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My Careless Mistake

by CrimsonCheeks

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One summer night not too long ago, I endulged myself in a self bondage session in my back yard. As I do this very often, I was very experienced and had become over confident in my kinky habit. Normally I would plan my session and test that everything goes to plan, hopefully, and then proceed to actually lock myself into my predicament.

You should know, every story I post on here is 100% true unless stated otherwise. This is one of those true stories I have to tell that I almost didn't get to tell.

I normally play on the weekends, if I'm not with a willing partner, I am having self bondage fun.

Being into it a long time, I only get excited about being extreme now. Eg, outdoors, naked, chains, locks, locking ball gag, and a key release set up which consists of ice and string. Sometimes I adventure into the the unknown, a secluded Park somewhere or somewhere risky. This session took place in the afternoon, in my own back yard.

My yard is very open, the back fence lines the bottom of a reserve that is at the bottom of a decsended hill that heads up to a road that is above the highest point of my fence so if anyone drives past on that road, or walks past, and they happen to look down the hill at the right moment on their travels, they can see everything. Me locked up completely naked in chains with nothing I can do to escape until my keys fall from the ice setup which I will explain how it works as the story goes on.

It was around 1:30pm, the sun was shining with no clouds in sight. A beautiful day to be hanging out in the back yard. There is a large steel frame set up in the back yard at the side of the house near the gates that seperate the front yard from the back. It's position is at the peak of full view for the before mentioned back road and reserve declining down from it.

I set up a length of chain at the bottom of the posts on either side where my ankles will be secured and wrap them around the steel poles a few turns, leaving a short length to attach to my ankle shackles. Making sure they are wrapped strong and secure I then lock them into place with heavy duty padlocks. Doing the same at the top of the frame, both sides have a length of chain hanging down and secured to the steel frame with heavy duty padlocks. The keys to these locks are discarded in the house.

I go to my freezer and take out a block of ice I had prepared earlier, this block of ice has a string through the center all the way through and is about 2 inches square in size which will be good for at least 2 hours before it melts in the outdoor weather. The string is only 10 inches long with a loop at the loose end that can be attached to a key ring.

Just slightly to the outer side of every the chain hangs down from the top right of the steel frame, I tie another length of string that hangs down to roughly hand level (when I'm in the chains), and the 2 keys that unlock certain padlocks (each key unlocks a pair of padlocks) are on a Key ring attached to the bottom of the dangling string.

The other string that is frozen in ice, I now attach that to a funnel that is secured to a post that is a few feet away from the steel frame. The ice is placed into the funnel, pulling the string through. Rigging it up so that the key ring on the string is pulled up and out of reach high above, I attach the keyring to the other piece of string, effectively holding the 2 keys well out of reach. (when the ice melts, the string will slip through the narrow funnel and the keys fall into reach for me to unlock myself).

Having set everything up, I am anxious and excited. My stomach fills with butterflies and feelings of fear and excitement knowing that in 10 minutes I will be at the point of no return.

It's time, I strip myself completely naked and toss my clothes on the bedroom floor.

I take the high strength locking ankle shackles and place one on each ankle and lock them on with padlocks.

Doing the same with the gladiator wrist shackles, I place one on each wrist with a small length of chain attached to the padlocks and lock them on. The small length of chain is about 4 links long. This is to give my hands access to the locks that will connect to the chains on the steel frame when ready.

Placing a ball gag into my mouth, it is large and eliminates any chance of me talking or making much noise. Muffled moans are all I can muster once it is strapped on tight and secured with a padlock at the back.

All these keys are left on the bedroom floor as I take my blindfold, another length of chain and 2 more random padlocks along with the padlocks that go with the keys that is set up outside, out of reach. I go to the back door, closing it behind me and proceed to the steel frame to commit myself to this self bondage session.

