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My Bare Selfbondage Ordeal

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2010 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; cuffs; naked; mast; climax; stuck; cons; X

I had set up a kind of ordeal hiking in the woods on the way home from college, once a week. At first I would park my car on the side of a woods trail and hike in wearing only my string bikini top and jogging shorts. I never saw anybody on these hikes and wanted to make them more challenging, so I decided to hide a spare key for my car way out on the trail and lock my other key in the car. This way I was forced to walk farther and could not change my mind once I locked the car door with my key inside.

This was great and forced me to get an incredible tan even though it was early spring. I was searching for more and added a pair of handcuffs behind my back that I was given as a joke, with the key also locked in my car. This was more like what I was looking for and I got so wet with desire with my hands not able to bring myself off that I forgot about getting back into the car handcuffed. That was challenging and when I gotthe cuffs off I got off right after on the side of my car moaning loud enough to wake the dead.

I then decided I needed to vary my play areas as people would eventually notice my car on the side of the little used trail every Wednesday. I also decided handcuffs were rough on my wrists, and the bruises were hard to hide, so I found a discrete mail order housethat had four inch wide leather cuffs that closed with a small padlock. I found a new spot to play and found several small padlocks for my play date in the woods.

As luck would have it my day was rainy and I decided to play anyway with my new cuffs and locks. This place I picked was not directly on my way home but I could park my car in the woods completely out of sight. I needed a new challenge and the rain got me thinking that I could keep my skimpy play outfit dry by doing my ordeal nude. I packed my top and shorts, cell phone, keys, wallet, and some peanut butter crackers in a fanny pack and locked my car behind me.

Once the door was closed I put on the leather cuffs behind my back and locked the padlocks together forcing my c-cup chest out way more than the handcuffs ever did. The feeling of being helpless and nude in the woods was incredible, but if I wanted to get out all I would have to do was open the fanny pack I was carrying and figure out what key fit the padlock and open it.

I walked away from the car holding the fanny pack and daydreamed about getting caught and abused. I found a log about six inches in diameter fallen over so it was high enough to mount and I thought I could ride it to orgasm. But first I decided I would put my fanny pack down on the log and hike until I was exhausted, and then come back, and come!

I found being nude and cuffed with thick comfortable cuffs let me pull and struggle without injury to myself. The light rain was not as bad as I thought it would be except when I pushed through the wet leaves. Approximatelyfour mileslater I was used to being nude and looking forward to my orgasm as I found my mounting log and got up on it. I ground my pussy onto the log as I scratched up my tender inner thighs, but I did not care at all. I think it could have been made of broken glass and I would not have stopped!

I grabbed my ankles as best as I could with my hands and rocked to the wildest orgasm ever. I came down from that incredible high and looked for my fanny pack. It was not where I left it and I figured I just knocked it over while riding the log. I pealed myself off the log and looked all around for my bag.

After some panic I realized it was gone, and a search of the area showed fresh bear tracks. This bear must have smelled my snack and carried away my bag with my clothes and everything else inside. I followed the tracks not knowing what I would do if I found him with my stuff in his mouth. I lost the trail quickly, and that was probably for the best, so I had to find a way to get into my car, cuffed as I was.

If I had not lost my cell phone I could have called my room mate and she could have rescued me, but the explanation could have cost me. I got to the car and found a rock and would have entertained whoever was watching 105 pound me pick up a large stone with my cuffed hands and attempt to break my drivers window behind my back. Three tries only scratched the window and I was sweating heavily.

I rethought what I was doing and decided sitting nude on a car seat filled with broken glass was a bad plan. I found a smaller sharp stone and broke the passenger window and glass went all over me and the seat. I was able to unlock the door and retrieve my spare keys and free myself.

My shoulders hurt, my window was broken, my cell phone and wallet gone total price $500. I could have been worse as my roommates boyfriend put the window in for me and even cleaned the glass out of thecar for me. And I found an old tee shirt to wear so I was not nude when I snuck home and nobody saw me.


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