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My Self-Bound Weekend

by Bob Salinas

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© Copyright 2002 - Bob Salinas - Used by permission

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After telling my folks I was going to Indianapolis for a weekend conference, I moved myself into the barn on the outlying 160 acres of my uncle Melvin’s Fort Wayne farm for a couple of days of self-bondage game-playing. I arrived late on Saturday morning, drove down a bumpy dirt road and pulled up to a well-maintained old barn. (Farmers generally take better care of their barns than they do their houses- that’s where their money is!) I knew the barn was only used part of the year and that didn’t include now; I mean, I seriously didn’t want to be disturbed. I spent some time carrying in a cooler full of ice and dry ice, a tool chest, several boxes of ‘toys’, and an assortment of pieces that I had prepared in the past week or so. I also set up a TV and a VCR (fortunately, the barn had 117VAC power).

For my opening game in a script of several, I tried a basic no-frills position. (Helplessness is the biggest thrill I can think of-the rest is window dressing.) I piled some heavy rubber belts near a vertical post that supported a major beam running across the empty center of the barn. I liked the idea of being bound out in this open area- it’s sort of like being naked or bound in public without the problems that would go with either!

I got naked first, always a good way to have solo bondage fun. I like to cross-dress sometimes, and I’d planned that for later, but basic skin-naked is always good. Then I pulled out my only really expensive item of bondage gear- a leather-and-steel chastity belt I’d bought on a trip to San Francisco. I wrapped the leather belt around my waist, pulled the crotch strap up between my legs and adjusted the chains across my ass-cheeks. My cock was a slip fit down into the stainless steel sheath tube, after which I pressed the groin panel against my belly; this kept my cock pointed sharply down and curved, a position in which an erection was (I knew only too damn well) impossible. I slipped the top of the panel into position under the waist belt and locked it closed with a massive Master padlock. I have a couple of dainty padlocks for wearing The Belt under street clothes, but for this weekend I didn’t have to worry about showing bulges underneath my clothes. I took the key to my genitals, placed it in a carefully home-made steel lock box with a battery-operated electronic timer, keyed in 30:00:00 (almost a day and a half!) and pressed the top down until it latched. The keypad was covered and there was no way I would get my hands on Mister Unhappy before tomorrow afternoon!

That taken care of, I took the key to my handcuffs (which I had fastened to a 6"-long aluminum bar which made it much easier to manipulate) and hung it from the ceiling beam so they would hang right next to my hands. That would be much too easy, of course! To make things appropriately difficult, I set up my ice-driven timer: a hand-made device which was mainly a square plywood 3' by 3' base (stability’s important- it just wouldn’t do to have it fall over!) supporting an upright 4-foot-long 2X2 with an eye-bolt near the top. I shoved half a dozen ice cubes into the end of a stocking, pulled the other end through the eye, and tied two 3/4" bolts to the stocking so that their weight kept the ice-packed foot end of the stocking up against the eye-bolt.  At first, the ice cubes made a lump much too big to go through the eye-bolt and the bolts were supported firmly. 

When the ice inexorably melted enough to let the weight of the bolts pull the stocking through the eye, the weight of the falling bolts would pull on another cord tied to the bolts, in this case to pull a pin out of the bracket holding my keys away from my hands. It’s really simpler than it sounds, and it’s been thoroughly tested and is quite fool-proof- at least so far! Being bound but being able to free yourself is just a moderate thrill that I had quickly burned out on. Being bound in such a way that there’s no possible way you can  free yourself before a certain time is the next best thing to being subject to a true merciless dominatrix who will free you only if it suits her fancy, and sometimes better. 

I strapped a favorite dildo gag firmly in my mouth. Then I pulled a rubber hood over my head, leaving it atop my head for now. The hood contained earphones hooked to a small tape player which would play, over and over, a customized porno audio tape which would see to it that I was continually stimulated by a stream of sex and bondage sounds! I stood naked up against the post with my feet on either side of the post and buckled a strap around them. The post scratched at the crack in my ass; the minor misery that caused was part of the scene- I just hoped I wouldn’t get splinters. I repeated the belting process with straps at my knees and at my thighs. One more strap went around at my waist, over the chastity belt, and another went around my chest just below my shoulders. Finished with that, I was bound so securely to the post that I could scarcely wiggle! I reached up to pull down the hood, closing off every last photon of light, and then reached behind myself for the cuffs. I quickly cuffed my hands behind my back and struggled for a moment. As usual, I had a brief moment of desperation: I’m trapped! I have no way free! Then I realized that I was just as trapped as I wanted to be, and the desperation faded. Shit....

I struggled for a more comfortable position for what seemed like hours. I listened to the porno-audio tape and felt an erection building behind my chastity belt, an erection which was instantly and mercilessly suppressed. I began to wish I could get my hands on my cock, but my hands were bound and my cock was sheathed. No way was I going to feel Mister Happy for another day and a half! Blindfolding myself was fiendish: I heard all sorts of noises and imagined that either I was about to be eaten by rats or I had been surrounded by a troop of Girl Scouts and was about to be arrested for perversion. 

Finally I felt the bar with my keys whap against my back, and in another ten anxious minutes I had freed myself (there are always a few moments when you’re sure you’ve screwed something up and will never get free- at least if you’ve done it right). I went to the corner to pee: I spread my legs and let go, the sheath tube spraying the pee backward. I fiddled with the lock box, but unfortunately I had been reasonably careful and my chastity was assured. Shit!

So, maybe fifteen minutes later, I decided to try another position and looked at my script for Scenario #2. This time, I would be bound kneeling. Long ago I found that somebody had placed a couple of steel loops bolted to anchors in the center of the floor, I guess to chain down equipment; tractors are expensive pieces of gear! I would be bound to one of these anchors. I set up the TV and the VCR near there and set them up to play one of my favorite bondage-and-jiggle tapes (oh, how I love that jiggle!) over and over. I repeated the setup process with the ice timer, securely tying the key to another padlock to the bar holding my handcuff keys.

I slipped a medium-sized butt plug up my ass and knelt over one of the anchors. I slipped the padlock through the ass chains of my chastity belt, through the steel loop, and pressed the lock closed. With that CLICK!, I was again trapped! Until the ice melted, I would be unable to free myself. However, I would be happier if I were handcuffed, so I locked the cuffs on my wrists and struggled more earnestly. I watched the TV screen and fervently prayed that my chastity belt would break. My prayers were not answered. Hours later, I again felt the key bar slap against my back. I discovered that I couldn’t undo the padlock without first getting my handcuffs off.

