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My Thing 3

by Ann Johnson

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© Copyright 2004 - Ann Johnson - Used by permission

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My Thing - part 3
by Ann Johnson
Ann Johnson ‘My Thing 3’ Unsuccessful Self-inflected Weekend Chastity
Unsuccessful Self-inflected Weekend Chastity

I recently made all the keys to my padlocks inaccessible buy my usual means. One set left at my place of work, the second mailed to my own address and the third hidden under the floor level shelf in my stationary shop which remains closed all weekend. I had this idea of an enforced chastity session for a while and decided to go for it last weekend. As you know by now my equipment is pretty basic but it I manage to work with what I have. For this session I would require my 4 foot heavy chain, 1 4 foot and 2 1 foot lengths of light chain. I would also require 3 pairs of jeans and my high heels.

I had my last meal of solid food on Wednesday evening and on Thursday and Friday had food supplement drink. I hoped this would reduce the necessity to use the bathroom for anything more that a pee until Monday morning.

I pulled on the tightest pair of jeans first and buttoned up the fly. The second pair were pulled on next and then the third. This proved to be difficult and very strenuous but I finally succeeded. The effect of the 3 pairs of jeans was that I could feel absolutely nothing through them that would get me off. I found the centre of the heavy chain, wrapped it around my waist, locked it at the back. I pulled the two loose ends between my legs and locked them at each hipbone.

It looked like the outline of a thong and basically chained the jeans to my body. No way of taking them off short of going to a heavy engineering shop to have the chain cut with an industrial grinder or serious steel cutter. I could also have the jeans cut off piece-by-piece but the embarrassment of having somebody see what I had done to myself or the time, trouble and cost of replacing three pairs of jeans, not to mention the danger of serious injury simply ruled out all options.

Unfortunately I made the mistake of not putting on my high heels before the jeans. Now I couldn’t fully bend my legs to get them on but after some time and effort I managed it and got the straps done up. I wrapped a short chain around each ankle, padlocked it, brought the loose end underneath and in front of each heel, then padlocked the loose end of the chain to the opposite side of my ankle. Looked like I would be wearing high heels all weekend. I felt very horny at this stage and ran my hand over my body and between my legs. The chain and tightness of the jeans was causing pressure on my pussy which was driving me wild. In an effort to relieve my self I straddled everything I could find; the arm of the chairs, the baseboard of beds, I even sat up on my bicycle and rubbed my pussy into the saddle. 

This felt so good but I couldn’t get off on it. After a while I managed to settle my self down a bit and went back into the house to make myself a coffee. I felt my muscles becoming tight and cramped due to the heels and way my weight was being distributed and carried because of the chains and jeans. I relaxed, watched TV, did a few chores around the house, basically enjoying the feeling of the bondage. Every two hours or so the situation over came me, like a woman possessed I would rush through the house (in so much as my heels and bondage would allow) straddling everything I could find and hump it. All attempts to find relief ended in failure and further frustration. 

After each session I would return to this totally calm relaxed mode, watch TV, tidy up, read until it would hit me again. I couldn’t believe how quickly the day flew by. Before I knew it the day had slipped by. By 8:30pm I was feeling tired, I got a bad cramp in my lower leg and the pressure of the chain was becoming painful even through the jeans. I really needed to pee now but the thoughts of wetting my self through 3 pairs of jeans horrified me. It would be impossible to wash them out properly and I would end up having to sleep in my own piss, wet and cold. This thought of humiliation got me going again but I knew there was no way I could bring myself to orgasm. I knew I would have to pee at some stage soon so I decided to get prepared. I thought that by soaking my upper legs, front and ass area with warm water, it may help dilute the piss and help wash it out. I sat in the bath and used the showerhead to do this. I then allow the piss to flow washing it through with the shower. Soon the smell of my juices and piss filled the bathroom. I couldn’t believe I had done this to myself. If anyone saw me sitting like this unable to do anything about it. When I had finished, I towel dried myself as best I could and stepped out of the bath.

I now had reached the low point of the whole episode. I felt totally humiliated, stupid and thought of all the work I could have done all day besides wasting it. I put down a fire and lay on the floor close to it in an attempt to dry and not catch a chill from cold. The jeans felt uncomfortable, the chain was digging into me, my legs and back cramped badly a few times. I still had 36 hours left chained up like this before I could free myself. How could I have been so stupid?

I packed some fabric between the chains and points on my hips where I felt the pressure most. This helped enormously and I slept fairly well all considered. Sometimes I would wake up really horny and put myself back to sleep thinking about other scenarios I could try, other times I would toss and turn trying to move the positioning of the chains. A few millimetres movement helped a lot. I repeated my pissing procedure in the morning about 8:30 having stayed in bed as long as possible. I “ate” breakfast and did a few household chores and prepared to go shopping.

Apart from my legs and ass looking fatter than normal, nobody would possible guess my predicament with my jacket on. The bootleg outer pair of jeans were long enough to cover my chained on high heels when standing. I felt I was sitting very high up in the car; again this was because of the tightness of the jeans and chains. It felt strange sitting in the car in this position and driving with the heels on, something I normally never do. The shopping trip was pretty uneventful except for the massive horniness and desire for sexual release that hit me as soon as I walked into the shopping centre. All these people around me unaware of my secret, how horny I felt and how, even if the finest hunk in the place wanted to fuck me there and then, he couldn’t because of my self inflected chastity. What a situation! I put the shopping in the car, overcame my shyness and embarrassment and visited the one and only sex shop in the town. This would be the second time I was in this shop, my first time was with some girl friends to buy a few items for a friend’s hen-night; you know the usual bits and bobs; fluffy handcuffs, tiny penis shaped clip on earrings etc . And again on entering the shop the first thing that hit me was the smell of the rubber and pvc clothing. 