My nerves are on edge and I look around to see that I'm not being watched and I put the blindfold, extra chain and the padlocks down next to where my feet will be secured. Naked and scared I soldier on and spread my legs apart wide and take a couple of the padlocks and attach one to each of the ankle shackles... "click"

I love that sound as I snap the padlocks into place, effectively locking my ankles wide apart, now with my legs spread and chained wide apart, I take the extra chain, I attach each end to the inner rings of each ankle shackle and securing it there with extra padlocks. I cannot move my legs in or out now, they are tightly pulled outwards, and the center chain eliminates and possible slack making my legs immobilised as it pulls my legs inward.

Picking up the remaining 2 padlocks, that I was absolutely sure where the correct 2 for one of the keys on the ring out of reach, I hold them while I place the blind fold on.

Now going by my sense of feel and great pre-setup work, I place the padlocks through the end links of the chains attached to my wrist shackles and the rest is all finger manipulation of feeling for the chains dangling above and feeding the locks through.

I do my left arm first, feeling for the chain I find it and I manipulate the padlock through the end link of the dangling chain and without hesitation, I snap it shut.

The point of no return now, it always plays with my head and my nerves. Should I back out... Hell no. Don't be a wuss and just lock yourself in I tell myself.

Feeling extremely nervous I find the chain on the right with a little difficulty but after a minute or so I manage to get the padlock through and I can feel my ability to move completely disappear as I rest for a moment in my final position, not having locked the padlock yet, I can always back out.

My mind goes into overdrive, nervous as hell as I think about locking it. I hesitate and clasp my fingers over the lock, squeezing it enough to feel it start to close then backing off again.

Fear of locking it got the better of me and I kept playing with the idea when I heard a noise that startled me, just as I heard a bang sound on my back fence, I twitched and I heard the lock click shut.

I was in it now.

Nothing I can do about it until those keys drop. What was that noise though. It sounded like someone jumped over the fence but nothing else came of it.

For the next hour at least I was between squirming to try and free myself and resting still, there was no way I was getting out of it, my arms elevated above my head but pulled out wide, my legs spread wide, I was like a star. Escape was futile and it was pointless to try.

Time passed and I got very nervous about the keys not falling.


Eventually, what would normally be a sound of relief, was a thing of horror. The keys dropped, but I was careless and I heard that unmistakable sound of the keys hitting the ground.

I panicked and reached as best I could to feel for the string but nothing was there.

I was baffled by how this could happen.

I was positive I tied that string properly.

All I knew now is those Keys, yet so close they are, might as well be on the moon.

Fear and panic had me start squirming and violently trying to break free from my bondage but there was no chance. I tried to scream for help but any decent cries for help were never going to be heard.

Panic set in to the extreme and I was in serious trouble, I knew it deep down that I must calm myself before the worst happens. I managed to do so as I had no choice.

I must have been there for hours. Hours that felt like forever.

Now calm in my defeat I heard voices up the back road. Desperate to get help I was at that point beyond the care of humiliation as I squirmed and shook violently to get their attention.

It got their attention alright, I couldn't see but I knew what I was hearing. The voices of what I could only make out to be a couple of young men and a female.

They lingered in the reserve and the sound of their laughter pierced through me and reignited that humiliation I lost care for, it came back ten fold.

I hoped they would come to help me but they didn't. They laughed and laughed, and talked, but I couldn't make out much of what they were saying over the pulsing of my heart now beating at full pace. Realising my utter helplessness, feeling both humiliated and scared, yet turned on and excited.

Never the less, I wanted out, I needed out, but they walked on by, their voices disappearing into the distance.

Completely defeated, trapped by my own doing, I hang there with the terrifying thoughts going through my head that I'm all alone, stuck with no hope of escape.

Many cars drove past that back road. My mind wondering if they saw me in my predicament. That was soon answered when I heard a car slow down as it passed, then backed up and stopped. The engine stopped and there was silence for quite a long stretch, or so it seemed, until I heard the cars engine start up and very slowly drive away.

Needless to say it was daunting, terrifying to be trapped, chained naked, spread-eagled with no way out. I resigned my efforts to escape completely, it was futile afterall.

Yet a part of me was so turned on I wanted to orgasm.

I couldn't tell how long it had been and I didn't hear anyone approach but I was startled by a voice, right at my gates. A female voice.