The setup for my third position, an all-nighter up in the hayloft, was more complex and involved literally hours of screwing eye-bolts into the floor of the loft, fastening prefabricated boards to the roof of the barn, stringing cables through a bunch of eyes, and especially stringing a ten-gallon jerry can from the rafters. When I was done, my air mattress was surrounded by four eye-bolts near where my hands and feet would be. Cables ran from my ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs through those eye-bolts, straight up from each through an eye-bolt above, and then all four cables ran the length of the loft to near the wall. There they were joined together, ran through another eye-bolt, and then connected to the ten-gallon can, which sat atop a step-ladder. It sounds terribly complex, but the general idea was that the weight of the can would pull my arms and legs into a spread-eagled position. The ice timer, my faithful erotic friend and Mistress, would pull a pin which kept a sturdy iron spear from falling from the mouth of the jerry can to its bottom- the bottom which had been carefully modified with a deliberately-fragile sheet of plastic. The can was almost full of water, and I figured it weighed maybe 600 pounds after a dozen trips up the ladder carrying a more manageable pail and a funnel. (I can attest that self-bondage is excellent exercise!)

For my night bound, I wanted to be dressed appropriately. I pulled on a pair of lacy pink panties, smoothing them down over the belly panel of my chastity belt. For watching a skinny little bitch, a tiny bikini is best, but for self-bondage I usually prefer fuller, lacier panties so I can feel them tickling my legs! (Also, thongs are worthless as joy-rags!) Next, I slipped on a matching bustier- also a feminine pink with a pushup bra which lifted my breasts to show some real cleavage. Yes, I felt like a sex object! By the time I was finished dressing, I felt an incipient hard-on, but it was of course brutally thwarted by my chastity belt. Damn....

I sat down on the end of the bed and strapped two leather cuffs on my ankles.  Then I lay down on my back, finding it quite comfortable (although that was about to change!) and reached for my wrist cuffs. This was harder- there was, deliberately, little slack in the cables- but I managed the task. Then I took another deep breath and pulled hard on a rope lying near one hand, and the ladder teetered. I gathered up the rope and pulled again. The ladder tipped and the jerry can toppled, sending the ladder crashing to the floor. The massive can fell hard on the cables and pulled up the slack. I was abruptly slammed into a spread-eagled position, a force of about a hundred and fifty pounds pulling straight out on each of my limbs. It felt like I was being drawn and quartered! I fantasized briefly about being a beautiful woman (of course- I was already a man, and who fantasizes about being ugly?) being bound and abused like this. Maybe she had misbehaved and was being publicly punished! I looked down over my breasts (carefully postured by the pushup bra) at my lacy panties. Under the lace, of course, my cock was eager and fat but limp within the chastity belt’s sheath. Damn the chastity belt!

I squirmed for what seemed forever and eventually fell into a fitful sleep. Sometime during the night, the ice melted enough for the weight of the usual pair of bolts to pull the stocking through the eye-bolt, the bolts dropped and pulled the pin out of the iron spear, and the spear dropped down and punched a small hole in the bottom of the jerry can. By the time I awoke, about three-fourths of the water had drained from the can, and I managed to get my wrists together and unhook my wrist cuffs. I was elated- a self-bound all-nighter!

For the second day of my self-bondage binge, I had scripted several games to play. The first was inverted, feet-up suspension. For this one, I dressed up (yes, I like to dress up pretty) in a sturdy but pretty full-length corset (which by itself made a pretty fair chastity belt, the likes of which has been encouraged for years by mothers of teenagers across the country), black stockings, and high-heeled shoes (which were terribly hard to find in my size, but that’s another story). After I strapped a belt with handcuffs around my waist, I used an exorbitant length of 3/8" sisal rope to carefully tie my legs together from just below my (sadly, still belted and inaccessible) crotch to my ankles, leaving them one rigid limb which was of very little help at all. Before continuing, I popped a penis gag into my mouth and attached a weighted pair of nipple clamps to my tits. I have pretty good tits for a guy, just shy of a B cup, and my nipples are very very sensitive- maybe because of their regular abuse!

After setting up the timer so it would release a rope with which I could release the ratchet, I tied a rope (hanging from a high-up pulley with the aforementioned  ratchet) to my ankles, grabbed its other end, and hauled myself up into the air. As my hips rose, the weight on the nipple clamps fell back off my belly and onto my chest, pulling sternly at my tender breast flesh; I screamed behind the gag, and was sorta cheered by the way nothing much came out. Like I said, I need the feeling of helpless submission, and I was getting it big-time! I raised myself another two feet and then let go of the rope. It swung out of my reach, which meant little because, being run through a ratchet, it only went one way- up. 

I reached behind myself, grabbed the handcuffs, and locked my arms to the cuffs fastened to the belt behind my back. Now I was really in a fix: swinging upside down, my head several feet from the floor, my legs locked together tightly, my wrists cuffed together at the small of my back. I was happy that I had used only a moderate amount of ice- this position was extremely strenuous, and the blood rushing to my head left me high! When the keys finally whapped against my back, I got my wrists free quickly. Getting the rest of the way free involved gymnastics but I finally lowered myself to the floor without cracking my head open. I was a memorable exercise, but I knew it needed engineering!

Next, the fifth scenario, a complex one and one for which I had done a lot of preparation and planning. After considerable manual labor, I bolted a length of 2X2 to the hard dirt floor so it pointed up. On the upper end of the pole, I had affixed a favorite (just a little bit too fat) butt plug and adjusted everything (through repeated on-sittings) until the plug was at just the right height. Then I brought out a pair of ankle-spreader stocks: a pair of two-inch-wide metal bars with loops at either end which were just large enough for my ankles. I fastened one of the strips to the dildo pole (I had drilled the holes last week); the other one, just like it, pushed down into a bracket on its mate which securely held my feet almost three feet apart- farther than it sounds! Once the halves mated, they wouldn’t separate without a nearby screwdriver, but in a bit I wouldn’t even have hands! I set the timer for ‘a bit too long’ and to release to me a rope with my keys.

