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My Selfbondage Experience

by memyselfanye

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© Copyright 2001 - memyselfanye - Used by permission

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Probably my most memorable bondage experience came at the hands of a woman who understood what I really wanted from it. I was in my early 20's. She was in her mid-30's and divorced. I came to her house early in the morning wearing what she had instructed me to wear - tight jeans, button down shirt, no undies. She met me at the door and ripped my shirt open and pulled it off, then locked my hands behind my back with cuffs. Then she pulled off my pants, gave me a few good swats on the butt, then grabbed my cock and said, "Follow me!".

She pulled me through the house and down to the basement where she cuffed my arms to a pipe in the ceiling. Then she just left me there, naked, in the dark, in her basement. She came back about 15 minutes later and started doing her laundry, working around me, giving me a pinch or a swat whenever she felt like it. At one point she came over and tried several different pairs of her panties on me until she found the pair she liked.

I was enjoying it, as she could tell from the bulge in the panties, but it wasn't until she gagged me that I really started getting off. She stepped in front of me, lifted her dress, pulled off her panties and stuffed them into my mouth. She told me they had better be there when she came back, then she turned off the lights and left again.

I stood there in her basement, tied up in the dark, loving every minute of it. She came back a long time later, well after my arms had begun to ache, and unhooked me from the pipe. She had me lie down on the cool basement floor, where she cuffed my arms behind my back, then grabbed my ankles and hogtied me. Before leaving this time, she pulled the soaking wet panties out of my mouth and put in a ball gag, cinching it tight around my head. She told me she was having some girl friends over for lunch and didn't want me making a lot of noise. She laid the soaking wet panties on the floor right in front of my face, "in case I missed her while she was gone". Then she walked up the stairs, turned out the light and closed the doors.

The feeling was indescribable. My heart was racing, my cock was straining under me, and my whole body felt more alive than it had in years. I lay there for hours, listening to her friends walking around upstairs, talking and laughing. At one point she came downstairs to ask me if I was ok. I nodded my head and she left.

Eventually, after her friends left, she came downstairs and released the hogtie. She gently massaged my arms until I could move them again, telling me how good I had been. When she finally let me go, I gave her a fucking she'll remember. I amazed myself at how absolutely hot I was when I finally was set free.

Unfortunately, I was young and didn't appreciate what a jewel she was. Since that time, I have never come close to capturing that feeling of absolute submission and helplessness.

My fantasies still revolved around being tied up and left alone for long periods of time, and I began trying self bondage. I even came up with a few good rope tricks to get myself hogtied. But, the problem was, that I could get free whenever I wanted to. It wasn't until I discovered hand and leg cuffs that I really began to enjoy it.

At first, I would tie a pair of handcuffs around my waist with rope - cuffs in the front, knot in the back - and then put the handcuff key in the bathroom sink, in front of the mirror. Then, I would go in another room, lie on my back and jerk off. When I felt myself ready to cum, I would roll my body up with my legs in the air and my cock hanging over my face. I would spray a hot load all over my face and then lie there, recovering, as it ran down my cheeks. Then, when I was ready to get free, I would go in the bathroom to get the key. I would have to bend way down to get the key from the sink, and the whole time I was letting myself free, I was looking at myself with the cum drying on my face.

Eventually, I made a ball gag from a rubber ball and a dog collar. The sight of myself in the mirror with cum dripping off my ball-gagged mouth was also a turn-on, but again, the problem was that I could get free when I wanted to, and didn't really have that "captured" feeling.

However, I really enjoyed the feeling of the handcuffs and one day I stopped by a flea market and bought a second pair of handcuffs and a set of leg cuffs. As soon as I got home, I had my first experiment with hog tying myself with cuffs. I carefully lay the keys on the floor beside me. Then I put the leg cuffs on my ankles, hooked one end of a set of cuffs around the chain and lay on my stomach. I put one cuff on my left hand, then, I managed to reach behind my back and hook that chain to the cuffs that were connected to the leg chain. Then, I slowly closed the other cuff around my wrist, pausing for a moment to decide if I wanted to back out. As I lay there, I heard the first click as the cuffs closed around my other wrist, and I knew I couldn't stop myself now. Three more clicks, and there I was. hogtied on the floor. My wrist and legs securely behind my back, and just the feel of the cold steel on my legs and arms. It felt "Wonderful"!

I lay there for a while and squirmed, feeling the helplessness. Eventually, I squirmed over to the keys and let myself free. I just sat there on the floor, with the chains still connected and wondered at the feeling that had come over me as I heard the last clicks.

From there, I began to push the limits, to see just how much bondage I could take. That night, I tried to sleep with the leg and hand cuffs on. I couldn't fall asleep. I was just too excited, so I jerked off and finally fell asleep with a load of cum drying on my stomach and my hands. When I woke up the next morning, I really didn't want to take the cuffs off.

I would put the keys further and further from me each time I tied myself up so I would have to squirm further and prolong the time I was tied up.

After I got married I put the cuffs away because my wife, who claimed she liked bondage when we were dating, suddenly stopped liking it after we got married. So, I figured I was just a pervert and tried hard to repress my feelings. But, every time I saw handcuffs or even heard the word bondage, I would get an old stirring in my gut.

I began experimenting with self-bondage again, waiting till she was away, then sneaking down to the basement to cuff myself in different ways and squirm to where I had left the keys. Sometimes, I would put the keys under her dirty undies in the laundry pile, so that when I had crawled over to it, I would have to move them all with my teeth before I could find the key and free myself.

I still was not completely satisfied - I could still go get the keys when I really wanted to be free, and I had no one to share the experience with. But, I started finding ways to prolong the experience, and eventually I came up with a scenario that would leave me so hot that when I finally got free, I would jerk off in moments and lie there exhausted on the floor.

I would be happy to share my experience with you. Please write me if you enjoy what I've written so far and would like to hear the rest of it. I also would like to talk to others who share these feelings. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one who feels this way.


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