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My Selfbondage

by Anon

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© Copyright 2006 - Anon - Used by permission

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My story is true. I am male and a somewhat public figure. My wife knows about what I do, but she does not approve or participate in any way. It could be worse; she could disapprove outright. However, she tolerates that I do it, as long as she can ignore it. She would rather that I tell her when I do this, rather than hide something from her. I think that she recognizes that at least I am not cheating on her, other than with my alter ego.

I want to tell others about my experience with self-bondage. I have been practicing self-bondage for more than twenty-five years, long before I discovered that others are interested. I have been EXTREMELY lucky not to get stuck in a bad situation, but it has been close. I am into strict self-bondage, with no emergency release. I recognize that this may not be safe, but I have myself decided to accept the risks. I appreciate the internet and finding out in the past few years that I am not alone.

I admire Mrs. K.C., who was so willing to show herself and her lifestyle, without ever revealing to anyone who she really is. I may see her on the street and never recognize what she does. Some of my favorite bondage videos involve some older Harmony Concepts using "?" as the actress, as the mystery woman who could be anybody, yours or my next door neighbor.

Therefore, let me explain what I do. I like to dress in women's clothing. I wear padded panties, a girdle, and a long-line bra that will hold silicone breasts. I have a silicone vagina that I can hide my penis, to flatten my front. I like nude leotards and tights as a base for the outer clothing to help hide my body hair, which I have not shaved. I do often wear black leotards/tights often, depending upon the outfit I choose. The clothing is mostly nylon or Spandex. I have many different outfits, generally involving sexy leather skirts or rubber catsuits, which will go over the nude leotard. I have various pairs of high heel shoes and boots, all at least 5 inches, which I wear when I do self-bondage. I also own a few different women's masks, which I can use to hide my face. I have never gone out in public, but I like the masks to help me imagine that I am a trapped female.

To my clothing, I can add various bondage extras, depending upon my mood. I have a ball gag or an inflatable gag. I have a latex hood, or I have used an inflatable hood. I add either nylon Spandex gloves, rubber gloves, a nylon sock, or a plastic bag that can fit as a bondage mitten. I have two different types of locking posture collars, to add to the mix. I sometimes do not wear blindfolds, so that I can see my videos or DVDs while bound, but I usually do wear blindfolds to enhance the helplessness. I have earplugs and earmuffs, depending upon what I want to do. I have many different ropes or chains to attach my body to a bed or elsewhere in different positions.

Let me explain how I can do self bondage. Some people have described using rope ratchets, but something even better is an adjustable cable lock. Master Locks makes an item called the Python lock, which is an adjustable bicycle cable lock that you can pull one way to lock tighter. The cable lock adjusts from 6 feet down to 1 foot, and the cable will not release without a key. I have seen this at Lowe's, Home Depot, and bicycle shops. The Python lock is not common, but it is worth searching for. Master makes two types of Python locks. One type has three key settings, unlocked, locked but cinchable with the key, and locked outright without the key. However, the key will not come out when you need to pull the cable. The second, older type of Python lock has only two key positions, unlocked and locked. I have found this lock better because you can still tighten the cable one-way, even with the key out. I prefer the older style, because you cannot reverse the process.

I suggest Laser Locks type padlocks. Laser Locks is a brand name, but I have seen other companies make similar locks. This lock uses a remote control to open the padlock. You aim the remote control towards the padlock, and the padlock will pop open. The remote is similar to a remote control for a car. I have found this type of lock very useful for self-bondage, because you can use the lock without needing to see the lock and while using only one hand. However, the locks are not the most reliable, because they eat batteries. Running out of battery power in a few hours may leave you stuck. Make sure that you use fresh batteries if you must rely on it.

Remote control on/off switches are also useful. An electronics or hardware store will sell a wireless remote control that will turn an electric outlet on or off. Homeowners use these switches to turn on a porch light when they get home, but the switches have other self-bondage uses, also. You can keep it accessible, to turn on lights or other electrical devices, even if you cannot get to the devices otherwise.

I go through these two basic scenarios.