She asked me if I was ok. I couldn't muster anything more than muffled moans through my gag.

This was my chance, I had to do what it takes to get out of this. I started to shake my body and struggle to show her I needed to get out.

She asked me if I needed help.

I nodded my head YES, and I violently struggled against the chains.

She acknowledged my desperate need for help and told me to hang tight.

In my mind that had a double meaning, I knew what she meant, but that voice inside me started to see the joke in those words. I was already hanging tight! It is in fact all i can do afterall.

As desperately as I could, I struggled and violently pulled against all my bonds, the sound of the chains was unmistakable and the muffled sounds of my attempted screams through my gag were obvious.

But to my horror, I heard her start talking on her phone.

Her words echoed through my mind as I listened to them, almost struggling to hear them over my pounding heartbeat pulsing through me. Her voice sounded distant as I assume she has walked up the driveway as she talked on her phone. I feel so humiliated yet excited by the fact I'm caught.

I hear her giggle and start to panic again. My heart racing and stomach churning.

I give a my every effort to shake and struggle against the chains once again. Of course it's just a waste of effort as I simply cannot escape.

Her voice at the gates again, she's off the phone now and tells me that she has help coming.

I feel relieved from hearing those words but the slightest little snicker, a faint giggle of sorts, I detected as she finished saying those words.

But I brush it off as I can understand she probably finds my predicament a bit on the funny side.

She tells me she is being cautious and waiting for her friend to turn up.

My humiliation is through the roof, knowing another person is coming to discover me in my helpless state.

Not a lot of time passes when I hear a car pull into the street and straight into my driveway.

As the car pulls up, I hear the young woman start speaking as the car engine shuts off.

I hear her voice talking but can't completely make out the words. Then I hear a second voice, the voice of a man. God I had hoped at least it was another woman for the pure sake of my sexuality and vulnerable position, but it was a man.

Terrified, I panic at the thought of a man coming through my gates but there's NOTHING I can do about it anyway.

They were talking and giggling for a minute until I heard the car door open, then slam shut.

My heart was pulsing so hard I was afraid it would burst out of my chest.

Thoughts raced through my mind. Am I in danger, am I going to be violated??!

The gate opened, my back to the gate I could not see them but before I knew it the man made his way in front of me with a look I'd never seen before.

He looked down and over my naked body and laughed.

He looked down to the ground and noticed the keys.

He leaned down and picked them up, scanning them with his eyes, investigating the steel frame and my bondage restraints.

He looked a bit confused until I saw that unmistakeable look suddenly wash over his face as he put it together. I HAD DONE THIS TO MYSELF!

He laughed and told his girl to come over and see this.

She came over, made her way in front of me and looked a little freaked out but when he pointed out to her that the keys had a string attached, and a broken string at the top of the steel frame. It was like a puzzle they were resolving. And they did.

A couple of minutes of talking, looking, discussing, questioning and trying to understand. The girl looked into my eyes and asked me if I did this to myself.

I froze within myself, I didn't respond right away as I thought of my options for reply very quickly, but seemed like forever.

The guy then repeated her question, in a moking way.

I had nothing to deny, I knew I was going to have to just be straight up so I nodded my head YES followed by my head tilting down, looking to the ground in total humiliation and defeat.

After a minute of laughing and mockery,  my head still tilted to the ground in defeat, I heard a click followed swiftly by my right arm falling free. It hurt a little as I did not expect this at the time so I wasn't prepared for the release. Instantly after that moment, a sheer feeling of joy and relief flooded through my veins.

I was breathing very heavy and moaning through my gag with a thankfully like tone.

The girl grabbed my free hand, in it was the keys, and she clenched them into my hand and told me it's up to me to do the rest. I held on to those keys tight and listened as the couple left in the car, the gate left wide open as they drove away.

I collected myself in my own mind, rather that screwing up and rushing, potentially dropping the keys, I was careful and drolly reached up to unlock my other wrist.

I was free, thank God, or I should say, thank those people, as I unlocked myself and cowered away in the house for the rest of the day...

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