Okay, it was time to start. Smearing a last bit of grease on the plug (I like to have just enough to facilitate penetration but not enough to slip around loosely), I impaled myself on the post. Giving myself a moment to adjust to the pressure, I maneuvered my ankles against the stocks. I used a three-foot length of 2X2 with a hook on its end to lift the other piece of the spreader bar and maneuver it into place against my ankles. I firmly pressed the second half of the spreader down into its bracket until it snapped into place and then dropped the 2X2 pusher to the floor. The spreading of my legs  lowered my ass, and since the butt plug was at a fixed height from the ground, I found that the butt plug pushed just a little bit too far into my ass. Fortunately, ‘a little bit too far’ is what my games are all about! My balls would have dangled vulnerably between my wide-spread legs had it not been for my chastity belt. Damned chastity belt....

Next, I opened wide to slip a short, fat blow-up penis gag into my face and buckled its harness firmly around my head; this always makes me feel like a helpless sex object, which to me is good! I pumped on the bulb, inflating the penis until my mouth was full and my tongue was pressed to the bottom of my mouth. A side effect of this gag is that it makes me drool, which is humiliating, which fits right into everything else. After I finished with the gag harness, I pulled my black latex hood down over my head, leaving me in the dark and even more helpless. I reached out toward the cuffs and strapped them around my wrists. I pulled toward myself to release the ratchet. It tripped and the bag of sand at its end pulled the chain noisily through the ratchet, pulling my arms out and up. I was trapped!

I squirmed in my exquisite captivity for a long long time, pulling at my wrist bonds only to prove that the ratchet on the chain wouldn’t let me pull the chain backward. The butt plug was a definite and constant irritant to my asshole, which after an hour or three felt like I was being fisted by a gorilla! I wished the chastity belt would at least let me have a hard-on, but that’s just what it wasn’t supposed to let me do. I listened to the audio tape (mixed sounds of delightful sex and semi-consensual bondage and S&M) for a long, long time. Suddenly the sound cut off. Oh, shit! Was I to be left bound with no stimulation for the remainder of my time? Then a voice cut in!

“Hello there, kinky-boy! Remember me, cousin Suzan? Well, if you don’t, you will! I saw you come in yesterday. Being a nosy sort, I came up and watched you through a crack in the wall as you tied yourself up. At first I wondered what the hell was going on, but I figured out real quick that you were into do-it-yourself bondage for the sex kick it have you. After you finished making yourself helpless, I came in and walked around quietly, checking you out. What an education- you know I’m such an innocent!

“I figured out your timer- quite ingenious!- and, since I could see you had easily an hour to wait, I went home to get a video camera. Well, I did ‘jill off’ in front of you, watching you squirm  before I went for the camera; I thought it was stimulating as hell! Since then, I’ve videotaped everything you’ve done- every careful bit of rope-tying, every squirm, every moan through your gag. You’re MINE, kinky boy!” I almost shit (except my butt was plugged).

I felt her tugging at my head; she pulled my hood up and off. I blinked at the sudden bright light and stared at Suzan, Uncle Melvin’s daughter! She was about 24, reasonably pretty with a brash temperament and a self-described slut. She was about 5 foot six, maybe 145 pounds, and her voluptuous figure was naked except for slippers and a gold chain which stretched snugly between her nipple rings and restricted the heavy bobbling of her breasts. I looked a couple of feet to her side and saw a tripod-mounted video camera pointed straight at me, its lights verifying that it was recording my degradation. It was bad enough that this big-mouth bitch had seen everything, but if she had it all on tape, I was thoroughly and totally fucked.

She sneered at me. “Are you happy to see me? No? Yes? I guess you’re not in a talkative mood. Your gag may have something to do with that! The chastity belt, too- they say the meanest part is that it won’t let you get a hard-on! I guess that would affect one’s sense of humor.” She laughed loudly, and I cringed. She was right- the enforced limpness was cruel. “I know you’ve been wearing the chastity belt at least since yesterday morning. Oh, yeah- before I forget to tell you, I took your box, the one with the timer lock, for safe-keeping. I have them... somewhere else! You see, I now own you, lock stock and barrel, or something like that.” She was right, she owned me. Oh, shit!

Suzan stepped up and hugged me firmly, pressing her bulging breasts against my bare chest. Her hand stroked its way down to my metal-sheathed crotch, which felt nothing at all, and to my thighs, which she stimulated delightfully. I groaned behind my gag; she smiled cruelly.

“Now, kinky-boy, do remember I own you. I’m going to ungag you; don’t irritate me by making noise. Besides, there’s not a soul within a mile and a half.” I gulped and nodded my head and she removed loosened the valve in the pump-up bulb, let the gag deflate, and removed my head harness.. She smiled as the penis came wetly out of my mouth. “Hey, neat! I guess you enjoy a cock in your mouth, huh?”

“Well, sorta- only if it’s a gag. Hello, Suzan! It’s- well, rather good to see you. Well, you obviously know my secret. Yes, you do own me now. Does that make you my Mistress?”

She smiled at me. “Yes, I’m your Mistress- only you may find that I’m not as easy-going as your imagination. I’ve learned a few things since I was your little cousin, and I think I’ll have fun learning how rough I can be on a man before he breaks!”

I gulped. “Fair enough, Mistress. I will of course do as you say.”

“By the way, how are you going to get out of your chastity belt? You’re not going to wear it until you get home, are you?”

“Not if I don’t have to, Mistress. I have an extra key at home, but the lock box will open at 4 this afternoon. I set it for 30 hours, maybe too long, at 10 yesterday morning.” 

“Okay, thank you; I’ll keep an eye on it for you!” She had what I would describe as an ‘evil smile’ on her lips as she reassured me. “Now for my first act as your new Mistress...” Suzan walked into the back of the barn for an eternal fifteen minutes and came back carrying a sawhorse and having changed into a sexy and tight  little yellow rubber mini-dress which clung to her like- well, like rubber. “Sometimes I like to dress for the occasion. Oh, yeah... just the fact that I own the wardrobe may give you a hint that I’ve been down this road before!” With some concern I noted that her belt bore both a riding crop and a two-foot-long frat-house spanking paddle! She set down the horse, gestured me over, and bent me over it. “Grab the legs with your hands... that’s it... now move your legs up against the horse.” I complied and held my position while she marked spots on the horse with a felt-tip pen. She then told me to get tools to fasten eye-bolts to the horse, which I did. 

