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My Self Bondage Experience

by Ballet Slipper

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© Copyright 2001 - Ballet Slipper - Used by permission

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I had just moved into my first apartment, a small one bedroom on the first floor of a twelve story building. I had done a couple of self-bondages since moving in but they had been in the safety of my bedroom and I had decided to spice things up a little. Add an element of danger so to speak. Not too much, mind you but some none the less. I minimized the danger by choosing to perform my little stunt after midnight. Granted it was a Saturday night, but still the risk would be minimal.

First, I laid out all the stuff that I would be using on my bed. Then I stripped naked and began getting ready. I lubed up a small dildoe and worked it up my ass. I then put on a pair of white thong panties followed by a pair of white footless dance tights. I finished with a pink short sleeved leotard and then slipped pink ballet slippers onto my barefeet. I gathered up the rest of my stuff, two pairs of handcuffs, a long belt, a length of chain with a lock, and a ballgag. I left the keys to the wristcuffs on the bed. I went to the door of my apartment, opened it, peered down the hallway and then seeing that the coast was clear, I walked quickly but quietly down the hallway to the mailboxes.

I opened my mailbox and placed the key to my apartment inside. Then I went to the stairwell and went down to the basement where the tenants' storage lockers were located. I opened the door to the locker room, turned on the dim light and went inside. I hung the key to my mailbox on the inside doorknob. On the floor beside the door, I placed the keys to the pair of cuffs that would be on my ankles. I had wrapped them up in electrical tape so that I would have a little work to do to retrieve them. I went to my locker, opened the door, and went inside. It was basically a long narrow cubicle. I only had a few boxes stacked in the back so I had plenty of room to lie down in. I sat down and began by placing the cuffs on my ankles. Then I took the belt and bound my thighs together. 

Next came my favourite part, the ballgag. It was large and hot pink in color. I put it in my mouth and buckled it tightly at the back of my head. I snapped one of the cuffs onto my left wrist but before putting my hands behind my back, I tossed the key to the lock for the chain out on the floor in front of my locker. It was also wrapped in electrical tape. Then, I put my hands behind my back, took a deep breath, and snapped the cuff onto my right wrist. I got to my knees, sat back on my heels and threaded the chain between the chains of the two pairs of cuffs, locking the two end links together with the lock. With a bit of effort, I lowered myself down onto my side and then rolled over onto my stomach. I was now hogtied and ballgagged on the floor of my locker in the basement of my apartment building.

I began squirming and mmmmphing, fantasizing that I was a damsel in distress or a kidnapped ballet dancer being held for ransom. The dildoe up my ass added to my pleasure. After struggling for a while, and not wanting to cum in my panties and tights, I rolled onto my side and worked my way out to the key. I picked it up with my fingers and began removing the tape. Once that was done, I undid the lock freeing myself from the hogtie. I discarded the chain, sat up and inchwormed my way over to the main door. I retrieved the other key, unwrapped it, got to my knees, sat back on my heels and unlocked the cuffs on my ankles.

I rested momentarily. I was sweating already from the effort and having a difficult time sucking back the drool caused by the ballgag. I mmmmphed a couple of times, cursing myself for doing this, although my cock, trapped inside the panties, tights and leotard, was indicating otherwise. I wanted nothing more than to be able to pull it out and jerk off. However, I still had a lot of work to do.

With considerable difficulty, and using the wall for support, I managed to get to my feet. I made a mental note that if I ever did anything like this again, I would not tie my thighs together. In the effort to stand up, my right ballet slipper came off but I couldn't be bothered trying to put it back on. I would retrieve it later along with the ankle cuffs and chain. Standing on tiptoe, I got the key to my mailbox and opened the door to the storage room, shuffling forward on my toes in order to pull the door open wider. I went to the doorway, peered down the hallway and then shuffled out into the hall. I headed for the stairwell door at the end of the hall, able only to take small steps because of the belt. What a sight I was. I was sweaty, drooling profusely, my leotard and tights were dirty from squirming around on the cement floor, I had on one slipper, my hands were cuffed behind my back, my knees were bound together and I was ballgagged. I had almost forgotten the dildoe that was up my ass.

I finally made it to the stairwell door and repeated the procedure I had used to open the storage room door. I shuffled to the stairs and sat down. I rested a little before inchworming my way backwards up the stairs to the first floor. I struggled to my feet again, went to the door leading to the main hallway and peered down the hall. It must have been close to two AM by now and the hallway was deserted. I was in the home stretch. All I had to do was make it to the mailbox, get my apartment key and then walk down the hall to my place and I would be free.