A) I turn on a bondage movie to play as I remain bound. I can now have DVDs play on shuffle/repeat, so that I cannot figure how much time passes. I attach the Laser Lock remotes to ice strings. The ice strings are a few cubes of ice in a nylon sock attached to the string. Make sure that the strings and keys are weighted enough that they will fall. I place the sock in a heavier bowl that will not slip. I place the ice strings a few feet above the bed, well past a point where I can reach it. I attach the remotes to two separate strings, as an added precaution.

I tie myself to a bed spread-eagled. The legs are fastened to the two far corners of the bed frame. I lock a posture collar to the bed frame. Therefore, I am already bound in three points, but I have keys available in case something needs adjustment. I attach two of the Python locks at each near corner bed frame. I attach cuffs to each wrist. I attach one cuff to one of the Python locks.

At the point of no return, I attach the other cuff to the Laser Lock, which is then attached to the Python lock. I use two Laser Locks, attached serially, as a safeguard in case of lock failure. I pull the Python cables tighter, and I can get into a strict spreadeagle, immobile for as long as I have put ice on the string. I usually set the ice for at least an hour or two, but I have set the ice strings for overnight, with me not knowing whether it will be eight hours or twelve hours.

This whole time, I remain gagged, hooded, blindfolded. This is strict self-bondage. I choose not to have an emergency escape.

B) Vinyl or plastic mattress covers can also be useful. Wal-Mart, Target, and department stores sell what is basically a large plastic bag with a zipper, for covering mattresses. These bags are designed for keeping allergens away from mattresses or for protecting a mattress from children who are still wetting the bed. However, we can also adapt this mattress cover as a suction bed. I place the mattress cover around a mattress. I plug a vacuum cleaner into the wireless electric remote control or into a timer. The vacuum cleaner hose goes into the mattress cover, making sure that the suction is pointed toward the mattress and away from the bag.

At this point, I can slide onto the mattress under the mattress cover. However, this is tricky, in that I must tie my legs and body before slipping into the bag. Sliding into a bag while wearing high heels and ropes can be difficult. Remember to leave a small hole to breathe. I zip the mattress cover closed. I lock my arms in ropes or handcuffs. I turn on the vacuum cleaner using a remote, or I let the timer turn the vacuum on or off.

I do enjoy vacuum beds occasionally, for the tight feeling all over my body. However, vacuum bags are just not as confining as other methods, because of our inability to attach more restraints. I also cannot easily listen to bondage movies. I leave vacuum bags for short bondage games, less than an hour.

Remember to be safe. I have made mistakes in the past, but I have been extremely lucky. I have used various string methods for more than twenty years, before settling on the reliability of ice releases. I have made mistakes, I do not want others to make the same mistakes that I have. I have learned from my mistakes. I wish that the internet were available when I was younger.

I am into strict self-bondage, with no emergency release. I may be foolish or crazy, but I am not stupid. Test everything before you rely on it. I have left hoods too tight and potentially dangerous, but I discovered the problem because I tested something new, first.

When I first tried string releases twenty years ago, I had issues with strings that refused to release. I escaped once because I left the string too low, allowing me to just barely knock the string down. (I now place the string much higher above my reach). Another time, the string refused to drop. I escaped only by using panicked strength to rip insufficient wire ropes holding me down. (I corrected that problem by using more rope or using chains, so that I cannot escape the same way). I have also escaped a stuck string by breaking the lock on a pair of handcuffs that I had purchased in a local store, leaving my wrists badly bruised. (I corrected that problem; I now use Smith & Wesson police quality handcuffs, with their lifetime warranty).

After I discovered the internet, I tried some more safety methods. I went to a two-string setup, for which I could give myself a "dope-slap" for not thinking of before. I have since had strings refuse to fall, where I was glad that I chose to use a two-string method. I have had a string fall, with a dead battery in the Laser Lock. I now make sure that the batteries are fresh. I have left string too short, leaving a remote key dangling above my arm. (I discovered that one after I had already gotten the first string.)

I also read about emergency escapes mechanisms, such as a key string attached to a pot of grease. However, I find having the escape mechanism, which I have never used, unsatisfying. I continue to work without a safety release, hoping that my luck will continue I choose not to have an emergency escape. I recognize that others may recommend a safety release, but I accept the risks. Be safe.


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