After I finished and put the tools away, I put my cuffs on my ankles and wrists. “Okay, kinky boy, assume the position again!” I assumed the position, and Suzan carefully locked me to the horse. She stepped behind me; I could see her feet somewhere behind me, but that was all. Suddenly my ass burned as she swatted me with the crop! Over and over again she swatted me. Finally her arms must have tired, because she came around the horse and sat on the floor in front of me. She shifted her legs so they were together, then slipped them apart, and then drew up her knees so her naked pussy was clearly displayed. Her fingers played happy games for about five minutes before she decided she was refreshed enough. 

Suzan got to her feet, tugged her dress down daintily, and took the paddle from her belt.  “My ex-boyfriend Al gave this to me after he joined a fraternity; they spanked him with it and they made him present it to his girlfriend and explain what they did! See how long it is? He said these holes” (she held the paddle in front of me so I could check out half a dozed 3"-wide holes) “ are there both to  let air through and provide a more solid impact. He said the holes tend to create blisters, too- some-thing to do with the way your flesh bulges into the holes with every whack! I think I’ll try it out.”

She stepped behind me. “Ask for your spanking, kinky boy!”

I gulped. “Please spank me, Mistress Suzan!”

“Okay, but count for me.”

I said “One” and held my breath. Seconds passed before I relaxed and let out my breath. “WHACK!” At just the wrong time, she set my ass on fire. I paused. “Two...” Again a long pause and then “WHACK!” “Three...” “WHACK!” She went on for half an hour, it seemed, giving me twenty-two agonizing swats. My ass must look like hamburger!

“Okay, kinky-boy, now you get to watch while I refresh myself... swatting you was exciting!” Her hands dipped into her crotch and spread her lips and played happy games while her eyes closed and her lips parted. “Oh, damn, this feels good... the best thing you did all day was to warm me up so I could do this... ohh... OHHH! OHHH!” I could see her thighs glistening from the orgasmic wetness.

Some time later, Suzan released me from the horse (my middle was feeling much pain), cuffed my hands behind me, and pulled a blindfold over my eyes. Then she tied a strap around my balls and led me by the ‘leash’ out of the barn into the warm sunlight and down a dirt path for a few minutes until she had me stop and sit down. “I watched some of your inverted suspension position, and I think it has possibilities. This time I’ll do the rope work; lie down on your back.” Using what I recognized as 3/8" sisal rope, she pulled the rope through a D-ring under my chastity belt, leaving half of it on either side, and then used the rest to tie my legs together from my crotch to my ankles to my knees. As before, I was left with one pretty-much-useless leg. Then she helped me to a standing position and wrapped rope around my waist and hands, encasing me all the way down to my ankles. Then she tied more rope to the ropes at my ankles and soon I felt myself being hauled into the air by my feet. 

In a few more minutes, she had me swinging by my feet, the blood rushing to my head. She removed my blindfold, and (oh shit!) I realized that she had me suspended head-down in an outhouse! I looked around, getting my bearings, and found Mistress Suzan standing in the doorway. I rotated around and saw the back of the outhouse and a wide slanted seat slanted at maybe a 30 degree angle that ran the width of the outhouse, about four feet, with a long oval hole. I bent my head back and looked down into a deep darkness... oh shit, the outhouse smelled like it hadn’t been emptied for years!

I rotated again toward Mistress Suzan (my head was coincidentally just about even with her breasts) and then up toward my feet. She had removed a couple of the roof’s boards, tossed the ropes up through there, and had hung me from a big tree that was probably being fed by the wastes! I looked back at Mistress Suzan; she was tying to a tree root the rope that I figured held me up. She stepped into the outhouse and pushed me aside to seat herself daintily, pulling her little rubber skirt tidily up around her hips. She reached out and pulled me toward her, bumping my face into her breasts, over which the thin rubber stretched thin, her nipples poking thick lumps in the rubber. I watched her face as I heard her pee tinkling into the pit and then a louder ‘splat!’. She smiled at me- “just preparing for you, kinky-boy!”.

Oh, shit- I was realizing what she had in store for me. Mistress Suzan reached aside for paper, leaned sideways, and daintily wiped herself. With a wicked smile, she sat back, letting her legs separate as she did so, and waved the wad under my nose. She grinned broadly as she heard my involuntary intake of air. “Ahhh... you like that, kinky-boy? Well, never let it be said that Mistress Suzan didn’t try to accommodate the strange wishes of her friends!”

She stood up, pressing against my rigid groin panel to move me aside, and modestly pulled her miniature rubber skirt down as far as it would go, which was only millimeters below her unpantied crotch. She pushed me aside to drop the wad of paper down into the pit and stepped to the door of the outhouse. Mistress Suzan held me away from the seat and reached over to lift the slanted seat board, making it perfectly clear what she had in store for me. She let the rope slip through her fingers and I felt myself slipping further down. My head came level with the bench and continued down; her legs disappeared behind the seat wall, then her hips, and then she stopped me. Mistress Suzan stepped in the door and smiled down at me and then below me. I looked down where she was looking; a few strands of my hair were dangling in the swamp below me! “See your prize, kinky boy? If you can grab the wad of paper I just dropped and bring it back with you, I won’t send you ‘ bobbing for things’.” I looked to my left and saw her wad of toilet paper floating... no, it was sitting atop a lump of shit. At least I hoped it was hers; the thought of an elderly farmer’s turd was just too much!

Mistress Suzan lowered me another couple of inches and I felt the top of my head getting wet. I twisted sideways and tried to grab the wad, but I was still too high. I felt Mistress Suzan lowering me again and heard her chuckling. “Try harder, kinky-boy! If you wait too long, you’ll have to hold your breath and grab it from underneath!” I swung hard and reached for her paper; I brushed it but swung past. On the return swing, my head splashed through the foul soup like a motorboat; the smell was incredibly bad, like the intestines of a five-year-dead cow. I stilled my panic and grabbed again, and again I missed. One my next attempt I said the hell with any kind of sanitation and made a wide-mouthed grab for her wad of paper; I got the entire wad plus half of her turd in my mouth. (At this point, I just prayed it was hers!) The stench was enough to make me gag. I grunted loudly at her, holding the paper proudly in my mouth like a cat with a mouse; Mistress Suzan got the idea and pulled me up. 