Once again I repeated my door opening procedure, stepped into the hall and began shuffling my way towards the mailboxes. I tried moving a little quicker since this was the phase of my scheme that presented the most danger. I made it to the maibox, turned around and standing on tiptoe, I attempted to insert the key. I failed in the first couple of tries. Being up on my toes made it difficult. I was on my fourth or fifth try when I heard a car pull up in front, followed by voices in the outer lobby. 'Oh no!', I thought, 'not now'.

I was in no-man's land. My only possible escape was to head back the way I had come. But there was no way that I could reach the safety of the stairwell in time. It would have been difficult without the belt, impossible with it. I started shuffling as fast as I could. Behind me, I heard the inner door open, heels clacking on the cement floor and female voices. I hadn't even made it halfway when I was spotted. They called to me but I just kept shuffling, trying to get away. I was totally humiliated. They caught up with me easily. One of them grabbed me by the arm and turned me to face them.

It was two girls who lived in the building. I had seen them in the laundry room a couple of times. They looked me up and down, trying hard not to laugh out loud. I just wanted to disappear. I was flushed with embarrassment but still maddenly horny. I mmmmphed a couple of times but they did not remove the gag. I thought maybe, just maybe, I would be able to explain this somehow. Perhaps tell them that a friend and I had done this on a dare or something to that effect. Of course, it might have been more plausible if I had been wearing only underwear or something less conspicuously feminine.

They recognized me as the new guy in the building and one told the other that she had suspected that I was a sissy. Now I was a sissy pervert. To emphasize her point, she commented on the rather small bulge in the front of my leotard. She must have supposed that all sissies have small cocks. The other kept referring to me as sweetie or twinkletoes. She had begun interrogating me about the situation I was in. It hadn't taken her long to figure out that I had done this to myself. It would have been much easier to explain even this predicament with the gag removed, but they left it in.

She sort of deduced things outloud and I confirmed by nodding my head or mmmmphing or both. Were the keys to the handcuffs in the mailbox? No. In your apartment? Yes. The keys to your apartment are in the mailbox? Yes. Where did you lose your other slipper? I nodded in the direction of the stairwell. In the stairwell? No. I mmphed and nodded downward. In the basement? Yes. Well then, Cinderella, lets go get it. I mmphed softly. What I wanted to say was, no, really it's not necessary. Just let me get the key to my apartment, I'll get these infernal handcuffs and this gag off and I'll go get it myself. Then, I'll move to Timbuktu or some other remote part of the world. Unfortunately, it still only sounded like mmph, mmmph, mmph.

When we got to the stairwell, I was granted one concession. They removed the belt so that I could walk downstairs. I led them to the storage locker room where we found my other slipper, the other pair of cuffs and the hogtie chain. The one who called me Cinderella, put the slipper back on my foot and we went to my open locker. The other girl had gathered up the other things. With more questions, nodding and mmphing, I reconstructed the scenario as best I could. I even lay down on the floor inside the locker and assumed the hogtie position. Only, I was facing away from the doorway.

In an instant, the cuffs were snapped back onto my ankles. I mmmmphed in protest and rolled onto my side but was quickly rolled back onto my stomach and the chain locked in place. I was hogtied once again. I continued mmmphing, but to no avail. I was told that I would have to repeat the whole procedure again but with a slight twist. The key to my mailbox would be in their mailbox, the key to which I would have to get by going to their apartment, which was on the seventh floor. I would have to walk up, get the key, and then walk back down to get my mailbox key from their mailbox. Then I could get my apartment key from my mailbox. The other stipulation was that I had to return their mailbox key before proceeding to my apartment. If not, they would ensure that everyone in the building knew what I did and what I was.

Resigned to my fate, I nodded and mmphed my agreement. To be fair, they had not retied my thighs with the belt. They left it on the floor beside me. However, they did rewrap the two keys with the electrical tape and tossed them on the floor by the door to the locker room. I mmmphed somemore, a pathetic plea for them to change their minds and release me, but they just laughed and said that I should be thankful they hadn't decided to leave me bound and gagged in the front lobby. This was the very least that a sissy pervert like me deserved.

They walked away, leaving me to restart my journey once again. I mmmphed and mmmphed, more for effect than anything else. After all, that's what damsels in distress are supposed to do. As the sound of their heels clacking on the floor faded away down the hallway, I began squirming and wiggling my way out of the locker and towards the keys. My jaw ached, my wrists were sore, I was hot, sweaty, drooling, humiliated and angry, but, still so very horny.

Furthermore, to my surprise, I was already planning my next session in my head. What to wear, where, and how to be tied. Not only was I a sissy pervert, I was an incorrigible sissy pervert. However, first things first....



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