Luckily there were no customers in the shop and the attendant smiled and got back to reading his paper. He “looked” gay if it is possible for anyone to “look” gay and this put me at ease. I moved to the furthest part of the shop from the door and counter as quickly as possible picking up a pair of fluffy handcuffs, a novelty whip and a cowboy hat with a label on the brim announcing “I’m the Hen”. At least if anyone I knew came in I would have an excuse. I browsed through the shop for at least an hour. My heart nearly stopped when the door opened a couple of times, luckily it was only deliveries. A pair of rubber trousers caught my eye. The picture on the box showed a lady clad in these, black, skin tight, highly polished, unbelievable. They felt and smelt so good. My heart raced as my imagination conjured up images of me slipping into these and having some fun. My pussy was on fire, pumping juices into my jeans. I put down my hand to touch myself but yet again was frustrated to find I could barely feel myself. I hadn’t the courage to buy anything so I got into the settings of my mobile phone, reset the ring tone, let it ring a few time and pretended I got an urgent call, put the items back on the shelf and left.

It was now 3:30pm and time for another pee. I was so horny by now I almost cried. The humiliation of having to piss as I did, the visit to the Mall, the sex shop, I had to get relief. In the garage stripped off my t-shirt and bra (that was all I could remove). I padlocked a two-foot heavy chain to my nipple rings (I think I explained about my rings in my first submission) and enjoyed the sensation of the weight. I then had an idea for a suspension. I threw a rope over the rafter stood up on a chair, tied one end of the rope to my waist chain at the back and another to the chain at the front. I bent my legs and allowed the rope to take the strain. This immediately pulled the chains tight between my legs and released this surge of energy through out my body. Before my full weight was supported by the rope I knew I was about to come. I stood up and took stock of the situation. I would be able to orgasm by suspending myself from the rope and I sure was going to make the most of it.

I had an idea for a vibrator that I wanted to try. It consisted of the motor and battery ripped from the ‘operation’ game. (Remember that one from the late 80’s). I just taped the wires from the motor which had an off centre weight attached to the shaft to the bottom and top of the battery and hung it from the centre of the chain padlocked to my nipple rings. I immediately felt the fantastic sensation in my nipples. I stepped back up on the chair, reattached the ropes to my chains. I looped a piece of rope around my wrists and twisted my arms in the loop to tighten them behind my back. I bent my legs allowed the rope to take my weight and recklessly kicked the chair away. I was now suspended 2 feet off the ground, spinning as the rope straightened out. The chain locked to my nipples swung, jerked and bounced off my body. The vibrator buzzed violently driving my nipples crazy. I kept my balance by pushing my head and left shoulder forward and gripping the rope with them as it ran up to the rafter. 

The “energy” built up and up in my whole lower region until I came after hanging there for about ten minutes and rocking on the chains. I had never had an orgasm like this before. I had certainly come harder in the past but the feelings caused by my knowing that I couldn’t stop it no matter how I tried made it all the more exciting as I hung there helpless. The energy release was much more gradual and emotional. It could only be described as the feeling you get that makes your hair stand on end when listening to a beautiful piece of music for the first time but 1000 time more intense. I hung on the rope for a further 10 minutes, totally relaxed, comfortable almost a the point of being between sleep and awake with the feeling knowing you’ve got another 4 hours before the alarm goes off wow.

As the pressure between my legs became uncomfortable, I was beginning to focus on getting down. I unwound my arms in the opposite direction and released them easily I unhooked the vibrator from my nipple chains and pulled the wires off the battery. I realised that in my pre-orgasm state I really hadn’t considered how I was going to get myself down form the rope. My chair had been kicked away and there was nothing else within reach to step on. The knots had tightened somewhat and with my full weight still on the rope it was proving very difficult to release them. I undid the knots as much as possible and them felt a panic over come me as I realised I may be stuck. It was evident that I needed to reduce the weight on the rope to loosen the knots. I tried pulling on one of the ropes, This had the effect off raising the one attached to the chain at the front but reduced the pressure on the rope at the back. By pulling with both hands I was able to pull the rope across the rafter a few inches and luckily the friction between the rope and the rafter was enough that it enable me to hold my weight with one hand, while undoing the knot at my back with the other. I let my self down rather unceremoniously and stumbled on my back to the floor. But at least I was down. I remember thinking that I really must be more careful in future and devise a reliable release mechanism.

I spent a very pleasant lazy evening after that. The sexual release I had achieved was fantastic but the need to have my bondage removed became more and more. A final repeat of my pissing procedure followed by an attempt to dry my jeans, a final “meal” some reading ,bed and sleep. Again a fitful sleep and I was happy to see day light. I really needed to empty my bowel now but felt I would be OK until the stationary shop opened. Having retrieve the set of key and made a totally unnecessary purchase of some pens and printer paper I released myself. The heat of the chains surprised me, as did the increasingly bad smell of piss and my sex as I peeled off each pair of jeans. The innermost pair were sodden and my skin was red and wrinkled but it was such a relief to have them off. I vibrated my self to proper orgasm, took a long toilet break & bath and back to work two hours late with the excuse of not feeling well earlier in the morning.

What a great experience this was. I wondered what it would have been like not to be able to relieve myself, I guess I wouldn’t have had much choice but to put up with it. The thoughts of wearing rubber trousers stayed with me so much so that I ordered a pair on line and expect delivery after Christmas.

Again many thanks to Gromet for posting my stories. The site is fantastic. I got a great idea from the last batch of stories posted involving a water barrel and suspension. There are some aspects of that particular story which physically may not work. But I’ve got to wait until my friends go on a 3 day vacation before I can use their shed and a barrel I spotted there to try it out I’ll let you know how I get on…..




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