As my head came up above the level of the seat, I saw her holding the camera, smiling wickedly and zooming in for a close-up. I grimaced but kept a tight grip on the soggy wad of paper, feeling the juicy wad squashing flat in my mouth and dripping up the side of my face as she pulled me up by my feet. I was so desperately intent on keeping the wad in my mouth that I didn’t even notice the taste. Mistress Suzan reached over to pick up a mirror leaning against the tree and held it up for me: I looked at the upside-down image of myself with shit smeared all over the top of my head and running down my face to my neck, and especially at the shit smeared around the corners of my mouth. I started to cry; the humiliation was incredible. Mistress Suzan waited for a long, long time for me to quiet down and then told me “Spit it out, kinky-boy!” I did so quickly and automatically licked off the corners of my mouth. I grimaced at the taste and Mistress Suzan laughed heartily at the expression on my face. 

After I hung suspended over the pit for another hour or so, Mistress Suzan pulled me over to the door and lowered me until my back was flat on the floor of the outhouse. She untied the rope  from my feet and let me collapse to the floor. “Okay, kinky-boy- roll into the grass and clean off your face!” I galumphed through the door and twisted my way into the grass, where I rubbed my face in the grass and tried valiantly to scrape myself clean for another eternity or so. 

Finally, after a two or three eternities, she walked up to me and told me “Hi there, kinky boy! Good to see you’re ready to rejoin the real world again!” Then (oh joy of joys!) she unlocked and removed my chastity belt! “Yes, while you were dangling, the lock-box popped open- evidently you figured that around this time of the second day of your game-playing you would be horny enough for an orgy of masturbation. Well, we may have to make some changes in your schedule! You and I both know that a quick cum isn’t nearly as satisfying as one that’s delayed for a while- maybe a long while.” 

Just the casual touching of her hands had my cock fat and erect in less than a minute. But then she replaced my blindfold and the strap around my balls and led me by this leash down a dirt path for what seemed like an hour (surprising how time distorts when you have no references). Finally, she stopped and told me to take a big step down; I would have fallen if she hadn’t held my hand, because I quickly skidded about three feet down a sandy slope. “Kneel, my slave.” I knelt, my knees pushing down into a sandy surface.

“Kinky-boy slave- you know that although I’m a harsh Mistress that I would never do anything to really hurt you, don’t you?”

I did know that and said so.”Yes, Mistress Suzan, I know that you may be hard on me but you have my best interests at heart.” 

“Good; what I’m going to do here may push your limits but nothing permanent will happen to you. It may seem like it at times, but you won’t be harmed. Do you agree?”

I gulped. “Yes, Mistress. I agree. To whatever you have planned, I agree.”

She pulled off my blindfold, and I saw that I was kneeling in a hole at the edge of a huge sand pile about thirty feet high (which I found out later was accumulated by the State Highway Department for use during the harsh Indiana winters). With me on my knees, the top of the hole came up to my chin. “Good- start pulling sand into the hole.” I gulped and started pulling sand into the hole. The work went quickly, and soon I was buried up to my hips in the sand. “Make sure the sand is packed between your legs, kinky boy.” Yes, there had been a gap, so I packed sand into the space between my legs. I kept pulling in sand until I was buried up to my waist.

“Stop, kinky slave boy.” I stopped. “Put your hands at your side and hold still; I’ll finish for you.” I waited as she pushed sand in; quickly burying my forearms and then my chest. Suzan stopped for a moment to tease my nipples and to tell me, “I hope you’re going to enjoy this even half as much as I am, kinky-boy!” She continued pulling in sand until finally she smoothed it carefully around my neck. I felt a brief surge of panic as I realized “Holy fucking shit, I’m buried up to my neck in the sand!”, but Suzan saw and calmed me. She squatted down next to me and stroked the side of my face until the panic passed and then moved in front of me; I stared up under her little yellow dress right into her pussy! She chuckled, a deep alto chuckle. “Yes, kinky-boy, you see some of the possibilities now, don’t you?” But her thighs closed and she stood up. She stood over me and I looked up- up under her little yellow skirt at her plump round ass. She looked down at me as I gazed at her and turned for me.

“I have to make some arrangements; just don’t you wander off, okay?”  And she walked off around the sandpile toward the barn. I watched her legs moving under her voluptuous butt as it twitched under her miniature little skirt until she disappeared around the sandpile. Then I just waited and felt incredibly helpless! She had reduced me to a disembodied head lying on a desert of sand; the amazingly heavy sand made anything but shallow breathing impossible. I couldn’t move a single muscle, moving a finger was impossible, my balls were being crushed, and my cock (free of the chastity belt, at least) was smashed quite flat. I waited.

Suddenly the lights went out; somebody had knelt behind me, their legs holding my head motionless, and covered my eyes! “Hello again, kinky-boy!” It was Suzan, as I pretty much expected.  She stood up and walked in front of me, leading a short, Reubenesque redhead overflowing a string bikini. “This is my friend Cindy. Actually, she’s my lover, and you can abandon any hopes you had of spurting your slimy juices into her.”

Cindy spoke up. “Hello, kinky-boy! Nice to meet you, or at least part of you. We’ve decided that since you are now just a head, your purpose in life is now to give head! Suzan has offered me the chance to go first since I was trying to get her to go down on me last night. Suzan my love, will you undress me, please?”

Cindy held up her arms and Suzan snuggled up against her from behind, caressing her breasts as she unfastened her sliding-triangle bra top. She pulled it away, and her chubby breasts danced for me, her nipples erect. Then she put her thumbs in the side of Cindy’s bikini bottom- mere strings, my favorite kind- and pushed it slowly off her hips. Cindy turned slowly for me as the tiny scrap of cloth slipped off her hips and pulled out of the cleft of her ass. Then she stepped over me and sat down on the sand, positioning her hairy lips only inches in front of my face. With no reluctance at all, I opened my mouth and extended my tongue, parting her lips and stroking her clit. Cindy evidently approved, because she moved closer and began moaning. I stole a quick glance upward and saw Suzan  kneeling behind Cindy to grab her breasts; her erect nipples were poking between her fingers.

Under the efforts of both of us, Cindy grew more and more excited, clasping her thighs against my head and moaning. Her thighs were soaked with the juices of her lust. “Ohhh... ohhh... damn, he’s making me feel good, Suzan! Ooohh! Oh, Suzan- pinch my nipples to help me cum... oohhh!!!” She screamed as her orgasm convulsed her body and fell back on the sand, one knee on either side of my head.

After a moment spent gently stroking the side of Cindy’s head, Suzan announced “My turn!” Cindy grinned, rolled over, and lay in the sand only a foot away. Suzan likewise sprawled belly-down in the sand and scooted back to me until her thighs pressed against my head on either side and my face nestled between her ass-cheeks. I wiggled my face between them and extended my tongue. I gently licked her puckered asshole.

