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My Dining Room

by Haywire

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© Copyright 2012 - Haywire - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; chair; gag; cuffs; chain; cons; X

I recently found myself home from work early on a Friday afternoon and feeling like having a little fun. My wife will act as my safety on occasion when I find myself wanting to be bound, but usually has little interest in bondage of any type. I knew that I had a couple of hours home alone before she was due to get off work and I wanted to try the Selfbondage CD tray opener program I had downloaded from Gromets. I figured worst case scenario my wife would come home and find me, and release me with a stern talking to about “Playing tie up games”.

I decide to play my games at the dining room table with my laptop set up in front of me. I gathered my handcuffs, ankle cuffs, ball gag, chains, and a few locks and then backed one of the chairs away from the table a couple of feet. Once my play area was set up, I then wrapped the chain for the ankle cuffs around the front two legs of the chair. Once those were secured I wouldn’t be able to move my legs away from the chair legs at all.

Next I wrapped the chain around my waist and secured it to the back of the chair. Then I trained the tail of the waist chain up the top of the back of the chair, where my head and eventual gag would be located. With my legs secure, my waist anchored to the chair, I put on my locking ball gag trainer and attached the back of the gag harness to the waist chain tail so that I couldn’t lean forward more than a couple of inches.

After downloading the CD tray program, I had tested it several times to make sure it would work and I could count on it as a primary release for my keys. It had performed flawlessly for every test. With that in mind, I had decided to tie a string from my key chain and then guide it through my CD tray and then tie the other end off to my handcuffs. That way I would be able reach the string with my hands secured behind my back. At the last second I decided to use my ear buds and listen to a video I had down loaded on my laptop.

So now the plan was to be locked to a chair in my dining room, watching an adult video on my laptop and being at the mercy of a program for my release. I set the CD Release program for 20 minutes and clicked start. Next I started the movie on the laptop, and once all of these programs were going, I reached for my handcuffs and quickly locked them behind my back and around back of the chair. Since this was going to be a test and if it worked I would be ready to do a longer selfbondage session later, I had decided to do this run with all my normal day clothes on.

I was a prisoner in my dining room, the place where I would have dinner with family, friends, and co-workers. I sat there and relaxed enjoying the video and the feelings of surrender, since I knew my bonds were not going to let me go any earlier than the CD program would allow.

Twelve minutes had gone by when I heard a knock at my front door over the sound of the video playing on my earbuds. My heart started to race, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure who would be knocking at my door in the middle of the day on a Friday afternoon. They knocked persistently for a couple of minutes before they stopped. I watched the clock count down the last 5 minutes of the timer and it seemed to move a glacial pace.

Once the timer ran to zero and the keys were free I quickly pulled them to my restrained hands and unlocked the cuffs. I went through the rest of my locks and bonds at a record pace. Once free I stopped the video and carfully looked out the window but was unable to see anyone out front of the house. I then started putting my toys away and clearing the window open on my laptop.

I was almost done clearing up when my wife called. She asked if her friend was at the house yet, she was going to give her some of my old dress slacks for her husband to wear. My wife had gotten off work early to spend the afternoon with me and called her friend to come pick up the pants since she knew I was home and she would be there shortly. I told her I had been a little too busy to answer the door and had missed her friend. Once my wife got home and learned the whole story, she laughed and said it would have been terrible if she had given her friend a key to let her self in…

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