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My Thing 2

by Ann Johnson

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© Copyright 2003 - Ann Johnson - Used by permission

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My Thing 2
by Ann Johnson
My Thing 2 by Ann Johnson
This is my second submission to Gromets page outline my self bondage scenario and methods I use to humiliate, torture and fulfil my weird inner stirrings. It felt strange to see my words and thoughts on the web for all to see then my first submission was posted. Nobody knows about my self-bondage fetish and it is something I would find very hard to divulge to anyone.

I always look forward to my weekend for a number of reasons typically my time off work and away from other people, to relax and recharge the batteries. But every second or third week around midweek my thoughts wander towards ‘my thing’.

A recent session started on a Friday evening after work recently when I visited a near by hardware shop and hide my padlock keys under floor level shelves in a quite area of the shop. My equipment basically consists of 2 one-foot lengths of light jack chain, a four-foot length of heavy steel chain a 2.5-foot length & 5 padlocks locks. Other equipment included a medium size butt plug and a dildo plugs with half-inch diameter rings screwed into the ends.

Clothing for the session included my ankle length blue denim skirt, knee length black boots and a loose fitting blouse. The skirt is fairly tight fitting but not anywhere being like a hobble skirt. The blouse white, satin finish material and the boots are ordinary with a 3.5-inch heel.

I started by lubing and inserting the plugs. I wrapped the heavy 4-foot chain around my waist and lock it at the small of my back. I pulled the loose end between my ass cheeks and threaded it through the rings in the plugs. I then pulled it snugly and locked it to the waist chain at the front. I then could not remove plugs without unlocking the chains. I then wrapped and locked the jack chain tightly just below each knee. I found the middle of the 2.5-foot hobble chain. I arrange it in a U shape with 6 inches between the ‘legs’ of the U. Having noted the relevant links on the chain, I slip them into the locks on the chain at my knees and locked it in place. I then locked one ‘leg’ of the U to the ring in the dildo and the other to the ring in the butt plug. The arrangement pulls gently on the plugs as I walk.

Normally at this stage I like to try out the arrangement and walk around the house, up and down stairs etc and when I am satisfied that every thing feels OK I get dressed and look forward to the fun.

Leaving the house while secretly bound is always scary at first. Can the chains be seen? Can anyone notice my shortened stride? Can the outline of the chains be seen through my cloths? Can they be heard rattling? Does my face look red? But as my confidence builds all I can think about is the movement in my pussy and ass with each step I take. I mailed the second set of keys to my home address and the third set is hidden in at my place of work just in case. I did the weekly shopping in the supermarket, pushing the trolley around, walking; bending over just standing still drove me crazy. The reflection of my denim skirt in the mirror over the fruit and veg hiding my secret. The close proximity to other people at the checkout and the slightest whiff of my own juices…. my imagination or can others smell me? I 
must have been in a place serious BDSM’ers call ‘sub-space’ I almost orgasimed there and then.

Getting home I resisted the urge to orgasm and put away the shopping and did other chores. I used the bathroom to pee; it came slowly and sprayed onto the side of my legs. I could smell my own sex strongly now and this coupled with my humiliating predicament was a real turn on. I watched bondage movie clips and pictures. I had downloaded from my favourite site. For some reason pictures of girls bound in tight jeans is a real turn on for me. I was continuously rubbing myself and could feel my juices flowing out of me and finally vibrated myself to orgasm. I undressed and went to bed. 

I slept for 2 –3 hours but awoke very aroused. I lied there and fantasised and dreamed up new methods of self-bondage, humiliation and risk. I vibrate my self to another orgasm and fell asleep. I had an early morning shower and got dressed in my denim skirt again. Wearing anything lighter than denim would make my bondage too obvious. I went into town do some window-shopping, have a coffee etc. basically to kill time before the hardware shop opened at 11:30am. I retrieved the key at the hardware shop and headed home. 

By that time am very excited & vibrate myself to another orgasm I removed my bondage and the plugs. The dildo always slips out easily by the butt plug causes me a lot of pain especially when its been inside me for an extended period such as this but I found that any sanario is never complete without the some stimulation in my ass. A hot bath relaxed me as lied there and recollected the various feelings I felt over the past 18 hours.

I always have slight feeling of guilt and shame over what I do, but I suppose I’m not causing anyone any hurt or inconvience. It’s just me I suppose and ‘My Thing’

Ann Johnson



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