“Ohhh... good, kinky-boy! You like assholes, huh? Well, get to work!”

She scooted back, jamming my face between her cheeks. I probed her flesh, penetrating her tight little butthole, and worked on her until she squirmed. Then she shifted to lift her ass, putting her prominent pussy lips within easy reach of my tongue.  Once again, I seized the moment and parted her pussy lips with my tongue to find her clit. “Ohhh... OHHH! You’re right, Cindy, he’s good. Come here, girl!” While I serviced Suzan’s twat, Cindy sat down in front of her. Suzan dove into Cindy’s twat, opening her thighs with her hands and then pulling her pussy open with her fingers. Suzan’s pussy began dribbling juices down my face and she began to jerk spasmodically. “Oh, damn, Cindy, I’m going to cum. Hold me, her me cum, you fucking horny bitch! OHHH! AGGGHHHH!” Her thighs clenched around my head and her ass pushed back so hard into my face I thought she would break my neck! Then she almost collapsed into Cindy’s crotch.

After Suzan recovered from her orgasm, she got up and disappeared behind me again to return with just about the biggest dong I’ve ever seen. This was a monstrous slab of pink rubber a foot and a half long, more than two inches thick, and with a prominent flared cockhead on both ends.  As Cindy watched happily (I guess this was one of their favorite girl-fuck toys), she sucked both ends of the monster to wet it and then lowered it to her twat. Cindy smiled lustfully and reached out to fondle her ass as Suzan spread her thighs wide and twisted first one end, then the other, up into her pussy and took a couple of strokes deep into herself. 

Finally, Cindy sat down with one leg out and one leg bent at the knee. Suzan sat down facing her and slipped one leg under Cindy’s bent leg, her other leg over Cindy’s outstretched leg. She held out the dong and pressed its mass against Cindy’s crotch, twisting slowly as she screwed it between her lips and into her pussy, driving it far into her. Finally, she scooted forward until she could start it penetrating her own pussy, and slowly worked her way forward until both eager cunts were filled to the max. They reached out for each others’ hands and began a slow fucking rhythm, moaning constantly, rocking on the cushions of their ass cheeks.

I was about to lose my mind. I was unbelievably helpless, buried up to my neck in sand, unable to move even a finger, with a ton of sand weighing me down, watching two sexy women as they pleasured themselves before my helpless eyes. My balls were crushed and aching; my cock, which had to be crushed flat, felt like it was pushing through the sand, as hard as iron. Cindy pulled back and off the dong and then eased the huge cock gently out of Suzan’s twat before backing up onto my face and plunging her face into Suzan’s wide-spread pussy. “Ohhh... damn, Cindy, your pussy is making me cum again! Ohhh! I’M CUMING!” This was too much for me; my abused balls convulsed and my own orgasm started. My balls pumped my cum down the length of my cock, which was crushed flat but the sand. My balls pumped again; the pain from the back pressure was too much, and I blacked out.

A long time later, the two girls dug away sand until my arms were freed and then lay back in each other’s arms, cuddling, as I finished digging myself out of the pit. After they helped me to my feet, they once again handcuffed me and led me back to the barn. They marched me into the open area of the barn, sat me down by the big steel ring in the floor, and uncuffed me only to order me to immobilize myself. Obediently, I chose to apply a favorite ball-stretcher, lock it to the steel ring with a chain with clips on either end, and then put cuffs on my ankles and wrists. Cindy was nice enough to padlock the four cuffs together, letting her swaying breasts brush temptingly across my face as she did this. My disobedient cock was once again proudly erect, but we all ignored it. I couldn’t touch it and they really weren’t interested.

After Cindy helpfully popped a ball gag in my mouth, the two girls began perusing the contents of my toy chest. Suzan grabbed some hardware and then crawled over to the tool box, her little yellow skirt riding ‘way up over her butt, which it never covered much at its best. It displayed  her pussy enough to tempt Cindy into laughing and grabbing her, which led to an erotic tussle that gave me even more of an erection- which, as usual, I was powerless to touch.

The two girls conferred for a moment and then disappeared into the back room, returning a few minutes later with a pair of eight-foot 2X2 boards and another workhorse. They set things up and then released me from my position. “Enough rest for now- you have work to do!” They gave me directions and in about half an hour I had fastened the two boards together at one end with a hinge and then cut a circular hole in the resulting 2X4 split-down-the-middle board. I moved the sawhorses apart and set the new device on top of them. After Suzan cuffed my hands behind my back, she ordered “Straddle the board, kinky-boy!” I did so, right over the hole; it seemed the reasonable thing to do. Cindy opened the board and Suzan reached under to grab my cock and balls and pull them down through the hole. She pulled down hard until my balls really hurt while Cindy closed the board and secured it with a piece of rope. 

“But I think he needs to spread his legs, doesn’t he?” Suzan took a rope, tied it to one ankle, and draped the rope over the board behind me. Cindy took the rope, pulled on it to raise my ankle almost to the board, raised my other ankle to meet it, and tied it there. My whole weight was now balanced uncomfortably on the board. If I leaned back, my cock and balls were painfully stretched, so I leaned forward, and that gave Cindy the idea of greasing up my butt plug (the just-too-large-enough one) and slipping it up my butt! This was a thoroughly uncomfortable position, and I managed to put up with it by rocking back and forth, alternately stretching my cock and balls and shoving the butt plug up my ass! Cindy reached under the board to play with my balls and the head of my cock.

Somehow Cindy sensed that I might have the tiniest possibility of cuming; she lightly slapped my balls from below (that hurt, smashing them into the board that was stretching them down) and then stopped touching me. Suzan saw what was going on and went to the toy chest for a pair of nipple clamps- a favorite pair of tweezer-type clamps with a weight on the chain- and slowly affixed them to my nipples. After she tightened them just enough to stay on, she went back to the toy chest for another weight to add to the chain and adjusted them to about 6 out of 10 on the agony scale. (When I put the clamps on myself, I always get a small surge of pain, then it feels OK, but when I can’t get to the clamps because I’m self-bound, I always go through a brief ‘oh god, they’re too tight, why on earth did I do this to myself’ period.) Oh, damn, that hurts, Mistress! Thank you for doing that to me!” She ignored me.

