used in a few minutes. Next I put on my bondage belt. This is the kind that has 3 D rings spaced around it and has 2 hasps to lock it with. I grabbed 4 locks and the locking wrist cuffs. I slipped 2 locks through the D rings on each cuff and then secured each cuff to a hasp & locked the belt on me. These cuffs would secure my hands behind my back later.

Next I attached the free end of each ankle chain to the sides of the belt and double locked them. The chains were short enough to keep my ankles against my thighs so I would not be able to stand up and get the keys once my wrists were secured behind my back.

I put on the black zentai hood and zipped it shut. I used 2 more locks to lock the suit on. I did the same with the blue zentai hood. Now my entire body was in 3 layers of spandex and my head 2 layers. I definitely would not be cold in the basement now.

Next I locked my collar on with 2 locks. The only thing left to do was secure my wrists behind my back. I locked one wrist behind me with 2 locks, the same as all the other cuffs. This was my last chance to change my mind. Once my wrists were secured I would be unable to get the keys until the ice melted. Before I could change my mind I secured the other wrist behind my back with 2 locks.

Now, even once I had the keys in my possession it would take some work to get me out. All of the keys (12 of them) on the keyring look the same. I would be forced to try them one at a time in the locks until I got all 22 of the locks undone. My intention was for this to be a long session which would require patience on my part to get free.

I knew that it was now somewhere around 9:15PM. If I figured it right it would take about 2 1/2 hours for the ice to melt and a minimum of 1/2 hour to get myself free from my spandex prison, ensuring 3 hours of bondage time. Boy was I ever wrong.....

I spent some of my time trying to get some rest since I knew I would be here until sometime around midnight. I would lay on my side for a bit then my stomach, then my other side trying to get comfortable. Once in a while I sat up to flex my stiff joints a bit. Each time I woke up I had no idea how much time had passed, and I could not see well enough to know how much ice was left. Since time seems to stand still when I am tied up like this, it could have been an hour or 4 hours, I had no way of knowing. All that I did know was that the keys had not dropped yet and I was starting to get stiff from not being able to straighten out my legs and arms much.

Finally after what seemed like days I decided that I had done too good of a job and was worried that the keys might have gotten stuck. I made up my mind that I needed to get to my backup keys and get myself free. I struggled across the basement floor about 20 feet to get to the backup keys. I was glad that I had left the lights on so that I could see at least a little bit through the spandex or it might have taken much more time to get to them. Once I had gotten to the pile of keys I had to pick them up one at a time and try them in the wrist locks. If they didn't open the locks I had to put the key down in another spot so I could keep track of which keys I had tried already.

Since I could not see what I was doing, I had to be very meticulous about this. One mistake and I would have to start all over again. With 3 layers of spandex on my hands, it was hard to feel the keys and get them into the locks, which I anticipated. This was all part of my strategy to delay my release as long as possible. After trying 3 keys I got one lock on my left wrist undone, which left me one lock still holding my wrist behind my back. After 5 keys my right hand started to cramp up and the keys were fighting me. It took a little while to get each one into the lock. I had to keep stopping and resting to stop the cramping in my hand.

After 7 keys my wife came down to the basement to check on me. It seems that one of the cats was making a big fuss and woke her up. When she asked the cat what was wrong he ran to the basement door meowing to get her attention. When my wife looked at the clock it was just about midnight and I had not come to bed yet. She decided to check and see if I was alright.

My wife asked if I needed her to release me and I shook my head "No". I continued to try the key for another minute or so before I gave up, my hand was cramping too bad. I finally nodded "Yes" to let her know that I needed help.

My wife helped me free my wrists and then we worked together to undo the rest of the locks. By the time I was free and could see a clock, it was almost 12:30am and judging by the ice in the stocking, there was a good 30 to 45 minutes left until the keys dropped. My wife left me to put the toys away and went back to bed.

My legs were stiff, but I thoroughly enjoyed my session. Next time I do this (yes, I plan on doing this or something similar again), I will only use 2 or 3 ice cubes. I forgot to account for the fact that it is only about 62 degrees in the basement and ice in a stocking takes longer to melt than ice in a glass (water actually speeds up the melting process and ice in a stocking drips the water off).

I learned a lesson last night. It is extremely important to make sure you have a safety person when doing self bondage. It is far better to be embarrassed than dead.


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