“Look how far out his nipples come, Cindy!” Suzan played with my nipples and the clamps for a while before they tired of the new device and went back to the toy chest, leaving me to suffer while they studied.

After a few more minutes, the bitches came up with another idea. They released me from the board and used my rubber belts to strap me to the post I had started my games on. Cindy decided to add to my immobility by tightly belting the top of my head to the post, wrapping the belt over my forehead, around the post, around my mouth, and then tying it off. My jaw was about to break off, too,  but I was in no position to complain! They disappeared into the back again, returning with a wooden barrel. “Remember how I mentioned that Suzan wanted to go down on me but I had other ideas? Well, I’m going to give her the chance. Remember that you’re not the only one into bondage!” The two girls lay the barrel on its side and used pieces of board to brace it motionless. Then Cindy lay down on top of the barrel, her head hanging down over one end, her twat at the other. Suzan tied a length of my 1/4" rope to one of Cindy’s legs, pulled it down under the barrel and up the other side, where she tied her other ankle. She repeated the process with Cindy’s wrists, leaving her spread-eagled atop the barrel.

My cock ached, and Suzan noticed. “Kinky-boy, your lust is showing. I am going to protect you from yourself!” She picked up my chastity belt- oh, shit! She pushed the belt behind my back. buckled it around my waist, and pulled the sheath panel up through my legs. She squeezed the head of my rock-hard and aching cock until it wilted enough for her to slip it into the sheath tube. (By the time the groin plate is against my belly, my cock is pressed against my belly in a not-big-enough sheath which bends it down and backward between my legs. This is not good when you’re hot!). In a minute she had the belt securely locked on me. Damn! I pleaded with my eyes. She smiled at me and said “Kinky-boy, you know that a Mistress sometimes has to be firm. So I’ll be firm because you can’t!”

She left me bound to the post and returned to Cindy, who was smiling and craning her neck to watch the action around the barrel. Suzan stepped over to her and bent to kiss her slowly on the lips. “But since I’m in charge here, Cindy, you will have to service me first, okay?”

“Certainly, Mistress Suzan! You know I live to serve you!” Suzan pulled up the front of her tiny yellow skirt, pulled  her panties to her knees, spread her legs and stepped toward Cindy’s face. Cindy eagerly stuck her face into Suzan’s pussy and went to work. Suzan closed her eyes in passion and ground her hips into Cindy’s face. I watched Cindy’s fingers clenching and her toes curl in passion as she eagerly serviced Suzan’s needs, her head sandwiched between Suzan’s panties and her crotch. I wished I could have seen behind Suzan and watched Cindy working on her, but that wasn’t to be, just as I wasn’t even to have a hard-on. Damn! I watched until Suzan finally came, noisily squirming while she pulled Cindy’s head almost into her. Then she sat down for a moment, half-dazed, and gently stroked Cindy’s inverted face while she collected herself.

Suzan finally heaved herself to her feet, pulled her panties primly up over her twat, and walked over to Cindy’s vulnerably-spread crotch, tugging on my double-weighted nipple clamps as she passed. She knelt between Cindy’s thighs and manually played with Cindy’s exposed pussy for a minute or so (really a very long time), occasionally looking at me to enjoy my frustration as I watched. I was so excited I almost cried. Suzan of course noticed and stepped over to wipe her right hand, soaked with Cindy’s juices, over my face and even stock her fingers up my nose. Cindy’s juices were incredibly fragrant! Then Suzan selected a slender dildo from my toy chest and returned to Cindy. As I watched helplessly, she wet the dildo with a few deep strokes in her pussy while she pressed her thighs together and then screwed the dildo firmly up into Cindy’s ass! Cindy reacted enthusiastically, humping her hips up as much as she could until finally Suzan put her hand on her belly and held her down so she could get her face into Cindy’s cunt. I watched as Suzan simultaneously ate Cindy’s pussy and vigorously reamed her ass with the dildo, twisting and stirring. “Oh, god, Suzan, that’s too much! Everything feels so good! Oh, damn! I feel it... you’re going to make me cum again...” Suzan took the hand not busy  with the dildo and slipped it into her own crotch; she squatted down further to open herself wider, and I could see her hand moving under the skimpy rubber of her panties. I wanted so bad to crawl up behind her and slip my cock between Cindy’s pussy lips, but that obviously was not to be....

Minutes passed until both girls began making the unmistakable sounds of approaching orgasm.  Both girls squealed and spouted obscenities, and I began to feel a familiar cramping in my balls. I was going to cum! I struggled desperately against the heavy straps as the display continued; the rubber yielded just enough to give me hope and then took that hope right back again. Finally the weight of the madly-swaying weights caused one of the nipple clips to skid off my tender nipple flesh; the pain was incredible, and that was the final insane touch that pushed me to the edge. I felt my balls cramp as Cindy squealed out her cum. “Ohhh... Suzan my dear bitch, you’re setting my cunt on fire... ohhh, you’re going to make me cum again, you horny bitch cuntfucker! OHHH!” Suzan screamed into Cindy’s slippery-wet pussy as she came too, and as she screamed I felt... nothing. Damn damn damn the chastity belt! No matter how much I wanted, my cock was pinned down toward my feet by the sheath tube and cruelly bent- I couldn’t cum! Shit fuck piss damn damn damn....

I hung half-dazed from my straps and watched as Suzan released Cindy from the barrel- first releasing her arms, kissing her softly as she did so, and then went to her feet, gently kissing her twat while she untied her ankles. Then the two girls came over to me. Cindy giggled: “Ohhh, poor kinky-boy! I know you want to cum so bad! But I want to cum again... Suzan makes me insatiable.”

“And to test just how insatiable you really are, I want to try out a bondage position I saw at Voyeurweb! Come here, little lady.” Suzan giggled as Cindy eagerly walked over, her breasts bobbling, to what looked like a fence- actually part of a horse pen or something. Suzan urged Cindy (by firmly leading her by her nipples) to a kneeling position on a sack of soy beans in front of the fence, facing away from me, but that was all right since the rear view of Cindy was mouth-watering too. 

Suzan put Cindy’s hands atop the fence, a little over her head since she was kneeling, and tied them there, widely separated. Then, using another piece of my rope; she tied one end to Cindy’s right ankle, pulled the rope around a post about six feet to her right, pulled the rope across until it was about the same distance to her left, and wrapped it around a post there. Then she pulled the rope back to Cindy’s left ankle and pulled on the rope until Cindy’s right ankle was pulled up and to her right, and then she pulled Cindy’s left ankle up and left and tied the rope to it. The net effect was that Cindy was bound kneeling with her feet in the air and spread wide. In front, her arms were extended and spread even farther. Both her breasts and her twat were completely exposed. “Hey, I can see the possibilities, Suzan! What do you have in mind for me?”

“Mostly taking advantage of your vulnerable body, my sweet!”

“Hell, Suzan, have you ever known me to resist any of your dastardly advances?”

“Of course not, Cindy- but when you can’t resist that makes it even more titillating! And speaking of titillating- “ 

Suzan stepped behind her and reached down over her shoulders to grab Cindy’s breasts, her fingers spread wide and pointing down. “Ohhh... I must ask that you unhand me, you evil person, you, except that you make me feel so good when you do it!”

Suzan smirked and let go of Cindy’s breasts. “Boy, I love the way your boobs bounce when I abuse them!”

“Unhand me, you evil wench!”

Suzan gigged some more and dropped on her back, her feet toward me, and scooted toward Suzan until her face was under Cindy’s exposed crotch. “Oh, no, evil wench, you wouldn’t dare put your sordid face in my defenseless crotch and perform some foul act of oral sex on me, would you!”

“Oh yes I would, and the best part is that I’ll make you love it!”

Cindy giggled. “You know that doesn’t take much!”

Suzan raised her lips to Cindy’s lips and extended her tongue to part her lips and stroke her clit. Cindy threw her head back with a throaty moan. Me, I moaned too behind my gag; I was in an excellent position to contemplate both Suzan’s crotch and Cindy’s backside as Suzan worked on her. An unanticipated side-effect of Suzan’s choice of a sack of soy beans as a cushion for Cindy’s knees was that, as Cindy squirmed, her knees pushed the beans away, sinking through the beans, so that more and more of her weight fell on Suzan’s face; Suzan’s words became more and more muffled but no less emphatic. Finally Suzan dropped one hand to her own belly and began to vigorously massage herself as she continued to suck hard on Cindy’s open crotch. Cindy squirmed long and hard and loud, struggling happily against the ropes that bound her wrists and the ropes that spread her ankles and thighs. Finally I heard the squeals that signaled the arrival of almost-simultaneous female orgasms; Suzan’s legs spread so far apart I thought they would break and then slammed back together, her ankles crossing, while Cindy’s legs spread so far apart that she truly sat on Suzan’s face with all her weight. Then, with a crescendo of joyous sounds, both of them went limp.

Myself, I just squirmed and suffered. But after a couple of colossal orgasms, both my captors felt pretty mellow, so they let me out of my chastity belt. They did the immense favor of releasing my left arm after they pulled a beat-up old cotton glove over my left hand and taped it there with Duct Tape. Then they stood in front of me with the video camera pointed at me as Suzan said, “Well, kinky-boy, we’re finally going to let you get off! You’ll have to stay tied to the post, of course, but we will mercifully allow you to play with yourself and try to make yourself cum. We’ll even let you watch us- we know you enjoy watching!” 

They lay down on the hay-littered floor in the side-by-side ‘69' position, Cindy’s feet facing me, and I watched in incredible frustration as Suzan gently worked her face into Cindy’s wet twat. “Ohhh... oh, Suzan, your tongue always goes good things to my clit... it’s especially good that kinky-boy can only play with himself while he has to watch your face in my pussy! Ohhh...”

I seized my aching cock with my unfamiliar left hand in the hard and dry glove. Cindy lifted one leg up into the air to let Suzan get deeper into her twat.  My cock grew eagerly but the glove and my left hand meant that it took almost five minutes of carefully energetic self-abuse before my balls gave the familiar “here I come!” signal. The girls noticed and played for me, getting noisier and dirtier for my pleasure: “Ohhh, Cindy, I love the way you spread my pussy lips with your tongue! Please poke your fingers up my ass and make me cum!” Finally I clamped down hard with the glove and my balls let go, pumping huge wads of cum down my cock and through the air onto the floor. The feeling of relief was so intense that I almost passed out as my balls pumped out my juices. While I was pulling myself back together, they slipped the chastity belt back on me and worked my slimy, exquisitely-sensitive cock back into its sheath. Oh, shit... 

Mistress Suzan held out my Master padlock, and my heart leaped gleefully. “No, kinky-boy, don’t get your hopes up. Cindy?” She held out her hand and Cindy handed her a slim, shiny Master padlock with two keys tied together. Suzan handed my lock to Cindy, who dropped it in my toy chest. Suzan pulled the keys out of the new lock, slipped its hasp through the loop on the chastity belt, and closed the clock with that classic Master sound. Once again, my chastity was assured, damn it!

“I shopped carefully to find you a slim model that won’t show under your clothes when you go back to school. You know it’s important not to show panty lines or chastity belt lock lumps under your school clothes! ”

Oh, shit... go back to school with a chastity belt? This was ceasing to be a sexy fantasy.

“Just think about how you’re going to handle it when that sweet young thing next to you in class finally flirts back at you and you can’t take her up on it because you might ‘get lucky’ but you can’t because I have the key to your dick! You know how women seem to flirt more with married men because they’re unavailable? I wonder if it’ll work the same way with you? Of course, they won’t be able to see right off that you’re unavailable; you’ll have to tell them, I guess.” She smiled sternly at me as Cindy put both the keys on a gold chain and draped the chain around Suzan’s neck; the keys  nestled deep in her cleavage.

“Like we pointed out before, kinky-boy, we own you now! Your do-it-yourself cum may just have been your last one. If you ever get the urge to pay a visit to your thing, give me a call. Don’t just drive up, I may be too busy to deal with you right away, and your being insistent might piss me off enough to lose the keys.”

Oh, crap... yes, they did own me now. Wearing a chastity belt full time was going to be difficult and less of a fantasy. It was certainly going to change my social life! As I stared wide-eyed, Mistress Suzan pressed her breasts together, and the keys disappeared in her flesh.

Finally, after half an hour of stimulating chat in front of me, they released me and even helped me reload the van and waved good-bye to me as I left. The last thing I saw in the rear-view mirror before I turned a corner was Suzan, her legs spread with her skirt rolled up around her waist and the top of her dress down around her waist. Cindy was on her knees in front of her, her hands cupping Suzan’s ass cheeks and her face on Suzan’s jiggling boobs. I caught a flash of light off the keys between her breasts- the keys to my cock!


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